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The Reader's Lament - NYTimes.com
Here are some proofreading tips culled from years of journalism tip sheets:
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october 2011 by tysone
MediaStorm’s 10 More Ways to Improve Your Multimedia Right Now
Ten more ways to improve your work right now, no matter how challenging your original assets may be.
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november 2010 by tysone
A Man, A Plan And A Sharpie: 'The Great Typo Hunt'
Incensed by a "no tresspassing" sign, Jeff Deck launched a cross-country trip to right grammatical wrongs. He enlisted a friend, Benjamin D. Herson, and together they got to work erasing errant quotation marks, rectifying misspellings and cutting unnecessary possessive apostrophes.
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august 2010 by tysone
What It's Really Like To Be A Copy Editor
I know it’s all a little once-a-copy-editor-always-a-copy-editor, but I can’t help it if I think unnecessary quotes are funny, as if signs are trying to be ironic. Or if I’m turned off by guys who spell it "definately." I don’t sit around and diagram sentences for fun or keep a dog-eared copy of Strunk & White on my nightstand.
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july 2010 by tysone
Real Editors Ship
Paul Ford writes, "No one wrote a book called Editors: Get Real and Ship or suggested that publishers use agile; they don't live in a "culture" of shipping, any more than we live in a culture of breathing. It's just that not shipping would kill the organism."
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july 2010 by tysone
The Media Equation - How to Save Newsweek - NYTimes.com
Why not turn the full reporting firepower on a single topic one week (and by a single topic, I don’t mean the usual newsweekly newsstand bait like “When Jesus Rode a Gay Dinosaur That Had Breast Cancer to See a Historically Famous American President”).
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june 2010 by tysone
At the WSJ, A Question of Trust : CJR
You don’t have to be a cynic to think that the Journal chose the two-decade-old picture to imply Kagan is a lesbian. ... Photos are powerful and suggestive precisely because they are wordless. If the Journal is surprised by this, that’s already a problem. ... Have you ever seen a picture of Clarence Thomas bowling?
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may 2010 by tysone
The art of editing - Bobulate
Whether we like it or not, we’ve been given a new role. This promotion came about without warning, without training, without org charts or manuals. In addition to our current positions, let’s face it, now we’re all “editors.” ... Editing is to media as a performance is to a composition: It is an act of interpretation, rich with opportunities for personal insight, misguided judgments, or brilliance. ... Where once editors and curators provided meaning, now we’re providing it.
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december 2009 by tysone
kung fu grippe : Writing and Rejection.
Readers and editors are not your Mom. And they’re not your Junior Comp. teacher. And they’re not your fairy godmother. ... Write for yourself, get good, and be a grownup. That’s step zero.
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october 2009 by tysone
kung fu grippe : Alternatively.
"Seriously, I don’t understand writers who get all butt-hurt about rejections. It’s like yelling at rain or gravity. It just is. It’s not your fucking allowance, guys. It’s business. Keep writing, keep submitting, paper your walls, and cowboy up forever. The only person who owes you anything is you. Maybe. If you’re lucky."
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october 2009 by tysone
Muphry's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Muphry's Law is an adage that states that "if you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written". The name is a deliberate misspelling of "Murphy's Law".
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october 2009 by tysone
Palin's Resignation: The Edited Version | vanityfair.com
If you watched Sarah Palin’s resignation speech, you know one thing: her high-priced speechwriters moved back to the Beltway long ago. Just how poorly constructed was the governor’s holiday-weekend address? We asked V.F.’s red-pencil-wielding executive literary editor, Wayne Lawson, together with representatives from the research and copy departments, to whip it into publishable shape.
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july 2009 by tysone
Advanced Sound for DSLR's on Vimeo
Steve Weiss invites Dave Schwarz, Nick Barbieri and Jeff Beaumont to discuss how to get the best sound with DSLR’s in this video.
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june 2009 by tysone
Writers Vs. Editors: A Battle for the Ages - TIME
two very different groups of people are responsible for the words that fill the world's magazines and newspapers. There are the writers, who produce the prose, and the editors, who do their best to wreck it.
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may 2008 by tysone
Washington City Paper: News & Features: Blogs
The Washington Times, under new editor John Solomon, has made some style changes: Gay is approved for copy and preferred over homosexual; quotation marks will come off gay marriage; and illegal immigrants will no longer be called "illegal aliens."
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february 2008 by tysone

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