Use Markdown in Evernote
An update (with fix) to an [older Evernote-watching script](http://www.yar2050.com/2012/11/everwatch-evernote-marked.html) from Dan Rosenstark for integration with Marked.
evernote  Marked  markdown 
4 days ago
Pinboard Pro - Google Chrome extension for Pinboard.in
An to the official Pinboard Chrome extension. It's essentially the same features, but the one thing I wanted very badly for Chrome was a shortcut for Tab Sets, and this offers it.
pinboard  tabs  chrome  extension 
4 days ago
MacBook Rack • Nordic Appeal
The MacBook Rack will hold you MacBook while you work on the Apple Display saving space on the table and speed up you MacBook.
4 days ago
How the Apple Watch Has Changed My Behavior for the Better
> I now snapshot my work, look away, drink some water, walk to the kitchen to refill my cup, glance around to see if anybody needs me, and then get back to work.

This post encapsulates my own experience well.
health  applewatch 
6 days ago
jekyll-json - Turn config into JSON
plugin  json  Jekyll 
9 days ago
An iOS app that lets you create single site browsers (a la [Fluid](http://fluidapp.com/)) to maintain separate cookies and local storage for various sites. Hat tip to [@goldenhillsw](https://twitter.com/goldenhillsw).
browser  fluid  ios 
10 days ago
A Jekyll Plugin To Buffer Your Posts
I'd say one of my least favorite parts of writing articles is the tedious and necessary task of sharing those articles on social media sites. I...
socialmedia  Jekyll  plugin 
10 days ago
Tufte CSS
I love Tufte. This CSS, along with some basic classes and markup formatting, provides Tufte-compliant formatting for your text.
webdesign  CSS  design 
12 days ago
Browser Fairy
I've been a Choosy user for a long time, but it's a dead project and I've been watching for a replacement. This is working well for handling multiple web browsers based on user rules. Hat tip to [TJ Luoma at MacStories](http://www.macstories.net/mac/browser-fairy-overcomes-browser-commitment-phobia/).
browser  utility  osx  macappstore 
12 days ago
Better BibTeX Cite As You Write
Integration for Zotero++, Scrivener, and Marked 2.
zotero  Marked  bibtex  scrivener  latex 
15 days ago
Shell Integration - iTerm2
The latest beta of iTerm2 (version 3) has some awesome new features. Nightly builds available.
Terminal  iterm 
15 days ago
Unsplash It
A service from [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/) to generate placeholder images automatically with a simple url structure. Great photos. I think [Placekitten](http://placekitten.com/) might have broken, so this is my new go-to...
webdesign  placeholder  image 
16 days ago
Color Hunt
Curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily.
tools  color  design  Inspiration  palette 
17 days ago
Automatic Generation of Text Extraction Patterns from Examples
A pretty cool tool which lets you provide a list of strings you'd like to find patterns in, and then returns a regular expression that will pass each example case.
generator  regex  regularexpression 
19 days ago
Swift Sandbox
A newsletter on all things Swift programming from the developer behind [MacDevWeekly](http://macdevweekly.com/). I've greatly enjoyed getting his Objective-C oriented list of curated highlights from the developer world, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Subscribers are automatically eligible to win one of 14 Swift Books. Details on the landing page.
newsletter  swift  developer 
19 days ago
Python tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide to Python
If you're new to scripting (or programming in general), I've come to believe that Python is the best starting point. This tutorial from Udemy is a good intro, and pairs well with the [Learning Python Bundle](https://mijingo.com/products/bundles/learning-python-bundle/) from Mijingo.
python  tutorial  programming 
19 days ago
white tabtags
this is white space taken to a whole new level ;)  
customization  decal  sticker 
22 days ago
Sell One Thing, okay?
A tool to create a simple checkout page to sell a single product. Sell One Thing integrates with Stripe with a single click.
creditcards  stripe  ecommerce  shopping 
22 days ago
Based on [teamocil](https://github.com/remiprev/teamocil), itermocil lets you define groups of windows, panes, and executed commands for iTerm2 using YAML files.
iterm  Terminal 
22 days ago
Black Metal — Monowear
* Color: Black
* Band Material: Stainless steel 
* Adapter Material: Stainless steel 
* Length: Based on Apple Watch of your choice (size chart)
* *Compatible: 38mm or 42mm of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple
Watch Edition
* *Adaptor finish: Matte Silver, Polish Silver, Matte Dark Gray

* Options will be selected during check out
23 days ago
The Second Coming of Nozbe for Apple Watch
Nozbe remains a top-notch project management and collaborative todo list solution, and their [focus on the Apple Watch](http://nozbe.watch/) is paying off.
productivity  applewatch  nozbe 
4 weeks ago
Loose Leaves
Instantly create hosted, shareable pages from selected Markdown with a keyboard shortcut on OS X. It's handy for use with Twitter and other social platforms, as well as with Slack and general collaboration tools.
macappstore  osx  mac  service  markdown 
4 weeks ago
The Shuttle -- Never lose your Apple Remote again
The Shuttle (in Natural, Golden Oak, and Walnut) is now permanently priced at $39.99. That seems to be the best price point to cover labor cost and still offer a reasonable price. Pick one up!
appletv  accessories  hardware 
4 weeks ago
Night Stand for Apple Watch from ElevationLab
This elegant piece stands out because horizontal orientation is going to be important after the next WatchOS update. I've been planning a wood version of something similar to go along with [the Shuttle](https://www.etsy.com/listing/232601529/the-shuttle-never-lose-your-apple-remote)...
stand  accessories  applewatch 
4 weeks ago
Balloon is a drop box for your Dropbox. Share your Balloon to receive files, collect photos from an event, and so much more straight to your Dropbox. There's no signup for senders, and no need for you to manually download files anymore.
dropbox  filesharing 
6 weeks ago
Palette Gear: Hands-on Control of your Favourite Software
Snap-together sliders, dials and buttons for intuitive, precise and custom control of your favourite software.
hardware  automation 
6 weeks ago
A tiny JavaScript helper to load and pre-load web fonts that are specified via @font-face. It uses best practices from other solutions, but it's still a unique combination:

It's tiny (793 bytes minimized and gzipped), so it can be easily included in every page.
It can preload a font before it's used.
It can solve the “invisible text” issue (WebKit-based browsers on slow network) by applying a class during font loading.
It can also solve the Flash Of Unformatted Text, aka FOUT (still happens in Internet Explorer).
Supports practically all browsers. Tested under the latest browser on Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, as well as under IE6+, Firefox 3.6+.
webdesign  webfonts  javascript  preload 
6 weeks ago
Explore the WordPress REST API with the New Interactive Console Plugin
WordPress REST API project lead Ryan McCue, in cooperation with Automattic’s Engineering team, released a REST API Console plugin on WordPress.org today. It’s a basic console that fits right into the WordPress admin and allows you to explore the API, make small changes, and find out what your site is exposing.
api  rest  wordpress  plugin 
6 weeks ago
selecta - A fuzzy text selector for files and anything else you need to select. Use it from vim, from the command line, or anywhere you can run a shell command.
fuzzy  picker  unix  cli 
6 weeks ago
pick - fuzzy select anything. The pick(1) utility allows users to choose one option from a set of choices using an interface with fuzzy search functionality.
fuzzy  picker  unix  cli 
6 weeks ago
STAMP app - import Spotify playlit to Apple Music easily
This app takes a long time to process a large library, but being able to dump my Spotify playlists into Apple Music is making doing a real comparison much easier.
spotify  music  applemusic  tools  mac 
7 weeks ago
This is a pretty amazing idea. Contextual notes for any file, folder, or website. Every time you open it, it shows the notes for the current context.
notetaking  notes  mac  osx 
7 weeks ago
Getting my Daily To Do List Out of OmniFocus
Jason Verly created a nifty way to get things done using OmniFocus, a bit of scripting, and [Marked 2](http://marked2app.com).
Marked  productivity  omnifocus 
7 weeks ago
This looks like a nice Word/Pages replacement for people who still want rich text editing. Inexpensive at $1.99.
appstore  wordprocess  osx  richtext  mac 
8 weeks ago
Zuli Smartplug Presence Pack
I haven't had a chance to try these out yet (they start shipping in 6-8 weeks), but it might be a leap forward in my decade-long quest for accurate proximity detection for home automation.
proximity  automation  homeautomation 
8 weeks ago
iPhone, iPad, Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy
MacRumors offers a very handy guide showing average product cycles and time since last release, aiding buyers in deciding the timing of a purchase of a given line of Apple products.
ipad  iphone  buyersguide  mac 
8 weeks ago
An excellent new analytics platform for websites. Heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analytics, feedback polls and proactive chat in one platform.
analytics  webdesign 
9 weeks ago
Back-In-Time for Mac 50% off
I can vouch that this tool is an excellent way to scour and manage Time Machine backups on a Mac. 50% off is a steal and there's a free trial available.
timemachine  utility  osx 
9 weeks ago
ZenHub 2.0 : Project management, evolved.
If your team is already using GitHub for source control and issue tracking, ZenHub looks like a great way to bring a full Agile project management system into it.
agile  projectmanagement  github 
9 weeks ago
Fax Robot
I send so few faxes these days that it's frustrating to keep an online fax account. This service for sending one-off faxes at 6 cents per page is going to be handy on those once-a-year occasions that an institution forces me to actually do that kind of thing.
webapp  fax 
9 weeks ago
Streamline 2.0 Icons
I've always liked the Streamline icons. The set was just updated, now with 4000 icons for applications and web design. It includes filies for Sketch and Illustrator (and SVG format) with pixel-perfect designs and adjustable line widths.
webdesign  icon  design 
10 weeks ago
Leap Motion plugin for Reveal.js
I'm a huge fan of [Reveal.js](http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/) (and [slides.com](http://slides.com/)). I'm also always looking for more ways to use my Leap motion controller, so this is awesome.
leapmotion  presentation  reveal.js 
10 weeks ago
I have a lot of `defaults write` notes, but this little Python script turns OS X Dock modifications into intuitive command arguments. Now I can stop having to look up `defaults write com.apple.dock persistent-others -array-add url-tile`.
customization  dock  cli  mac  osx 
11 weeks ago
The Best Designs - The Best of Web Design - Design Inspiration & Recognition
Web Design Gallery / Best Design Awards / Web Design Inspiration - updated regularly with new designs, Wordpress Themes and a design blog.
template  theme  webdesign 
11 weeks ago
I know there are probably very few people who are looking for this, but I had an itch to scratch and was ecstatic to find that Google's diff-match-patch had been ported to JavaScript.
diff  json  javascript  library 
11 weeks ago
Dan Wahlin - The Prototype Pattern - Techniques, Strategies and Patterns for Structuring JavaScript Code
The Prototype Pattern can be broken out into two main sections including a constructor section and a prototype section. Prototyping allows functions and properties to be associated with objects. However, instead of each object instance getting a copy of all functions/properties each time an object is created, only one set of functions/properties exists across all objects resulting in less memory consumption. In other words, functions and properties are defined once per prototype rather than once per object.
pattern  prototype  tutorial  javascript 
11 weeks ago
Add a StackOverflow search to your Slack channel so you can answer programming questions without all the hassle of opening a web browser.
slackbot  stackoverflow  integration  slack 
11 weeks ago
Wee Framework
Wee is an extensible front-end web development framework for building responsive websites using a Less CSS bootstrap paired with a powerful JavaScript library.
static  buildsystem  framework  html5  CSS  webdesign  bootstrap  javascript 
11 weeks ago
If you design for the web, you've been inundated with typography talk for the last few years. Decade, really. There have been a few great tools to simplify vertical rythm, and more that have adapted for responsive design. Here's a collection of base typography styles and Sass mixins that make it simple.
typography  webdesign  sass  CSS 
11 weeks ago
Beautiful Open
Handsome sites for open source
opensource  directory  gallery 
11 weeks ago
I've gotten good with Sass, but I make a strong effort not to get overly comfortable with any technology. Sticking with any library for more than 6 months is how I'll know it's time to quit tech and work on my carpentry skills. 

> PostCSS is a tool for transforming CSS with JS plugins. These plugins can support variables and mixins, transpile future CSS syntax, inline images, and more. 
> [...] PostCSS can do the same work as preprocessors like Sass, Less, and Stylus. But PostCSS is modular, 3-30 times faster, and much more powerful.
mixins  processor  CSS  postprocessor  transpiler  javascript 
11 weeks ago
JavaScript Polling
Polling with JavaScript isn't difficult but it's not easy either.  Let me show you a few implementations of JavaScript polling that you can add to your toolbox!
polling  javascript  deferred 
11 weeks ago
MkDocs is a fast, simple and downright gorgeous static site generator that's geared towards building project documentation. Documentation source files are written in Markdown, and configured with a single YAML configuration file.
generator  static  documentation  python  markdown 
11 weeks ago
IAPManager - Yet Another simple in-app purchase interface
cocoa  blocks  storekit  objc 
11 weeks ago
JGMenuWindow - A NSWindow and NSTableView to simulate the appearence of a NSMenu.
cocoa  objc  ui  menu 
11 weeks ago
CocoaMarkdown - Markdown parsing and rendering for iOS and OS X
cocoa  markdown  objc 
11 weeks ago
NTBTask - A Cocoa class for running shell commands, supporting asynchronous I/O. Specifically it's a wrapper for NSTask making it simpler to use.
async  cocoa  objc  nstask 
11 weeks ago
KITT on your wrist on the App Store on iTunes
Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about KITT on your wrist on the App Store. Download KITT on your wrist and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
humor  applewatch 
11 weeks ago
Calcbot for iOS
An Intelligent Calculator and Unit Converter for iOS.
calculator  applewatch 
11 weeks ago
Petcube: Remote Wireless Pet Camera | Pet Monitor System
Petcube Camera is the first product that allows pet owners to watch, talk and play with their pet from their smartphone, no matter where they are. Order now for $199!
camera  video  pets 
11 weeks ago
A Javascript cheat sheet comprised of a handy collection of skeletal functions that serve as quick reminders. I'm thinking about converting this reference to something I can embed in [Dash](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dash-docs-snippets/id458034879?mt=12&at=10l4tL&ct=webexc) or [Cheaters](http://brettterpstra.com/projects/cheaters/)...
cheatsheet  javascript 
12 weeks ago
Online coding and REPL for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js, Go, Scheme, C, C++, Lua, CoffeeScript and more.
repl  webdev  console  javascript 
12 weeks ago
Matches by SIFU HOTMAN, released 29 July 2014
music  hiphop 
12 weeks ago
I Wanna Be...
Don't forget to [pick up a T-shirt](https://teespring.com/stores/brettterpstra)! This one (literally the most punk rock typographic t-shirt EVER) is the most likely to succeed, I think, so pile on.
12 weeks ago
I usually use the tab switcher built into [Vimium](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vimium/dbepggeogbaibhgnhhndojpepiihcmeb), but this plugin allows quick switching, reordering, and closing Chrome tabs from a dropdown, which is handy.
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
12 weeks ago
Activision Painyatta
A piñata powered by Tweets. Also, a way to avoid arming large groups of small children with baseball bats, which happens to be a recurring nightmare for me.
12 weeks ago
Clark’s call for DOJ action on cyber threats against women receives House backing - Press Releases - Congresswoman Katherine Clark
Good news.

> The U.S. House of Representatives has formally supported Congresswoman Katherine Clark’s request to intensify investigation and prosecution of severe online threats against women. [...] the DOJ is specifically instructed to “intensify its efforts to combat this destructive abuse,” and to “increase investigations and prosecutions of these crimes.”
cybercrime  government 
may 2015
I Was a Proud Non-Breeder. I Changed My Mind.
A great post on a subject I've been talking too much about on [Overtired](http://esn.fm/overtired). Michelle Goldberg had taken my position on having children (or not) and this article details the path to changing her mind, which I think is an important perspective to read no matter which decision you've made.
may 2015
Friends who like Nickelback
I learned about this thanks to [Rich Seigel](https://twitter.com/siegel). It will show you which of your friends have liked the Nickelback page. To take it a step further, use [findmyfacebookid](http://findmyfacebookid.com/) and enter the page of any band or artist, then substitute the resulting ID into the `friended_fans_of` url. What you do with this information is up to you.
may 2015
A nice Mac app that aggregates stock photos from all the free stock sites. It's lacking search, which I find to be a big flaw, but the interface is nice and the available photos are great.
stockphotos  osx  stock 
may 2015
A new app (in beta) for managing and browsing icons. What I'm liking about it is its simplicity. Sets and tags, and a browser. That's it, and that's what I've been looking for. Photo managers aren't great for icon sets, but this is.
osx  icon 
may 2015
icons8/impresser · GitHub
Index ajax pages for search engines
Index  ajax  google 
may 2015
Toolbar.js - jQuery plugin to create tooltip style toobars
Toolbar allows you to quickly create tooltip style toolbars for use in web applications and websites. The toolbar is easily customisable using Font Awesome icons and provides flexibility around the toolbars display and number of icons.
webdesign  toolbar  javascript  popup 
may 2015
lns: Simple symbolic links
Don't let ln's unmemorable argument order ruin your day. Use lns instead and …
symlink  cli  unix 
may 2015
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