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doctorkilljoy: Ad Astra
REC: Centuries into the future, the Third Wave of Space Exploration is well underway. Frank, Gerard, and Grant are all members of an expedition exploring an alien planet. This is such a wonderful space AU. I love everything about the exploring of the planet, so many fascinating animals and plants! I also really like the characterisations and the relationships dynamics. So far it's my favourite BBB story this year. (2016-10-02)
QUOTE: "This is likely unnecessary, but I did promise an introduction. Gerard, this is Frank Iero, the pilot responsible for bringing me the data I showed you. Frank, this is Gerard Way, my teaching assistant and colleague."
"I'm not really a colleague," said Gerard. "I'm still working on my dissertation."
"You're getting a doctorate?" Frank asked.
"Yeah. That way I can run my own expedition. Most universities won't let you run one without a PhD." Gerard explained.
"Holy shit, good for you!" Frank exclaimed, and he meant it. Gerard beamed at him.
"We have some business to attend to," Grand said, and gestured for them both to be seated. Once they were, he said, "I've made some progress since we last spoke."
"Okay, hit me." Frank leaned back in his chair and listened.
"We still don't have a team, beyond the three of us, but I have a few leads. Including funding and preservation."
"We'd need lawyers filing paperwork to make sure that companies like Delta Corp can't sneak up on us and jump our claim," Gerard explained to Frank. "So they'll be fighting for us in court while we prove the planet fits all the criteria for further scientific study."
"Which I've been informed shouldn't be too difficult," said Grant.
"How long do we have to prove it?"
"Three months after our initial landing."
"Shit." That didn't sound long to Frank.
"Nah, it's good. Like two plant samples, one water sample and a live animal should be enough," Gerard said to him.
"Okay. But let's say one of those companies decides to say fuck it and ignore the legal mumbo jumbo. It's not like we can fix it once they start tearing the place apart."
"There are defenses for cases like that." Grant pursed his lips together, as though he were thinking. "We can make the planet safe, and make sure that people who aren't supposed to be there, aren't there."
Frank nodded. "Okay. So what's next?"
"I'm working on assembling a crew, as I said. At least for our first trip," Grant replied. "And we're missing a few key players."
"Do you know any doctors that would be good for this?" Gerard asked. Grant looked at him and Gerard mumbled sheepishly, "Doesn't hurt to ask."
"You're right." Said Grant. "I'm ashamed I didn't think of it first. Frank, is there anyone?"
Frank shook his head. "All the people I know who work in engineering or medical are at Delta Corp. And I wouldn't recommend any of them even if they weren't."
"Damn," Grant murmured. "I have a lead on another scientist we can invite, but what we need a mechanic and a doctor."
"Oh! Actually I have a mechanic in mind!" Gerard reminded Grant. "I've got a meeting set up. And Mikey's still looking for doctors who fit the criteria you gave me."
"Mikey's helping?" Frank asked, surprised.
"Yeah. He still knows a billion more people than I do."
"And we can trust him, which in this early stage is very important," Grant concluded.
Frank nodded. "Yeah, that works. What else you gotta do besides all that?"
"I'll be looking at ships in a few weeks," said Grant. "As you'll be the primary pilot, I'd like you to come with me."
"You want me to help you pick out a ship?" Frank asked. He couldn't have been more surprised, since no one of Grant's status had ever taken his opinion seriously before. (55,580 words)
author:doctorkilljoy  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:action/adventure  activity:research  activity:exploring  beings:animals.others  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:in.space!  concept:polyamory  condition:injury  occupation:pilot  occupation:scientist  occupation:explorer  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:alien.planet  setting:spaceship/spacestation  geography:UK:Scotland  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  band:Cobra.Starship  band:Gym.Class.Heroes  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  pov:Grant.Morrison  challenge:2016.BBB  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2016-09  recced:2016-10  pairing:Gabe/Victoria/Travis(secondary)  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
october 2016 by turlough
fleurdeliser, ohnoktcsk, tuesdaysgone: Your Heart Turns Out the Lights
REC: The one where Gerard the writer visits Invisible Manor and meet Frank the musician and Grant the mad inventor. Another wonderful story from these writers. So full of companionship and love. I never grow tired of seeing what new and fascinating dance they have thought up for the three characters. The worldbuilding this time is absolutely delightful. I love the manor and its strange inhabitants and steampunk-flavoured technology. And as usual the sex is warm and comforting and scorchingly hot. (2015-01-18)
QUOTE: He has a very mischievous smile. It's... fucking captivating, Jesus. Gerard wasn't expecting that. "Lead on," he says.
As soon as they walk through the main door, Gerard knows that everything the twins had told him about the house was true, and at the same time, that nothing he'd been told could come close to capturing how fucking amazing this place is. A stairway winds up from his left to the second level, tall stained-glass windows let in the diffuse afternoon light, and half the foyer is taken up by a clockwork monstrosity.
"What is it?" Gerard breathes.
"Mostly it's a sculpture," Grant replies. "But it's got a few functional bits too." Gerard's fingers are already itching for his pens. "Now, now, don't stand in the foyer all day." Grant grins. "This way."
He leads Gerard down a hall and through large, ornate double doors and into a massive library.
"Holy shit."
"Thank you," says Grant, obviously pleased at Gerard's reaction. "I've been working on my collection of books twice as long as I've been working on the house; there wasn't much else for a lad like me to do, in Glasgow." Gerard smiles at him, and Grant shrugs easily. "I found my way forward by going backward. Gaslight, steam and gears, paper and ink. I have a lovely music room, it's just this way." When Gerard doesn't follow immediately he laughs. "The library isn't going anywhere."
"I do like music too. I write songs sometimes," Gerard says as he follows.
"A man of many talents, then," Grant replies. He leads Gerard through a small sitting room and then through another doorway, which opens into the promised music room.
Gerard gapes. "Is that a pipe organ?"
"It is. My own design, of course," Grant replies. "It's - somewhat of a favorite." His smile is fond and a bit faraway.
"That's fucking amazing," Gerard says. "I have a feeling everything in this house could be described like that."
"You haven't even seen the upstairs yet," Grant says, smirking. "However," he adds seriously, "follow me and I'll show you the dining room and the kitchen. You'll have full access to the kitchen in between meals, of course, but Vince is an excellent cook. I can attest to that." He pats his stomach, which draws Gerard's eyes to his midsection, and his hand. He's really quite attractive.
Gerard forces his eyes back up to Grant's. "Sounds good," he says.
The kitchen is just as incredible as the rest of the house, in its own way. There are steam-powered appliances and an old fashioned wood-burning stove. "The coffee maker is over here," Grant says, gesturing to a machine that looks nothing like any coffee maker Gerard has ever seen before in his life.
"Oh sweet lord," Gerard blurts.
Grant laughs. "It's not as bad as it looks. Fresh ground beans are always the best, are they not?"
"That's true," Gerard allows.
"And it's all automated, so all you have to do is flip this lever -" Grant points at a tarnished copper switch "- and it will grind the beans, which will drop into the filter, and then hot water will be pumped in from the boiler. Actually, one of my simpler designs." Grant must notice Gerard's look of longing, because he says, "Perhaps a demonstration is in order?" (54,760 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:ohnoktcsk  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:steampunk  activity:cooking  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:music  concept:magic  concept:polyamory  occupation:writer  occupation:musician  occupation:inventor  things:comics  setting:mansion/palace  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:handjob  smut:threesome  geography:UK:Scotland  challenge:2015.Poly.BB  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-01  recced:2015-01 
january 2015 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Encore
REC: Gerard and Grant after the talk at the Graphics Festival. Takes place in the same universe as their delightful little ficlet from Morrisoncon, ''Cause I'm on Top of the World'. Warm and happymaking, and really, really hot. (2013-10-13)
QUOTE: The last kid walks out of the Opera House, looking really fucking tired but beaming. Gerard feels pretty much the same. The signing table is littered with empty cups and cans and little gifts from the kids. The security people look as sleepy-eyed as everyone else. Kristan retreated to an out-of-the-way seat with her phone about an hour ago.
Gerard looks at Grant, who's looking back at him with a smile on his face. "I wish we could do things like this together more often," Grant murmurs.
"What, hang out and bullshit? Pretty sure we do," Gerard laughs.
Grant rolls his eyes. "You know what I mean, you little fucker." He grips Gerard's hand under the table.
"Do I?" Gerard's just pushing buttons now, but it's just so fun.
They help each other up from the table and Kristan looks up from her phone. Gerard goes over to give her a hand up too. She smiles broadly at him and gives him a hug. "The two of you were wonderful, as always."
"It was fun," Gerard says. "I can't believe you're still here, though."
"Barely," she laughs. "But you two would surely wander off a pier if I wasn't."
Gerard laughs. "You're probably right."
"No faith," Grant says, coming up to drape an arm around Kristan's shoulders and kissing her cheek. (3,010 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:slash  fic:category:het  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:fluff  fic:genre:PWP  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:poly  smut:fucking  setting:convention  time:post-band  con:2013.Graphics.Festival  geography:Australia  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pairing:Grant.Morrison/Kristan.Morrison(secondary)  pov:Gerard  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-10  recced:2013-10 
october 2013 by turlough
akamine_chan: Licking Frogs and Other Bad Decisions (That Might Actually Be Good)
REC: It started with a box of frogs in the middle of the bus lounge one morning. The one where Gerard and Pete bond during Warped. A wonderful little story. It's both funny and very moving and I like the way both Gerard and Pete are written. (2013-09-29)
QUOTE: He turned and leaned back on the counter, watching as Pete staggered to his feet and stretched, arms reaching toward the ceiling. His shirt rode up, and Gerard tried not to stare at the flat plane of his belly, and the bat-heart-skull tattoo that sat right under his navel. He took another bite of his Pop Tart, brushing away the crumbs. "Are you and Mikey fucking?"
Pete choked and coughed, his face turning a rather alarming shade of red. "What?" he spat out, shaking his head like a dog shaking off water. "What the fuck -"
Gerard kept his cool. He had this. "Are you and Mikey fucking? I have a speech prepared, about the importance of love and honorable intentions, how Mikey's not one to give his heart away easily, and when he does, it *means* something."
Pete was frozen, like a rabbit who'd scented a wolf.
He lit a cigarette and took a drag. "I'm his older brother, and since Mom and Dad aren't here, it falls to me to ask what your plans are with regard to Mikey." He poured coffee into a mostly clean mug, added creamer and sugar, and took a sip.
"Oh my God," Pete moaned, sitting back down on the couch and covering his face with his hands. "I gotta be having a freaking nightmare."
"Nope." Gerard drained the coffee and refilled the mug. "So, tell me, Wentz, are you gonna break my little brother's heart? Have your decadent way with him and then grind him into the dirt? I'm a Jersey boy, and I know a little something about kneecapping people, especially those who hurt Mikey..." Gerard had to bite his lip to keep from laughing at the sheer terror that crossed Pete's face.
"Are you serious?" Pete looked like he was about to run screaming off the bus and out onto the venue grounds.
"Not at all," he said, hiding his grin behind his cup.
Pete scratched at his hair, which was sticking out at odd angles, making him look like an anime character. "Oh."
"You're surprisingly gullible for a guy from Chicago."
Pete groaned. "I've been awake for less than five minutes and you've got the advantage of *caffeine*..." (2,740 words)
(also at http://no-tags.dreamwidth.org/16422.html )
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  beings:animals.others  concept:sobriety  concept:polyamory  relationship:friendship  relationship:brothers  relationship:poly  setting:on.tour  tour:2005.Warped  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Gerard/Pete(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Pete(primary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Pete  challenge:2013.No.Tags  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-09  recced:2013-09 
october 2013 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Mingling Hands and Mingling Glances
REC: The one where Frank, the new teacher at the English faculty, develops feelings for Grant and Gerard, whose longstanding casual affair has started to become anything but. I loved the way Grant and Gerard's changing relationship was written and really liked the way bits and pieces from canon had been incorporated into the story. And the sex was both hot and heartwarming. A very happymaking story. (2013-09-15)
QUOTE: "Please tell me there's coffee."
"I promised you coffee, didn't I?" Grant says, going over to the pot he keeps on a bookcase in his office.
"Because you are the best. At this point, I'd probably take last week's dregs if I had to," Gerard replies. Grant turns back toward him with a steaming mug Gerard knows is just how he likes it. "Thank you," he breathes, catching Grant's wrist and squeezing with his free hand.
"Anything for you, pet."
Gerard's chest tightens a little bit just like it always does when Grant calls him that. He takes a sip of his coffee and breathes in deep through his nose. "Fuck, that's good. You really are good to me."
Grant doesn't make the expected joke this time around, just smiles and pours his own coffee. That's... hm. Gerard had gotten used to the way things were between them. He supposes maybe he'd been the one to initiate what happened Friday night. But he couldn't help himself.
Gerard never has a problem pulling - Grant thinks it's hilarious, because Gerard usually barely even has to exert himself - but this summer hadn't brought anyone exciting, and Grant had been *gone*, and Gerard had missed him a shocking amount. And he'd missed Grant's kisses and touches almost as much. It's not as if he got them that often to begin with. It's never, ever been a problem, though - this thing they do - and Gerard's not ready to let it become one now.
"So how was your time with Mikey?" Grant asks, voice totally natural.
"It was great," Gerard replies as normally as he can. "Went to a show Saturday night."
"Nice. And besides the eight am from hell? Anything exciting on your agenda?"
"Sitting here with you and grading, and cursing myself for assigning homework the first week?" Gerard asks hopefully.
"Not just lurking in the English department in case a certain of my coworkers comes by?" Grant inquires.
"That's just a happy side benefit," Gerard says and waves his hand dismissively. An awesome side benefit. But mostly, he just likes sitting here with Grant. His department head is a friend of Grant's, and he'll occasionally stop by and threaten to give Gerard's office away "since you seem to prefer this one," he teases. It's true, really. He is usually in one of the studios or in Grant's office when he doesn't have office hours.
Gerard does keep one eye on the open door, though, and not only in case of student invasion. He really wouldn't mind another eyeful of Professor Iero, who's a sinfully attractive little morsel. It's Grant who actually spots him, though. "Professor Iero, you look like you could use some coffee," he calls. (21,200 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:literature  concept:polyamory  condition:illness  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:writer  occupation:teacher  relationship:friendship  relationship:friends.with.benefits  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:college  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  pov:Grant.Morrison  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-08  recced:2013-09 
september 2013 by turlough
jezrana: Lead Me Home
REC: The one where Grant finds an unconscious Gerard on the edge of his country estate. When Gerard wakes up he's completely lost his memories. Their search for his identity draws them closer to each other and when they make contact with Gerard's family, including his father's ward, Frank Iero, things become even more complicated. A very sweet story. I really liked the way the slow development of their relationship was written. And as usual with jezrana's stories, the writing is lovely. (2013-09-01)
QUOTE: Grant rings, and after a few moments Sarah appears in the doorway. "Please bring a tray up for our guest," Grant instructs. "Tea and toast, and perhaps some porridge?" He glances at Gerard, who nods. "And something for me, assuming you don't mind me joining you, Gerard."
Gerard smiles again. He has a lovely smile, and Grant wants to see it as often as possible. "Not at all."
When the trays come, Gerard sets into his with a good appetite, and Grant waits for him to pursue conversation or not, as he chooses. After a few minutes Gerard slows down, takes a sip of tea, and speaks.
"You've been so kind to me I feel as though we're friends already, and then I remember how little I know about you," he says. "I may not be able to help not knowing anything about myself, but at least I can learn more about you - would you tell me about yourself?"
"I don't make for a very fascinating subject, I'm afraid," Grant tells him. "I inherited this estate from my father. I have a sister, who lives with her husband a short distance away, but I live alone."
"And what do you do when you're not bringing strangers in from the moors and nursing them back to health?" Gerard asks.
"I look after the estate. I write - mostly idle musings, some poetry. I visit my sister or friends when I fear I'm becoming too much of a hermit and travel when I need a change of scenery." Grant gives a self-deprecating smile. "As I said, not terribly fascinating."
Gerard finishes off the last of his toast, wipes his mouth, and gives Grant a speculative look. "If we were characters in a novel, you'd have some terrible secret that I'd be bound to discover now," he says, a teasing note in his voice.
"Given the way you appeared out of nowhere under quite dramatic circumstances, I'm not so certain we're not characters in a novel," Grant replies. "But I've no terrible secrets to be discovered."
Gerard looks down with a faint, crooked smile. "Well, I suppose I provide all the drama we need." He looks back up, eyes searching Grant's face. "You really have no idea where I came from? There's nothing I said or did that gave any clue?"
Grant shakes his head. "Only things that seem far too general to be useful. I know by your accent that you're English. The clothes you were wearing were of good quality, and from our conversation so far you seem well-educated. We checked your clothing for things that might help identify you - a watch, a handkerchief, anything, but there was nothing."
Gerard sighs. "'Nothing' seems to be the theme here." He sits back in his chair, leaning his head against the cushion. "I lay awake for hours last night trying to remember something, anything."
"Give yourself time," Grant advises him.
"It seems I can't do anything else, can I?" Gerard replies, a sharp note in his voice, and then he sighs again. "I'm sorry."
Grant looks at him calmly. "You don't have to apologize to me, Gerard. If you need to be angry, be angry."
"I don't want to be angry," Gerard says tiredly. "To tell the truth, I'm struggling not to be terrified. Knowing that something bad happened to me, and still not being able to recall what - I just keep turning it over and over in my mind. And you've been so kind, but you're still a stranger, more or less, and right now I'm completely dependent on your kindness. It's... unsettling."
Grant leans across the distance between them, laying his hand gently on Gerard's forearm. "I made you a promise before," he says softly. "I'll make it again now. As long as you're a guest in my house, I will do everything in my power to make sure you're safe from harm. That includes giving you my hospitality for as long as you need it. You're right that we're still strangers, but I hope I can show myself to be worthy of your trust."
Gerard looks at Grant solemnly while he speaks, then drops his gaze with a faint smile. "I hope so as well," he says softly. "I should very much like for there to be something I can trust."
Grant smiles at him, pressing Gerard's arm gently before drawing back. Gerard lets out a sigh, tilting his head back again.
"I'm sorry, it's been very good talking with you," he says, "but I am a bit tired." (33,660 words)
author:jezrana  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  activity:kidnapping  activity:rescue  beings:aristocrats  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  condition:amnesia  condition:injury  things:memories  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:mansion/palace  geography:UK:Scotland  period:19th.century  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Grant.Morrison  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-08  recced:2013-09 
september 2013 by turlough
twistedchick: The Recreation of the Warrior
REC: This story starts during the early second season of Andromeda but goes off on its own AU tangent considerably before 'Ouroboros'. I hadn't read this story in years when I discovered that it had been uploaded to AO3. It used to be one of my favourite stories in the fandom and re-reading it I was really pleased by how well it had stood the test of time. Particularly since it's written in first person POV - something I've become incredibly wary of over the years. I love the way twistedchick fleshes out the Nietzschian culture and how she makes the characters come alive. I particularly like the way Tyr is written. His inner voice is so fitting to his character, formal and reserved but with lots of passion underneath. And the evolution of his and Harper's relationship feels really right. I also much prefer the way this story develops the plotline of the show and lets the war end. It might be a little OTT sentimental but it's much preferable to the horrible travesty the show had become by season three and four. (2013-06-19)
QUOTE: Harper has been brooding again. He has taken to working late at night in his shop, tinkering, talking to himself. I have stood outside the door, listening, and he has not even noticed my presence.
No, not talking to himself, but to the Magog larvae within him.
He is braver than he knows.
Were I still to be infected with Magog, however dormant, I would find the simplest and easiest method of death available to me and arrange to have myself placed back within a Magog hive, so that I could take them out at the same time. I do not believe in acquiescing to death; I will not go gentle into that night. I have always fought it whenever it approached, and I am still here.
It is not in the nature of a Nietzschian to allow defeat.
It appears, also, not to be in the nature of this particular Earthling to give up, not now.
It was the small hours, or it would be if we were planetside. While others on board slept, he was still tinkering, still thinking, still talking.
He's named the creatures.
Rev Bem would say that he has given them shelter. Were it up to me, I would put Rev Bem through the same ordeal that Harper endures, to relieve him of the annoying habit of always supplying the unanswerable comment, regardless of the situation.
"You can quit lurking out there, Tyr."
I pushed off from the wall and walked quietly into the room. "You noticed."
"I noticed when the exercise equipment stopped making my ceiling creak." He pointed at a spot in the corner of the large room; I calculated distance and realize that I had indeed been lifting weights directly over that area.
"If it annoys you that much -"
"Nah, don't bother. I like to think that you might come crashing through if I need the help."
I cast a glance at the ceiling. "I'm flattered, but I must reluctantly admit that my crashing through six-centimeter corrugated metal flooring supports is unlikely."
Harper snorted. "Right. Aren't you supposed to be the Superman side of 'Man and Superman'?" I raised an eyebrow, and he saluted me with the hand holding the screwdriver. "All these sarcastic literary comments from me, all this time, and only now you think I read the right books?" (83,500 words)
author:twistedchick  fandom:Andromeda  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:source:tv.show  activity:cooking  activity:killing/murder  activity:sabotage  activity:salvage  activity:diplomacy  beings:aliens  concept:in.space!  concept:politics  concept:violence  concept:war  concept:polyamory  condition:illness  condition:injury  occupation:engineer  occupation:hacker/programmer  occupation:inventor  occupation:mechanic  occupation:military  occupation:pirate  occupation:rebel  occupation:politician  things:memories  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  setting:alien.planet  setting:spaceship/spacestation  pairing:Tyr.Anasazi/Seamus.Harper(primary)  pairing:Tyr/OFC(secondary)  pov:Tyr.Anasazi  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2002  recced:2013-06 
august 2013 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: My Spaceship Knows Which Way To Go
REC: It's not the first time Brian's done something crazy for Gerard, but this time he's determined to just enjoy every moment. Unfortunately that means dealing with a lot of things he never really wanted to face. This is an absolutely lovely story. Just the kind I've been wanting to read ever since Brian and the guys started talking again. The characterisation of Brian is perfect and the interaction between him and Gerard just so right. Also, I loved seeing Gerard through Brian's eyes and the sex was superhot. (2013-05-26) This is a lovely story from one of my favourite writer duos. The characterisation of Brian is perfect and I loved seeing Gerard through his eyes. The interaction between them, two old friends re-connecting and finally facing the thing that's always been simmering between them, is just about perfect. (2014-12-08)
QUOTE: Gerard is taking pictures and tweeting them, so he doesn't notice right away that Brian keeps getting texts.
"You don't have to keep tabs on me anymore, Schechter," Gerard says after a while.
Brian rolls his eyes. "I'm not. But I'm a busy guy who doesn't actually *read* twitter that often and I like knowing what you're up to. It's not *just* you," he says. It's just *mostly* him. And... his bands. "Apparently right now you're up to... confusing kids about your religious beliefs."
Gerard sighs. "I didn't think it would be that hard to understand. And there are always a couple kids who are really shitty, and it just... I don't know. I'm trying to talk about the stuff that's important to me. Not all of it is the same stuff that was important to me ten years ago, you know?"
Brian nods. He knows.
"Don't think I haven't noticed you stepping in," Gerard adds after he takes a few more pictures.
"'Stepping in' is a strong phrase," Brian says. "It's more... finally being able to speak my mind because I don't work for you and Lauren is the one who gets to be demure and attempt to be nice to everyone."
"You never did like that much, did you," Gerard murmurs. He snaps a picture of Brian just before Brian looks up the whole way.
"It is a carefully honed skill, but not one I get much joy out of using," Brian replies.
It's a bit cooler when they've finally finished doing whatever Gerard intended to do in the mission, so they walk around outside a little. Gerard segues from theorizing about God to talking about going to meetings. This is familiar territory too, and they've covered it a lot lately, sitting on the patio with Lindsey, over fast food with Jeff.
When Brian got sober, it was weird and unreal to him. Mostly because he thought he knew the signs. Thought he knew what to look for, thought he'd *know* when it got bad because he'd done it with Gerard. Looking back, he realizes how fucked up it was to *expect* it to get bad, but still do nothing.
But then, he didn't even do anything when it *did* get bad because he missed the signs waiting for his own downward spiral to start looking like Gerard's. (12,530 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  beings:kids  concept:polyamory  concept:sobriety  condition:illness  things:Twitter  things:memories  occupation:manager  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:fucking  time:post-band  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pairing:Brian/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pov:Brian  +length:medium.10k-20k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-05  recced:2013-05  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
may 2013 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Had You Forgotten, Do You Remember?
REC: The one where Gerard and Frank stumbles upon a working TARDIS on the band's tour of the BBC and how their meetings with a younger Grant change everything. For some reason I never read this back when it was first posted. It's a really lovely story, sad and hopeful and funny. And very, very hot. I love the way fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone manage to give this threesome a new spin and a different dynamic every time they write it. It was also a great treat to get to see other versions of Grant and not just the current successful adult. I particularly liked the way he was written as a teenager. Everything about his and Gerard's meeting was absolutely delightful. Don't miss the happymaking sequel, 'Who's Dreaming Who?'(2013-05-05)
QUOTE: Grant gets to talking about everything - Gerard was right, a lot of them are comics characters in disguise - and if Gerard closed his eyes, he could almost imagine he's sitting next to the Grant of his time, except that this Grant, while he's got that same excitement and just, hunger for knowledge and thoughts and all of it, he has none of adult Grant's confidence. And Gerard remembers how it felt to be 18 and... well, scared.
"It's totally awesome," Gerard tells him. Grant frowns.
"Yes, well. It's nice you think so. One of the art schools I applied to already rejected me."
Gerard bites the inside of his cheek. He may not believe in the Butterfly Effect, but he's not about to tell Grant that he knows the rest of them will, too.
"I'm sorry," Gerard says. "But hey, applying to art schools means you're almost done here, right?"
"Can't happen soon enough if you ask me," Grant says, hunching his shoulders a little. "This place is a sty." He closes the portfolio and sets it on the floor.
This time, it's Gerard who reaches out and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Tell me."
"I hate everyone here, I can't… there's no way to meet anyone actually interesting, and the teachers are all incompetent. To start with," Grant says.
Gerard sighs. Teenagers' problems, it seems, are eternal. "You're - Grant, you're the smartest person I know. Maybe these people don't understand you. Maybe most people don't understand you. But people will, okay?"
"Do you?" Grant asks. There's a touch of mocking in his voice, and Gerard rolls his eyes.
"Yes," he answers emphatically. "Better than I understand almost everyone else in the world."
"Have you come to deliver a pep talk, then? Because it's a bit shit, isn't it, Yank?"
"Gerard," Gerard says again. "And I didn't try to come here at all. But I - now that I'm here, I'm glad. I wasn't lying or exaggerating when I said you're one of my best friends, you know. You're one of the most important people in my life. I'm glad to meet you now." Gerard just can't stop looking at him. Grant lets him.
"You're staring," Grant says after a few moments.
"Apparently I like looking at you no matter what year it is," Gerard says unthinkingly. (13,470 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fandom:Doctor.Who  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  activity:time.travel  activity:sightseeing  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:teenagers  concept:polyamory  things:Tardis  relationship:established  relationship:poly  smut:fucking  smut:blowjob  smut:threesome  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  pov:Grant.Morrison  geography:UK:London  +length:medium.10k-20k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2012-04  recced:2013-05 
may 2013 by turlough
jezrana: Joyous All Together
REC: Grant, Frank, and Gerard celebrate their first holiday together in their new house. A lovely warm and happymaking coda to her wonderful ghosthunters AU 'A Crack in the Sky'. (2013-01-13)
QUOTE: He puts his bags down - softly, not wanting to wake Frank - and crosses to the bed, taking Gerard's face in his hands and bending down to kiss him. Gerard stretches up to meet him, wrapping his arms around Grant's waist and pressing against him. He's in boxers and a soft, worn t-shirt, his skin warm from being cuddled up under the covers with Frank.
When the kiss breaks Gerard buries his face in Grant's neck, hugging him tight, and Grant runs one hand up and down his back and kisses his messy hair.
"You weren't awake waiting for me, were you?" he asks, and Gerard shakes his head.
"I woke up when you came in," he says, tipping his head back to look at Grant, smiling crookedly. "I've been so excited for you getting here, I guess I kind of put myself on alert."
Grant chuckles. "Good thing I didn't have my heart set on surprising you."
"Surprises are for boyfriends who aren't psychic," Gerard points out, stretching up for another kiss.
"Indeed." There's more room on the other side of the bed, so Grant kisses Gerard once more, soft and lingering, then moves around to Frank's side, stripping down to his t-shirt and briefs as he does.
He gets in bed next to Frank and Frank curls toward him in his sleep, muttering something unintelligible. Grant kisses him, then stretches one arm over his middle, his hand coming to rest on Gerard's waist as Gerard nestles against Frank's back. Grant listens to Gerard's breath get deep and even as he falls back asleep, and lies there, just enjoying being so close to both of them, until sleep takes him as well. (2,220 words)
author:jezrana  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:fluff  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  holiday:Christmas  occupation:supernatural.investigator  things:memories  relationship:established  relationship:poly  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Grant.Morrison  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-01  recced:2013-01 
january 2013 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Stairway to Heaven
REC: The one where Gerard accidentally taps into the memories of an angel and stumbles into the middle of a millenia-long doomed romance. A lovely story that's not even half as cheesy as the summary makes it sound. The characterisations are really good, both of the main characters and of the secondary ones. I have a great weakness for quest plots so I loved reading about Gerard's travels and his attempts at understanding what was happening to him. And his and Grant's road trip across the US in search of Frank was wonderful. Such a beautiful and satisfying story. I feel I want to read it again right now. (2013-01-06) Most Satisfying Quest OT3 AU of 2013: Because of a) the excellent characterisations of both the main and secondary characters, b) the quest Gerard embarks on to try and understand what's happening to him and to find the angel whose life he's dreaming about, c) Gerard and Grant's road trip across the US, and d) The deeply satisfying ending. (2014-02-06)
QUOTE: He wanders around for a while until a docent greets him hesitantly in Italian. Gerard's own Italian was never terribly good, but he responds as best he can. At the very least, the words are all the correct ones. Who knows how many rules of grammar he completely forgot, though.
Apparently his crappy grammar makes the docent laugh, and he agrees to show Gerard around. He mentions an earthquake multiple times, apologizing that so many areas of the basilica are closed. "But I can recommend the garden," he says.
Gerard is disappointed he can't explore the inside more thoroughly. There's something in there. Something important. He just knows. But he smiles and lets the docent lead him to the garden. It really is a lovely garden and when Gerard catches the docent checking the time, he asks if perhaps he can stay and pray. The docent nods and scurries back the way he led Gerard.
Gerard loses track of how long he spends in prayer, but when he opens his eyes he knows somehow that he'll see a little carved bird somewhere nearby. There's little alcove near him with a statue of Francis standing watch over the gardens. On the wall near the base is where Gerard finally sees it.
"I knew you'd be here," Gerard whispers. He kneels at the base of the statue and reaches out to touch the carving. The same pulse as in Paris happens, maybe even stronger, and this time he's not surprised. He closes his eyes and whispers a little prayer, "It started with you, I think. Maybe you can help?"
He opens his eyes and his vision swims. For a moment it's like he can see himself, kneeling at the foot of the statue. He turns, slowly, still on his knees, and sees a man standing in the middle of the garden. Not just a man - an unspeakably beautiful one. With wings. He looks around himself, a look of astonishment growing on his face. He looks back at Gerard.
"Who are you? How did I get here? Because I sure as hell didn't travel to Assisi in my sleep and I haven't been back here in over two hundred fucking years."
Gerard blinks. The double vision is worse now. He can see the the man - angel? he certainly doesn't sound like an angel - overlaid somehow, bizarrely, on his own shocked face. "Do you think I know? Do you think I know anything?" Then he pauses. "In your sleep?" he murmurs. "A dream, another dream."
"No, this isn't a fucking dream. I know dreams and I know visions. So since I'm not actually in Assisi this must be a vision. Your vision." And just like that, the man looks gravely concerned and his tone changes. "Are you all right? Do you need help? You must have called for my help."
"I didn't," Gerard whispers. "I mean, I didn't mean to, I didn't think... that anyone was listening."
"But I am," the angel says gently. "It doesn't take much to bring me if you really do need me."
"I'm not sure of anything," Gerard chokes out.
"Fuck," the angel says. "I'm sorry." Gerard's hands go into his hair.
"Why is this happening to me? I just want my fucking dreams back." (58,240 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  activity:drinking  activity:drug.use  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:angels  beings:demons  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  concept:quest  concept:religion  concept:sobriety  concept:esp:psychic.healing  occupation:priest/monk  things:dreams  things:memories  relationship:brothers  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:handjob  smut:threesome  setting:on.vacation  setting:road.trip  geography:US:New.Jersey  geography:Europe:Italy  geography:UK:Scotland  geography:US:San.Fransisco  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Ray(secondary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  pov:Grant.Morrison  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-01  recced:2013-01  things:wings  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
january 2013 by turlough
annemaris: You're a Matter of Urgency
REC: The one where Gerard and Mikey are in a relationship and when Mikey is in a traffic accident they meet Frank the nurse. A great story with first class characterisations. I loved the way Gerard and Mikey's relationship was written and the way Frank's professional caretaking changed into geniune friendship and then into more. I also really liked the way Frank and his apprehensions and worries were written. (2012-10-28)
QUOTE: Gerard's still there the next day. Frank's not sure if he has moved at all.
"I think he's only gone out to pee and get coffee," Mikey says. They're both looking at Gerard, asleep in the chair. "He's always here when I wake up."
Mikey sounds somewhere between pleased and worried. Mostly he just sounds tired, but when Frank looks at him he's staring intently at Gerard. His gaze is almost as intense as Gerard's.
"So he hasn't eaten?" Frank asks.
"I don't know," Mikey says. "Whenever I ask him he says he's fine and tells me not to worry."
Frank frowns and changes Mikey's bandage, then checks his vitals.
"I think he's starting to smell," Mikey says, wrinkling his nose. "But I can't really tell. What do you think?"
"I think we're past that point," Frank says. He continues charting Mikey's stats. Gerard's asleep now anyway, and Frank doesn't really want to wake him up to tell him he should maybe go home for a bit.
"So you're feeling okay?" he asks Mikey. "No really intense pain? Feeling like you're gonna black out?"
"Well it still hurts when the painkillers start to wear off but not as much as yesterday. I think if I tried to get up I couldn't really manage, though."
"Yeah," Frank says. "You're definitely not there yet, but it's good that the pain is lessening. You don't feel nauseous? Headaches?"
"Just a little woozy when I try to lift my head," Mikey says.
Frank nods and closes his clipboard. "Everything looks good," he says. "They're probably gonna move you to a different room at some point, off the post-surgery floor and into a regular room."
"Oh," Mikey says. "Okay. Do you know when?"
"Not yet," Frank says. "Look up." Mikey compiles and Frank shines a light in his eyes.
"But that means I'm doing better, right."
"Yeah, you're doing well," Frank says.
"I should tell Gerard," Mikey says. "Maybe he'll stop worrying as much." Frank certainly hopes so; maybe at least as much that he'll go home for a little while. Frank really doesn't want to have to remove him by force or anything, but if Gerard doesn't move even to eat then he's going to be Frank's next patient.
At least he's sleeping right now, instead of spending the whole day and night awake watching his brother. "I should tell him right now," Mikey says, decidedly.
"Maybe wait for him to wake up," Frank suggests. "He seems pretty beat."
"No, he'll sleep better if he knows," Mikey says. "I don't want him to worry."
Frank wants to argue, but it's clear this is important for Mikey and he doesn't want to agitate him. Mikey's been calm so far, and Frank doesn’t want to impede his recovery by upsetting him.
"Gerard," Mikey says gently. Frank's about to say that he doubts that's gonna work, Gerard seems to be fast asleep, but Gerard stirs and opens his eyes. He sits up fast.
"Mikey?" he asks, reaching out.
"I'm fine," Mikey says. "Frank says they're gonna move me to a different room soon."
Gerard rests his hand on Mikey's arm and looks up at Frank. "A different room?"
"That means he's doing better," Frank says and Gerard nods, looks back at Mikey. "It won't be today, but tomorrow, maybe." (33,470 words)
(also at http://annemari.dreamwidth.org/316705.html )
author:annemaris  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  activity:plane/vehicle.crash  activity:moving  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  condition:injury  condition:illness  occupation:doctor/nurse  occupation:artist/designer  relationship:brothers  relationship:Waycest  relationship:established  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  setting:clinic/hospital  setting:bar/club  geography:US:New.Jersey  geography:US:New.York  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  challenge:2012.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2012-09  recced:2012-10 
october 2012 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: And I Will Be Your Goal
REC: Frank Iero leads a solitary existence running his family's machine shop, continuing his father's work in musical inventions in his spare time. One night baronet Morrison appears in his shop with a job offer that soon turns into an offer to join a secret resistance group fighting a corrupt government from within. An absolutely fabulous steampunk story with fascinating and believable worldbuilding, heaps of fascinating plot, dramatic events, fantastic relationship development, wonderful characterisations, heartwarming domesticity, and scorchingly hot sex. I was completely fascinated by the world and loved discovering all the little details that made it both different and like our own. The plot was captivating and the way it played out gave the story just the right amount of tension and uncertainty, and the resolution was satisfying and happymaking. I loved Gerard and Grant's relationship and the way they reached out and wooed Frank together. Everytime this author duo writes this threesome they give the dynamics between them a new twist and makes us see different aspects of the characters. I also loved all the secondary characters and the way they interacted with each other and with the main protagonists. It all felt so right and believable. Really, I lack words to express how absolutely delightful I found this story. I've got a strong feeling it's going to become one of those stories I turn to whenever I need to immerse myself in something long and captivating and completely heartwarming. (2012-07-01)
QUOTE: Lady Thompson turns to Way. "He's going to be a horrible invalid, you know."
A look of utter dread crosses Way's face. "Oh *god*. I hadn't even thought that far ahead yet."
"I am sitting here, you realize?" Sir Grant asks somewhat petulantly. Frank knows it's partly in jest, but it's still an odd thing for Frank to see. But Sir Grant is clearly among loved ones, and his relaxed behavior reflects that.
Way eases himself down on the daybed beside Sir Grant and kisses his cheek. "You can't deny it, mon chaton."
Sir Grant leans against Way's shoulder. "I'm sure I'll be terrible," he says quietly. "May I pre-emptively beg for your patience, dearest?"
Frank once again feels like he's intruding on a very private moment and turns to look at the young brunette Frank is assuming is Miss Simmons, and at the young man.
"Mikey Way," he murmurs, and it all falls into place. He recalls that Mikey was a grade ahead of him in grammar school. Remembers him living just down the street and even playing with him a few times.
Mikey walks over and holds out his hand. "It's been a long time," he says.
Frank nods. "It has. I'd never have recognized you on the street."
"Neither would I have," Mikey replies. "Though I remembered your family business well enough to send Grant your way for his little listening project."
"So I am here at your instigation, Mr. Way." Frank pauses when Mikey grimaces.
"There are two of us, and I'm sure that would get desperately confusing. Please call me Mikey. Everyone else does. Though I suppose you are no longer going by Frankie." His tone is dry and flat, but there's a disarming sparkle in his eye.
"Frank will do," Frank replies with a smile.
The brunette nudges Mikey's arm with her fingertips, and he shakes himself a bit. "Frank Iero, Miss Alicia Simmons."
"Lady Thompson's aide," Miss Simmons adds.
"A pleasure," Frank tells her. He's beginning to be exceedingly confused about what exactly this motley group of people is up to. His confusion only increases when another soft rap on the door admits two rather large men in working-class garments.
"Ray Toro, James Dewees," Mikey tells Frank, pointing to each in turn. "This is Frank Iero," he tells them. "And that is the lot of us," he adds.
"Except for Becky," Miss Simmons comments.
"And the twins," Way adds from across the room. He's watching Frank and Mikey converse with a small furrow in his brow. Frank catches his eye again and looks away, discomfited.
"I don't remember your brother, Mikey Way," Frank murmurs. "Does he always glare so?"
Mikey doesn't say anything for a moment, then murmurs back, "Interesting."
"Gerard. He's - well, it's ultimately unimportant," Mikey adds. "What we are doing here requires a great deal of trust and respect, but neither of those require that he like you, or you him."
"How comforting. And I'd be more inclined to believe you if I knew what you were doing here," Frank gripes.
Miss Simmons overhears this; possibly she's also overheard the rest of the conversation, but she gives no outward sign. She does take the opportunity to call across the room, "Sir Grant, I do believe you'll drive this boy crazy if you don't explain our activities."
Immediately the conversation in the room quiets, and everyone looks at either Frank or Sir Grant. Sir Grant himself looks at Frank as well, and says, "It's quite simple, Frank, we're trying to bring down the government."
Frank laughs in disbelief. "Oh, is that all?" He catches a thunderous look on Way's face, but amusement on Sir Grant's. But Frank can't stop the laughter. It's entirely ridiculous. (71,610 words)
(don't miss reflectedeve's art linked in the footer)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  activity:spying  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:animals.dogs  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:alternate.world  concept:disability  concept:family  concept:politics  concept:polyamory  concept:rebellion  concept:war  condition:injury  condition:PTSD  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:inventor  occupation:engineer  occupation:philantropist  occupation:small.business.owner  occupation:spy/secret.agent  occupation:writer  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:fucking  smut:blowjob  smut:rimming  smut:threesome  smut:voyeurism  setting:mansion/palace  setting:shop  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  posted:2012-06  recced:2012-07  !meta:rec:fic  pov:Grant.Morrison  activity:sabotage  challenge:2012.BBB  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:steampunk  !!FAVOURITE.FIC  pairing:MIkey/Al 
july 2012 by turlough
delphinapterus: Brown Is the Earth When You Dig a Hole (Colour 'verse)
REC: Ten fascinating ficlets set in the same universe as 'The Land Between Black and White'. I love how much Phina can convey with so few words. (2012-05-20)
QUOTE: 35. "Hey, fuck you, you don't want to listen! Money talks, right?"
On his own Mikey has learned to be talkative. He borrows Gerard, settling the idea of his brother around himself like a disguise, and talks like Gerard would. As he travels he modifies his persona until he's perfected the right mix to ease his way past people and collect a new job; just like he would a piece of code. But it's his asking price that speaks loudest to those who know. Every time his price rises a tier it shouts his expertise to anyone who cares to listen. With every increase he talks less and lets his price speak. (1,130 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/322303 & http://delphinapterus.livejournal.com/134522.html )
author:delphinapterus  fandom:Bandom  universe:Colour.verse  activity:hacking  activity:killing/murder  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:torture  concept:violence  concept:dystopia  concept:polyamory  condition:PTSD  condition:insomnia  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:assassin/hitman  occupation:hacker/programmer  occupation:spy/secret.agent  relationship:established  relationship:poly  relationship:brothers  smut:finger.fucking  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Frank/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Ray(primary)  pairing:Pete/Alicia(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Mikey  pov:Gerard  pov:Bob  pov:Alicia  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2012-01  recced:2012-05  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:cyberpunk 
may 2012 by turlough
creepylicious: Ways Plus One
REC: Frank doesn't understand how Gerard and Mikey can both be sleeping with Pete. This is a wonderful little story. I love how calm and matter-of-fact Gerard and Mikey are and how it contrasts with Frank's obsessivness and his blunt and clumsy attempts to understand. I also love the way Frank loves them both and could never chose one over the other. (2011-11-13)
QUOTE: The thing is that Frank just can't ignore it after the thing with Pete. He wonders how far the whole sharing goes. It makes Frank a bit crazy.
"Okay," he says at breakfast. Mikey looks bleary eyed at him. His hair a mess and clutching the coffee like a lifeline. Gerard is hopefully showering Frank thinks absentmindedly.
"It's too early for whatever it is, Frank."
"There is never a good time for asking these questions, but it makes me crazy."
"Oh," Mikey says, draining his mug and pouring another. "This is about me and Gerard sharing everything."
Frank nods. "I just, do you like," he waves his hand.
"Have threesomes?"
"Yeah," Frank sighs.
"Okay," Frank says.
"You are weird out."
"Yeah. I though, you know you sleep with person A, he sleeps with person A, but I didn't think you were sleeping together with Person A."
"Person A, really?" Mikey mocks gently.
"Whatever," Frank says.
"Are you okay?"
Frank nods, but he has truly no idea. (1,710 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/396587 )
author:creepylicious  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  relationship:Waycest  smut:blowjob  smut:threesome  setting:on.tour  setting:on.break  tour:2005.Warped  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Gerard/Mikey/Pete(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pov:Frank  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2011-11  recced:2011-11  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study 
november 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Meltdown (OT3 'verse outtake)
REC: Grant & Frank decide to pay Gerard back for teasing before they leave for the evening at Meltdown Comics. This is scorchingly hot and I love the way they're written together. Fascinating relationship dynamics and all the love and warmth and happiness between them makes me feel ridiculously happy and content. (2011-09-25)
QUOTE: And then it hits him; he's going to be spending the next several *hours* like this. That's what Frank wants, what *Grant* wants. And he's done it before, but never in public. Never where he was required to talk and be coherent and somewhat professional. "*Fuck*," he moans again. But he does as he's told. He gets up, slips his clothes back on, feeling the plug with every single movement. Feeling them watch every single movement.
Frank steps close enough to take Gerard's face between his hands and kisses him, softly and really fucking thoroughly, and says, "Make me proud, baby." Grant draws Frank away and kisses him, and then curls a hand around the back of Gerard's neck and says, "Show me how good you can be."
Gerard can be good. Gerard will be good.
Driving to Meltdown is the most exquisite torture. Every bump, every turn, even just the thrum of the wheels on smooth pavement feels more intense. Gerard has to breathe through his nose nearly the whole time, sure that the next moment, next breath will mean coming. He catches a glimpse of himself in the rearview mirror and he's astounded at his own reflection. He's bright red and sweating a little and he looks - "Grant," he breathes. "Grant, I -"
Grant changes the subject smoothly, asking Frank when he thinks Ray, Mikey, and Alicia will arrive. Gerard swallows against a dry throat and clutches his notebook tighter.
They pull up behind the shop and Gerard is really fucking grateful for the tinted windows, because there's a pretty big line and he is not at all mentally prepared for that many people yet. Thank god there's still enough time before the Q&A that they can hide in the back room for a little while.
Getting out of the car makes Gerard gasp. He can't help it. Fuck, he has to get control of his reactions. "Easy, babe," Frank whispers to him, rubbing his shoulder. It doesn't really help. Being touched really, really doesn't fucking help. (3,620 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  activity:interview  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:polyamory  occupation:writer  relationship:established  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:vehicle.sex  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:on.break  tour:2011.Honda.Civic  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Gerard  posted:2011-09  recced:2011-09  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  smut:sex.toys  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:PWP  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
september 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Half Of Something Else
REC: An absolutely lovely AU where MCR never formed, Frank has become Grant's assistant and Gerard his artist. I love the way the relationship building is allowed to take time. Letting us experience the slow growth of Frank's relationships with Grant and with Gerard and finally all three of them together. I particularly liked the way the epilogue showed that their relationship is forever changing. I also love the characterisations. They're such wonderfully rounded and *grownup* people. Endlessly loveable but far from perfect. Wonderful, wonderful story! (2011-08-21)
QUOTE: "Grant Morrison's office, Frank speaking," Frank says into the phone as he leans over Grant to grab a pen. Grant leans back to give him room and can't seem to take his eyes off the scorpion on Frank's neck. Frank places the pen in Grant's hand and Grant forces his eyes to Frank's. Frank sets a stack of papers in front of him, covers the mouthpiece of the phone and whispers, "Sign these."
Frank turns his attention back to the phone, "No. No, Mr. Morrison is not interested in... I don't know where you got your information, but it's wrong. You'll have to send an email about charity-related requests. No, that's *my* policy because it's easier to check that your charity is legit when I have all the pertinent information in front of me. No I'm not trying to be difficult. Mr. Morrison is a busy man and he doesn't need his time wasted with fanboys trying to use a fake charity to get an autograph. Send an email, and I'll look into it and he may donate something."
Grant holds in a chuckle and signs the spots Frank indicated with sticky notes. Frank complains about doing so much internet research all the time, but Grant's favorite moments to surprise Frank are when he's wearing the reading glasses he tends to avoid, grinning faintly as he types away. He'd compared himself to Jason Todd, once; Grant thinks there's a healthy strain of Barbara Gordon hidden away in his compact frame as well.
It's clear to Grant after only a few weeks that Frank doesn't really realize how much more smoothly everything in Grant's life has been going since he started. Of course he wouldn't, because he wasn't there before. Email is being answered in a timely fashion; meetings are being set up without hiccups, and none have had to be rescheduled because Grant wrote down a prior engagement in another spot. It seems simple, but Grant had to do it by himself for months between all the short-lived previous assistants, and it was truly the winter of his discontent.
He's learned, through the whole ordeal, not to take anyone at face value. The last two assistants had been clean-cut young professionals, and they'd lasted no longer than a week or two apiece; somehow despite all their stellar resume items they'd been lacking in some nebulous thing required to do the job. Grant's pretty sure it was the capacity to deal with *him*. Trent's a good friend and Grant hadn't really expected he would send someone totally unfit for the job, but when Frank had walked in the door, wide eyes contrasting with the wild tattoos and the little punk snarl he couldn't quite turn off, he'd had Grant's full attention immediately, although it had been Frank's dismissive little "You need a superhero" that had truly clinched him the job. Grant's pretty sure he's found one. Everyone Grant works with seems to think so too, and Grant doesn't let them forget it; he's always on the phone telling people, "No, you have to talk to Frank, he's the captain of this ship."
Frank always seems to blush every time he hears it, which is disarming in ways Grant finds rather inconvenient, and which he tries to ignore. Grant's friends all comment on how he's much better balanced recently, in a tone which suggests it's some sort of miracle. They're not entirely wrong. Somehow, in the space of a month or two, Frank's got him eating and sleeping on a regular schedule too.
Grant's pretty sure that isn't a normal part of the job description, but then again, what the hell does he know? (58,890 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:polyamory  condition:illness  band:My.Chemical.Romance  things:comics  things:Gerard's.platinum.hair  occupation:personal.assistant  occupation:writer  occupation:artist/designer  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  smut:double.penetration  setting:convention  con:2006.ComicCon  geography:US:Los.Angeles  geography:UK:Scotland  geography:US:San.Diego  geography:US:New.York  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  pov:Grant.Morrison  posted:2011-08  recced:2011-08  !meta:rec:fic  +length:long.50k-100k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  !!FAVOURITE.FIC  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Grant.Morrison(primary) 
august 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: But It's Harder To Feel This Way (OT3 'verse outtake)
REC: What Grant experienced when Frank told him he loved him over the phone. So lovely and just like I imagined it. (2011-07-31)
QUOTE: "If this is all just to tell me you hate my hair at four in the morning, you're lucky I love you." Grant breathes in, suddenly frozen, phone clenched tight in his hand. "Grant, I -" Frank continues, then stops.
"Frank?" There's nothing but silence on the other end of the line now, silence and a crackling hiss of cellular disturbance. "Frank!" He can't be gone, not now. He just can't.
"I gotta go, fuck. I'm gonna wake everyone - Grant -"
"Frank." He's not gone, but he's going, and he's not saying it again. Grant's sitting bolt upright in bed now, as if he could reach out and physically grab onto Frank and stop him.
"Goodnight," the phone whispers at him, and then the call really is dead, and Grant lets his phone hand fall into his lap, staring at it in dismay. (1,070 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:poly  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Grant.Morrison  posted:2011-07  recced:2011-07  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
august 2011 by turlough
mizubyte: Failboat Frontmen
REC: A really cute not!fic in which Frank never joined MCR but still created Skeleton Crew and Leathermouth and did awesome. (2011-07-31)
QUOTE: He likes calling up the venues and sweet talking them into giving their bands gigs, designing promotional materials, getting calls from tour managers that have found new bands. He loves the excited voices of bands when he calls them back to say "hey, we heard your tape and think you should meet with one of our guys." He totally remembers that phone call. He hears that MCR is in Europe while he's helping Jamia get album release showcases together, and that's good, that's great. Okay he's completely fucking jealous (apparently they even have a manager, holy shit, Pencey never had a manager) because mother fucking Europe. And big tours (the Used? Motherfuckers). (9,860 words)
author:mizubyte  fandom:Bandom  activity:performing  concept:band.with.a.twist  concept:music  concept:polyamory  concept:stagegay  occupation:musician  occupation:small.business.owner  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  setting:on.tour  setting:on.break  setting:office  time:early.days  tour:2005.Taste.of.Chaos  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Pencey.Prep  band:Leathermouth  pov:Frank  posted:2011-07  recced:2011-07  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(primary) 
august 2011 by turlough
creepylicous: (How Bad I Want This) Scandal
REC: Gerard's kissed Frank onstage again. Mikey knows he should feel jealous. This was lovely. Bittersweet but still hopeful. (2011-07-10)
QUOTE: Gerard grabs Mikey's arm, the one that doesn't hold the cigarette and Mikey turns to look at him. "What are we talking about?" he asks softly. "I know I should have been angry and jealous, but I am not. I..." Mikey takes another drag and exhales slowly. "Because it's you, I'm not." Gerard nods as if he understands, but Mikey isn't so sure. "I don't mean because you don't want to steal my boyfriend, or because if you would like him you would never try anything... I mean, because it's you." Mikey tries to clarify. (523 words)
author:creepylicious  fandom:Bandom  activity:performing  concept:stagegay  concept:polyamory  relationship:friendship  relationship:established  relationship:brothers  relationship:poly  relationship:Waycest  setting:on.tour  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pov:Mikey  challenge:2011.Bandom.Kissing.Meme  posted:2011-07  recced:2011-07  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.-1k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study 
july 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Hold On Tight and Don't Look Back (OT3 'verse 8)
REC: Frank and Gerard and Grant continues to feel their way into their new relationship. And have lots of hot sex too. The last story in the OT3 'verse. I have so much love for this universe. It's so warm and lowkey and sensual and it's such a joy to get to see grownup people working their way into a relationship. This story is a wonderful happy ending and I particularly loved the Grant characterisation. (2011-07-03)
QUOTE: "So?" Frank asks. Johnny wanders in and rubs up against Frank's legs before hopping in his lap. Frank pets him absently, eyes fixed on Gerard.
"I don't know, he's focused and twitchy and I'm surprised he's eating at all, but clearly he's at least eating toast. He said to make ourselves at home. It's hard to read him. I can't tell if we'd bother him if we went in there with him, or what." Gerard sighs and runs a hand through his hair. He tucks his feet under Frank's thigh and reaches out to let Johnny sniff his fingers. "I just have no idea how he works or what he needs from us and I wish I did."
"The way I see it," Frank says, wrapping his free hand around Gerard's ankle and squeezing, "he asked us to be here, so he's expecting at least some kind of distraction every once in a while. If we bother him, he can ask us to stop."
"Yeah." Gerard sighs again.
They sit like that until the coffee is gone. Johnny even lets Gerard pet him a little bit before they're through. There are a few more hours until practice and Frank disappears toward the bedrooms. Gerard follows quietly a few moments later.
"Hey," he hears from Grant's office.
"Frank. Good morning, darling." Grant sounds distracted, but also genuinely happy to see Frank.
There's the quiet sound of a kiss and then Frank asks, "D'you mind if I sit here and read?"
"Not at all," Grant answers and Gerard hears Frank settle down somewhere. Then the only further sounds he hears are the sound of the keyboard and the periodic turning of pages from Frank.
Gerard goes back out to the dining room, where he can set up his laptop on the glass table. He has his own scripts to work on. And he does, getting so immersed that hours pass, and only the sound of clinking silverware from the kitchen rouses him. He looks up; it's Frank making sandwiches. Frank sees him looking and gestures to the food. Gerard nods. Frank brings him one of the plates and then disappears down the hall, reappearing several minutes later without the other plate but also without Grant.
"He wouldn't take a break," Frank says as he sits down with his own food. "He's been typing ever since I've been in there. He's got like eight books open on the desk. I didn't ask."
Gerard hums. "Maybe later he will," he offers, peeling a strip of crust off his bread and chewing on it. Frank just gives him a look that says, We'll see.
When it's time to leave for practice, Gerard ducks into the bedroom to look for his phone charger, and Frank goes back into the office. When he peeks in the door, Grant is tugging Frank into his lap, and Frank is straddling his hips and leaning in for a kiss. "Is that office-appropriate behavior?" Gerard teases from the doorway.
"Aren't I lucky to not work a proper office job?" Grant counters. (29,840 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/217846 )
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  activity:drug.use  beings:animals.dogs  beings:animals.cats  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:art  concept:polyamory  occupation:writer  things:comics  holiday:New.Years  relationship:established  relationship:poly  relationship:marriage  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:bondage  smut:shower.sex  smut:threesome  setting:on.break  setting:on.tour  tour:2011.World.Contamination  geography:US:Los.Angeles  geography:Asia:Japan  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  pov:Grant.Morrison  posted:2011-07  recced:2011-07  !meta:rec:fic  +length:long.20k-50k  smut:sex.toys  smut:blindfold  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:fluff  !!FAVOURITE.FIC  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary) 
july 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: You Only Live Forever In the Lights You Make (OT3 'verse Masterlist)
REC: An album, a video shoot, an overdue encounter. None of them could have imagined what would happen next. The story of three people, three seasons, three continents, and how things begin. I love what the writers are doing with this relationship. The first story is pretty much a PWP but you can already see hints of the relationship dynamics that the later stories will explore. It's wonderful to get to see grownup people working their way into a relationship. The established pairing between Frank and Gerard being opened up to Grant and slowly becoming a true three-way relationship. Getting to follow the slow growth of emotional as well as physical intimacy between the three of them and the way it interacts with their various insecurities, is absolutely fascinating. (2011-06-18)
INFO: Masterlist of the OT3verse. 8 stories with a total of 110,800 words, 1 prequel of 8,060 words, 1 art by reflectedeve. The list on AO3 also includes various short outtakes. Finished.
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/series/7658 )
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:polyamory  band:My.Chemical.Romance  !meta:masterlist  +length:epic.100k-  !meta:rec:fic  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
june 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Sing It From the Heart (OT3 'verse 7)
REC: The relationship of Frank, Gerard, and Grant continues to evolve. The newest story in the OT3 'verse. I love this universe so much! I love the way we're getting to follow the slow growth of their relationship - the ups and the downs, the good and the bad. I could happily go on reading this forever. (2011-04-10)
QUOTE: Later, after Frank's eaten his fill of whole-grain pasta and listened to Grant explain something about quantum theory and magic, it still feels normal. It's Grant that makes it all feel normal, because it's all normal for him to discuss physics over dinner, share a bottle of 18-year single-malt on the deck overlooking the canyon and talk about the Justice League, and then go to bed with two guys practically half his age. Or, well. With them. There had better not be any other guys half Grant's age hanging around his bedroom, Frank thinks jealously and then chuckles to himself; apparently it's really good whiskey, because that was not a 100% sober thought. Grant shoots him an inquiring look. Frank shrugs. "Just a random thought," he says.
"What's the rule, Frankie?" Gerard chides him teasingly. "You're not allowed to have those and not share."
"That rule was for *you*, Gerard," Frank shoots back. "Platinum-white hair ringing a bell?"
"Bookworm tattoo," Gerard reminds him.
"I'm sorry, how long did it take you to notice that? And you like it."
"You have a lot of tattoos! And it's not like you put your fingers together and said 'Look at my bookworm tattoo, Gerard.' I thought they were just symbols. Also, I like you."
"You'd better."
Grant laughs. "Is this likely to go on longer?"
"Sorry, Grant," Frank says, "our rock star lifestyle is mostly racking up frequent flier miles and bickering." He shuffles closer to Grant and tips his head against Grant's arm.
"Random thought," Grant reminds him.
"Oh! It was nothing, really, just - imagining what I'd do to the other guys hanging around your bedroom door."
Grant laughs, sounding startled. "There's no one hanging round my bedroom door, Frank."
"Good," Frank says, nuzzling closer. "Because I'm a little drunk, and Gerard's really no good in a fight."
"Gerard," Frank hears Grant say over his head, "did Frank just threaten to duel for my favor?"
"It sounded that way, yes," Gerard replies. Frank knows what Gerard sounds like when he's choking back laughter, and he flips him off without looking in that direction. (28,750 words)
(also at http://fleurdeliser.livejournal.com/165064.html & http://archiveofourown.org/works/186924 )
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  activity:performing  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:animals.dogs  beings:animals.cats  things:fur.coat  concept:polyamory  occupation:writer  things:comics  relationship:established  relationship:poly  relationship:friendship  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  smut:frottage  smut:shower.sex  smut:handjob  smut:voyeurism  setting:on.break  setting:on.tour  tour:2010.Radio.Christmas.Shows  geography:US:Los.Angeles  geography:US:New.York  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  posted:2011-04  recced:2011-04  !meta:rec:fic  +length:long.20k-50k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
april 2011 by turlough
pandarus: (To Die Will Be) An Awfully Big Adventure
REC: Gerard gets turned into a vampire, angsts a bit, is attacked by angry vampire slayers, gets chased around LA, and ends up entangled in faerie politics. I had some minor quibbles with some of the philosophical/ethical themes of this story but on the whole it's a very fun and entertaining read and the worldbuilding is excellent. (2011-03-13)
QUOTE: "Back away from the civilian, Gerard, before this gets messy." He spun around, hissing, and stared at the tall, blond figure with baffled rage. It was someone he knew, a familiar face, but Gerard was so far from being himself at this point that he barely knew his *own* name, let alone the name of this interloper watching him from the shadows. [...] "Sorry, Gee," the stranger said placidly, as Gerard sank down onto his knees, coughing and choking in the cloud of glitter that clung to his skin and slipped inside his nostrils and his mouth, knocking the world out of balance. (73,490 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/167916 )
author:pandarus  fandom:Bandom  activity:kidnapping  activity:rescue  beings:faeries  beings:vampires  beings:werewolves  concept:addiction  concept:art  concept:char.death(temporary)  concept:magic  concept:supernatural  concept:violence  concept:polyamory  condition:injury  occupation:slayer  relationship:friendship  relationship:established  relationship:brothers  relationship:poly  smut:handjob  setting:other.world  time:future  geography:US:Los.Angeles  geography:myth:Fairy.Land  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  band:The.Used  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pov:Gerard  posted:2011-03  recced:2011-03  !meta:rec:fic  +length:long.50k-100k  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:urban.fantasy  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(primary)  pairing:Patrick/Pete(secondary)  pairing:Pete/Ashlee(secondary) 
march 2011 by turlough
tuesdaysgone: Lives Become Incredible (OT3 'verse 6)
REC: Grant is having a pint with an old friend. A short interlude set between part 1 & 2 of 'Hide Your Eyes...'. This is so warm and happymaking and it's wonderful to get a glimpse of what Grant is thinking of their relationship. (2011-02-13)
QUOTE: "And what sort of socializing was this? Is young Mr. Way still with Other-Frank?" Vince asks curiously, sounding for all the world like a nosy granny. "I thought they were -"
"They are," Grant says simply. "Still. Always."
"Grant -" Vince sounds a little pained. He won't say more, never has. Won't tell Grant to get over it; he's a good friend but not that sort, and Grant appreciates the effort. He knows he's not an easy person to befriend. He's hard to talk to, sometimes intentionally; he's a workaholic, he reads too much and writes even more, sleeps too little and even among friends it's easier to wear one of his personas, even these days when they're more ill-tailored than not.
As he sits quietly, and sips his pint, and smiles faintly, Vince's eyes narrow and his expression changes. "You didn't - Grant. You fucked him, didn't you? I know that smug expression."
Is it - well, maybe it *is* a little smug. "Not... exactly," Grant prevaricates, finding this conversation more entertaining as he gets closer to the bottom of his pint, as Vince gets a bit more agitated. (1,190 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/186919 )
author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  activity:drinking  beings:Grant.Morrison  things:memories  concept:polyamory  occupation:writer  relationship:established  relationship:poly  setting:bar/club  geography:UK:Scotland  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Grant.Morrison  posted:2011-02  recced:2011-02  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
february 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Hide Your Eyes We're Gonna Shine Tonight (OT3 'verse 5)
REC: The day after in London and a couple of weeks later in LA. The sequel to 'If My Velocity ...'. This is so warm and full of love and the interplay between the three of them is just lovely. Absolutely wonderful story. (2011-02-06)
QUOTE: When Grant arrives at the restaurant that night, a few minutes after them, Gerard has to grab Frank's hand. Because otherwise there is just no fucking way he could stop himself from giving everyone in the room a show. Frank's little intake of breath at the sight of Grant is enough to tell Gerard that Frank knows exactly how he feels. It's just - he looks so fucking good. He's in one of his suits and has on this bright, bold tie that Gerard wants to grab hold of and use to pull Grant to him. Or maybe watch Frank do it, watch Frank do what he said he wanted when he was on the phone to Grant on his birthday.
"That's fucking cheating," Frank whispers in his ear. Grant catches his eye and yes, that is definitely a smirk. He knows exactly what he's doing to them.
"Since when do either of us play fair?" Gerard whispers back, then pulls Frank in for a kiss. It isn't until he feels the hand curling around the curve of his ass and pulling him close that he sees the flaw in this plan. He should know better than to even suggest the word "competition" to Frank. At least not in public. Gerard's not - well, god knows he's a bit of an exhibitionist on stage, but that's on stage, not in a swanky restaurant in Soho. With Ray, James, Pedicone, and his brother and sister-in-law three feet away. Okay, so that part's not much different, but still. It's gonna be an interesting evening.
Their table isn't ready yet and they're all waiting in the noisy bar, which ups the stakes considerably, because it means that Grant can set a hand on his shoulder, lean close under the guise of conversation. "How was your day?" he asks. It's such an innocent question, but the tone... Gerard can't help the shiver that goes down his spine.
"It was long and I'd have rather just stayed in bed, but it was good." Gerard tilts his head and widens his eyes.
Grant smirks at him and turns to Frank. "And how are you feeling?"
"Like I'm ready to make the most of our last real night in London," Frank answers. And licks his lips. Gerard pretty much has to kiss him again. And with Grant this close, he hears the little whoosh of breath Grant expels at the sight of them.
"What've you been up to without me to bother you all day?" Frank asks.
"Wishing you were there to bother me, actually," Grant answers with a pointed look. Frank has the good grace to look abashed and Gerard squeezes his hand. "But since that wasn't possible, I went down to my favorite pub, found a nice spot in the corner and wrote for most of the day."
"The same thing you were writing yesterday?" Frank asks.
"Yes, that. I made quite a bit of progress. Apparently I was inspired." Grant's lips quirk into a smirk again. (17,820 words)
(also at http://tuesdaysgone.dreamwidth.org/7385.html & http://archiveofourown.org/works/186915 )
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:animals.dogs  holiday:Thanksgiving  concept:polyamory  occupation:writer  relationship:established  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:rimming  smut:handjob  smut:threesome  setting:on.tour  setting:on.break  tour:2010.World.Contamination  geography:UK:London  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Bert/Gerard(past)  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  posted:2011-01  recced:2011-02  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
february 2011 by turlough
turps: And the Embers Never Fade
REC: Bob finds a crashed motorbike and an unconcious, badly hurt Killjoy in the desert and brings them home. This is just the beginning of his dealings with the Killjoys. A very nice story with a great Bob characterisation. I liked how the Killjoys and the way they're opening up to Bob is written and I loved the glimpses we got of other people's lives in the zones. It really brought to life what the Killjoys are fighting for. (2011-01-23)
QUOTE: Safety released on his gun, Bob approaches the body, and frowns when he gets closer. He's expecting some S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W drone, but it isn't at all. Not unless they've started to wear leather jackets and actual colors.
Bob circles the body, stepping over patches of blood-stained sand. Then kneels, staring at the yellow crash helmet complete with smiley face, spits out, "Fuck."
While they run the same circles, Bob's never met any of the Killjoys, but he knows what they look like. Or else, he's seen the wanted posters and read their descriptions, including Kobra Kid's distinctive crash helmet. Which this definitely is.
Hoping that he's found some kind of copy cat, Bob pulls up the visor and immediately wants to stand and run. Because, despite the blood that's dried on his face, it's Kobra Kid for sure, and Bob's just been landed with a problem he never wanted.
The sensible thing would be to run. Just stand up and go without checking to see if Kobra Kid's even alive. But Bob can't do that. While he seeks out solitude and prefers to live off the grid, that doesn't mean he can ignore someone so obviously injured. Reaching out, he presses his fingers against Kobra Kid's neck, feeling for a pulse.
There's one there, faint but steady, and Bob makes a decision. Sliding his arms under Kobra Kid's body, Bob lifts him up, cradling him against his chest. Which medically is probably a disaster but so's staying here, when S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W or the dracs could arrive at any time.
"Sorry, kid," Bob says, thankful for his years of hauling around heavy engines as he manhandles Kobra Kid up the bank and into the back of the Jeep. Kobra Kid doesn't reply, or make any noise in response, and Bob's sure he's going to end up with a corpse on his hands, and probably a price on his head from when the Killjoys inevitably find out. Which fine, what's one more to add to the collection?
Hand shading his eyes, Bob looks along the track, checking for dust clouds signaling anyone approaching. When he's sure they're clear, he leans into his Jeep, looking down at the back seat.
"You'd better keep breathing," Bob threatens, taking in how Kobra Kid's pants are shredded and the material blood stained. "I mean it, die in my Jeep and I'll kill you." (45,460 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/159761 )
author:turps  fandom:Bandom  universe:Pink.Jeep.verse  activity:gun.fights  activity:killing/murder  activity:plane/vehicle.crash  activity:rescue  activity:salvage  beings:draculoids  things:motorbike  things:Trans.Am  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:dystopia  concept:rebellion  concept:polyamory  concept:violence  condition:injury  occupation:mechanic  occupation:rebel  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  relationship:brothers  relationship:Waycest  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:groupsex  smut:handjob  smut:voyeurism  setting:desert  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pairing:GSF:My.Chemical.Romance(primary)  pov:Bob  pov:Mikey  pov:Frank  posted:2011-01  recced:2011-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:long.20k-50k  things:storm  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  universe:Danger.Days 
january 2011 by turlough
mistresscurvy: Fuck the Snow (Repeat as Necessary)
REC: They're in Jersey in January, practicing, Gerard is staying with Frank. I really liked the cozy, domestic feel of this story, with the snow and the dogs and how their relationship now is both alike and different from what it was before they married and had kids. (2011-01-16)
QUOTE: He waits for Gerard to come around the car before trudging through the snow up the walkway to his house and climbing up the front steps. He turns around to see how Gerard is doing just in time to see him slip backwards in his designer boots, which Frank has to admit look pretty awesome but clearly do not have the soles for New Jersey winters. Gerard almost stays on his feet, but he overcorrects a little and goes down, faceplanting into the snow.
"Gerard!" Frank says, walking down the steps again as fast as he dares to help him. Gerard is on his hands and knees, and Frank reaches out a hand for Gerard to grab as he carefully stands back up. "You okay, man?" Frank asks, brushing off some of the snow that's all over Gerard's body.
Gerard looks back at him, his face red and wet, hair dangling in his face. "Fuck the snow, Frank," he says, shaking his arms out to knock some of the snow off.
"No argument from me," Frank says, taking hold of Gerard's arm and leading him up to the stoop slowly. They make their way up the stairs, Gerard grabbing onto Frank as he tests each step out before shifting his weight. Frank fumbles with the keys a bit, his hands cold and clammy just from the few minutes they've been outside, but he finally gets the right key in the lock and pushes open the front door.
Frank tosses the keys onto the hall table, not caring at all when they skid across the surface and crash to the ground. "Okay. Why don't you head upstairs and get changed, and I'm going to call Jamia," he says, trying to toe off his boots but eventually giving up and leaning over to unlace them. Gerard is leaning back against the closed front door, pulling one of his boots off and chucking it across the room once he succeeds. He gets the other one off as well and then pads through the hall up to the stairs, his socked feet squishing slightly as he goes. (6,390 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/153444 & http://mistresscurvy.dreamwidth.org/21953.html & http://mistresscurvy.livejournal.com/22947.html )
author:mistresscurvy  fandom:Bandom  beings:animals.dogs  concept:family  concept:polyamory  things:snow  relationship:established  relationship:poly  smut:fucking  setting:on.break  tour:2010.World.Contamination  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  challenge:2011.No.Tags  posted:2011-01  recced:2011-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  things:storm  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary) 
january 2011 by turlough
brooklinegirl: Making Of
REC: Frank on the set of Na Na Na. This is a wonderful story. I love this Frank and the way he and Gerard are so relaxed and comfortable together. Gerard knowing exactly what to do to ground Frank in the here and now and Frank's phone conversation with Jamia at the end, both show how well they all fit together. There's so much joy and sunshine and happiness in this story. (2011-01-16)
QUOTE: Gerard pulls back, but he doesn't let go. "Frankie," he says, his voice soft and delighted, in a way that Frank's never heard anyone say anything except for Gerard. "Frankie, how great is this?"
"So great," Frank breathes, staring up at him. He's on his toes, he realizes suddenly, pressed against the wall, his head still angled for Gerard's kiss. His phone buzzes, insistent, in his pocket, trapped between the two of them. Gerard kisses him again, quick and soft this time, stepping back as Frank falls back to the flat of his boots with a thump. He fishes the phone out of his pocket, and he's got a picture text loading.
"Ooh, it's Jamia," Gerard says, looking at Frank's phone over his shoulder, like it would never occur to him Frank would get a text he wouldn't want to share. "Oh my god, Frankie, your *girls*."
Because it is - his girls, his babies. Lily is wailing, pissed off, her face bright red, and Cherry is looking petulant and put-out, her hands in fists up by her face. It's hysterical, both of them so angry, and the note on the picture message is, 'The girls say What Up, Daddy'.
Frank feels his face melting into that gooey, terrible, awful, unstoppable dad-face, and when he glances up, his cheeks hot, Gerard is looking at the phone with nearly the same expression. "Oh man," he says. "Look at those faces. They will *cut* you. They will *fuck you up*." (4,630 words)
(also at http://brooklinegirl.livejournal.com/788825.html & http://archiveofourown.org/works/312234 )
author:brooklinegirl  fandom:Bandom  activity:film.making  beings:Grant.Morrison  things:Gerard's.red.hair  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  setting:desert  time:Danger.Days.promo  geography:US:California  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  challenge:2011.No.Tags  posted:2011-01  recced:2011-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Jamia/Lindsey(secondary)  universe:Danger.Days 
january 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat (OT3 'verse 4)
REC: Frank and Gerard and Grant Morrison on the phone and in London. The fabulous sequel to 'Sing It...' & 'The Devil's...'. I absolutely love what their doing with this relationship. The slow growth of emotional and not only physical intimacy between them and the way Frank's insecurities and the way he sees Gerard and Grant interacts with that, is absolutely fascinating. I want to read all the fic in the world about the continued development of their relationship. And of their sex life too of course, because it's scorchingly hot! (2011-01-09)
QUOTE: Frank hasn't been unhappy in the last few months by any means, but playing shows is like a whole other plane of existence and he'd missed it so much. He nudges Mikey back and grins at him before standing up. "Okay. Time to go wake the dragon. Pray I return."
When Frank crawls in the bunk with Gerard, he finds it's less waking a dragon and more coming face-to-face with a sleepy puppy. "Hey," he whispers.
"Hi." Gerard sounds a little croaky, but not too bad.
"How're you feeling?" Frank asks.
"Tired, but could be worse. I need coffee."
"Mikey told me a few minutes ago that the driver said we're about half an hour out. So if you can hold out, we can get real Parisian coffee," Frank says. And wow, that sounds fucking good right now.
"What'd you do while I was sleeping?" Gerard asks.
"Finished my book. We need to find a book store that sells books in English, because I need a new one," and after a moment's hesitation Frank adds, "and I called Grant again."
"Mmmm," Gerard hums, stretching. "I bet he was glad."
"I guess," Frank says.
"Don't do that," Gerard replies instantly, once again echoing Grant without realizing.
Because it's Gerard, Frank can't really stop himself from spitting out some of the words he'd held back earlier. "Do what? It's just the truth. I'm not, I can't be -"
"Frank." Now Gerard is sounding cranky, and, typically, is seeing right through Frank's bullshit. "Grant liked you a lot before. You think he's going to like you less now?" He raises his eyebrows.
Gerard rolls back over and buries his face in the pillow. "Fine. Be an idiot. I can't actually stop you," he says, muffled. The last word comes out with a spasm of coughs and Frank sits up, rubs Gerard's back till he's quiet. Gerard sighs and curls a hand around Frank's knee, so Frank sits where he is until the bus stops. (14,820 words)
(also at http://tuesdaysgone.dreamwidth.org/7118.html & http://archiveofourown.org/works/186912 )
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:art  concept:polyamory  occupation:writer  things:comics  condition:illness  relationship:established  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:phone.sex  setting:on.tour  tour:2010.World.Contamination  geography:Europe:Germany  geography:Europe:France  geography:UK:London  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  posted:2011-01  recced:2011-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:crossover  activity:cuddling  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
january 2011 by turlough
creepylicious: Word/Picture
REC: Pete does graffitti, the Ways own a comic store, and the Killjoys are both a comic and a metaphor. A very cool story and the use of the Killjoys comic is so neat. I really like the characterisations and the interpersonal dynamics between the three of them. Mikey and Gerard's relationship is just so right and it's fascinating to see it both from their point and from Pete's. (2011-01-09)
QUOTE: "There was paint on his wrist," Gerard says as the guy in the bright green hoodie leaves the store. Mikey smiles, without lifting his eyes from the comic. "Don't give me that look." "You gave him coffee," Mikey points out. "Oh shut up," Gerard says, lighting a cigarette. "So, you think he's an artist?" "There was paint on his wrist. Magenta paint, Mikey," Gerard answers. [...] "It was the same guy who was staring at the wall the other day." "You think?" "Small, with a horrible fashion sense? Yeah, I do." (9,430 words)
(also at http://community.livejournal.com/nur_luegen/39842.html & http://archiveofourown.org/works/250069 )
author:creepylicious  fandom:Bandom  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:story.within.a.story  concept:polyamory  things:comics  occupation:small.business.owner  occupation:artist/designer  relationship:brothers  relationship:UST  relationship:Waycest  relationship:poly  smut:frottage  smut:handjob  smut:masturbation  smut:threesome  setting:shop  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Gerard/Mikey/Pete(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Pete(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Pete(primary)  pov:Mikey  pov:Gerard  pov:Pete  challenge:2010.Bandom.Stuffs.It  posted:2010-12  recced:2011-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  things:graffitti  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  universe:Danger.Days 
january 2011 by turlough
were_duck: Keep Running
REC: A violent act done in a fit of rage has unexpected consequences down the line. The one where Gerard is seriously hurt by Korse. This is a wonderful story, very intense and powerful. The whole drug conditioning thing, how it works and the way Korse is both aware and not of what it's doing to him, is fascinating and so is the way the dynamic between Korse and Gerard change through the story. I love how Gerard, despite his silence, is still the main agent and mover of the story. And the ending is so warm and full of hope. (2011-01-02) I still love this story. It's intense and powerful with a fascinating Korse portrayal and I love the way Gerard is still the main agent and mover of the story despite his silence. (2012-11-22)
QUOTE: Korse feels rage slam into him, wanting to shut off the bitter stream of words, and before he can even think he grips the needle probe and stabs Way right through the neck.
Korse stares down as blood wells from Way's neck, dark and viscous, staining the steel jutting out on each side of the join of his jaw, his chapped lips parting for a gurgled, pathetic cry.
Korse can feel the odd leveling sensation coating his mind as his high emotional state triggers the chempack, drugs hitting his bloodstream to bring him back under perfect control.
He tears his gaze impassively from the shock dimming out of Way's eyes, dropping the probe disdainfully into the pristine tool set, blood spattering over the sterile instruments. He motions the technician over. She takes over efficiently and silently, pressing the call button that brings several attendants in to aid her as Way begins to convulse on the table from lack of oxygen and shock.
Korse leaves the complex, brushing a layer of dust from his vehicle before nodding brusquely to his henchman to get in the passenger seat. They're three miles away, en route for headquarters, when the call comes through.
"Exterminator Korse, sir, this is Lieutenant Covacs here at Station Six. Sir, there's been an incident. The medical staff were compromised, sir. They escaped with the patient and killed three attending nurses. They're heading north, and we have a squad in pursuit, but I thought it best to contact you for orders, sir..."
Korse thinks distantly that if his levels hadn't recently adjusted themselves he would be squealing the car around in rage. Instead, he merely thins his lips and hangs up on the distressed underling. If the Killjoys have escaped with Way, there'll be no catching up to them today.
Korse pulls on his radio, thumbing the antiquated side button, flicking to the channel he often uses with his draculoids, the channel he knows the Killjoys will be monitoring.
"Keep running - it won't be fast or far enough. I will find you." He snarls into the line, and slides the radio back into its clip. (8,220 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/145697 )
author:were_duck  fandom:Bandom  activity:detoxing  activity:gun.fights  activity:killing/murder  activity:kidnapping  activity:rescue  beings:kids  beings:draculoids  concept:dystopia  concept:rebellion  concept:brainwashing  concept:disability  concept:char.death(temporary)  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:torture  concept:violence  concept:polyamory  condition:injury  occupation:rebel  occupation:exterminator  relationship:established  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  setting:desert  geography:myth:Battery.City  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  pov:Korse  posted:2010-12  recced:2011-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  concept:medication  fandom:Comics.RPS  beings:Grant.Morrison  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  !!FAVOURITE.KILLJOYS.FIC  !!FAVOURITE.FIC  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Korse(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Korse(primary)  universe:Danger.Days 
january 2011 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: The Devil's Got Your Number Tonight (OT3 'verse 3)
REC: Frank and Gerard meet Grant again in Edinburgh. A wonderful sequel to 'Sing It...' It's scorchingly hot and the way the relationship between the three of them is changing is so interesting. (2010-12-26)
QUOTE: Grant rubs a thumb lightly over Gerard's lipsticked mouth, "We can't waste this just yet." He puts his hands on Gerard's hips and moves his mouth to Gerard's neck. He goes straight to Gerard's sensitive spots and Gerard moans, tipping his head back. Grant moves his hands under the skirt and pulls Gerard's hips flush against his own. "So hard already," he says. "You love this, don't you?"
Of course Gerard loves this, dressing up and painting himself, wearing his own creation. Frank thinks it's a little bit of a control thing, like Frank's tattoos, like the words Gerard likes to write on his skin. It's a little extra distance, that's all; he's not less himself, he's more himself, and Frank knows Grant understands that. Thinks maybe that's why this is happening now.
Then he hears his own name. "Look at Frank," Grant's saying to Gerard. "Look at him watching you."
"Us," Gerard corrects. "He's watching both of us." He is, of course, even though there is a distressing amount of clothing on both of them. "The sudden patience is unlike you, though," Gerard says, addressing Frank directly this time.
"I'm admiring the view," he says, echoing Grant deliberately, trying for a bit of the burr. "The view needs less clothing."
Gerard tugs out of Grant's arms, comes over to crawl up the mattress and hover over Frank. "Then make yourself useful," he teases. Frank sits up underneath him, forcing Gerard to lean back and settle himself onto Frank's lap, and he steadies Gerard's hips before moving his hands to the buttons of the blazer.
"Gonna undo your hard work," he grins. "You okay with that?" He gets the last button open, pushes the jacket off Gerard's shoulders. It hits the floor with a soft thump. The shirt underneath is some sort of drapey, silky thing, and Frank spreads a hand across Gerard's chest, rubbing the fabric back and forth across Gerard's nipples, sticking a hand underneath to pet at his stomach and push the fabric over his head.
Gerard sucks in a breath when he re-emerges, hair going every which way. "I don't know," he drawls. "Is someone going to fuck me at the end of it?"
Frank hums, running a knuckle up and down Gerard's sternum. "Mmm. I bet we could get a volunteer," he deadpans, looking over Gerard's shoulder at Grant. "Isn't that right?" Grant steps up behind Gerard, running his palms up Gerard's back, and Frank feels Gerard shiver. "The less clothing thing applies to you too," he says, catching Grant's eye, and Grant reaches obligingly for his buttons, shedding his shirt and jacket while Frank wraps his own hands around Gerard's biceps and pushes him off his lap and off the bed. (8,730 words)
(also at http://tuesdaysgone.dreamwidth.org/6086.html & http://archiveofourown.org/works/186904 )
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  universe:OT3.verse  activity:shopping  activity:performing  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:finger.fucking  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:on.tour  tour:2010.World.Contamination  geography:UK:London  geography:UK:Scotland  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Frank  posted:2010-12  recced:2010-12  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:PWP  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
december 2010 by turlough
gala_apples: Lemme Tell You 'Bout The Sad Man
REC: Baby showers and drac attacks. This is a lovely bit of backstory for the Killjoys universe, it balances perfectly between heartbreaking and hopeful. (2010-10-17)
QUOTE: Everything's practical, of course. There's no room for anything that's not. But to the best of their ability, they've made everything fit. Beautiful and rebellious, as well as needed. Gerard's sleeper has tiny smiling spiders drawn all over it, Alicia and Lyn-Z have dyed their miniscule t-shirts, Frank's bibs are embroidered, and Bob's bottles are covered in stickers. And holy fuck, Mikey's found dehydrated milk. Ray has no idea how that's even possible, but when Christa pulls it out of the yellow plastic he can't help but cry. Gerard's the first to swarm him, pulling him into a hug, their slick sleeves squeaking on each other. But the others aren't far behind. Except for Mikey, who's holding Carmen. Carmen, his beautiful fucking baby, Carmen, just another reason to never stop fighting. (1,600 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/421052 & http://gala-apples.dreamwidth.org/84060.html )
author:gala_apples  fandom:Bandom  activity:salvage  activity:gun.fights  beings:kids  beings:draculoids  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:char.death.minor  concept:char.death.minor(past)  concept:dystopia  concept:rebellion  concept:violence  concept:family  concept:polyamory  occupation:rebel  relationship:established  relationship:poly  setting:desert  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pairing:GSF:My.Chemical.Romance(secondary)  pov:Ray  challenge:2010.Schmoop.Bingo  posted:2010-09  recced:2010-10  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  pairing:MIkey/Alicia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pairing:Ray/Christa(primary)  universe:Danger.Days 
october 2010 by turlough
7iris: untitled not!fic
REC: It all started with Frank, Mikey, and Ray during the time when Gerard hit rockbottom. I found this through delicious and I'm glad I did. It's a really interesting and thoughtprovoking, and quite lovely, not!fic about the sexual history of the band. (2010-08-15)
QUOTE: Once Ray crumbles, Mikey gives in as well. Ray can't actually remember how the three of them ended up having sex that first time. He has flashes of sense memory, the taste of Mikey's skin, the feeling of Frank, fierce and shaking under his hands, but he can't remember the beginning. "It's probably not that applicable anyway," Mikey says dryly. In the end they go with Frank's suggestion, because it's not like any of them can do subtle. They wait until Gerard goes to an AA meeting and they can corner Bob in the back of the bus. (2,960 words)
author:7iris  fandom:Bandom  concept:addiction  concept:sobriety  concept:polyamory  relationship:poly  relationship:breakup  relationship:brothers  relationship:UST  relationship:Waycest  setting:on.tour  tour:2004.Warped  tour:2005.Taste.of.Chaos  tour:2005.Warped  location:Paramour.Mansion  tour:2006-2007.Black.Parade  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:GSF:My.Chemical.Romance(primary)  pairing:Bert/Gerard(secondary)  pairing:Mikey/Pete(secondary)  pov:omni  posted:2008-03  recced:2010-08  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:slash  fic:form:not!fic  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:character.study 
august 2010 by turlough
silentdescant: Choice
REC: A cute little early days story in which Gerard and Mikey share everything. Including Frank if he wants it. (2010-08-08)
QUOTE: Mikey brings it up again when he finds Frank and Gerard behind the bar, smoking. He looks at Gerard, kind of sadly. Frank doesn't understand their secret brother language, so he's not sure if that's what drives Gerard back inside or not. Once he's gone, Mikey turns to Frank and steals his cigarette. "If you don't like him, stop flirting with him," he says bluntly. "You're sending mixed messages." "I'm not -" Frank protests. "You are, and I don't want him to get hurt." "Wait, what? What do you mean? Does he - Does he *like* me?" "He wants to fuck you through the floor, Frank. I didn't think you were *that* oblivious." Mikey hands back the smoke and crosses his arms. Frank gapes at him, completely lost for words. He finally blurts out, "I didn't know." (1,470 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/127223 )
author:silentdescant  fandom:Bandom  activity:drinking  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:brothers  relationship:UST  relationship:Waycest  relationship:poly  setting:on.tour  time:early.days  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  challenge:2010.Ways+1  posted:2010-08  recced:2010-08  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Frank/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary) 
august 2010 by turlough
turps: Sing the Revolution
REC: A high school AU with crossdressing and threesomes. This is a story about change and growth and learning to trust the people you love. I love everything about this story and I love even more how all the different elements comes together and hooks you into the story and the life of the characters. Wonderful! (2010-08-01)
QUOTE: "That can't be comfortable," [...] "How does it even fit?" Gerard looks up from his drawing, says, "Patience and lots of lube." "Hand size too." Mikey flops onto his back and holds up his hands, wiggling his fingers. "I wouldn't want fucking shovels up my ass, you know? But small hands." He reaches out then, taking hold of Frank's hand and holding it in the air. "That would be okay." It's a mental image that goes straight to Frank's dick. Thankful for tight pants he turns his head, looking at Mikey, who's looking right back. (19,100 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/104739 & http://turps33.livejournal.com/1034104.html )
author:turps  fandom:Bandom  activity:bullying  activity:crossdressing  activity:drinking  activity:shopping  beings:teenagers  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:genderfuck  concept:homophobia  concept:polyamory  condition:injury  occupation:student.high.school  relationship:friendship  relationship:brothers  relationship:UST  relationship:Waycest  relationship:poly  smut:handjob  smut:masturbation  smut:voyeurism  setting:high.school  location:Way.basement  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Frank/Mikey(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  pov:Mikey  challenge:2010.Ways+1  posted:2010-08  recced:2010-08  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  smut:porn  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study 
august 2010 by turlough
creepylicious: Urban Battle Songs (Are About Love)
REC: An urban fantasy in which MCR broke up before Three Cheers, Panic didn't form, and Midtown still exists. This got some lovely worldbuilding and the ways the changed backstory has affected the characters were handled very well. The central plot was nicely contained with a mostly satisfactory ending, but there was so much that was just alluded to in passing that I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed when I reached the end. (2010-06-13)
QUOTE: "Oh, I got cursed," Brendon says when he sees Ryan staring at the big scar on his arm. [...] "No, really; it was a strong blood-curse and Gee counteracted it with a stronger blood-curse with virgin blood and bones of cats and all kinds of nasty stuff in it and I had to drink it. Thing is, he couldn't lift the curse. Just change it. He doesn't say there’s no cure. He just says that he hasn’t found it yet. On the plus side, I'm not dying a horrible death," he shrugs, playing with the hem of his shirt. (30,150 words)
author:creepylicious  fandom:Bandom  activity:drinking  activity:transformation.animate  beings:animals.others  concept:band.with.a.twist  concept:homelessness  concept:magic  concept:sobriety  concept:supernatural  concept:polyamory  condition:injury  occupation:wizard/witch  occupation:artist/designer  things:dreams  relationship:friendship  relationship:brothers  relationship:UST  relationship:Waycest  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  time:post-band  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Panic.at.the.Disco  band:Gym.Class.Heroes  band:Cobra.Starship  band:Midtown  band:Fall.Out.Boy  band:The.Academy.Is  pairing:Gerard/Mikey/Ryan(primary)  pairing:Gabe/William(secondary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Mikey  pov:Ryan  pov:Brendon  pov:Travis  challenge:2010.BBB  posted:2010-06  recced:2010-06  !meta:rec:fic  +length:long.20k-50k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:urban.fantasy 
june 2010 by turlough
earlofcardigans: Kings and Queens of Dirt and Light
REC: Another story in the same universe as 'Hollow Out Your Heart...' & 'Break It Down...'. I love this universe so much, it's so warm and happymaking, and this story is just so well, *cozy* with the way they snuggle and how close they all are, both physically and mentally. (2010-02-07)
QUOTE: When he looks at her again, she's smiling at him in that way she has that's just for him. Bob learned it pretty early on. It was weird and kind of jolting, and he had squirreled it away thinking that no one else was going to know that Lindsey made him that bubbly and explosive under his skin, like Bob was a science experiment under glass and Lindsey was dreaded oxygen.
The only other person that had made him ever feel weird under his skin was Gerard, and while that had turned out well, Bob didn't want to think at the time he could count on any sort of streak.
Lindsey taps the fingernails of her hand, some blood red and some bitten off, against his leg and says his name, low and insistent.
"It's okay." She smooths her hand over his forehead, sits up briskly and shakes her head, though, and says, "I think we should talk about Gerard. He's working too much. Already. Too much work. It's not even two weeks into the year. What are we going to do to fix him, Bob?"
She smiles then and Bob is sure he's in trouble. He sends mental signals to Gerard to run far and fast if he's around because Lindsey looks like she already has a plan and that that plan is devious. (1,320 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/562134 )
author:earlofcardigans  fandom:Bandom  activity:photography  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:poly  time:the.hiatus  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pov:Bob  posted:2010-01  recced:2010-02  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Lindsey(primary) 
february 2010 by turlough
wasoncedelight: Are We The Parts, Are We The Whole
REC: Bob and Gerard and Lindsey and changes. A wonderfully quiet and lovely story. I loved this Bob, his worries and how in love he was, and the way Gerard and Lindsey loved him back and made this place for the three of them. (2010-01-17)
QUOTE: Everything's different when Lindsey gets pregnant.
She and Gerard are in L.A. instead of New York, and the only bruises on Bob's skin are the ones he banged to the surface himself. He shares his bed in Chicago with three dogs instead of two people and tells himself he isn't lonely. And it's easy to miss a phone call or ten, between the break and Bob's surgery and Gerard playing bandwife.
But then Bob's phone rings on a Tuesday afternoon, and it's both of them on the other end of the line, their voices high and happy, tripping over each other to tell him the news and demand that he get his ass out to L.A. all in the same breath.
"Yeah?" Bob asks, halfway between surprised and relieved, his heart lodged somewhere between his chest and his throat. He's thrilled, and fucking terrified, because it's been too long and nothing's the same; he doesn't know what to think or how to feel, except that holy shit, Lindsey's gonna have a baby. And he misses them.
"Yeah!" Gerard laughs. "C'mon, we haven't seen you in forever."
"Please?" Lindsey says, and twelve hours later Bob's putting the first of two thousand miles under the Jeep's tires.
But it's different. In Bob's head, if not quite his heart, it's different. (1,520 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/3238307 & http://sleepingcities.livejournal.com/5431.html )
author:wasoncedelight  fandom:Bandom  concept:family  concept:polyamory  relationship:friendship  relationship:established  relationship:poly  time:the.hiatus  geography:US:Chicago  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pov:Bob  challenge:2010.No.Tags  posted:2010-01  recced:2010-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:character.study  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Lindsey(primary) 
january 2010 by turlough
earlofcardigans: Hollow Out Your Heart, Refill It, Watch It Kindle
REC: Gerard and Lindsey are missing Bob. An absolutely lovely prequel to 'Break It Down, Spill It Wide, Laugh It Off' with a wonderfully bittersweet atmosphere. I loved the way they connected, all three of them. (2010-01-10)
QUOTE: He doesn't mean to call Bob so late. He never means to, Lindsey says, and she's right, but there are just times when the only thing that cuts through Gerard's sleepless, fuzzy haze is Bob's voice. He quit trying to figure that out a long time ago. Bob lets Gerard attach himself to him, and he anchors all of them. Gerard needs that more than Lindsey, he knows, and sometimes he needs to hear Bob to know that they are on the same plane, that they are still 'Bob and Gerard' and nothing has changed in the darkest dark past midnight and crept up to somehow lie to him.
He doesn't bother leaving the bed, doesn't bother saying hi even when Bob answers. Gerard wants a timeline. It's all he ever wants: a countdown to when he knows things will be back to even, no matter the odds.
"Are you coming home? For Christmas, I mean." Gerard rolls over and breathes Lindsey's scent from his pillow. He knows Bob can still hear him, still understand him.
Gerard knows it's cheesy, but when he listens to Bob spark a cigarette and not answer him, he thinks about how Bob has been the only one that always heard him. Until Bob, until Lindsey, Gerard hadn't been sure of anything in his head. No matter what Mikey said. (1,170 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/562132 )
author:earlofcardigans  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  condition:insomnia  relationship:established  relationship:poly  time:the.hiatus  geography:US:Los.Angeles  geography:US:Chicago  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Lindsey(primary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Bob  pov:Lindsey  challenge:2009.MCR.Secret.Santa  posted:2010-01  recced:2010-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study 
january 2010 by turlough
earlofcardigans: Break It Down, Spill It Wide, Laugh It Off
REC: Bob talks to his band and has a birthday. This was so sweet and happy-making. I especially loved Bob's conversation with Brian. (2009-12-20)
QUOTE: "You should reign in your fucking band. Iero's insulting fans all over the place."
"You should talk to your fucking friends instead of stalking them online. What's up with you, Schechter? Where are you right now? Do you have the Google Earth positioned over me and Gerard? Can you see me flipping you off?"
Gerard looked up at Bob with questioning eyes, but Bob just shook his head. Gerard turned over in Bob's lap and stared back at the TV.
"Anyway. Happy birthday, asshole." Brian sounded sincere about it. And the thing with Brian was that he always was sincere about calling people assholes. He really meant it. Bob appreciated that in Brian from way back. Part of the reason they were friends.
"Aww thanks, B, for the touching sentiment. Where's my present?"
"You should have dinner with me some time and come get it." Brian was doing that thing where he twisted his shirt around his hand. Bob could totally tell.
"You should come to my completely and utterly a surprise to me party and bring it." Bob pretended to ignore Gerard's frantic face.
"I don't know if that's a good idea." More shirt twisting. It was a wonder any of his clothes fit. (1,650 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/562133 )
author:earlofcardigans  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  things:cupcakes  relationship:friendship  relationship:established  relationship:poly  time:the.hiatus  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Bob  posted:2009-12  recced:2009-12  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Lindsey(primary)  pairing:MIkey/Alicia(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary) 
december 2009 by turlough
earlofcardigans: untitled fic
REC: Frank and Mikey and Gerard back in the early days. This was very sweet and I loved the quiet atmosphere of it. (2009-12-13)
QUOTE: "Gerard says he kissed you." Frank yanks his head up and snaps his teeth together with how fast he did that. He stares at Mikey but he can't tell just by looking at him. He can't tell what that was even supposed to mean. And hell, if he's supposes honesty here, Gerard did more than kiss him. He did more than let Gerard kiss him. "Well he. I." Frank swallows because he has no fucking clue what he's supposed to say here. He shrugs and goes for it. "I have no idea what the fuck I'm supposed to say here, Mikey. I mean, um. Yeah. Yeah he did, but like, he got weird and I feel guilty about it so we, we just." (646 words)
author:earlofcardigans  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  relationship:poly  time:early.days  setting:recording.studio  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pov:Frank  posted:2009-12  recced:2009-12  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.-1k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff 
december 2009 by turlough
ciel_vert: I'm Gonna Love You With My Hands Tied
REC: Frank thought they were done with this. A story about a suprise blowjob. I really liked this story. The structure really worked for me, it made everything feel very immediate and present. And I loved the way Frank's feelings and their easy conversation told us so much more about their long shared history and possible future than what is ever stated outright. And the sex was really hot too. (2009-12-06)
QUOTE: Gerard starts to get up off the floor, and Frank gathers as much strength as he can at the moment to help him up. Once he's standing, Gerard leans against Frank and nuzzles his face in Frank's neck. He rocks his hips against Frank's, and Frank can feel Gerard's dick, hard and wet, sliding against him. Frank puts his hands on Gerard's shoulders and turns them until Gerard's the one leaning against the wall, then drops slowly to his knees. He reaches up and pulls Gerard's jeans further down his hips. "Frankie," Gerard says, shakily. (1,440 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/165846 )
author:ciel_vert  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  things:memories  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  time:the.hiatus  setting:recording.studio  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pov:Frank  posted:2009-11  recced:2009-12  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:PWP 
december 2009 by turlough
pearl_o: Five things that happened after A Boat That Can Love the Rocks or the Shore
REC: What the title says. My personal favourites are # 2 and 5, and the one with Ray is also great, Ray is such a cool guy. (2009-11-08)
QUOTE: "So, like," Toro starts awkwardly, but he trails off, sipping at his Big Gulp. Frank's sitting on the curb beside him, picking at his nails. "What?" "It's nothing," Ray says, but it's not very convincing, even before he goes on. "I mean, it's just that you guys - I was wondering. Maybe it's none of my business or anything. But I mean, we're all friend and there's not a lot of privacy like this and we spend so much time together. I was just wondering." "Oh," Frank says. He looks down at his hands again. There's a new scar betweens the knuckles on his right hand. "Yeah. Yeah." "Yeah?" says Ray. "Yeah," Frank says again, and he looks back up at Ray and shrugs. "You're right." (934 words)
(also at http://schmerica.dreamwidth.org/1094675.html?#cutid2 )
author:pearl_o  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  things:dreams  relationship:established  relationship:poly  relationship:friendship  smut:handjob  setting:on.tour  time:early.days  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pov:Frank  posted:2009-10  recced:2009-11  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.-1k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff 
november 2009 by turlough
pearl_o: A Boat That Can Love the Rocks or the Shore
REC: Frank and Gerard's relationship is still brand new when Gerard asks him a question. I liked this more than I thought I would. There's a vividness to the little details that's very convincing, and it's sweet in the strange sort of way that only makes sense in Gerard's head. (2009-11-01)
QUOTE: It's precious, these caught moments, and that's what makes it so fucking unbelievable that Gerard is pushing him away. "Frank, wait," Gerard says, and he pushes Frank away, gently, at the shoulders. Frank starts to sit up, but that's too far, apparently, because Gerard's arms go around him. So they're still close, still pressed against each other, but Gerard shakes his head when Frank tries for another kiss. "No, wait," he repeats. "I need to ask you something." "What is it?" Gerard brushes his hand through Frank's hair and looks up at him thoughtfully. "Do you like Mikey?" Frank blinks down at him. (1,790 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/21377 & http://schmerica.dreamwidth.org/1091443.html )
author:pearl_o  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  time:early.days  setting:on.tour  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pov:Frank  posted:2009-10  recced:2009-11  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff 
november 2009 by turlough
tuesdaysgone: The End of the Beginning
REC: Gerard and Bob are back from the war. Lindsey and Alicia have been sharing a house. Things get complicated. A beautiful AU that's sad and melancholic but with an ending that's full of hope. The atmosphere and setting feel very true to the period and the quiet, understated writing that make it feel very real and solid. The characterisations and the way their relationships grow and change are fantastic. (2009-10-11)
QUOTE: Bob's eyes slid closed for just a moment before he groaned and wrenched his collar out of Gerard's grasp. [...] "You weren't supposed to know," he said finally, matter-of-factly. "But you knowing... it doesn't change anything." "It changes everything!" Gerard insisted. "No," Bob replied shortly. "It doesn't." And he turned away, leaving Gerard to study the implacable set of his shoulders till he finally turned and retreated to the silent house. (14,920 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/187224 )
author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  activity:drinking  concept:char.death(past)  concept:war  concept:art  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  condition:PTSD  condition:insomnia  things:memories  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:teacher  occupation:mechanic  relationship:poly  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  relationship:established  period:1940s  period:WWII  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pairing:Mikey/Alicia(past)  pov:Gerard  pov:Lindsey  challenge:2009.H/C  posted:2009-10  recced:2009-10  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  fic:category:femslash  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  pairing:Bob/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(primary)  pairing:Bob/Lindsey(primary)  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Lindsey(primary)  pairing:Lindsey/Alicia(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Alicia(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Ray/Christa(secondary) 
october 2009 by turlough
clumsygyrl & lovelypoet: Exceptional
REC: The one where the fans gives Frank sex toys and Gerard & Bob get to share. I have no idea why I haven't read this before, this is my OT3 in this fandom. It might be self-indulgent, quickly written, happy, fluffy, scorchingly hot porn, but it also has nice character dynamics. I liked the contrast between the friendly and slightly silly way Frank and Gerard got together and the more serious and thoughtful tone when Bob is added. (2009-04-05)
QUOTE: Someone leaks the fact that Frank wants lube and soon the donation box is full of toys *and* bottles of Wet and other assorted lubricants. Frank makes a triumphant arm wave and does a little dance when Brian dumps the first box full onto the bus. "Set for life!" "Wait. I just realized... am I going to have to declare this stuff on my taxes?" Individually each gift isn't much, but he's probably gotten a few thousand dollars worth gifted to him over the few weeks. Brian has to actually call the accountants on that one. (12,870 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/series/23200 )
author:clumsygyrl  author:lovelypoet  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:masturbation  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  smut:handjob  smut:threesome  smut:shower.sex  setting:on.tour  tour:2006-2007.Black.Parade  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pov:omni  posted:2007-08  recced:2009-04  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  smut:sex.toys  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff 
april 2009 by turlough
bayleaf: Twist to Fit the Mold
REC: Bob's invited Gerard home to meet his parents, Gerard is not freaking out about it, oh no! Gerard's freakouts in this story are wonderfully entertaining and larger than life. Bob knows exactly how to handle him, even long distance, and the final meeting with the parents is nothing at all like what Gerard imagined but infinitely more entertaining for the reader. A wonderfully happymaking story. Fluffy and funny and completely heartwarming. (2009-03-15)
QUOTE: An hour before soundcheck, Gerard was desperate enough to make a last-ditch choice for relationship advice.
"Can I talk to you for a second?" Gerard poked at a suspicious stain on his jeans and glanced up through the screen of his eyelashes.
Ray gave Gerard a dubious look. It was an effective one, complete with squinty eyes and a little quirk to the lips that clearly said, 'I don't trust you.' He made no attempt to take off his headphones when he said, "Is it about music? Because I have time to talk about music. If it is about Bob, Bob's shoulders, Bob's lip-ring, your guilt about Bob's wrists, or your personal drama about meeting Bob's parents, then I am hard at work on this song and probably should not be interrupted in case I lose the flow."
Gerard closed his mouth with a tiny, audible snap. "Fucker," he said. Ray snorted and turned back to his laptop.
Gerard managed, just barely, to not stomp his foot when he turned to leave. If he was pouting, well, nobody saw him and they couldn't prove a thing. (8,530 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/9720 )
author:bayleaf  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  concept:polyamory  condition:injury  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  smut:blowjob  setting:on.tour  tour:2007-2008.Black.Parade  geography:US:Chicago  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Bob/Gerard(primary)  pov:Gerard  +length:medium.5k-10k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2009-03  recced:2009-03  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
march 2009 by turlough
escherzo: Into the Rushing Road Below
REC: Gerard asks Mikey to come with him on his road trip. Quiet and lovely and a little melancholy. I love this Gerard and the way he thinks. (2008-09-14)
QUOTE: He thinks it looks pretty cool; Mikey takes one look at him as he's drying it and starts laughing.
"Oh my god, your *hair*," he wheezes, staring at the floor like he'll burst into another fit of giggles if he looks up at Gerard again. "You look like Strawberry Shortcake."
"Do not."
"No, dude, you really do."
Gerard just grins helplessly, glad at least to have made Mikey happy. It's all he can ask for, some days. He doesn't let himself consider all of the other thoughts that go along with looking at Mikey, making Mikey smile; those are for other times, and if he's going to spend the next week and a half in a car with Mikey, he can't let himself think about them at all. At least, not for now.
"Go get ready to go. And stop *laughing*, asshole." (2,620 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/562654 )
author:escherzo  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  things:memories  things:Gerard's.pink.hair  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  relationship:Waycest  setting:road.trip  time:the.hiatus  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  posted:2008-09  recced:2008-09  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  pairing:Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pairing:MIkey/Alicia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary) 
september 2008 by turlough
escherzo: (And If I Can't Have Everything) Well Then Just Give Me a Taste
REC: Gerard and Mikey and stage shennanigans. I love the escalating tension and Mikey's confusion and how he finally does something about it. And the scene outside the bus is too hot for words. (2008-05-24)
QUOTE: At the next show, Gerard saunters up to him and leans in, nosing at Mikey's neck and then leaning further up, scraping teeth just lightly right at the one place under Mikey's jaw that he knows is a weak spot. Mikey's had more dates find that spot and exploit it than he can remember. But this is *Gerard* that's doing it, and it's Gerard that makes him whine, high in his throat, tipping his head back. It's dangerously close to Gerard's mic but it doesn't matter, the crowd can still see him even if they can't hear him.
He can barely hear the roar of the crowd over his heart pounding in his ears and the notes thudding through him as he tries to keep on playing. It's harder when Gerard moves only to press more firmly against his back, so close he can feel the buttons of Gerard's vest digging in, the sweat on his arms, hair falling against Mikey's neck. He stays only a moment longer, enough to see that Mikey is getting painfully, painfully hard, and then struts across the stage, arms raised high to let the crowd sing a line. He doesn't look back again for the rest of the song except to give Mikey a smirk, dark and absolutely filthy. Everything about it says 'I know'.
After the show he pulls Mikey into a hug like nothing's happened, and the same mouth that curved into a smirk earlier is grinning, expression innocent and blissfully happy.
Mikey can never figure him out. It's like he's an entirely different person once the lights go down, and he doesn't know how much the guy onstage overlaps with the brother he's known all his life. He hasn't seen any sign that Gerard is interested in anything past brotherly hugs and cheek-kisses offstage. Sometimes he makes himself find video of it, because it's like it hasn't even happened.
If he and Gerard could joke around about it, even a little - 'We're totally scandalous, c'mere' or 'Somebody's got a sign about us again' or hell, he'd even take a 'I forgot to check the laws in this county, dude, watch out for the guy with the badge over there' at this point. He can't pretend it doesn't affect him. He wishes it didn't - because it's one thing to be half of the onstage freakshow and another to think about it once the show is over.
He isn't sure if it's more or less twisted to be lusting after his brother considering what his brother does to him on a daily basis. (2,560 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/562636 )
author:escherzo  fandom:Bandom  activity:performing  concept:stagegay  concept:polyamory  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  relationship:Waycest  smut:blowjob  setting:on.tour  tour:2007-2008.Black.Parade  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pairing:MIkey/Alicia(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pov:Mikey  posted:2008-04  recced:2008-05  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
august 2008 by turlough
stele3: Two Knights and A Pawn
REC: The mafia one where Bob and Frank is the team that gets to look after of the eldest Way son who's just out of prison. This story balances on the edge between not!fic and a fully developed story. It's obviously written in a rush but to my mind this only adds to the immediacy and intensity of it. It's the kind of story that makes me feel all twisted up - it's so gritty and painful, even though there is hope at the end - but it's just so good I can't help loving it. I think the thing that hurt most was the slow realisation of what Gerard had actually been before going to prison, what he's lost and will never get back even if he will get something else with Frank and Bob in the end. And the Mikey cameo is heartbreaking. I also really like the oblique way the relationship developments are handled and how pragmatic and fitting to the characters and their situation they are. (2008-02-03)
QUOTE: So they keep Gerard there and set out to show him 'a good time.' Which in Gerard's case means a whole fuckload of heroin. Once he's semi-accepted that they're not going to shoot him and bury him out back in the mudpit of a back yard, Gerard shuts the door of his designated bedroom and doesn't leave it except to stumble out and ask for more smack when he's burned through it all (and Jesus Christ, Frank thinks, how can one fucking person smoke that much and still be alive?), or stumble out when he's high and ask to see his brother.
He also wanders the house at night. Bob finds this out on his own nightly sojourns: he's smoking a cigarette out in the stained kitchen (he'd do it in the bedroom but Frank had bronchitis a while back and Bob still remembers the awful wheeze) when Gerard stumbles in wearing a pair of boxers.
They stare at each other a long moment. It's not often that Bob is out-silenced, but he finally murmurs, "Evening."
Gerard blinks at him fish-like. His mouth hangs open a little and he closes it slowly, moves it around like he's trying to work up some spit.
He mumbles something. "What?" Bob says, leaning forward.
"I'll suck you off," Gerard offers hoarsely. His eyes are black pools on his moonlit face. It's below freezing out and Bob can see him shake. "If you let me go home."
Bob stubs out his cigarette and doesn't answer. After a while Gerard shuffles back down the hall, bumping against the doorframe as he goes.
The next morning Bob tells this to Frankie, who laughs thinly. "Hah, he likes me better than you. He said I could fuck him if I let him see his brother."
Bob says nothing to that, either, just turns the pancakes.
Frank takes a stack of them into Gerard's room. He's on a fucking humanitarian mission, here, he's pretty sure that Gerard hasn't eaten in a couple of days.
The humanitarian mission fails, at least for now. Gerard doesn't react when Frank says his name or shakes him, just stares at him with glassy eyes, curled up tight in the blankets. Eventually Frank sits down on the floor and stares back.
When the pancakes go cold, he throws them out. Then he tells Toro to bring them less-than-quality shit next time. If the son's too drugged out of his mind to eat and starves to death, then they're well and truly fucked. (9,120 words)
author:stele3  fandom:Bandom  activity:drug.use  activity:detoxing  activity:gun.fights  concept:addiction  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:rape  concept:violence  concept:hostage  concept:sobriety  concept:art  concept:polyamory  condition:PTSD  holiday:Christmas  occupation:criminal/mobster  occupation:artist/designer  relationship:poly  relationship:established  smut:threesome  smut:fucking  setting:prison  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Bob/Frank(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:omni  posted:2008-01  recced:2008-02  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
august 2008 by turlough
impertinence & pearl_o: The Monkey On Your Back Is The Latest Trend
REC: Mikey and Ray's in a new relationship, Gerard's not happy, Mikey has his own ideas on how to fix it. Pretty much a scorchingly hot PWP but one firmly rooted in who these guys are and their history together, just the kind of story I love and adore. (2008-03-30)
QUOTE: "Hey," Ray says, like he can feel how nervous Gerard is. Which he probably can, actually. Ray's seen Gerard through a lot of shit. "It's okay. You're not going to do it wrong." "I might," Gerard says, looking down. "No," says Mikey. "You couldn't." Gerard opens his mouth to argue more, but Mikey touches two fingers under his chin, kisses him lightly. "Just kiss him," he says, eyes not moving from Gerard's. "Pretend I'm not here. It's - it's hot as fuck, Gerard, trust me." (5,170 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/21313 & http://schmerica.dreamwidth.org/912812.html )
author:impertinence  author:pearl_o  fandom:Bandom  concept:sobriety  concept:polyamory  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  relationship:Waycest  smut:threesome  smut:fucking  smut:rimming  setting:on.tour  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Mikey/Ray(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Mikey/Ray(primary)  pov:Gerard  posted:2007-12  recced:2008-03  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:PWP 
august 2008 by turlough
pearl_o: There's No 'I' In Gangbang
REC: The one about the sexual history of the band from the beginning to when Bob joined. This is exactly the kind of GSF I absolutely adore. It's hot and sweet and the sex is closely woven together with how they work as a band. Absolutely wonderful story. (2008-03-17)
QUOTE: All Ray knew was that he loved this band, these guys, so much it almost hurt.
Then Frank joined the band.
"I thought you liked Frank," Mikey said one day, bumping Ray with his shoulder.
Ray made a face. "I do. I do! Frank's a great guy. It's just..."
Mikey nodded slowly. "Yeah." He paused for a while, staring off into space, which could have meant he was thinking really hard about something, or just that he had gotten distracted.
The day they finished recording the album, Ray slept on the floor at the Ways' and woke up in the middle of the night, groggy and confused. His back was aching, so he stood up and walked in the dark over to Gerard's bed and climbed in beside him.
"Scoot over, Gee," he muttered, elbowing the mass next to him, and Frank's voice said "Ooof."
Ray went still for a moment. "You're not Gerard."
"Neither are you," Frank said, in a sleepy, cranky voice.
"Where is he?"
"I think he's in Mikey's bed. Or maybe the couch. I don't know."
"Oh," said Ray. He let himself lie down all the way on the bed, and pulled the covers halfway over himself. Frank curled back into him a little, which was probably a reflex, but he felt really warm and comforting. Ray turned onto his side, his front to Frank's back, and Frank let out a barely audible sigh.
"Gerard told me about the orgies," Frank said.
"Oh," Ray said again. He moved his hand, wrapping his arm around Frank, and Frank pressed back against his shoulder. "And that's... okay?"
"Yeah," said Frank. "I mean - it's our band, you know?" (1,770 words)
(also at http://schmerica.dreamwidth.org/954562.html )
author:pearl_o  fandom:Bandom  activity:drinking  concept:addiction  concept:sobriety  concept:polyamory  relationship:friendship  relationship:Waycest  relationship:poly  smut:groupsex  smut:fucking  time:early.days  tour:2004.Warped  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:GSF:My.Chemical.Romance(primary)  pov:Ray  posted:2008-03  recced:2008-03  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
august 2008 by turlough
missmollyetc: The Watch
REC: The one where Gerard is Handsome Don's oldest son, the one supposed to take over the business when his father dies, but Gerard's got other ideas. This starts out as an outline of a story, but rapidly swells into something much more. The atmosphere and characterisations are absolutely wonderful and it's shockful of tension and suspense and action. I'm usually allergic to stories where the Used are the Bad Guys but here I don't mind it at all. In this story there are no black or white, just many shades of grey. The only real difference between Gerard and Bert is that one of them had a Mikey and the other didn't... (2007-10-20)
QUOTE: AIt's muscle memory, automatic to curl his palm around the butt of the pistol and lay his finger along the trigger guard. The pistol is heavy and cold in Frankie's hand. He swallows, shifts in his seat, glancing from Gee to Bob to Ray and then fixates on Matt's snoring on the table.
He's a big guy, Matt, muscles turning to fat as he drinks his way through Bob's stock, but he's... he's a sleazy bastard who sold out his whole crew to pay off his gambling. Who had no problem visiting hookers even while Gee was trying to get them off the streets and into programs. He's the only man here who knows everything Frankie did.
The churning in Frankie's stomach starts to burn, shooting flares up into his throat. He takes a deep breath and holds the gun in his lap.
If he kills Matt, he'll prove himself to Gee, he'll be the go-to guy. That's how it works in every gang Frankie's ever been in, shoot a guy and make your bones with the man in charge. It's... okay, so he thought he'd found something different (which is funny, because he wasn't looking in the first place. The world was hard and cold and it didn't give a shit for a kid who'd lost his dad in a barfight and never found anything to replace him but the mob). So, maybe, he'd been buying in to what Gee was selling, but it was stupid to think Gee wasn't Handsome Don's boy where other people couldn't see. Stupid.
Frankie gets out of the booth, and Ray moves silently out of his way. The sun's shining through the window, warm on Frankie's cold, dead-fish hands as he stands in front of the booth. Matt snorts in his sleep.
If he kills Matt, it won't be the first time he's committed murder - won't even be the seventh or the twelfth. He's killed a lot of people for a lot less of a reason. He can kill Matt (right in front of the window where people can *see*) and no one will bat an eyelash because that's the price of doing business sometimes. If he kills Matt, right here in Koslowski's bar, he can go back to Mikey and take him home to bed and pull the covers over both their heads.
Frankie steps forward, feeling his head disconnect from his body. His feet keep walking forward, his hand raises the gun, but in his head all he sees is Mikey kissing his cheek, Mikey listening to music with his feet in Frankie's lap, Mikey crying on the table with blood on his face. Mikey saying good bye that morning. If he kills Matt, he can go back to Mikey.
He puts the gun up to the back of Matt's head, barrel flush against Matt's lank, brown hair. His hand starts to shake. He hears cloth rustling behind him, but it's not louder than the beating of his own heart, hammering in his chest. Something raw and barbed claws its way up his throat, he tries to swallow and can't suddenly - oh God, no, come *on* - Frankie can't stop shaking, can't stop *talking*,
"I just want Mikey, okay?" he whispers. "I just - I can do this, and I can - then I can go back to Mikey, right? Please, I just want to go back to Mikey, I promise, I don't - I *won't*, I just want Mikey, I just want to be there when he wakes up."
He feels someone step up behind him and closes his eyes. He's gonna die, he's gonna - they *know* and then a hand is taking the pistol from Frankie's grasp and that same someone is turning him around. Frankie opens his eyes. He's gonna die staring them all down, he's -
Gee's standing in front of him, holding the gun. He bends down and kisses Frankie's forehead.
"That's the right answer," he says. (19,790 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/29580 )
author:missmollyetc  fandom:Bandom  activity:drinking  activity:drug.use  activity:detoxing  concept:addiction  concept:sobriety  concept:violence  concept:polyamory  activity:gun.fights  condition:injury  concept:char.death.minor  concept:ordinary.lives  things:memories  occupation:criminal/mobster  occupation:vigilante  relationship:brothers  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  setting:bar/club  setting:funeral  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Cobra.Starship  band:The.Used  pairing:Gerard/Ray(primary)  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Ray(primary)  pairing:Frank/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Bert/Gerard(past)  pairing:Bob/Patrick(past)  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  pov:Ray  pov:Mikey  pov:Bob  posted:2007-07  recced:2007-10  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:angst  fic:genre:AU  !!FAVOURITE.FIC  occupation:barista/bartender/waiter 
august 2008 by turlough
iphignia939: Any Objective Source
REC: The one where Frank and Gerard do Christmas in Japan. This is such a wonderful story. Quiet and atmospheric and just beautiful. (2007-11-04)
QUOTE: There must've been a serious miscommunication, though, because the next time Frank opened his eyes, it was six in the morning. He scrubbed at his face and started to lean over to shake Gerard awake, then said fuck it.
He showered, changed clothes, and gone out to get coffee before he bought a map of the train system and spent fifteen minutes figuring out where they needed to exit. He thought about getting breakfast, then changed his mind when he saw what breakfast consisted of. When they went out, if Gerard decided he wanted his eggs over rice, great, but no way was Frank inflicting that on him without asking first.
In Frank's opinion, few things in Japan were as great as convenience stores. They were like their American cousins in that they sold drinks and snacks and magazines - you know, nothing surprising - but they didn't stop there; ohhhh, no. They also sold DVDs, fresh fruits and vegetables, manga (including some of the shrink-wrapped MA+ ones, which he picked up for Jamia, because if he didn't come back with Yamane Ayano for her she'd kill him), and emergency clothes. You know, in case something happened, like spilling something on your shirt at lunch or if you needed a change of clothes on the way to work the next day after spending the night with someone two offices over. It was *great*. Compared to that, Wal-Mart was disappointing.
In addition to the manga, the coffee, and the map, Frank had a small green canister in one hand. He'd seen the display over by the back wall, next to the DVD racks.
It was something called Ma-Mail. If the sporadic English was correct, it was a small plant that grew when you opened it, sort of like nature's own Chia Pet. It lasted three or four weeks from the time it was opened, and it had a little message written on it. It was cute, kind of lame, and exactly the sort of thing Gerard would love. (9,400 words)
author:iphignia939  fandom:Bandom  activity:sightseeing  holiday:Christmas  concept:polyamory  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  setting:on.vacation  geography:Asia:Japan  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  posted:2007-10  recced:2007-11  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  !!FAVOURITE.FIC  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary) 
august 2008 by turlough
dsudis: Gerard and Rapunzel
REC: A retelling of 'Rapunzel' in an early medieval setting, with added genderfuckery. This is an absolutely gorgeous story. It's quiet and thoughtful and bittersweet, and the writing itself is wonderfully sparse and lyrical. The characters are shaped by another time and place into something beautiful and strange, and the way the story twists and plays with gender adds extra richness to both characterisation and plot. It's one of the loveliest stories I've had the pleasure to read in any fandom. (2008-01-06)
QUOTE: Though she was still a child, Rapunzel was already strikingly beautiful. Her black hair fell shining down her back, and her skin was fair, sheltered from the sun by the trees of the forest. Her eyes were wide and as green as the sweetest lamb's lettuce, and she was always smiling, just a little. When she smiled wider it was with all her heart, and no one who saw her could help but smile as well.
Just now she looked curious, her head tilting to one side as she studied the boys before her. She had seen nearly everyone in the village when they visited Gothel and asked for her blessings. She had seen the curly-haired son of the blacksmith, though he had been quiet and shy in the presence of the holy woman. But Rapunzel had never seen his friend, the small boy who squinted at her now, his own head tilted just the same as hers.
Michael was quiet and solemn and a little nearsighted, and this often made people think he was simple. Even his parents, who knew him best, often spoke freely of things they imagined he did not understand. Michael understood a great deal more than anyone thought.
So it was that just as Ray recovered from the surprise of seeing the holy woman's beautiful acolyte and cried, "It's Rapunzel!" Michael said in his quieter voice, "You're Gerard."
Rapunzel and Ray both stared at Michael. He rarely spoke to strangers, so it would have been a shocking occurrence even if he had something quite ordinary.
"I am Rapunzel," Rapunzel stated after a moment.
Michael shrugged. "You're Gerard. My parents had a son and named him Gerard, before the holy woman who lives high in the forest took him away to be Rapunzel. You're my brother, Gerard."
"I am Rapunzel," Rapunzel said in a smaller voice, and then, "I must go."
She turned and fled silently through the forest, back to the holy woman who had raised her from a babe, and the boys did not follow. Michael looked smaller when Rapunzel had gone, more solemn than ever, and Ray took his hand to lead him back down to the village. Michael's eyes seemed to be watering, and it did not look as if he could see anything at all. (13,470 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/27289 )
author:dsudis  fandom:Bandom  concept:ordinary.lives  beings:aristocrats  concept:polyamory  occupation:farmer  concept:genderfuck  relationship:brothers  relationship:poly  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Bob/Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Ray(secondary)  pov:omni  posted:2007-12  recced:2008-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.10k-20k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fairytale  fic:source:book  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
august 2008 by turlough
clumsygyrl: I Constantly Thank God For Bob Bryar (These Bunks Are Numbered, Kid)
REC: Frank is watching Bob. I really like the way this story develops from the light and funny beginning over the scorchingly hot sex and to the warm ending so full of possibilities. And all through it runs the contemplative way Frank keeps watching Bob. Wonderful! (2008-01-06)
QUOTE: "Your drummer," the tech said shaking his head.
Frank fiddled with his guitar strap and looked up. "Yeah?"
"Hot. Really fucking hot." The guy mumbled and then blushed realizing what he'd said.
Frank smirked. He really had no fucking clue what Bob had that made people fall all over themselves to drop their pants for him.
Not that he didn't understand the sentiment. (2,430 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/469103 & http://ficlaidbare.livejournal.com/20108.html )
author:clumsygyrl  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  relationship:poly  relationship:established  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:on.tour  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pov:Frank  posted:2008-01  recced:2008-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Bob/Patrick(secondary)  pairing:Bob/Ray(secondary)  pairing:Bob/OC(secondary)  pairing:Bob/Frank/Gerard(primary) 
august 2008 by turlough
chiromancy: No Idea
REC: The one where Bob gets a phone call and a blowjob. This story has one of the hottest blowjobs ever. I love this Bob and the way he sees Frank. (2008-02-03)
QUOTE: "Are you freaking out?" "Yeah, how'd you guess?" Bob stares at the ceiling and lets out a huff of breath. "No really, why are you asking me? Why are you telling me this stuff?" "Because you love Frank and you need some action," Jamia says, without hesitation. Bob tries to think of an effective way to shoot that down, and he just can't. Frank is the Laurel to his Hardy, is even more fun to talk to than Gerard, and looks like - looks like Frank. Like *that*. And Bob hasn't gotten any in months. He sighs. He feels about an inch tall. "Why do you even think this'll work? That it's a good idea?" "Because I know Frank, and I told him I would get him laid on his birthday and not to worry about it." (7,320 words)
author:chiromancy  fandom:Bandom  holiday:Halloween  concept:polyamory  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  setting:on.tour  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Bob/Frank(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pov:Bob  posted:2008-01  recced:2008-02  !meta:rec:fic  +length:medium.5k-10k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash 
august 2008 by turlough
chiromancy: Layover
REC: Snowed in at Dulles airport. I love the whole airport feeling and Frank's irritation and how he and Gerard've sort-of been avoiding things and how it all works out in the end. Great story! (2007-12-09)
QUOTE: Basically, DC fails, and Frank is lonely and irritated and hungry and he can feel a mother of a headache clawing its way up the back of his neck and thank Christ there's a smoking lounge in here. He shakes some of the stiff ache out of his limbs, goes in, and sucks hard on a cigarette, hoping the nicotine will make him feel a little less quietly homicidal. He sits and smokes two in a row, and zones out, and wishes somebody else (Jamia, somebody good) would visit his head so he wouldn't have to explain why he feels like an angry dead man, feels like shouting and kicking things, and then maybe he wouldn't feel like that. (1,800 words)
author:chiromancy  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:poly  setting:on.tour  tour:2007-2008.Black.Parade  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pov:Frank  posted:2007-12  recced:2007-12  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study 
august 2008 by turlough
chiromancy: Answers in the Affirmative
REC: A sequel to 'Layover', this one from Gerard's POV. Wonderful writing that makes their exhaustion and Gerard's worries and freakout incredibly vivid and 'real'. And the sex is hot and messy and just right. (2007-12-16)
QUOTE: He senses a motion, hears a door, and wakes up again; Frank walks out of the bathroom and comes over to the edge of the bed. He's wearing his same dirty jeans, and no socks, and a clean white t-shirt, and he's all smooth and saturated. Soft. Shiny. Words that start with S. Gerard yawns and stretches and puts his hand out, and Frank drops to the floor. He leans his arms on the bed, rests his head on them. He's dripping water, his hair, a rivulet runs down his neck, another over his forearm. He's looking at Gerard, still looks tired, but doesn't look as hurt, doesn't have as much stuff under his eyes, is maybe smiling a tiny bit. (2,600 words)
author:chiromancy  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  relationship:established  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  setting:on.tour  tour:2007-2008.Black.Parade  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pov:Gerard  posted:2007-12  recced:2007-12  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study 
august 2008 by turlough

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pairing:Bob/Frank(primary)  pairing:Bob/Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Lindsey(primary)  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Ray(primary)  pairing:Bob/Lindsey(primary)  pairing:Bob/OC(secondary)  pairing:Bob/Patrick(past)  pairing:Bob/Patrick(secondary)  pairing:Bob/Ray(secondary)  pairing:Brian/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Jamia/Lindsey(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Korse(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Frank/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(secondary)  pairing:Frank/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Gabe/Victoria/Travis(secondary)  pairing:Gabe/William(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Alicia(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Korse(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Mikey/Pete(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Mikey/Pete(secondary)  pairing:Gerard/Mikey/Ray(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Mikey/Ryan(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Pete(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Ray(primary)  pairing:Grant.Morrison/Kristan.Morrison(secondary)  pairing:GSF:My.Chemical.Romance(primary)  pairing:GSF:My.Chemical.Romance(secondary)  pairing:Lindsey/Alicia(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Alicia(past)  pairing:MIkey/Alicia(primary)  pairing:MIkey/Alicia(secondary)  pairing:Mikey/Pete(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Pete(secondary)  pairing:Mikey/Ray(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Ray(secondary)  pairing:Patrick/Pete(secondary)  pairing:Pete/Alicia(primary)  pairing:Pete/Ashlee(secondary)  pairing:Ray/Christa(primary)  pairing:Ray/Christa(secondary)  pairing:Tyr.Anasazi/Seamus.Harper(primary)  pairing:Tyr/OFC(secondary)  period:19th.century  period:1940s  period:WWII  posted:2002  posted:2007-07  posted:2007-08  posted:2007-10  posted:2007-12  posted:2008-01  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smut:groupsex  smut:handjob  smut:masturbation  smut:phone.sex  smut:porn  smut:rimming  smut:sex.toys  smut:shower.sex  smut:threesome  smut:vehicle.sex  smut:voyeurism  things:comics  things:cupcakes  things:dreams  things:fur.coat  things:Gerard's.pink.hair  things:Gerard's.platinum.hair  things:Gerard's.red.hair  things:graffitti  things:memories  things:motorbike  things:snow  things:storm  things:Tardis  things:Trans.Am  things:Twitter  things:wings  time:Danger.Days.promo  time:early.days  time:future  time:post-band  time:the.hiatus  tour:2004.Warped  tour:2005.Taste.of.Chaos  tour:2005.Warped  tour:2006-2007.Black.Parade  tour:2007-2008.Black.Parade  tour:2010.Radio.Christmas.Shows  tour:2010.World.Contamination  tour:2011.Honda.Civic  tour:2011.World.Contamination  universe:Colour.verse  universe:Danger.Days  universe:OT3.verse  universe:Pink.Jeep.verse 

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