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Jill Abramson’s Twitter Account, and a Vision for the New York Times | The Wrap Media
Keller is so laconic that his own wife has commonly disparaged him as a cocktail party killer.<br />
<br />
But Abramson is hardly much more lively. She is best known for playing Rufus Wainwright music in her office and possessing a basso profundo voice so nasal it can grind glass and shred steel. You do not want to see her in a televised showdown against Arianna Huffington or anybody else.
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june 2011 by tysone
Jill Abramson's task at the New York Times | Emily Bell | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
It could have been that the ongoing prospect of this wearying task contributed to Keller giving up his chair a couple of years earlier than was strictly necessary. There was no pressure for him to quit – the transition was as smooth as an East Hampton pond on a still day.
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june 2011 by tysone
What news organizations owe the fixers they rely on, leave behind in foreign countries | Poynter.
“Felix Salmon simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Times takes care of its family — including our drivers, fixers and translators. We do not discuss the details of compensation (for anyone, including staff correspondents) but we fulfill our obligation to employees, including local hires, who are hurt or killed in the line of duty, and to their families in the case of death. (Yes, this includes Mohamed Shaglouf.)”
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The Twitter Trap - NYTimes.com
Basically, we are outsourcing our brains to the cloud. The upside is that this frees a lot of gray matter for important pursuits like FarmVille and “Real Housewives.” ...  In a Twitter discussion, opinions and our tolerance for others’ opinions are stunted. Whether or not Twitter makes you stupid, it certainly makes some smart people sound stupid.
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The Inner Lives of Wartime Photographers
In a grievous season for the tribe of combat photographers, a discussion of the moral burden of putting them in harm’s way.
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may 2011 by tysone
Traditional News Outlets — Living Among the Guerrillas - NYTimes.com
Some of our critics insist that objectivity is unattainable — or boring ­— so why try? To me that is like saying that because much of our children’s future is ordained by genetics, we should abandon the effort to be good parents. Impartial journalism, like child-rearing, is an aspiration, but it is a worthy one.
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All the Aggregation That’s Fit to Aggregate - NYTimes.com
Much as the creative minds of Wall Street found a way to divorce investing from the messiness of tangible assets, enabling clients to buy shadows of shadows, we in Media have transcended earthbound activities like reporting, writing or picture-taking and created an abstraction — a derivative — called Media in which we invest our attention and esteem.
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march 2011 by tysone
NY Times Editor: WikiLeaks Is ‘Not My Kind of News Organization’ - Jeff Bercovici - Mixed Media - Forbes
”I don’t regard Julian Assange as a kindred spirit,” Keller said. “If he’s a journalist, he’s not the kind of journalist that I am.”
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december 2010 by tysone
Scocca : New York Times Editor Bill Keller Thinks He Is a Magnificent Rhinoceros
At any rate, the executive editor sees the Times striding tall across the grassy savanna of 21st-century media, imposing yet nimble, even as other megafauna dwindle toward extinction:
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november 2010 by tysone
Some Newspapers Shift Coverage After Tracking Readers Online - NYTimes.com
The New York Times does not use Web metrics to determine how articles are presented, but it does use them to make strategic decisions about its online report, said Bill Keller, the executive editor. “We don’t let metrics dictate our assignments and play,” he said, “because we believe readers come to us for our judgment, not the judgment of the crowd. We’re not ‘American Idol.’ ”
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Julian Assange vs. The New York Times - Beltway Beast - The Daily Beast
Julian Assange is calling The New York Times, “pusillanimous” and “unprofessional.” Those are fighting words! And Times editor Bill Keller isn't backing down, telling The Daily Beast that Assange's decision to make certain secret documents available to everyone online was "regrettable."
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Jill Abramson Temporarily Steps Aside as Managing Editor to Focus on Digital Side - Media Decoder Blog - NYTimes.com
“There is still a digital rhythm and a print rhythm, and they don’t feel synchronized. ... I’m fully prepared for people to misread this in 100 different ways,” Mr. Keller said, adding “It’s an experiment.”
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Milken Institute Global Conference 2010 - The Future of Journalism: Who's Going to Report the News?
"Information wants to be free. On the other hand, journalists want to eat. Reflecting on the future of news, executives from different types of media outlets compared their various financial models and generally agreed that there would be no single way of doing business going forward."
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may 2010 by tysone
New York Times editor Bill Keller on narrative’s future: three “threats” to it he’s not buying – Nieman Storyboard - A project of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard
“We’re feeling a little more hopeful about our life expectancy,” he said. “Our ad revenues are beginning to rebound.” (Keller later worked in another jab at the WSJ: “Just because we’re nice to people we might want to partner with doesn’t mean we don’t want to kick the shit out of Rupert Murdoch.”)
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april 2010 by tysone
Bill Keller Takes Exception to “Too Close to Home” - The Public Editor’s Journal Blog - NYTimes.com
"Ethical judgments that start from prejudice lead pretty quickly to absurdity, and pandering to zealots means cheating readers who genuinely seek to be informed."
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february 2010 by tysone
NYT’s Keller: “What you can do with less, is less” » Nieman Journalism Lab
“The idea that you can do ‘more with less‘ is, in my view, one of the four great lies,” Keller told his staff. “What you can do with less, is less. But if you are smart and careful, you can limit the harm.”
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november 2009 by tysone
New York Times, still uncertain on charging, sets seven digital priorities » Nieman Journalism Lab
"I’ve been telling people that it feels a little like we just enrolled in graduate school, but we forgot to take any of the undergraduate courses on the way there."
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october 2009 by tysone
Bill Keller trying to read the Times “mostly in digital forms” » Nieman Journalism Lab
In truth, I cheat some on weekends. I love print, and while this experience is making me appreciate more the versatility and creativity of our web staff, nothing has yet made me love print less.
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october 2009 by tysone
Q. and A.: Held by the Taliban - At War Blog - NYTimes.com
"And it’s not as if a new reporter brought into the process would have had a lot of independent sources to check. The kidnappers are not available to provide their version of events."
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october 2009 by tysone
The Times & the Internet - The New York Review of Books
Thankfully my job does not require me to know the future, but I suspect the journalistic landscape five or ten years from now will be a mix of survivors and start-ups, and that the distinction between mainstream and new media will diminish from both directions.
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september 2009 by tysone
Pay up or the newspaper gets it - Crain's New York Business
“I get invited to talk to editors and reporters, and I hate talking about the state of the business because my line boils down to newspapers have a future, just not necessarily your newspapers,” [Bill Keller] says with a pained laugh. “It's kind of like being a motivational speaker in a hospice."
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august 2009 by tysone
Why Is New York Times Editor Bill Keller Writing Front-Page Stories?: Matt Pressman | Vanity Fair
There has been an unusual byline on the front page of The New York Times each of the past two days: that of the paper’s executive editor, Bill Keller.
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june 2009 by tysone
Bill Keller: Times will be 'left standing after the deluge' - POLITICO.com
"If you're inclined to trust Google as your source for news -- Google yourself."
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april 2009 by tysone
Bill Keller - Talk to the Newsroom - The New York Times
Words are the main tools of our craft. They can be used to inform and explain. They can also be used to inflame, or to pander. ... Over time, the promiscuous use of such overheated language and adolescent name-calling cheapens both the language and the user. And it is insulting to readers. It tells you what you are supposed to think, implying you are too stupid or insensitive to make your own judgment. I prefer to think that readers of The New York Times do not need to be treated like fools.
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february 2009 by tysone
Executive Editor Bill Keller's Remarks to the Times Staff Today | The New York Observer
We used to describe ourselves — wishfully — as platform agnostic. These days, I think we can describe ourselves, without exaggeration, as platform aggressive.
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