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Amazon.com: Amazon Values
Whether you are an individual contributor or a manager of a large team, you are an Amazon leader. These are our leadership principles and every Amazonian is guided by these principles.
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october 2012 by tysone
Nick Bergus » How I became Amazon’s pitchman for a 55-gallon drum of personal lubricant on Facebook
My career as a personal-lubricant pitchman started with a favorited tweet on Stellar that linked to Amazon where, for just $1,495, anyone could purchase a 55-gallon drum of Passion Natural water-based lubricant (and save 46 percent off list!).
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march 2012 by tysone
From the New York Times Bestseller Lists
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august 2009 by tysone
Test Center: Slacker databases break all the old rules
Amazon SimpleDB, Apache CouchDB, Google App Engine, and Persevere, offering far greater simplicity than SQL, may have a better way of storing data for your Web app
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march 2009 by tysone
The New York Times Archives + Amazon Web Services = TimesMachine - Open - Code - New York Times Blog
Jesus: "We ingested 405,000 very large TIFF images, 3.3 million articles in SGML and 405,000 xml files mapping articles to rectangular regions in the TIFF’s ... converted to a more web-friendly 810,000 PNG images and 405,000 JavaScript files"
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may 2008 by tysone
A First Look at Amazon SimpleDB - Open - Code - New York Times Blog
Like golf, high-end scalable architecture used to be just a rich man’s game. But Amazon is working to change that.
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december 2007 by tysone

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