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Questions I ask when reviewing a design - (37signals)
I’ve been thinking more about how I review a design – both my own and someone else’s. So over the past couple days I’ve been writing down every question I’ve been asking when I look at a design-in-progress. Some of these I say out loud, some just go through my head, some are in person, others are posted to Basecamp or Campfire.
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september 2012 by tysone
Rands In Repose: Please Learn to Write
Coding is unforgiving. Its structure is well-defined and enforced by whatever interpreter or compiler you might be using. You are punished swiftly for obvious errors. You are punished more subtly for the less obvious ones.
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may 2012 by tysone
Video: PressPausePlay
The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, with unlimited opportunities. But does democratized culture mean better art or is true talent instead drowned out?
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january 2012 by tysone
via Frank : Good art is a kind of magic. It does magical...
"Good art is a kind of magic. It does magical things for both artist and audience. We can have long polysyllabic arguments about how to describe the way this magic works, but the plain fact is that good art is magical and precious and cool. It’s hard to try and make good art, and it seems to me wholly reasonable that good artists should be concerned with their work’s cultural reception." — David Foster Wallace
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september 2011 by tysone
Everything is a Remix, Part 3
Creativity isn't magic. Part three of this four-part series explores how innovations truly happen.
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june 2011 by tysone
3 Things Wile E. Coyote Teaches Us About Creative Intelligence | Co.Design
Frog Design's Robert Fabricant responds to Bruce Nussbaum's post about the death of Design Thinking and the rise of Creative Intelligence.
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april 2011 by tysone
YouTube - CUSP 2010 Frank Chimero
Frank Chimero is a graphic designer, illustrator and teacher in Portland, Oregon. He's fascinated by the creative process and produces work about curiosity and visual experience. Each piece is part of an exploration in finding wit, surprise, honesty and levity in the world around us, then trying to document those things with deliberate speed before they vanish.
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december 2010 by tysone
The story of Polaroid inventor Edwin Land, one of Steve Jobs' biggest heroes
“The world is like a fertile field that’s waiting to be harvested. The seeds have been planted, and what I do is go out and help plant more seeds and harvest them.”
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november 2010 by tysone
Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities
A visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New York's infinite details, clichés and contradictions : this way, please.
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november 2010 by tysone
The desks of creative people
From Imaginary Forces, a short documentary about the desks of creative people.
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october 2010 by tysone
Master Planner: Fred Brooks Shows How to Design Anything
"Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid camera, once said that his method of design was to start with a vision of what you want and then, one by one, remove the technical obstacles until you have it. I think that’s what Steve Jobs does. He starts with a vision rather than a list of features."
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august 2010 by tysone
Creative Space and iPad » Matt Legend Gemmell
Before there can be code, there should be design. ... The potential of iPad is to decouple as many tasks as possible from my work environment -- and to keep me away from that environment when I'm doing things that don't actually require me to be there other than to use a computer.
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may 2010 by tysone
Overcoming Creative Block
"Often referred to as “writer’s block”, the concept of an inspiration rut is unfortunately very familiar to every creative in any field. Sometimes ideas just don’t show up to work." Alex Cornell rounds up 25 strategies.
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february 2010 by tysone
Rands In Repose: A Creative Soundtrack
"Old writing is like an old girlfriend: the memory is better than the reality."
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december 2009 by tysone
kung fu grippe : Making the Clackity Noise
Now I want to follow this person or star this person or favr this person or whatever the fuck au courant verb box I need to mash on in order to see more things like that. ... Yep. Little stories are the internet’s native and ideal art form.
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december 2009 by tysone
Paul-Rand.com :: The Politics of Design
"Meaningful design, design of quality and wit, is no small achievement, even in an environment in which good design is understood, appreciated, and ardently accepted, and in which profit is not the only motive. At best, work that has any claim to distinction is the exception, even under the most ideal circumstances. After all, our epoch can boast of only one A.M. Cassandre."
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november 2009 by tysone
Algorithmic expressionism - Bobulate
"Writing software can be very intuitive. Even with a very formally defined programming goal, there are usually many different ways to achieve that goal. Choosing a good path to achieve the goal is a question of intuition, judgment, intelligence, and probably a thousand other things." ... "This immediately struck me as similar to E. L. Doctorow on writing: “writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”"
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november 2009 by tysone
8 stars speak out on Steve Jobs - FORTUNE
Larry Ellison: "I remember when Steve was my neighbor in Woodside, Calif., and he had no furniture. It struck me that there wasn't furniture good enough for Steve in the world. He'd rather have nothing if he couldn't have perfection. And I jokingly said, 'The difference between me and Steve is that I'm willing to live with the best the world can provide. With Steve that's not always good enough.'"
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november 2009 by tysone
The 7 vices of highly creative people
1. Be a drinker; 2. Begin with a Smoke; 3. Put Gambling First; 4. Think Oysters; 5. Seek Fashion First, Then seek to be Understood; 6. Sex; 7. Abuse the Card
creativity  inspiration  psychology  advice 
august 2009 by tysone
Psychology Today: The Creative Personality
Here are the 10 antithetical traits often present in creative people that are integrated with each other in a dialectical tension.
creativity  psychology  culture 
september 2008 by tysone
Gearheads don't get it - (37signals)
Figure out what you have to say that’s interesting and then unleash it. Use whatever tools you’ve got already or what you can afford cheaply. Then go. It’s not the gear that matters. It’s you and your ideas that matter. Tone is in your fingers.
technology  design  creativity  business  strategy 
august 2008 by tysone
Big Contrarian → Divide.
The idea of design divorced from engineering is laudable, but the way it so often plays out makes it implausible. ... The two disciplines have to play off each other. One has to influence, guide, and challenge the other. The gulf between what technology is capable of and what we see in the interactive marketplace has to be shortened.
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august 2008 by tysone
How to Write With Style by Kurt Vonnegut
The most damning revelation you can make about yourself is that you do not know what is interesting and what is not.
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july 2008 by tysone
Visual Thinking | Granta 101 | Magazine | Granta
Being a visual thinker is like being right-handed or red-haired; it was all decided the moment the sperm hit the egg. ... it isn’t a preference like country and western music or a fondness for pugs. One has no choice in the matter.
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june 2008 by tysone
The Paper Version of the Web at Deeplinking
We don’t usually get to see this handmade stage of the web, but some folks have been thoughtful/narcissistic enough to upload photos of their UI sketches, and I find them fascinating.
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june 2008 by tysone
Pixar’s Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation - GigaOM
If you have low morale, for every $1 you spend, you get about 25 cents of value. If you have high morale, for every $1 you spend, you get about $3 of value. Companies should pay much more attention to morale.
creativity  innovation  management  morale 
may 2008 by tysone
Gin, Television, and Social Surplus - Here Comes Everybody
The critical technology for the 20th century, the bit of social lubricant without which the wheels would've come off the whole enterprise, I'd say it was the sitcom. And only now are we waking up from that collective bender.
communication  creativity  culture  media  tv  trends  brilliant  statistics  collaboration  community 
april 2008 by tysone
Ed Boyden's blog: How to Think
Managing brain resources in an age of complexity.
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march 2008 by tysone
Kevin Kelly -- The Technium
When copies are super abundant, they become worthless.
When copies are super abundant, stuff which can't be copied becomes scarce and valuable.
When copies are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied.
copyright  creativity  culture  economics 
february 2008 by tysone
gapingvoid: "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards": how to be creative
So you want to be more creative, in art, in business, whatever. Here are some tips that have worked for me over the years:
design  productivity  inspiration  creativity  art 
february 2008 by tysone

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