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2016 AICP Sponsor Reel - Dir Cut on Vimeo
Method Design was tapped by production company RSA to concept and create this year’s AICP Sponsor Reel. The AICP awards celebrate global creativity within commercial production. Method Design wanted to create an entertaining piece of design that encapsulates the innovative and prolific nature of this industry. Our aim was to showcase the AICP sponsors as various dancing avatars, which playfully reference the visual effects used throughout production. Motion capture, procedural animation and dynamic simulations combine to create a milieu of iconic pop dance moves that become an explosion of colorful fur, feathers, particles and more.
dance  design  video  animation  motion_capture 
june 2016 by tysone
CAPPTIVATE.co | beta
a mobile pattern reference for animations / movement
animation  apps  inspiration  mobile  ios  forsnd 
july 2013 by tysone
Form Follows Function
FFF is a collection of interactive experiences. Each experience has a its own unique design and functionality.
animation  css  html5  inspiration  toteach 
january 2013 by tysone
Artists Commemorate the 25-year anniversary of the GIF
In celebration of the format’s 25th anniversary, the Daily Dot reached out to 19 GIF artists from across the Web to create special, commemorative animations for the occasion and to sound off on the future of GIF.
forsnd  history  internet  animation 
june 2012 by tysone
Ceaser - CSS Easing Animation Tool - Matthew Lein
If you don’t quite like the easing, grab a handle and fix it.
css3  animation  from delicious
march 2011 by tysone
Great advice for the New Year: “Make it better”
"Whatever you do, always try to be the best you can be. Spread the word. By Climent Canal and Sebastián Baptista.
forsnd  typography  inspiration  animation  motion  video  from delicious
january 2011 by tysone
YouTube - Wikileaks keeps on publishing despite arrest
Julian Assange through his Wikileaks website promises greater government transparency. But his document dumps have angered officials around the world.
animation  wikileaks 
december 2010 by tysone
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms
This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award.
forsnd  education  animation  video 
november 2010 by tysone
Sonar on Vimeo
Renaud Hallée is an experimental filmmaker and audiovisual composer from Montreal. His short animation Sonar is a rhythmic cycle that evolves into a complex soundscape using its own logic and language — and was made entirely in Fla
video  animation  motiongraphics 
october 2010 by tysone
Vanishing Point (Video)
Inspiring motion graphics from Bonsajo, a visual performance unit in Japan.
forsnd  animation  inspiration 
january 2010 by tysone
Fascinating letters | Letters of Note
animation  history  cinema  letter 
january 2010 by tysone
YouTube - Lego Matrix Trinity Help
After around 440 hours of work, and just in time for the 10th anniversary of the original movie release,
we are pleased to present to you our Lego version of the famous Bullet Time dodge scene from The Matrix.
lego  matrix  awesome  animation 
november 2009 by tysone
After Effects Workflow at The New York Times :: digitalartwork – Multimedia Journalism
The use of motiongraphics/animation is still pretty new at The New York Times. We’re still figuring things out, but I thought it might be useful for some people to see what our work flow is like.
zachwise  aftereffects  motiongraphics  nytimes  nytmm  animation 
october 2009 by tysone
project: the new york times | imago new media
This is our one minute advertisement for the launch of Turkish Edition of The New York Times.
nytimes  animation  typography 
october 2009 by tysone
satine.org » Snow Stack is Here
[rip, flash] A new 3D CSS Visual Effects demo using pure HTML, WebKit’s 3D CSS Effects extensions and JavaScript.
css  3d  javascript  animation  webdesign 
july 2009 by tysone
Román Cortés » The Simpsons Minus The Simpsons
Inspired by Garfield Minus Garfield I’ve edited every frame of the intro of The Simpsons, deleting every character of the family. It has been been done in Photoshop for about 1337 frames.
thesimpsons  animation  video  art 
june 2009 by tysone
Flickermood 2.0 on Vimeo
The next level of this experimental typographic orgy.
typography  animation  motiongraphics 
march 2009 by tysone
YouTube - Röyksopp - Remind me
Directed by the French motion graphics studio H5. It features a day in the life of a woman working in the London's Square Mile solely through infographics
infographics  animation  visualization  motion 
september 2008 by tysone

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