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dancinbutterfly: 5 Times Gerard Met The Doctor
REC: The one where Gerard meets the Fourth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors at various points in his life. This was written for me but I'm reccing it anyway because it's fun and sweet and touching and completely fabulous. I love how clear the different Doctors' voices are and the way Gerard grows and changes between their meetings. So much love! (2012-03-18)
QUOTE: There is a man with a nearly shaved head, rather large ears and a bitching leather coat with a beautiful blond girl in a pink shirt and a hot man in a military coat running across the SVA campus. The hottie who fell out of World War II slams into him and they end up on the grass of the quad, tangled together. The man gives him a wide, toothy grin. "Hello sailor," he says, and he has dimples. Deep dimples and perfect hair.
Gerard reminds himself that he isn't back in Jersey. He's not in high school. He's in art school and it is okay to smile back. "Hello, solider."
"Jack, now's not the time!" calls the blonde, who is British and even prettier when she's pissed, and Gerard is even surer now than he was before he left home that he is very, very bisexual.
"Now's always the time," Jack calls back, beaming at Gerard. "Captain Jack Harkness," the man says, hopping to his feet and holding out a hand to Gerard.
"Gerard Way."
"Oi, enough of this, yeah? Run now, flirt later?" Big Eared Man says.
"Care to join us? Jack asks and before Gerard can answer, Jack has him by the hand by the hand and they are running full tilt across the campus to the graphic design building.
"Where're we going?"
"That way?" the oldest in the group says.
"Any reason why?"
"Because if I'm right, and I'm always right, the Lekorian spawn has been incubating in the subway tunnels beneath that building for the last twenty years and they're ready to hatch and take off into the void of space to head home to their inverted galaxy. In about fifteen minutes. When that happens, the building will explode and take out most of Manhattan, Queens, and a bit of Brooklyn."
"Yeah well it's just Queens," Gerard pants, going for levity because these fuckers are crazy. Extra crazy.
"I like you Gerard." Jack is glowing at him. It's a nice thing to be on the receiving end of. He could receive a lot more from this guy and not complain. Honestly.
"You like everyone," the girl laughs.
"People are in general likable," Jack points out. "Dr Grumpy Pants being a downer doesn't mean I have to be."
"Again. Trying to save America's favorite city over here. Millions of lives. Can we focus just a bit?" the man calls, waving a metal pen looking thing with a shiny blue light at the back door of the graphic design building.
They end up in the sub-basement. Gerard's an animation major so he didn't even know there was a sub-basement of this building. He didn't know that the sub-basement has a secret door that opens into the MTA subway tunnels. And he certainly didn't know there were purple, gelatinous hive-minded tentacle monsters from outer fucking space. (6,060 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/417794 )
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