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Do typefaces really matter?
To most people, typefaces are pretty insignificant. Yet to their devotees, they are the most important feature of text, giving subliminal messages that can either entice or revolt readers, says Tom de Castella.
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july 2010 by tysone
YouTube - HD: Super Slo-mo Surfer! - South Pacific - BBC Two
HD super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel - the first shots of their kind ever recorded.
video  surfing  bbc  cinematography 
may 2009 by tysone
YouTube - Penguins - BBC
Film maker and writer Terry Jones discovers a colony of penguins, which are unlike any other penguins in the world.
bbc  hilarious  video 
april 2008 by tysone
BBC redesign: tellys have rounded corners, right? : Journal : Mark Boulton
Don’t let the design get in the way of the information, or the problem you are trying to solve. Sure, enrich the user experience by delivering the information in a fulfilling environment, but make the clever stuff invisible.
redesign  bbc  webdesign  design 
december 2007 by tysone

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