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The breakneck race to build an application to crowdsource MPs' expenses | Politics | guardian.co.uk
The Daily Telegraph may have had a team of 25 journalists working on the MPs' expenses - but within 10 minutes of the launch on Thursday afternoon of the Guardian's crowdsourcing application to examine them there were 323 people, almost all outside the Guardian, doing the same task.
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june 2009 by tysone
Represent - Open Blog - NYTimes.com
Represent is in beta. Our wish list includes city council and state legislative votes, multimedia and new sources of information. When new elected officials take office in early 2009, we’ll be tracking them as well. We welcome your feedback on how to make Represent a more useful service.
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december 2008 by tysone
palewire / Five ways your data app can catch the big news hook.
It meant staying late at work on a Friday night, busting ass most of my weekend, and putting more faith in memcached than most IT people are comfortable with, but the result was that when the government finally did cough up the fatality list we were ready to immediately publish it as a linked database that, over time, has been filled in by further reporting to include greater detail, photos, and more than 1,600 user comments, many of them extremely moving.
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september 2008 by tysone
Mike Davidson - Enterprise CMSes vs. Blog CMSes
True or false: Most major news organizations (e.g. The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, ESPN, etc) would be better off running their entire online publishing operations through a modified blogging platform (e.g. WordPress, Movable Type, Newsvine, or a
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july 2008 by tysone
Backyard Post | Welcome
Django? Sweet: "We're in 210 neighborhoods in the city of West Palm Beach, and have information on 53 parks, 29 schools, 1 library and over 36,000 properties."
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march 2008 by tysone
The B-List: Slides
Developing reusable apps -- James Bennett
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march 2008 by tysone
Las Vegas Sun
We launched the site! Hope to sleep one of these days...
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january 2008 by tysone

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