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Alain de Botton: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success | Video on TED.com
Is success always earned? Is failure? He makes an eloquent, witty case to move beyond snobbery to find true pleasure in our work. “It’s perhaps easier now, than ever before, to make a good living. It’s perhaps harder, than ever before, to stay calm, to be free of career anxiety.”
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august 2009 by tysone
Failure is overrated, a redux - (37signals)
What? Failure is part of the path to success? This industry’s obsession with failure has got to stop. I don’t know when it became cool or useful, but the industry has been steeping in it for so long that it’s become normal to assume failure comes before success.
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march 2009 by tysone
Learning from failure is overrated - (37signals)
"I don’t understand the cultural fascination with failure being the source of great lessons to be learned. You might know what won’t work, but you still don’t know what will work. That’s not much of a lesson. Instead, put most of your energy into studying your successes."
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february 2009 by tysone

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