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The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
the McFly effect
n. the phenomenon of observing your parents interact with people they grew up with, which reboots their personalities into youth mode, reverting to a time before the last save point, when they were still dreamers and rascals cooling their heels in the wilderness, waiting terrified and eager to meet you for the first time.
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june 2010 by tysone
Cheerful Software: Don’t listen to Le Corbusier—or Jakob Nielsen
"Cheerful software, above all, honors the truth about humanity: Humans are not rational beings. A human is a walking sack of squishy meat and liquids, awash in chemicals. We laugh. We cry. Sometimes we laugh while crying. ... In short, software cries out for love."
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april 2010 by tysone
CR Blog » Blog Archive » Jonathan Harris: Only Connect
“Blogs are messy and all over the place – there’s no context,” he says. “Software is great at taking the macro aspects and the statistics and finding out all these hidden secrets. What is hasn’t figured out how to do very well yet is how to do the micro very beautifully.
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january 2009 by tysone

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