Audio Signifiers for Voice Interaction
Provide explicit, implicit, and nonverbal signifiers to help users understand their options in voice-interaction interfaces.
voiceInteraction  chatbots 
9 days ago
What is the Domain Model in Domain Driven Design? | Culttt
To understand Domain Driven Design, you really need to understand the terminology. However, I often find that terminology in the absence of real world context is not only difficult to understand, but almost impossible to apply and reap the benefits of.
17 days ago
Mirrored atomicity: designers and developers speaking the same language
How can designers and developers work better together? Mirrored atomicity! The idea of mirroring the component structure has worked very well with my team. I thought this could help other designers so
styleGuide  designResearch  designFramework 
29 days ago
"Get Started" Stops Users
A generic Get Started call-to-action attracts clicks, but also misleads users and acts as a roadblock for those looking to get information about the company.
buttons  copy 
4 weeks ago
Pirate Canvas | Peter Merel | Pulse | LinkedIn
Almost any bottleneck makes a business opportunity, but converting people into an exponential ecosystem takes a reliable way to prioritise what sucks for us all.
productDesign  productmanagement  workshops 
4 weeks ago
Learn SketchApp’s Key features from top video tutorials
Hi! Friends, This is my first blog in year 2017 and want to wish each one of you “HAPPY SKETCHAPP YEAR”. Lot of my friends quickly want to learn SKETCHAPP design/prototype tool. So, I have curated…
tools  learnUX 
5 weeks ago
An octopus is the closest thing to an alien here on earth — Quartz
Whether or not octopuses should be viewed as charming or terrifying very much depends on your personal perspective. But it's hard to deny their intelligence. Octopuses can squirt water at an annoyingly bright bulb until it short-circuits. They can tell humans apart (even those who are wearing the same uniform). And, according to Peter Godfrey-Smith, a philosophy...
5 weeks ago
How do you set metrics? – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
A few other rules of thumb with thinking about metrics:
Avoid having a huge laundry list of metrics. You can measure everything you’d like, and you should. The more you understand what people are actually doing in your product, the better you’ll be able to create the right experience. However, when setting a top-level goal to drive your team’s work, you should ideally operate around a single key metric (or at the most, a small handful) that best tracks your mission. The more metric goals you have, the more complicated it is to keep each one in mind and make trade-offs against them. While it may feel painful, making this explicit decision up front can save you many headaches of later of arguing about what work is more i
5 weeks ago
The UX of Getting Started in UX – Dan Maccarone – Medium
This is the third article in a 3 part series about the state of the UX ecosystem. To start at the beginning, read this article. Let’s get the hard part out of the way. Not everyone is cut out to work…
6 weeks ago
The UX of Hiring for UX Positions
That’s how Emily Rees, Director of Talent at The Stem, described how she normally would have reacted to Dan as a candidate for an information architect position when his resume landed on her desk in…
portfolio  londonAgencies 
6 weeks ago
The UX of Learning UX is Broken – Dan Maccarone – Medium
It’s May of 1999, the heart of the dot-com boom. I walk into my first “professional” job as an information architect (what we would call User Experience today). I was an arrogant 22-year-old who had…
6 weeks ago
8 things I've learned from 8 years of user testing - Webcredible UX blog
Usability testing can deliver amazing insights relevant to the whole business. From optimisation, to product innovation and business strategy. Turning the insights into ideas is crucial!
usability  research 
6 weeks ago
Rapidly validate new products & features | Design Sprints with Telepathy
Have a product concept or feature idea and don’t know how to start? In just 5 days, Telepathy Design Sprints can take you from concept to tested & validated prototype.
7 weeks ago
Visual sugar –
How do you make anything taste better? Just add sugar to it. That’s the simple trick that big players in the food industry use to make everything tastier. Nowadays sugar is in everything: in burgers…
webdesign  learnUX 
7 weeks ago
Stopwords in the user interface – UX Planet
Variants: regular, general, basic, advanced, extended, miscellaneous, more
Examples: main section, basic options, advanced plan, miscellaneous settings The line between “primary” and “secondary” is…
copy  microUX 
7 weeks ago
Search-Log Analysis: The Most Overlooked Opportunity in Web UX Research
Your website’s search engine can tell you what your web visitors want, how they look for it, and how well your content strategy meets their needs.
search  analytics  research 
7 weeks ago
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