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Using event capturing to improve Basecamp page load times - (37signals)
If only there were a way to catch the mousedown event just before it begins its ascent up the DOM…
javascript  37signals  performance 
march 2012 by tysone
CSS: Taking control of the cascade - (37signals)
We’ve been using and refining these techniques since early in the summer and we’re very happy with the results. Our stylesheets are logical and carefully controlled. We find that once they get used to the SCSS syntax new people brought onto the project pick up the mental model of the app styles quickly without the mess of the specificity arms race. We’re also seeing better collaboration between designers and programmers who can more easily parse our logical CSS. JavaScript also benefits from these predictable selectors.
scss  37signals  css  webdev  from delicious
september 2011 by tysone
What happens after Yahoo acquires you - (37signals)
Is this the future fate faced by most acquired tech companies? Is the cash worth it to founders who have to watch their creations slowly decline into obsolescence?
37signals  business  from delicious
february 2011 by tysone
Jason Fried: Why work doesn't happen at work
Jason Fried has a radical theory of working: that the office isn't a good place to do it. At TEDxMidwest, he lays out the main problems (call them the M&Ms) and offers three suggestions to make work work.
forsnd  towatch  productivity  37signals  jason_fried 
november 2010 by tysone
Never Read Another Resume
Hiring people is like making friends. Pick good ones, and they'll enrich your life. Make bad choices, and they'll bring you down. Who you work with is even more important than who you hang out with, because you spend a lot more time with your workmates than your friends.
hiring  leadership  management  37signals 
june 2010 by tysone
Microsoft patent trolls Salesforce - (37signals)
Software patents are a despicable tax on innovation. Companies that use them in aggression are pathetic.
microsoft  salesforce  37signals  software  patents 
may 2010 by tysone
Diaspora's curse - (37signals)
That’s an impressive start if victory was measured in press coverage, cash, and cool. Here’s the problem: Diaspora has all the wrong things at the wrong time. Competition that kills isn’t pre-announced — it catches an unsuspecting incumbent by surprise.
diaspora  funding  facebook  37signals 
may 2010 by tysone
Insight: So much complexity in software comes from - (37signals)
So much complexity in software comes from trying to make one thing do two things.
quotes  simplicity  software  37signals 
may 2010 by tysone
Five rational arguments against Apple's 3.3.1 policy - (37signals)
If you view the economy as the App Store, Apple can be viewed as Venezuela where the rules of commerce are constantly changed and investors start fleeing for the fear that they’re next. They may not leave today because of vested interests, but you’re scaring good people away and driving them to alternative platforms. But since the effects won’t be felt tomorrow, it doesn’t appear nearly as dangerous as it really is.
apple  iphone  flash  adobe  37signals 
april 2010 by tysone
Shoes and software - (37signals)
eople want the basics done well. Does it look good, does it feel good, is it comfortable, is it clear, is it easy? No matter what you’re selling, those seem to be the things that really matter.
strategy  37signals 
march 2010 by tysone
"I am Jason Fried. I say amazing and thoughtful things that are real. Get real by reading what I say while I'm getting real."
jason_fried  37signals  parody  advice 
march 2010 by tysone
The App Store: Quality control without the quality - (37signals)
We’re paying for the inconvenience of quality control without the quality part. In fact, lots of software has lower quality because of the App Store process.
amen  iphone  apple  37signals 
february 2010 by tysone
What's the suckage to usage ratio? - (37signals)
The price of shipping is imperfection. If you wait for your product to be perfect, you’ll never finish it. Fortunately you can decide which features should be closer to perfect and which can slack off a little.
37signals  agile  strategy 
december 2009 by tysone
Lessons to learn from Danny Meyer's Shake Shack - (37signals)
"1. Have an enemy. In Meyer’s case, the enemy is fast food that strips away the human experience. ... And it’s working. Each of the Manhattan Shacks makes more revenue per location than either McDonald’s or Five Guys Burgers and Fries."
shake_shack  37signals  strategy 
december 2009 by tysone
Control in its wider sense - (37signals)
Imagine an employee handbook that just said: “We trust you. Be mischievous.”
37signals  management 
december 2009 by tysone
Favorite quotes
These quotes were compiled from many sources by Jason Fried.
quotes  inspiration  37signals  list  jasonfried 
december 2009 by tysone
How Chipotle, Pinkberry, and others win big by doing just a few things well - (37signals)
One thing you won’t find at Chipotle is dessert. Restaurant analysts say a cookie or other dessert at the end of the food line could instantly boost sales by 10 percent or more there. Ells doesn’t care. “We’ve had 10 years of double-digit comps in a row, and we’ve done that without cookies,” he says. “So why start now? I see only the downside to adding cookies.”
cookies  37signals  chipotle  simplicity  strategy 
november 2009 by tysone
The Way I Work: Jason Fried of 37Signals
Jason Fried hates lame meetings, tech companies that don't generate revenue, and companies that treat their employees like children. A peek inside his typical workday
37signals  jason_fried  productivity  strategy 
november 2009 by tysone
A design and usability blog: Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)
"The best way to graduate from beginner is to get in way over your head. Nothing makes you better faster."
advice  quotes  37signals 
september 2009 by tysone
The next generation bends over - (37signals)
Intuit was disgruntled, Mint was disruptive. ... But today it seems like the old is doing the plowing. Let’s stop that. Let’s build great companies that are here to fight, here to win, and here to stay until the next generation after us comes along and kicks all our asses. And again and again and again. That’s how better happens.
startup  37signals  strategy  innovation 
september 2009 by tysone
Forget the resume, kill on the cover letter - (37signals)
A great resume will get you not-rejected, a great cover letter will get you hired.
jobs  37signals  advice 
june 2009 by tysone
Why underdogs should take more chances - (37signals)
Sometimes the riskiest thing to do is not take any risks.
quotes  37signals  strategy 
may 2009 by tysone
The difference between truly standing for something and a mission statement - (37signals)
Standing for something isn’t just about writing it down. It’s about believing it and living it.
37signals  mission  strategy 
april 2009 by tysone
Failure is overrated, a redux - (37signals)
What? Failure is part of the path to success? This industry’s obsession with failure has got to stop. I don’t know when it became cool or useful, but the industry has been steeping in it for so long that it’s become normal to assume failure comes before success.
strategy  37signals  failure 
march 2009 by tysone
Khoi Vinh interviews Jason Fried
"Another thing I find interesting is that when big groups really want to get things done, they don't make the group bigger, they make the group smaller. ... And I think it also begs the question: Why have small teams as exceptions? Why not make them the norm? If they do better work, and communicate more clearly, why not encourage more small teams?"
strategy  nytimes  process  37signals  khoi_vinh  jason_fried  getting_real 
march 2009 by tysone
How did the web lose faith in charging for stuff? - (37signals)
It seems that the web has been so thoroughly infected by the memes of “the future is free”, “we’ll all live from ads”, “VC money will get us there”, and “acquisition is nirvana” that it has almost lost its faith in the simpler ways.
prediction  37signals  economics  free 
march 2009 by tysone
JavaScript dependency management and concatenation: Sprockets
Sprockets is a Ruby library that preprocesses and concatenates JavaScript source files.
javascript  ruby  rails  37signals 
february 2009 by tysone
Why the Drudge Report is one of the best designed sites on the web - (37signals)
"It doesn’t look old and it doesn’t look new — it looks Drudge ... I’d say “it’s straightforward mess.” I wouldn’t underestimate the merit in that."
newsdesign  drudge  37signals  design 
november 2008 by tysone
Summaries of 37signals presentations at Web 2.0 Expo - (37signals)
How did I get interested in all this? I wasn’t interested in programming I was interested in having programs. I desired an outcome.
rails  37signals  agility  exactly 
september 2008 by tysone
iPhone 2.0: The glory wore off in wash - (37signals)
Combined, it’s a rather big disappointment. It’s a great example of the cumulative effects of problems. They have an exponential damage on the experience.
37signals  apple  iphone 
july 2008 by tysone
Designers who also develop have more power - (37signals)
When you’re able to do things yourself, you can just do them. You don’t need anybody’s approval or anyone else’s time. And sometimes that makes the crucial difference between an unimplemented idea or a great success...
37signals  design  programming 
june 2008 by tysone
Web designers should do their own HTML/CSS - (37signals)
designing for the web is a lot less about making something dazzle and a lot more about making it work.
37signals  design  css  html  webdesign 
june 2008 by tysone
Workaholics fixate on inconsequential details - (37signals)
"Most companies think that they are benefiting from a workaholic’s long hours, even if it is at the worker’s expense. In fact, workaholism can harm the company as well as the worker…"
productivity  management  advice  37signals 
may 2008 by tysone

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