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run in the blood of the sun's hard rays - Chapter 1 - magneticwave - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
So Lydia tells Chris, “She wanted you to know,” and she presses the silver arrowhead into his palm. It’s the one that had pierced the single defeated oni; it’s covered in a fine layer of black dust, like mountain ash. There’s a fleur de lis imprinted on it that shrieks of Argent family heritage, so between Scott’s distressed babbling and Kira’s explanations, Lydia had cobbled together enough of the story.

Silver arrows. It’s such an—Argent solution.
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Assistant to the Consulting Detectives - idyll - Teen Wolf (TV), Elementary (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"There are a couple of locks over there that haven’t been released yet, and a few that are fake. I’m not sure why you’ve got fake padlocks, but you do. Those handcuffs are standard police issue.” He skims his eyes across the room again. “Your folklore and mythology books are, like, totally crap selections. There’s a crack in that window, honey dripping somewhere out of sight, and a tortoise under that table.”

Joan blinks at Stiles, then looks under the table. “That’s Clyde.”

Mr. Holmes seems even more pleased than earlier. “How is it a college sophomore knows so much about locks and handcuffs?”

"My father is the county Sheriff, back home. I learned a lot from him."

Mr. Holmes shares a look with Joan and beams at Stiles. “And the critiques of my library?”

"Not your whole library. Just that one section. I’m majoring in the subject. There are better specific sources, and way better compendiums out there. I’ll give you a list, if you want."

Joan frowns curiously. “How did you know about the honey?”

Stiles shrugs. “I can hear a dripping sound. It’s slow and thick, and since it smells like honey…it sort of made sense.” He pauses. “Why is there honey dripping in another room?”

Mr. Holmes waves that away. “You’re hired, Stiles,” he says, and gets to his feet in a rush of energy. “Sort out the details with Ms. Watson. I’ve just had a breakthrough on a case.”

Stiles stares after the man for a moment, then looks at Joan, “What just happened? What even is this job about?”

Joan sighs, long-suffering but amused. “Text your friend, and then I’ll go over everything with you.”
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The Trouble With Reclining Your Body in a Horizontal Position - bookgodess15 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first time is worst.

That's what Stiles tells himself, until he has to do it again and he discovers that no, the second time is actually the worst.

Then it's the third, then the fourth, then the fifth. (Though the actual worst was the time immediately after his father was no longer the sheriff and it was all Stiles’ fault. He doesn’t know what time that was. He’d stopped counting by then.)

But none of it compares to what it's like, months later, when Stiles says, "Going out to the movies with Scott," when he really means that he's going to track down Derek and give him a piece of his mind.

He's almost to the door when he realizes what's missing.

"Dad?" Stiles asks, turning around to check on his father.

"Go," his father says, not looking up from his newspaper. "I'll see you when you get home."

Stiles' mouth opens, but he holds in the protest at the last second. His world has spun to a screeching halt, and it's wrong, it's wrong.

His father looks up from his paper now, raising his eyebrows at Stiles as if to say This is all your fault, and you know it.

"Thanks," Stiles chokes out, and he stumbles out to his car with a sharp throbbing in his chest.
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Filthy Perfect - theaeblackthorn - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Lydia can't decide if bringing Stiles and Derek together is the best idea she's ever had, or the worst. They're a pack now, young enough that anything going wrong between Derek and Stiles would be... risky. But Lydia isn't one to keep people who want each other apart when she can't think of a really valid reason to do so. Maybe she's in too deep; she finds herself oddly hesitant at the idea of not having them as hers anymore.

They want each other, she knows that now, but if they have each other... where does that leave her? Powerless. Derek doesn't want her, not really, and Stiles hasn't yet realized that it's the idea and power that comes with fucking Lydia Martin he likes, not her. But he will, when he's fucking Derek Hale, because that's the biggest power trip there is. And together would they be better for the pack and each other than she is? Would Derek keep Stiles focused? Would Stiles force Derek into doing the smart thing?

The thing is... she can't get the idea of fucking them both... of watching them fuck... out of her head. It'd be so hot and Stiles was never meant to be anything permanent, not really. He was her rebound after Jackson, to pick her up and let her have some indulgent worship. And Derek... the pack is working together. He's got an idea of how to handle things, and even if she likes fucking him... she could live without it.
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We're Friends When You're On Your Knees - narceus - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There are rules. Of course there are rules.

Lydia does her research, because she’s Lydia Martin, and she would never embark on something like this without doing research. Non-sexual bondage and dominance/submission play isn’t the world’s most recorded topic, but it’s certainly there after a few thorough google searches and a trip or two to that specialty bookstore in town.

On Sunday nights, they go to eat at the dining hall as early as they can, together, like friends and equals, and then go back to their dorm room. It’s only Sunday nights, them together. Girls’ night in. Allison makes sure that her dad knows not to call her, and Lydia handles the boys. Between 6 PM Sunday and 7 AM on Monday morning, they’re off-limits.

Allison always takes off her shirt, first, and carefully lays her bullet on its silver chain on top of her dresser for tomorrow morning, when she’s ready to be head of the Argent clan again. Sometimes Lydia tells Allison to take off more clothing, or change into something more comfortable, sometimes not, but Allison’s always topless from the start. Lydia likes to be able to touch skin, and it’s harder to take a shirt off once Allison’s wrists are tied.

It adds something to the situation, too, when Allison feels like she’s been stripped bare. It’s hard to feel in charge of something when you’re sitting around in your bra, or even less. She’s not supposed to be in charge here. Everything that reminds her of that helps.

Lydia likes to take Allison apart. There’s something mesmerizing about the line of Allison’s shoulders, the way Lydia can feel the tension under her fingertips, can actually see it release, bit by bit, over the course of a session. Allison doesn’t twitch away when Lydia hits a sore spot any more. If it’s early in the evening, she’ll push back into Lydia’s hands. If it’s later, if Allison’s shoulders have already gone loose and her little noises and hisses of breath have faded into incoherent murmurs, Lydia can find another knot and Allison will actually go more limp.

Lydia could do anything to her, and Allison would allow it. Lydia had been cautious at first, but every single time she’s pushed, Allison’s just yielded up more. It’s intoxicating. It’s humbling. That kind of unconditional surrender has weight to it, and Lydia’s going to live up to it.

So she does her research. She adds anatomy textbooks to her list of bondage websites. She learns every shiver that Allison makes, every little variation in the sound of Allison’s breath. Lydia is good at this, in her own right. Allison lays herself down, but Lydia’s the one who makes her melt.
teenwolf  Lydia/Allison  D/s  Bondage 
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Home is wherever I'm with you - Chapter 1 - theaeblackthorn - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles took Laura's offered hand and let her lead him towards the bed. Laura hadn't missed the way Stiles had been eager to grab hold of any offered hand, or leaned in to the slightest of touches.

Every night since the fire Laura and Derek had slept curled toward one another. Touch was important to a werewolf especially after something like a traumatic event; they didn't even have a den to go to, just a room that smelled like other people.

Laura wouldn't be able to sleep much; normally she got an hour or two, and Derek wasn't much different. But they both stayed curled on the bed throughout the night, pretending they were asleep. At least she wasn't having nightmares like Derek was.

Stiles had spent the day in their car, in Derek's hoodie and in their blanket from the motel. With the complete soaking he'd gotten the night before in the rain he smelled like them more than anything else since the fire. It was nice. It was really nice.

She led Stiles to the bed and threw back the covers. "Come on Stiles, get in the bed. You can have the side near the bathroom, and I'll take the one near the door. Unless you'd feel more comfortable sleeping on the floor? I know you just met us today, but they only had doubles left."

Stiles hesitated. "I don't-- are you sure there's space for me in there? I mean, I'm not exactly the stillest sleeper. I don't want to wake you guys..."

"Stiles, it's fine; me and Derek don't sleep so much recently, so you won't be disturbing us. Derek will be working out for a few more hours anyway."

He still looked a little hesitate so Laura encouraged him. "Go on, you can have the side near the bathroom, and I'll take the side near the door."

He climbed into the bed and snuggled into the blankets. "Night Laura, night Derek, and thank you."

Laura smiled. "You're welcome, Stiles."
teenwolf  LauraHale  DerekHale  StilesStilinski  AU  Derek/Stiles 
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Whatever Lies Before Me - amazingpages - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It turns out Scott's mom is actually really nice. She doesn't seem to mind that Scott doesn’t do his homework when Stiles is there, and she just shakes her head fondly when she finds them playing around in the empty waiting room.

She even brings them lollipops every day, which Stiles loves. And she somehow knows without being told that Stiles can't eat any of the red ones because of the Red40 dye—one time his dad forgot to pick the last red gummy bear out of the package and Stiles had bounced off of the walls for the next ten hours after eating it. It’s like it gave him superpowers because he could go go go, but afterwards the energy always makes him really tired and cranky.

Today he and Scott are playing Army Ranger and doing arm crawls beneath the rows of plastic chairs. Stiles had found an old walkie-talkie set in the garage that used to be his dad's, so they were testing them out.

“Stilinski is on base! Over.”

“Where’s base, Stiles? Over.”

“Under the magazine table. Over.”
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Only happy when it's complicated... • A conversation I will not get in 3B: (discussion...
And everybody is looking at her, so Lydia raises her chin and looks back and says, “You have no idea what he did to me.”

And Allison says, “Lydia…” and Lydia says, “No. You have no idea what it was like living with him in my head. You have no idea what it was like, not knowing what was happening to me, while Peter Hale made me do things that I couldn’t even understand.”

and Scott says, “I do.”
teenwolf  LydiaMartin  ScottMcCall 
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The Beacon Hills Dead Mothers Society - narceus - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Scott is facedown in his bed, breathing shallowly. Mostly he’s wondering if he can stop breathing at all.

Allison’s got a hand in his hair. She’s close by his right shoulder, sitting on the bed. Isaac is loitering in the doorway, has been for a while, but when Allison gestures him over he finally comes in to settle on the bed near Scott’s legs.

A moment later, Stiles comes back to the room carrying four mugs of tea that nobody is going to drink. He’s dry-faced and red-eyed, which is about as good as expected. He puts the tea down on the nightstand and gets onto the bed on Scott’s other side. Scott’s shoulders are shaking when Stiles puts his hand on one of them, when Stiles cuddles in close.

There isn’t a sound in the room except for four people’s ragged breathing, the heartbeats only werewolves can hear. It’s too close, too much, until Stiles raises his head. His voice is scratchy, with a wry, cruel edge to it.

"I hearby call the first meeting of the Beacon Hills dead mothers club to order," he says.

“Stiles," Allison snaps, and Scott…the sound Scott makes could be a laugh, or a sob, or a moan. It’s muffled by the pillow. Scott probably doesn’t know himself.

Stiles’ hand on Scott’s shoulder grabs, tight, solid. "We all know, Scott," Stiles says, fierce and low and close to his ear.

"We’re here," Allison says. "We’ve got you."

Isaac doesn’t say anything, just curls in between Scott and Allison, makes himself small. They probably shouldn’t all be able to fit on the bed. It’s probably enough weight to damage the frame, in the long run.

Scott keeps breathing.
teenwolf  gen  ScottMcCall  AllisonArgent  LydiaMartin  StilesStilinski  VernonBoyd 
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The Bonfires of August - The Feels Whale (miscellea) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The last thing she thinks about as she dies is that she should have prepared Derek better, but… she’s the big sister. She’s supposed to protect him.

Death for werewolves isn’t like death for humans. If you’re stubborn and you have reason to, you don’t …drift away to wherever it is you go. You can live within human dreams and hide in their shadows. Your sphere of influence is limited, but you can keep going on. If you play your cards right and have a good accomplice you can even come back.

There’s a reason why the Hunters cut their kills in half and it’s only partly to make a psychological statement.
teenwolf  gen  LauraHale 
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The Electric House of God, Forever - velveteenshadowboxer - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It’s just the two of them next time; Derek and Stiles trapped together (of course) in a compressed wooden crate, slowly sinking into the tar pits 15 miles outside Beacon Hills.

“Anytime you feel like busting us out of hear, you can be my guest,” Stiles snarks, his breath tickling Derek’s neck from his close proximity. The boy’s voice is steady enough, but Derek can hear the jackrabbit pitter-patter of his heart going crazy.

Derek flinches as a big glob of tar oozes through a crack in the panels and splatters against his leg. “Shut up and let me think for a minute.” He stretches upward, bracing himself against the walls of the crate with his hands and feet, chest heaving up and down from the exertion of trying to snap the lid open.

“How many were there?” Stiles asks, gasping slightly as he slips in the goop and grabs ahold of Derek’s biceps to stop his fall.

Derek swallows as the kid’s fingers squeeze around his muscles, and he sends a mental note to his dick to stay the fuck under control. “How many what?”

“The hunters. Did you see how many there were? We’re gonna have to deal with that shit once we get out of here.”

The wood groans as it begins to bend. Derek grits his teeth as the crack in the wall widens and the flow of tar quickens. “Not many. Maybe four. Three men and a woman, I think.” He grunts and ducks his head, knees buckling.

Stiles kicks off his shoes and starts peeling off his clothes. Derek hears the rustling and frowns. “They’ll just weigh me down,” Stiles explains readily. “This is going to be hard enough as it is.”
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles 
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Find It In Our Hearts - Regann - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


There was the scent on Stiles's clothes that smelled like kin to both him and Peter, the same smell that his human cousins had carried, the one that made Derek want to curl up in it forever. It wasn't something he could mistake, even after missing it for half a dozen years, and it wasn't something he thought a human could fake, even if they had a reason to. It was what had set him off in the first place, had put the uncomfortable burn in his gut that there was something to investigate, something he needed to hunt down and understand. He'd done that, he had his smoking gun right there in his hand, clinging to the red cotton he'd long since shredded beneath his nails but he still didn't want to believe it.

And maybe he could keep disbelieving what his own instincts were telling him, the way they were screaming it at him since he'd first caught the scent of Claire on Stiles's skin, but then he'd seen her and somehow it was even more telling than the scent because in the brief moment she'd looked his way, the little girl -- Argent or not -- had looked back at him with his mother's hazel eyes, the same ones that had greeted him across the table every morning for the fifteen years, the same ones he saw in his own mirror every day.

It didn't matter how much the truth hit him like a knife to the gut, or an alpha's claws digging through his organs; there was only so much denial in the world and Derek couldn't ignore both his own intellect and the howls of his wolf. There was only one conclusion that made sense, no matter how terrifying, how horrifying, how enormous it was to even contemplate.

Derek stayed in the woods long into the night, until the glint of sunrise washed pink and red over the eastern sky, thinking.

When he walked out of them, he was resolved.
teenwolf  kid!fic  Derek/Stiles 
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may your path be the sound - magneticwave - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m glad my family’s machismo is amusing to you, Sheriff,” Melissa says, but she’s too drunk to fake anything, even disapprobation. “John, I’m not going anywhere. I wasn’t going to and I’m certainly not now that Scott has his—whatever that bullshit werewolf thing was.” She stares at the bottle of tequila for a second like it’s going to tell her. “Right, pack.”

John blearily raises his head enough to watch as he snags the whiskey bottle and pours himself a shot. “Oh God, pack.”

“You think it’s bad now,” Melissa tells him, “wait until Derek Hale shows up on your porch. He looked like a kicked puppy, hand to God.”

Melissa would normally spare a moment to feel bad about how blasphemous she gets when drunk, but John barks, “Puppy!” and he and Melissa break down into laughter, Melissa giggling so hard she almost snorts some of her hair up her nose.

“Christ, Mel, they’re just teenagers,” John finally says, when they’ve calmed down and Melissa is pouring them both glasses of water from the Britta in the fridge. “What the hell is going on in this town? I’ve thought my seventeen-year-old kid was a serial killer for the past six months.” He sounds destroyed by this; Melissa understands. She’d hated herself for weeks for the way she’d shrunk back from Scott after she’d first found out.

Melissa pushes the first glass towards him and leaves the second by her chair as she goes to refill the Britta in the sink. She’s not exactly steady on her feet, but she’s still not in Worst Bender Ever territory. “There wasn’t exactly a chapter for this in the parenting manual they handed out at the hospital,” she says. “I guess we have to make it up. But it’s not—look, John, we raised good kids. They’re smart, when they’re not being dumb, and this was going to happen soon.”

“What?” John asks. “The plot of The Lost Boys?”
teenwolf  SheriffStilinski  MelissaMcCall 
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The Boy and the Beast Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles woke up again to Derek nudging his cheek with his nose. Stiles told him a couple of times to go away, but Derek just kept at it until Stiles actually opened his eyes, at which point he realized the light was fading. The room was already shadowy, the colors leaching out of everything. Derek's eyes were just gray, now.

Stiles could just make out the shapes on the floor in front of him: beef jerky and more Pop Tarts. Derek nudged them closer and then sat back. Stiles sighed and nodded gingerly, not sloshing his brain around too much. He ate obediently, bite by bite by bite. He had to crawl over to the tap for water when he was halfway through the beef jerky.

While he was still curled on the floor by the tap, catching his breath before he started on the Pop Tarts, he asked, "Can I leave?"

Derek was lying right alongside Stiles's body, and Stiles felt him jerk at the question. He tilted his head, and then stood, backed away from Stiles and jerked his muzzle up a couple of times. Stand up.

Stiles actually tried it, more out of stubborn determination to rise to Derek's challenge than any actual delusion that he could do it. He reached up and grabbed the faucet with his good hand, and that helped him get to the point of sitting up against the wall, dizzy and with his head feeling like it would split open any second but grimly determined to keep going. He managed to surge up onto his knees, which made his stomach heave and his head feel like it was full of hammers and angry hornets while his sense of up and down went sideways in all directions.

Fuck it, he could totally do this. He got a foot down, sort of--his ankle twisted a little and his foot slipped into the gutter, and he pushed up at the same time he was falling down, which just made him dizzier.
teenwolf  au  Derek/Stiles  ScottMcCall 
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Alpha Complex - Hatteress - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Oh my god," Stiles says, cutting him off and Derek staggers a little when Stiles suddenly lets go, of everything. It's like feeling the floor drop out from under him, the sudden absence of hands; no more weight holding him down. Derek has to bite back a disgustingly lost noise before he feels his pants being yanked, hands now pressed into his hips as- what- "You and your fucking Alpha complex," Stiles says and it takes Derek a split second to register that's breath he can feel on his ass because Stiles is on his knees and-

The first lick is fucking devastating. Derek whole-body jerks with it, swearing around a growl because this- fuck...oh fuck. Derek feels his face heat, not even caring that he's slipped into a full shift because Stiles' thumbs are pressing him open and Stiles' tongue is—Jesus Christ—it's wet and firm against him and he's going to die.

"Holy god," Stiles says, already sounding fucked out and—somehow—goddamn reverent. Who the hell does that?

Derek has to curl his claws into his palm to keep from punching a hole in the wall because he can feel Stiles' breath; can't help but clench against it and Stiles' heart trips over itself.

"I wasn't sure- I mean-" Stiles licks again, one long wet stripe that catches on the rim of him and Derek has to pull his fangs back enough to bite down on his own wrist to stifle a fucking sob. "Hell yes," Stiles says, like he's pulling ahead in Mario Cart and not rimming Derek for the first time, both of them still bloody from a tangle with a goddamn Striga earlier.

Derek's life.
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  rimming 
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A Simple Life - Survivah - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Derek watches the fox struggle with the small rodent for a few moments longer, then whuffs in amusement and continues down his path. Were he human in that moment, he might have thought of the youtube videos that such a scene would spawn, but Derek is not. Like this, Derek cares about the rustles of the forest, the murmurs of the stream a mile away, the distant hum of bugs in the night.

A tiny, rapid, heartbeat sounds below him, and Derek reflexively shoots out a paw, catching a mouse -the mouse- by its tail. It hadn’t been his plan to eat, but Derek’s wolf never says no to such freely offered sustenance. Winter is always coming, so it is always wise to eat when possible. That’s just logic. Derek snaps the mouse’s neck -quick, always be quick- and is ready to toss the mouse between his jaws when a low whine sounds behind him.

It’s the fox, of course, crouched low to the ground, tail wagging expectantly behind him.

Food. The wolf will have his food.

A whine.

It doesn’t matter what the fox wants. The fox is prey too. Maybe the fox is next.

Derek can see the fox’s ribs, visible through his red fur. Is the fur as thick as it should be? Autumn is just setting in, and the fox barely has enough for summer.

Derek tosses the mouse at the fox, who yips in delight and pounces. Derek is reminded of his younger brother Travis, who was such an excitable boy that anything new for him from the store, be it an ipod or be it socks, was the best thing to happen that day.
teenwolf  DerekHale  StilesStilinski  Derek/Stiles 
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Compound a Compound - scoutshonor - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone knows that Stiles Stilinski has had a crush on Lydia Martin since the third grade. Beacon Hills is a small school in a small town with a long memory for gossip; by the time they’re sixteen, people treat Stiles’ crush as scientific fact. Stiles has brown hair and brown eyes and a crush on Lydia Martin. It’s nothing to remark upon. That’s just how things are.

She acts like it’s embarrassing because it is, kind of. He asks her to dances, tries to get her attention in the halls, shows up to her birthday party with outsized presents and promises, with stars in his eyes every time. She sighs and shrugs and tries to ignore him because she can’t even imagine what it’s like, to be him: it must be humiliating.

What she doesn’t let on is that it’s also awful to have someone want you so passionately and exclusively when you are singularly unable to return that ardor. It’s not like she hasn’t thought about it, mostly as part of schemes to make Jackson jealous, but when she looks at Stiles she feels her heart stutter, slow: he just looks like a lost boy, big whiskey eyes and close-cropped hair, snub nose, round cheeks, innocent and affectionate and useless.

“You should give Stiles a chance,” Allison said once, when they were still getting to know one another, when she was still moony-eyed over Scott’s dopey smiles. “He’s really—he’s sweet.”

“I have a boyfriend,” Lydia said, smiling her sharpest, ugliest smile. She didn’t want Allison to be dumb like everyone else, and maybe she isn’t: she dropped it, anyway, hasn’t mentioned it since. But now Lydia doesn’t have a boyfriend, anymore. Jackson told her he loved her and then let his parents move him to fucking Ann Arbor. Michigan. She misses him, of course, but she also she misses the way he protected her, the way she could just say I have a boyfriend and everyone would shut up and leave her alone.
teenwolf  LydiaMartin  StilesStilinski  Stiles/Lydia 
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Missing Pieces of You - Loz - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
They ease into familiarity eventually, although it takes longer than Scott would ever have thought. The tension between them reminds him of when he and Isaac first started getting close and that’s just wrong.

Last time they hung out, they were at Berkeley, and Stiles has only been to Davis once before, back when Scott had no real clue where anything was, so after their run, they go on a tour of all Scott’s favorite places, meet up with one of his core groups of friends; Jake, Skye and Taelah. The run was good just like Scott thought it would be, but he’s calmer when they’re walking and relaxing around other people, and he can’t put his finger on why.

Stiles is granted the same wide-eyed response from everyone and he doesn’t get it, at all. Certainly not to the point where Taelah frowns and mutters about life being unfair. He’s shown them pictures before. They’re all facebook friends. But he guesses Stiles looks different in person. He can be totally photogenic when the mood strikes him, but it usually doesn’t, and he seems to take great joy in pulling the most ridiculous face he can whenever a camera is within three yards. Scott has countless photos of Stiles in turtle mode, or mid-roar, or doing his best impression of a duck.

It’s mostly bizarre because Scott knew Stiles was good-looking before Stiles did. During one of many instances of Stiles’ self-conscious whining that no one would ever want to touch him, it was no wonder Lydia ignored every fiber of his being, Scott sat them down in front of a mirror and cataloged all that a girl could fall in love with, even if she was shallow. He sat behind him, traced his fingers lightly over his features, pointed out every little perfection. He started with Stiles’ large and soulful eyes, continued on with his adorable ski-jump nose, and concluded with his seriously kissable lips. They were fourteen, and they were both awkward for about a week afterwards, but Stiles held himself taller after that, started taking more risks. It worked, he thinks.

Yes, Stiles has grown into himself. He’s angled where once he was rounded, he’s broad-shouldered where once he was reedy, muscular where once he was thin. But he’s always had this potential and Scott doesn’t understand why it’s now so remarkable.
teenwolf  Stiles/Scott 
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The Mending That You Need - torakowalski - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There are two thin, purple/grey bruises around each of Derek’s wrists, fading to brown at the edges.

“Woah,” Stiles says and grabs one of Derek’s fists, hauling his arm across the table for a better view.

Derek snarls but Stiles instinctively squeezes harder, accidentally digging his nails into the back of Derek’s hand and Derek – unexpectedly – goes completely still.

“You have bruises,” Stiles says, looking up at Derek in confusion. “How do you have bruises?”

Derek shrugs one shoulder. “They’re fading.”

If they’re fading but still visible now, Stiles can’t imagine how bad they must have been when Derek got them. He presses his finger to the centre of one bruise, curious, because he thinks he knows what they’re from. They’re so familiar.
teenwolf  bdsm  aftercare  Derek/Stiles 
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Déjà Vu All Over Again - victoria_p (musesfool) - Teen Wolf (TV), DCU - Comicverse [Archive of Our Own]
Back at the sheriff's office, he sits down across from Stilinski and says, "What about Derek Hale?"

"It's not him." The speaker is the flaily kid from the lacrosse field. He lunges through the door, awkward in that way where his sense of his body hasn't caught up with the new length of his legs and arms yet.

"Stiles," says the sheriff, warning and affection mingled in the one word.

"You know it's not him, Dad." Stiles comes into the office, and drops his backpack to the floor before flinging himself into the chair next to Dick.

"Maybe he's not killing these kids," Dick says, because he doesn't think he is and there's really no reason to leave that on the table, "but he sure looks like he could be cooking meth out at that burnt out house."
teenwolf  gen  DC  DickGrayson  DerekHale  crossover 
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Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us - queerly_it_is - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Did you wear it?” Is the first thing Stiles says, because he’s unerringly good at knowing where to press to make Derek’s whole body twitch and grind to a stop, words like fog that look solid until he reaches for them as his stomach drops ten feet.

He has to know Derek wore it. He has to, Derek told him he would; he said yes, and then said it again because Stiles asked him to be sure.

The breathing from Stiles’ side of the connection feels like it’s pouring right into Derek’s head, like he should be able to feel it in heat and stirring air instead of just the plastic edge of the phone against his skin.

“Well?” Stiles says when what must be a full minute ticks over in total useless unresponsiveness from Derek. “Did you?”

He sounds calm, maybe a little amused, like if Derek could see him his lips would be wavering as he tried to push the smirk back down, his eyes showing the laugh anyway, newly grown-out hair stuck up where he can’t keep his fingers out of it.

Derek’s mental polaroid of Stiles is much too detailed.

“Yes,” he comes out with, a lumbering and graceless syllable. “Yeah I... I did. I wore it.” He grits his teeth to stop himself from rambling, is glad Stiles can’t see how red his face must be given how hot his cheeks feel. The hand he’s not using to hold the phone is twisting the fabric of his pant leg.

Stiles chuckles a little. “All day, like I said?”

Derek shuts his eyes through a long breath, makes himself swallow the dry lump building in his throat. His heart’s beating too loud, too hard in the cage of his ribs, a weird non-pain. He’s trying not to move from where he’s sitting on the edge of his bed, willing his hips to stay still.
teenwolf  d/s  toy  Derek/Stiles  hot 
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Will Wonders Never Cease - thecheekydragon - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The sight he had been confronted with hadn’t left the sheriff any less flabbergasted than the rest of them. If he’d had to guess, he would have said Stiles had hit a gigantic two-ton moose with his jeep – which was ridiculous because moose, as a general rule, did not make much of an appearance in this corner of Northern California – and that the moose, obviously annoyed and disgruntled at having been interrupted in its journey, had picked up the jeep with its hoofed feet and had hurled it – with Stiles unfortunately in it – clear across the highway where it had landed in a mangled heap upside down in a nearby field of mud.

Of course, his guess was just that – even if it was the most ridiculous thing he could ponder. Because, again, moose in Northern California – rare. And he was more than sure that hooves did not lend themselves well to picking up jeeps and hurling them, no matter how pissed off a particular moose might be. In any event, Stiles wasn’t saying ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to his theory, so the sheriff still had to consider it a working one at this point.

He is roused by an insistent nudge to his shoulder and opens his eyes (when had he fallen asleep?), startled to find Derek Hale looming over him, his eyebrows communicating some kind of code too complicated for the sheriff to decipher.

“Go home,” Derek tells him. “Get some rest.”

The sheriff blinks, trying to digest the fact that the twenty-four year old two-time murder suspect was telling him, the Sheriff of Beacon Hills, to go home.
teenwolf  sheriffstilinski  Derek/Stiles 
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The Quick and the Dead Will Find You - Mosca - Teen Wolf (TV), Vampire Diaries (TV), Lost Girl [Archive of Our Own]
"Oh. She left a note." Thanks for the food and helping out. It's a bad parallelism. Lydia sits down on the bed, not sure whether she wants to trust a woman with atrocious grammar to combat evil.

Caroline sits down next to her. "Yup, this is how it usually goes for me. If anything really important happens, I'm stuck at home. You know how I found out I was a vampire? When I turned, the months of mind control designed to prevent me from knowing what was going on wore off. And when I asked my friends why they hadn't told me about the existence of vampires, which they all knew about, they told me they hadn't wanted me to worry. Because apparently I'm too neurotic to take care of myself."

"That sounds painfully familiar," Lydia says. "My friends - well, not - okay, my friends. They lied to me for months. My boyfriend was turning into a lizard monster and a psychopathic dead werewolf was trying to take over my mind and they... told me they were doing research for an RPG."

"Like - a video game? Seriously?"

"Like I was a fragile little girl who needed to be rescued," Lydia says.

"You're not fragile," Caroline says. "You're immune to magic. In the supernatural world, that means you're made of steel."

Lydia almost has a sarcastic answer, but she decides to let the compliment sink in instead. She's never thought of herself as tough. Smart, independent, and in control, but woman of steel - she'll embrace that. "So do you want to waste all our fabulousness on this hotel room, or do you want to go hunt down a succubus?"
crossover  lostgirl  teenwolf  thevampirediaries  CarolineForbes/LydiaMartin  Bo  CarolineForbes/Bo  femslash 
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Men of a Certain Age - peroxidepest17 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
They come to a wordless conclusion approximately two beats later. The Sheriff steps forward to raise his hand. “It’s okay, Barb,” he says amiably, but with a note of the authority in his voice that the town pays him to intimidate people with. “Mr. Argent and I are perfectly fine with sitting tonight out. You know, to keep the numbers even.”

Barb looks like she’s going to protest. Some of the other women in the crowd look like they’re going to protest too, and when the Sheriff uses his incredible crime-solving mind to put the puzzle together as to why that might be, he suddenly remembers Stiles’s ridiculous comment about the PTA bakes ales earlier and realizes that both he and Chris Argent are what one might consider eligible bachelors. They work out, after all. It’s a necessity of both their careers.

Stiles told him he’s a catch, and maybe he is. On the other hand, maybe he doesn’t want to be caught exactly, either.

From the way Argent tenses minutely at the sight of all those eyes suddenly looking at him so hopefully, the Sheriff would bet good money on Argent feeling the exact same way as he does about it. It makes sense. Argent also has a business empire on top of all of his muscles, which, objectively speaking, probably makes him more desirable prey (and more constantly hunted) than the Sheriff. Argent is Bruce Wayne to the Sheriff’s Clark Kent, or something. Maybe not Clark Kent, maybe Wally West.

“But Sheriff,” Barb begins, hastily, “It would be unfair for you and Mr. Argent to just leave. I mean, after you’ve taken the time out of your busy schedules to be here and to end up not having a single date at all?” She laughs like the idea is absurd.

“I’m sure we’ll be okay with it,” the Sheriff says again, reasonably.
teenwolf  gen  SheriffStilinski  ChrisArgent 
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escritoireazul | Teen Wolf fic: Like Smoke Across Fire (Allison Argent/Erica Reyes)
“I’m sorry,” she murmurs.

Lydia’s voice is clear. “For what?”

“Keeping secrets,” Allison tries, then, “and lying to you.”

“True, that was a shitty thing to do.”

“We just wanted to keep you safe, you know. But not like that.”

“Pretty sure there isn’t safe hanging out with you guys. I’ve been bitten. I know what’s out there. I brought a werewolf back from the dead. Kinda think I’m in the middle of this already.”

“Yeah. I know.”

They’re silent for awhile longer, so long Allison thinks Lydia might have fallen asleep, but then she feels cool, soft fingers on her wrist. “I’m sorry about your mom,” Lydia whispers in the darkness.

“Me too.” Allison’s eyes burn, but even when she blinks, she doesn’t cry.
teenwolf  LydiaMartin  AllisonArgent  ericareyes  EricaReyes/AllisonArgent  femslash 
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will to follow through - Chapter 1 - owlpostagain - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
*delightful* read

“No, it’s cool, I’m just stopping by,” Stiles tells her, and that elicits more surprise than his initial appearance did. Lydia levels him with an impatient look, and he holds up the coffees in defense.

“I come bearing ambrosia,” he offers, switching his cup into his right hand and handing Lydia the untouched one meant for her. “And also like serious amounts of apologies.”

“What for?” Lydia accepts the paper to go cup with a substantially more serene expression, humming in approval after her first sip. She looks up expectantly when he doesn’t respond, watching him shrug with sharp brown eyes.

“I didn’t mean to yell at you like that,” Stiles admits, wincing slightly as he remembers the way he flipped on her. She’s already shaking her head, opening her mouth to respond, but he pushes on before she can speak. “No, seriously. It’s not cool to snap like that, especially given everything that was going on, and I feel really bad about it. I’m sorry.”

“It happens,” Lydia says dismissively, a weak smile flashing briefly from behind the rim of her coffee cup. “Like you said, there was a lot going on, and you’d just…” she releases the grip she still had on the doorknob to gesture loosely at Stiles’ still-bruised cheek. “Well. I’d’ve been a little on edge too.”

“Fair,” he nods conciliatorily. “Anyway, I also wanted to say that I heard about Jackson leaving. And now Allison too, after finals, and if last time didn’t make you totally adverse to ever talking to me ever again, I’m still here. If you have any questions about anything that’s been going on, or if you just want someone around who you don’t have to lie to.” Stiles grins a slightly self-deprecating grin, and Lydia returns another tentative smile back.

He makes a point not to push it – he’s there to put the idea in her head and leave before he overstays his welcome.
teenwolf  StilesStilinski  LydiaMartin  Derek/Stiles 
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A Fool for Fire - Chapter 1 - thebatwiggler - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
even if part three is never completed. I LOVE THIS FIC.

Or: Derek And Stiles see their relationship differently. Stiles thinks he's being used and mistreated. Derek thinks they're in love and everything is perfect.

teenwolf  Derek/Stiles 
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Wolf Whistle - ashinan - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Series home page for a BAMF!+Magic!Stiles series featuring fanon's favorite bat.

That sad, they're *great* stories -- as trope fics sometimes are. GREAT slow build relationship with Derek.
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By Any Other Name - entanglednow - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Whoever made your fake ID clearly hates you," Stiles decides. "Bet it was the same guy who made mine. We should totally get our money back once we remember who that is. Hey, how old are you?"

Derek checks. "My fake ID says twenty four."

"I'm seventeen." That's a little depressing, though still better than Stiles was expecting. He'd honestly expected younger.

"Great, I'm a werewolf with an underage boyfriend." Derek glares at himself in the mirror. He looks like he does that a lot.

"A grumpy, werewolf with an underage boyfriend - " Stiles realises what he's saying, somewhat belatedly. "Hey, whoa, wait, why am I your boyfriend?"

Derek looks at him like he's an idiot.

"You killed the man that was attacking me, before you even knew my name, and then I let you drag me to a car with four puncture wounds in my chest, let you shove me in the passenger seat and drive my car, without ripping your throat out."
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  amnesia 
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que lastima pero adios - Chapter 1 - magneticwave - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The fact that she even wakes up the next morning tells her that the bite has taken. The overwhelming rush of sensation that follows communicates in wide swaths of narration that it wasn’t a dream; from her place in bed, with her bedroom door open, she can hear the individual drops of water collect in the base of the filter and drip drip drip out of the coffeemaker. She can smell her father’s chest expand, the muscle fibers stretching and relaxing as he idly flips through the newspaper at the kitchen table.

Erica rolls out of bed and her body is a revelation. The energy of the shift has burned through the fat deposits and acne scars and she stares at herself in the bathroom mirror, touching her chin with disbelieving fingers, as she whispers, “This cannot be possible.” The last time Erica read a book featuring this kind of transformation, she was eleven and gullible. She’s Hermione on the night of the Yule Ball, permanently Sleekeazied. She’s Ragnall, without the emotional complexity of an idiot husband.

“Me cago en la puta,” spits Erica’s mother when Erica walks into the kitchen, choking on her coffee. “Cita?”

“I’m feeling better,” Erica tells her. “Can I go to school today?” If she books it, she can probably make it in time for lunch and her afternoon classes.

“Have you been exercising, baby?” her mother asks, eyes narrowed suspiciously. It looks like they’re going to have that conversation about the rock wall after all; but Erica heads her off with a bit of hand-waving about salads for lunch and it’s not as if Erica’s mother can dispute the physical evidence before her eyes. Erica, who has never before willingly gone to class when she could stay home and read in bed all day, plays the I’m going to fail if I miss any more school card with ruthless abandon and her mother finally accedes, grudgingly, if Erica promises to come home and rest immediately afterwards.

“Of course,” Erica promises, threading her fingers together behind her back. “Um, can I borrow something to wear?”
teenwolf  ericareyes  character-study 
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The Beginning Is the End - Chapter 1 - turnonmyheels - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When he turns around he finds the principal standing with a woman dressed in a speedo and track pants. “All right everyone, over here. This is Kate Argent, she’s going to be filling in for Coach Lahey while he’s …” Derek arches an eyebrow and wonders what excuse the school came up with.

Before the principal can stumble his way through an explanation the woman speaks up. “I’m Coach Argent. If you haven’t already swam your 2500 meter warm up, get to it. If you’ve finished,” her gaze turns to Derek, “get changed and head into conditioning. I want everyone lifting on the same schedule. Today is legs and back, get going.” She blows the whistle and the entire team other than Derek jumps into the pool.

Derek grabs his towel and perfunctorily dries off. He wraps it around his waist then heads toward the locker room.

“Hey there. Over-achiever.” There’s a twist to the new coach’s mouth that might be amusement. Only maybe- there’s a glint to her eyes that he doesn’t understand.

He doesn’t dislike it, either.
teenwolf  DerekHale/Kate  PeterHale/KateArgent 
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this is a warning sign, a battle cry - Anonymous - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After school one day, she smells something sweet in her room when she gets home. It's the wrong kind of sweet, the kind that smells like him. She almost falls over when she walks in the door because her breath catches and her pulse jumps; she feels like she just ran three miles. She can't breathe. It's in her room, he's put it in her room - she throws herself to the ground. She can see it growing out of the carpet. It's blue and purple and overpowering, and it's clouding up her mind.

She rips the carpet free from the corner before she realizes she's crying. It's the ugly sort of crying; the kind where she's hiccupping sobs that ache all the way out, that nearly make her keel over with the force like her body can't possibly withstand the onslaught. She tears at the carpet, desperate to find the source.

Everything is purple and blue and Peter Hale.

It's only when things get red that she stops. She's bleeding - ripping up the carpet has driven staples into her cuticles, and her nails are ravaged. There's blood all over the bits she hasn't managed to pull up from the boards yet. She tries to suck in air and her lungs have stopped working. She wants to scream, and she doesn't have the oxygen to get the sound out. When she presses a hand against her lips, she can taste the copper pang of the blood.

As she cries, low and anguished and desperate, Lydia looks up at her vanity.

There are flowers there: roses. Pink, her favorite color. There's a note amidst the blooms and she can't read the words, but she does know her mother's handwriting. It's the usual gift when her mother feels a stab of guilt for not paying enough attention to her. A consolation prize, of sorts: dearest Lydia, sorry I'm not here for you. Love, Mom.

Roses, not wolfsbane.
teenwolf  LydiaMartin  character-study  gen  StilesStilinski  DerekHale  PeterHale 
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The Pull of the Tide - miss_aphelion - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
They finally let him see Stiles at four in the morning. He's drugged and groggy but alive, and the Sheriff grasps onto him like he's never going to let him out of his sight again. Stiles reaches out and places a hand on his neck, and tells him it will all be all right, that he's fine. It should be the Sheriff saying that, but he's known for awhile now that their roles have been unhealthily reversed—Stiles has been taking care of him since he lost his wife.

Nothing is the way it should be.

The Sheriff has pictures taken of every single wound, has the doctors catalogue every single injury. The wound on his side, they tell him, looks like it's from an animal. The bruises on his hips, however, look like they were made by human hands.

He doesn't even ask Stiles anything at first, he's just so glad he's alive. He starts the questions gently, but Stiles claims he can't remember, and the Sheriff can't bring himself to push. He might not be able to interrogate his own son, but he has plenty of others that he can question to try and get to the truth.

He starts with Scott, because he knows he's the weak link. He loves the kid, and has known him since he was five years old, but he was never the instigator of trouble. That was Stiles all the way, dragging Scott along, or at least it had been that way for years. He can't shake the feeling something has changed.

Even now when he thinks of Scott he still remembers that tiny little kid. He met him when he was called to the principal's office that first time, Stiles and Scott just sitting there together, scraped up and conspiratorial, both so small their feet weren't even touching the floor.

Scott was being picked on because of his inhaler, so Stiles had taken a group of three older bullies on. The fight, the Sheriff was assured, did not last long. Stiles and Scott lost pretty much right away, but the two of them had been inseparable since.
teenwolf  sheriffstilinski  StilesStilinski 
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It's Bad Enough We Get Along - FireEverything, MarieLikesToDraw (MarieLikeToDraw) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You’re rebuilding.”

It’s still a novelty to spend time doing mundane things, even months after slipping a hasher bridle onto his sanity. He inhales sharply over the smell of gasoline and turns, setting the pump handle back gently.

Chris Argent stands behind him, own obnoxious truck one space over.

“It seemed a shame to waste valuable land,” he says, head cocked slightly.

“Your idea?” says Argent, accusation coloring his tone. Peter feels the tilt of his own lips, slides them into a twist instead.

“I’m not the Alpha,” he tells him, little well of power stirring restlessly.

“You should be,” Argent bites out.

“I’m insane, remember?” He slides his credit card into the slot and keys in the numbers, reclaiming it after the machine gives a happy beep.

Chris Argent looks livid, eyebrows drawn down over his tired blue eyes, sunken and dark-circled. “I know you’re the power behind the throne,” he forces out.

Peter looks him over, takes in his rumpled clothes and gray hair. If there was clearer air there might be a scent of old blood, but Peter’s trying hard not to imagine things that aren’t there.

“I’m just re-filling my tank,” he tells him, screwing the cap back into his car.

“So you’re staying, then.” It’s not really a question.

“You know,” he says conversationally, “that’s the funny thing about packs.” Argent flinches. “Blood binds.”

Derek’s still got Peter’s blood on his hands, just like Peter has Laura’s.

He waves at Chris from his car, driving away. He can’t help but notice that the Argents haven’t left town either.
teenwolf  peterhale/chrisargent  Derek/Stiles 
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Words Whispered By Firelight - tigerlady (shetiger) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek huffs. "It's just a story, Stiles. A dirty, raunchy story probably made up by a couple of pre-teens trying to impress each other."

Stiles thinks about that. Thinks about the way Derek skimmed over the first story, but lingered on the second. How he kept to the safety of the shadows while he told it. "You like it, though."

Derek's a long time in answering. "Yeah. I do." He's in front of Stiles now. Stiles can tell, because two red eyes are staring right back at him. "It always made me feel...like I was wrong. In the head, maybe, because everyone else always thought it was gross. I...didn't."

God. Sometimes Stiles wonders what he thinks he's doing. Him, Stiles, the guy who'd been completely inexperienced before the day he'd taken his courage in both hands and laid one on Derek. It's not like he's a picture of perfect mental health, either, certainly not the kind of rock somebody with issues would want to turn to. And Derek is pretty much a stuffed shell of issues topped with a tasty issue sauce. Most of which have to do with sex, love, and trust.

Stiles breathes in and out through his nose, trying to keep his heart rate even and the anxiety at bay, and mentally crosses his fingers that he doesn't fuck this up. "What did you like about it?"

The answer comes quicker this time. "I could picture it. Taking someone like that. Like a wolf, driven by instinct and nothing else." A harsh sigh escapes the dark. "We're not supposed to, you know. That's what my parents taught me. Not ever with humans like that, because it's too dangerous."

"Well that's practically an invitation to do it, right there," Stiles says without really thinking. "I mean, come on. The lure of the forbidden makes everything sound hotter, right?"

Derek snorts. "Maybe."
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  hot 
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Red-Handed Man - proxydialogue - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles nicks himself shaving one morning and starts bleeding everywhere. He doesn’t want to stain the towels and they’re almost out of toilet paper, so he strips down and sits in the bathtub with the shower on letting the blood wash over his chest and down the drain. The swirls are pink and red. He catches some from his chin into his palm and just paints it across his skin with his finger for a while.

If it’s a blood disease then it should be transmitted through blood, but it’s the bite that turns you. And it’s not just saliva or Allison would be screwed (metaphorically and less literally, since Stiles is pretty sure that ship has sailed already, with confetti and banners).

There’s something on the tip of his brain. It’s right there. Stiles can feel his heartbeat and he can smell iron and salt and water. And there’s something caught just behind his nasal passages, some good idea, it’s pushing on the back of his eyes trying to trickle out…

But if it’s not in the blood why was Lydia immune?

and then

Stiles spends a few nights just thinking wolf-like thoughts. He does some pretty gross things, like imagine really hard what raw flesh and blood taste like. Tries to understand the feeling of bones snapping between his jaws. He sits on his bed in the dark and looks at the moon and thinks about violence without anger. What it would be like to have the instinct for it, to feel the desire to hunt and maim the same way he feels the urge to run when he’s frightened, or eat when he’s hungry.

It doesn’t really help him much. But it doesn’t hurt much either.
gen  teenwolf  StilesStilinski 
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Somewhere with Your Back to It - rubykatewriting - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He doesn’t like to think about Beacon Hills. Austin has become home in the years they’ve spent here, and Allison was the one to suggest staying put after graduation halfway through junior year when the loss of her father was still a dull throb smack in the middle of her. Now they’re playing it by ear, waiting until he figures out the grad school question or she gets a job offer she can’t refuse.

(He never thinks about the way Derek had turned away, how Stiles’ heart had felt worn, so used up and battered, because he knew he was being dismissed, being let go, and even as he reached out to him, to beg him to wait, to just give Stiles this, Derek was zipping his fly like Stiles wasn’t anything but a good fuck. A distraction to while away his downtime, and Stiles wanted to go back, to those sweaty, close moments just before he opened his mouth, whispered the wrong words.

It hurts less now, with so many days and miles in between it and him, but there will always be a part of him that knows a piece of him walks around in Derek, clings to the ragged edges of his insides, given freely and never enough.)
teenwolf  Stiles/Allison 
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guaranteed to blow your mind - magneticwave - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
She doesn’t want to think about her father, or being the Alpha, so she climbs out of the car and uses the fourth key on her key ring to open the back door. She almost trips on one of Miles’ toys in the kitchen, a little Fischer Price truck thing made of big plastic pieces. It squeaks as she steps on it, scattering blocks across the linoleum. Laura swallows down the thickness in her throat and goes to Peter’s study, where his journals line the shelves above his desk. Laura still has to make it to Coos Bay and then Tule Lake before she and Derek can go back to Beacon Hills; there’s no time for sorting. She packs all of Peter’s journals into boxes, and then the four volumes that Joanna had borrowed from the family’s library on their last visit to Beacon Hills.

Laura tries not to think about how little she knows about being Alpha, but there’s so much that she’s not thinking about that it all sort of runs together and begins to bleed across her consciousness. Her chest starts to feel tight as she puts the box of books into the trunk of her car and checks on Derek. He’s moved out of unconsciousness into sleep. The slightly traumatized look of his face has tightened; his mouth is a long, thin, angry line.

It begins to rain halfway to Coos Bay. The road is framed by nothing but trees, and the green blurs and stretches the harder it rains. Laura has supernatural reflexes but her mom’s Subaru sure as hell doesn’t, so she loses the thirty minutes she could’ve gained by driving like a madman and pulls into the driveway that deposits half a mile up into the house that Karl, Jorge, and Edith share at a time closer to midday than she’d really like. Laura is just old enough to have picked up the odd strains in their relationship, but they’re pack—and more than pack they’re family—so she doesn’t care that their marriage has one more person than humans would probably be comfortable with.
teenwolf  gen  LauraHale  DerekHale  ChrisArgent 
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ladycat777: Teen Wolf drabble
Derek isn't the cause or even the result but one day Stiles can't keep the mask up. He aches, dammit, and Scott is of course trying to give Allison space by hovering around her like a giant creeper. The Derek method of meet'n'greet is not really what Stiles would call smooth, but he knows better than to think it won't work. He knows because he sees Derek sometimes—or more accurately the evidence that Derek has been around his house, his window. Once in his room, the bed rumpled in ways it wasn't that morning.

He isn’t sure what it means. Exactly. But he knows each flash of movement out of the corner of his eye, each carefully laid bit of evidence—and it is carefully laid, it has to be—stokes a fire in his belly that he can’t explain, a tension in his shoulders that makes him feel sick and used and hungry.

The decision comes out of nowhere. Stiles tries to organize his slights even as he climbs into the car and drives too fast. He has a list; or had. As he takes the turns too fast and guns the jeep top hard, all he can think is that he wants to see Derek. To yell at someone (for reasons) at someone who will stand still and take it. And Derek will. There will be eye rolls and scowls, maybe even some of the too-rare smirks Stiles finds he’s counting. But Derek is the only one Stiles is positive will allow this. It can’t be Scott, who doesn’t know. He was there and he doesn’t know and Stiles’ anger burns white behind his eyes.
teenwolf  bottom!derek 
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Kid Tested, Father Approved, a teen wolf fanfic | FanFiction
It begins with werewolves.

Well technically, it begins with something called a kumiho, which is apparently a female fox demon that kills and eats the livers out of living, breathing people.

It actually ends with the werewolves.

"Huh," Sheriff Stilinski mutters numbly, as he looks at the mangled body of what had once been a pretty, twenty-six year old woman. Derek Hale stands over her, mouth bloody from where he'd just ripped out her throat in front of him.

The Sheriff stares at Derek and the blood, which is everywhere.

Derek has the grace to look sheepish after a moment, and wipes at his mouth (ineffectually) with the back of his hand.

Sheriff Stilinski turns to his son, who is crouched behind him, and who, thank god, still has his liver perfectly intact, inside of him where it ought to be. The Sheriff tries to reconcile the fact that Stiles's substitute English teacher apparently just tried to eat one of his major internal organs. "Stiles?" he asks, kind of breathlessly.

Stiles's answering smile is the kind that is pained and forced and awkward. Eventually he gives up on trying to look reassuring for the Sheriff's sake and shrugs halfheartedly, head slumped against his father's shoulder as he motions to Derek and the others with a vague, sweeping, circular motion of his hand. "Dad, werewolves."

"Werewolves?" he asks, eyebrows somehow climbing higher on his forehead than they'd been a second ago. Derek, Jackson, Scott, the Lahey kid, and two other kids the Sheriff doesn't know by name all shift a little, like they think he's going to shoot them.

Stiles doesn't seem the least bit concerned about any of that. He claps his hand on the Sheriff's arm in solidarity and nods, once. "Werewolves."

"Huh," Sheriff Stilinski says.
teenwolf  sheriffstilinski  Derek/Stiles 
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Muérdago - starbolin - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Hmm.” Derek leaned in, holding the hood up with two fingers. “How much maintenance do you do?”

“Um,” Stiles said.

Derek put it back down. “Yeah, that’s about what it looks like.”

“One of the deputies was helping me out with it, but he transferred out to Marin County. I honestly don’t know that much about cars.”

“I can take a look once in awhile, if you want.” Derek's tone was flat and kind of annoyed, but Stiles was starting to think that was just how Derek sounded.

“In exchange for what?”

“In exchange for you and Scott not ending up in a fucked situation because it won’t start.”

Derek waited for the tow truck with him, and then offered Stiles a ride to the mechanic’s shop in the Camaro. He had music playing on low volume, lonely and a little sexy, with a slow throb and a distant vocal. It wasn’t what Stiles would have expected, somehow.

“Thanks,” Stiles said.

“I was nearby." Derek tapped his thumbs restlessly against the steering wheel for a couple minutes. “If they need to hang onto your car, I can take you wherever you need to be.”

At the shop, Stiles spent twenty minutes in a plastic chair reading Highlights for Kids until he registered a jumpsuit in front of him and looked up from Goofus and Gallant.

“Your spark plugs are shot,” the mechanic said, wiping his hands on a rag.

“Okay,” Stiles said. “Do you... should I order new ones, then?”

“I have some on hand that’ll do you up. You’re also gonna need a new fuel filter and an oil change.”

“What does all that cost?”

The mechanic rolled his eyes up to the ceiling for a moment. "Two twenty-five should do it."

“Really,” Derek said mildly, and Stiles jumped about three feet in the air, then looked up. Then up a little more. Derek was standing right behind his chair, hands in his pockets.

The mechanic sucked on his teeth. “I can knock twenty bucks off if you’re paying cash.”

Before Stiles could say, I don’t think I’ve ever personally held that much cash, Derek said, “I think we’d just like a tow.”
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles 
september 2012 by turnonmyheels
Close Up - LolaFeist - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Dude, why do you have gay porn in here?” Scott asks. He’s clicking around in the folder on Stiles’ desktop labeled yes Dad this is what you think it is.

Stiles bounds across the room and perches on the back of the desk chair. His chin is sharp where it digs into Scott’s shoulder as he leans over to look. “Why not?”

“I dunno. It’s like, all guys.”

“Yes, Scott. That’s how gay porn works.”

“Is it weird?”

“I guess. No? I’m not super sure how I feel about the butt stuff but everyone seems to be having a good time.”

“Can I watch?”

Stiles laughs and straightens. “Go ahead, man. Try that college professor one. It’s this great gender-bending take on the ever-popular schoolgirl needs better grades and sucks her way to the head of the class trope.”

“What?” Scott asks, flushing. Stiles just said suck and head in one sentence and he’s doing that thing where he sounds like an auctioneer selling information. Scott can’t be expected to keep up with that.

“In short, it’s hot.” Stiles leans back over him and commandeers the mouse to open VLC. As the video starts, he turns the volume down on his speakers and jogs to the door to lock it.
teenwolf  Stiles/Scott 
september 2012 by turnonmyheels
Reckless - elandrialore - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek feels ancient against the first blush of adulthood that Stiles is experiencing, too old and too jaded, but it doesn't stop him from scenting the air anytime Stiles is near. Doesn't stop him from wanting to rub his face against Stiles’s flushed skin and to peel off his clothes to find out where the flush stops.
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles 
september 2012 by turnonmyheels
Integral to Survival - asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek breathes and it hurts. He tries to push himself up, but his arms are quaking and his muscles burn.

Stiles hands are on his shoulders. “Hold still, big guy,” Stiles commands, voice soft, concerned. “Don’t move.”

Derek flops back to the floor and concentrates on inhaling, trying not to black out despite the spots in his vision and the ringing in his ears. He can feel Stiles’ fingers running over his skin, searching for the wounds that are attempting to heal.

“Tell me what you need,” Stiles says.

“Water,” Derek responds. “Rest.”

“Sorry, I don’t have the water. I can do the rest though.”

Derek allows Stiles to manhandle him until Stiles is leaning against the wall and Derek’s head is pillowed on Stiles’ lap.

“Stilinskis make excellent pillows,” Stiles says.

Derek is drowsy, in pain, so he doesn’t disagree and he doesn’t say anything about Stiles’ fingers carding through his hair even though it should annoy him. He just lays there, limply, face pressed into Stiles’ thigh as his body knits slowly back together.

Derek knows that Stiles has never been one for silence and it is no surprise when he starts to talk. Derek also knows that Stiles is smart. He’s proven himself intelligent so he must realize they are probably being watched. Stiles doesn’t talk about Scott or werewolves or anything remotely supernatural. Instead, he launches into the history of lacrosse.
september 2012 by turnonmyheels
(Sacred) In the Ordinary - idyll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This fic is 78000+ words of future perfection. It was started post season 1 pre-season 2 so don't expect it to be canon compliant beyond S1.

It is far and away the best fic I've read in the fandom. It is well-crafted, well characterized, and so mesmerizing with its world building [werewolf mythology, pack dynamics, werewolf/hunter politics] that it kept me up hours past my bedtime. I should have just finished the damn thing because I didn't sleep a wink thinking about it.

Stiles is the POV character. It's not a fic about pairings. It's a fic about making a family and doing everything to protect it.


Six months after the Pack returns to Beacon Hills, Stiles pulls up to his Dad's house for the monthly family dinner. None of the others are there yet, and Dad's car isn't in the drive, but Chris Argent is lurking in the shadows of the porch.

“I know what you’re doing,” Chris says. There's something vaguely ominous in his tone.

Stiles grins. “I'm here for dinner, after spending the day toiling in the bowels of hell, which in this case is teaching high school History.” Chris is extremely unimpressed. Stiles grins wider and leans forward. “I know what you’re doing, too—you’re waiting for me like a creeper.” He claps his hands together, like the world's loudest exclamation point. “And now that we both know what the other is doing, I’m going to head inside and grade tests while I wait for everyone else.”

Chris’ face clenches in annoyance. “Jackson is running for Mayor, and Allison is Sheriff. Danny’s turned his company into the cornerstone of employment in the county, and Lydia is using her talents to lift BH College into the ranks of mathematical infamy.”

All true, though the last part is a huge underestimation of Lydia’s work for the Pack. Not that Stiles is going to tell that to Chris.

Stiles shakes his head sadly. “I know, it’s sickening how overachieving they are. I feel like a lazy slacker in comparison. But, hey, what can you do, right?”

“I’m not an idiot, Stiles,” Chris snaps. He stands up straight, back tense. “You have a presence in the high school, and Scott is head nurse for ER triage and assistant to the coroner.” He grimaces in disbelief. “And Derek has fashioned himself into some kind of avant garde artiste--”

“That was actually a hysterical accident,” Stiles says, because it's the truth, and it will never stop being funny. Ever.

“--which makes his erratic and antisocial behavior acceptably eccentric. You’re insinuating yourselves into vital areas of the town, and you’ve done it for a reason.”

Stiles laughs. Loudly. And a lot. “Yeah, I'm sure you think it's all sinister or something. You know what your problem is? All your years of dealing with werewolves, of dealing with us, and you still don’t get it. We have the same needs you do, man.”

Chris’ breath whistles through clenched teeth. “You’re not a werewolf, Stiles. You’re human.”

Stiles waves his hands dismissively. “The point, man, you’re totally missing it.”

Dad's car pulls up then, and Stiles and Chris go silent to watch him park and exit. He strides up the walk, in the casual clothes of his retirement, and pulls Stiles' into a one-armed hug.
teenwolf  character-study  StilesStilinski 
august 2012 by turnonmyheels
The Metaphor That Made You - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"You're probably lying there thinking about what you're going to do to me in training tomorrow," Derek said as he moved on to Erica, picking her up and bringing her to lie beside Boyd.

"That's good. You should always be thinking ahead." He ran his hand gently over the ruin of her face, over her smashed ribs and shattered hip, over the lacerations that had shredded her legs as easily as her tights.

"But if it makes you feel any better," he added as he knelt beside Isaac, who had kept trying to fight alongside Boyd and Erica even after the unmistakable snap of his spine had left him half-paralyzed. Isaac looked up for him, still wanting Derek to make him feel better.

"I turned for the first time when I was eleven," Derek said, looking at Isaac but pitching his voice to all three of them. "And the first time I had a real training session like this, it was with my grandmother. She broke thirty-eight of my bones. She made me keep count."

Isaac smiled slightly.
gen  teenwolf  packdynamics 
august 2012 by turnonmyheels
Slide on over and forget it's wrong - Chapter 1 - linaerys - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles can’t sleep that night for the longest time. There is not a single thing he can do. He can’t even research anymore, because the alpha’s here, being all intimidating, passing judgment. And when Stiles isn’t thinking about that he can’t help but enjoy the memory of what happened before. Of course, the super alpha might be planning to kill them all, but—Derek gave him a blowjob. No wonder Scott has been so useless about Allison. And they’re going all the way.

Which is also not a thought that makes sleep any easier. Whatever’s going on with Derek is weird enough without bringing, like actual, penetrative sex into it. And there’s also Jackson, and whatever’s going on with him and Derek, which Stiles really doesn’t want to think about.

Not that he wants to date Derek or anything. His dad would totally freak. Derek’s hot and seems to like Stiles more than he’s willing to admit, which is sort of funny and flattering, but he’s also kind of a nightmare bundle of issues.
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles 
august 2012 by turnonmyheels
this atmosphere we've made. - rectiphobia - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You know, Derek really shouldn’t keep you in the dark about so much,” Peter starts, like he’s talking about the weather, not rubbing his thumb over Isaac’s collarbone in a way that feels like a brand and looking at him like he’s suddenly found the answer to life.

Swallowing heavily, Isaac stays sprawled where he is on the floor, unsure if it’s okay to touch or what’s even happening, “Like what?” he asks, hating the way his voice shakes and how dry his mouth feels, licking his lips to attempt to alleviate it.

Peter’s stare heavy and hot on his mouth doesn’t help. “About your instincts,” he finally breathes out after just staring for several long moments. His hand shifts, like he’s pulling away and Isaac whines, high and needy. Shushing him, Peter’s hand slides under his shirt, pressing against skin once more, even hotter without the fabric between them, “About the things your wolf will seek out.”
teenwolf  PeterHale/IsaacLahey 
august 2012 by turnonmyheels
Trickster Makes This World - wldnst - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Good, readable fic. More or less canon compliant, which *shocker* nothing notable to quote
august 2012 by turnonmyheels
A darker interpretation of Sterek. (A dysfunctional!Sterek manifesto)
read it for the individual character analysis and quick bits painfully accurate canon. For Example:

Derek is an older man, some continuity problems place him anywhere between 20 and 26, with 23 being the most commonly supported age.
teenwolf  meta 
july 2012 by turnonmyheels
Heart Breaker - starbeast - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You guys aren’t really quiet, Stiles. I sit right behind you in Chem.”

Stiles snorted and glanced around the library, like that was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard and he wanted someone to laugh about it with.

Except no one else was laughing.

“Oh come on,” he said after a second, “we’re, like, ninj—”

“No,” Danny shook his head.

“Not even a litt—”

“Not even any.”

Stiles pursed his lips, head swaying side to side in a sluggish, considering shake. “…Maybe we could tone it down a few notches.”

“Yeah, who do you think covers for you when people start asking questions? I keep telling them you’re just talking about mmorpg characters, but eventually someone else is gonna figure it out.”

“Okay, so we underestimated you.”

“Big time,” Danny muttered, turning another page he hadn’t read.
teenwolf  gen  StilesStilinski  DannyMahealani 
july 2012 by turnonmyheels
mosca: Fic: Let's Make a Deal (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles)
"I could take you out into the woods, I guess," Derek said. "Or you could say no." He smiled, feeling his teeth sharpen to wolfish points. "But I owe you. And let's face it, I don't have that many things you want."

The proposal had sounded so fair and respectful in Derek's head, but out loud, the words made him shiver. He heard Kate in them, leaning over him as she'd unbuttoned her shirt, the afternoon she'd first seduced him. He'd wanted her because he'd been sixteen and blind. The same age as Stiles.

But Stiles was more self-aware than Derek had been. "So we have sex, and I can't tell Scott, because... Scott. Or anyone, I couldn't - well, maybe Danny, but he'd take it the wrong way. Have I mentioned that I hate you?"

"Say no," Derek offered again. This time, it came out less like a threat and more like a plea.

"There's more room in the back." Stiles cut the engine, took off his seat belt, and scrambled over the driver's seat. Stiles's awkwardness made him vulnerable, and vulnerability ignited Derek's wolf instincts. Slowly, to mask his eagerness, Derek got out of the car, pushed the passenger seat forward, and climbed into the back seat.
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles 
july 2012 by turnonmyheels
Go Big Or Go Home - thefarofixer - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“So about Miguel...” Danny starts, raising his eyebrow suggestively. Stiles stares blankly at him and Danny sighs. How these people get away with anything when they can’t even keep their cover stories straight is absolutely beyond him. “That guy in your bedroom?”

“Oh!” Stiles exclaims. “Right. Miguel.”

They’re in calculus class about a week later. Stiles is back in school although he’s still in deep shit if the lack of constant chatter is anything to go by. Allison and Scott are once again attached at the hip despite their second well publicized break-up that happened after whatever went down at the winter dance. Jackson has almost completely stopped talking to just about anyone, although Danny could have sworn he thought he saw him fighting with Erica and Isaac of all people the other day. And the strange behavior of those two is just another tick in the Weird Shit Is Going Down In Beacon Hills box. When he’d asked Lydia how her ‘investigation’ was going she’d just muttered in his direction in Latin before stalking off to drag Allison into the girl’s bathroom.

“How did you two meet?” Danny asks.

“How did Miguel and I meet?” Stiles repeats. “Uh...well he’s my, er, cousin so...”

Danny raises an eyebrow and gives Stiles an incredulous look until Stiles sighs in defeat.

“We met in the woods,” Stiles says finally. “It’s not as sketchy as it sounds. Well, actually it was pretty sketchy, just not the same kind of sketchy as you might think it is? And then he was just...everywhere I guess. Swear to god, he’s like a disease, I can’t seem to get rid of him, it’s not even like we look for each other we just always seem to end up in the same place.”

“Like fate,” Danny says with a smirk.
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles 
july 2012 by turnonmyheels
just a lacrosse-playing human boy - snowdarkred - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a downside to the new wealth of knowledge at his fingertips. Stiles loves knowledge, and he loves reading, and he loves knowing things that other people don’t. He doesn’t love looking at the world and seeing the faults. The cracks, the chipped paint, the silent judgement. He’s never been more aware of his shiny new queer identity.

He always thought that everybody liked Danny, and a lot of them do! But there are some people who say things with more bite in their tone than there should be, and now Stiles has the words to put to those people, and the framework to think about what they say and how they say it, and it doesn’t sit well with him.

And it hurts when he realizes that they would talk about him like that if they knew he wasn’t just kidding around about liking boys.

Everyone here prides themselves on being “accepting” and “tolerant,” but the guy that sits on his left in chemistry loudly proclaims how “bullshit” Political Correctness is, and Stiles winces. There’s one girl who always moves her purse to her other side when Scott or Boyd walks down the hall, as if she’s afraid that they’re going to steal it. Someone says something about “those people,” and Stiles has to bite his pencil to keep from tearing into them.
teenwolf  gen  StilesStilinski 
june 2012 by turnonmyheels
it fills my head up and gets louder by addandsubtract {Teen Wolf - Stiles/Jackson}
Post Season 1. Jackson fights to adjust to being his new status as a werewolf and Stiles takes on the responsibility of mentor, since he'd pulled it off with Scott. Obviously, Jackson falls for him. // "Derek doesn’t kill him, but it takes three days for the bite to take. Jackson sweats and shivers and clutches at the sheets in a bedroom that definitely isn’t his and probably isn’t even Derek’s. It smells like mildew and charred wood. He stares up at the ruins of the ceiling, at the clouds passing over the barren tree branches, and wonders what excuse Derek has given his parents. If he’s even bothered. He wonders if Scott has been to see them, instead. He wonders if anyone would give a shit anyway."
teenwolf  Stiles/Jackson 
may 2012 by turnonmyheels
Three Moons - frantic - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
But he didn't have anyone to talk to, and he was bored, and he really liked Black Velvet.  Actually, he hated it, but it was the only thing he could safely steal from his house because his dad hated it too.  But it got him drunk very quickly, and he could sit in front of the fire and contemplate the sorry state of his life.  He wrapped his flannel tighter around him and wished he lived in another town, or went to a school where people liked smartass nerds.  Like if Juno was real life or something.  He'd so be the father of Ellen Page's baby, and have witty conversations with gas station attendants.

"There's no way you're this stupid," Derek said, and Stiles shrieked and fell over the log he was sitting on. 

"What is wrong with you, dude," he said, wounded, and threw the empty bottle of whisky at Derek. 

Derek crouched in front of him, blocking the heat from the fire.  "You're the one who's drunk in the middle of the woods on a full moon."

"Oh," he said.  "I didn't know it was the full moon."

"It wouldn't be very smart on any other night, either," Derek said, and when had he gotten to be such a know-it-all anyway?
teenwolf  Derek/Stiles 
april 2012 by turnonmyheels
The Inside Job - alocalband - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You’re not my chew toy, Stiles.” Lydia tells him, firm. “Or my bone. You’re not my anything really, even if you are in my pack... But I’m starting to think that you might unwittingly be Derek’s.”

Stiles stares up at her, at a loss for words. Which is a first. Lydia worries she just blew his mind to the point of no return. Is it possible to incite psychotic breaks through the stating of simple truths? She files the idea away for future use. Maybe she’ll start taking down her enemies with especially deadly wordplay.
TeenWolf  Lydia  Derek/Stiles  packdynamics 
march 2012 by turnonmyheels
gone, gone to the bone - addandsubtract - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Love watching you kill,” Derek pants against Jackson’s skin. His teeth leave marks, scratches that heal in seconds. “My little predator, brutal killer.”

The words pull a surprised moan out of Jackson, and Derek’s cock is hot and huge inside him. He’s still a little sore from when Derek fucked him yesterday, but the pain is only making him sharper, only making his dick harder. He is nothing right now except being fucked by Derek, the slide of Derek’s cock, the relentless brush over his prostate.
TeenWolf  Derek/Jackson  D/s  packdynamics 
march 2012 by turnonmyheels
new ways to fall apart - addandsubtract - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I know I’m single-minded, okay? And I do know Jackson better than anybody, and it just seemed – kind of perfect, and complicated. High school is boring when things aren’t complicated.” She tucks her hair behind her ear, and while Stiles spent the week trying not to think about how much he wants this stupid, crazy thing, Lydia was apparently having second thoughts.

“Okay,” Stiles says, slowly, “but I’m still not sure why you need to apologize.”

“I sort of forced you into this – don’t lie, I did, I know I did. I’m good at it. It’s what I do.”

“Sure,” Stiles says, with a shrug. “But you do realize that’s why I like you, right? I mean, you’re – smoking hot, but you’re also kind of smarter than I am, and you use your powers for evil.”

Lydia laughs, and it’s nice to hear. There’s something unnatural about seeing her doubt herself – like some vital law of universal physics has been undone.

“Also, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I sort of really want this. A lot. It’s not exactly a smart move, given the amount of unbalanced teenage hormones each of us has coursing through our nubile teenage bodies, but. You know. What can you do? Plus, I don’t know if you noticed, Jackson is really hot. Like, really. And, also, feel free to shut me up anytime. Please, seriously, stop me.”
teenwolf  Stiles/Lydia/Jackson  threesome 
march 2012 by turnonmyheels
go home, or make a home - lady_ragnell - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“What, no hello? No ‘thanks, Stiles, I hear you came up with an awesome story to keep your dad from arresting me’?”

“Why are you here?”

Stiles is smart. He stays far enough away that Derek’s common sense would kick in before he got to him if he tried to attack. “Uh, because I’ve been grounded forever and this is the first time I’ve gotten out? Well, I’m still sort of grounded, but I get time off for hospital visits and my dad says he’s maybe considering letting me out before I go to college so there’s room for negotiation.”

Derek grits his teeth, but he manages to keep from shifting. “That still doesn’t explain why you’re here. Scott doesn’t need my help anymore.”

“I just wanted to make sure you’re okay, man. You know. Living in your creepy burned-down house in the woods above the dungeon your psycho ex tortured you—” He seems to finally process Derek’s expression. “Bygones! Lots and lots of bygones, we won’t talk about that, anyway, just a friendly house call.”

“What for?”

“I figured I’d at least get a nod for the whole getting you off America’s Most Wanted thing. Or that you wouldn’t beat me up or something.” Stiles puts his hands in his pockets. “Look, Scott won’t ever say it, but thanks.”

“I didn’t do it for him.”

Stiles takes a step back, like he’s getting ready to walk off again. He doesn’t turn his back, just like Chris Argent. “Yeah, you did. So … let me know if there’s anything I can bring you, or whatever. My dad’s probably wondering where I am, it took me longer to get out here than I figured, so I’ve gotta go, but I’ll be back.”
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles 
february 2012 by turnonmyheels
The Mating Misadventures of Alpha-Wolf and Hyperactive Boy
Four nights later, Stiles got out of the shower swishing a towel over his junk and Derek Hale was there, looming in the steam.

"Shit!" Stiles yelped, fixing the towel on hastily. "Woah, Norman Bates, what the hell, dude."

Derek Hale growled. Not that frustrated sound he made when he was annoyed with them, but something that was deep and hair-lifting and not human.

Stiles found himself backed into the wall, his clean skin squeaking on the tile.

Derek's eyes were blue lights as he watched him unblinkingly.

"--" Stiles panted, sliding down the wall, covering himself. "W-what do you want?"

Derek's canines were long and glittering at the corners of his mouth. He looked a breath away from the full wolf, shivers ticking through his shoulders, his snarled brow.

"You can't--" Stiles swallowed jerkily. "You can't eat me. I'm on like a fuck-ton of Adderall, man. That shit will mess you up. Unless you're ADD too and then I...I--"

Derek hunched down at Stiles' leg.
teenwolf  Water-sports  knotting  Derek/Stiles  Marking 
august 2011 by turnonmyheels

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