A set of tools to assist in creating command line applications and tools. Colorize output and provide user interaction (ask, choose, agree).
programming  swift  cli 
6 days ago
Parsebot can extract article contents (full text, author, post date, title, photos, tags, and more) from any url. A great tool for integrating (legally, of course) content from one place into another (or scraping to your own archives). An API is available through a premium plan.
readability  scraper 
6 days ago
slalert!: News Alerts in Slack (powered by Diffbot)
I'm a fan of Diffbot for all kinds of web scraping. This new tool allows you to scour the web for mentions of your app or project and get alerts in Slack whenever it's mentioned. Nifty.
slack  slackbot 
6 days ago
Stock Up - 9,000+ Free Stock Photos
Another great source for free stock photos, sourcing and searching 26 different free photo sites.
free  photo  stock 
6 days ago
Rover -- simple file browser for the terminal
A small, terminal-based (curses) utility for navigating file systems. vi-like keybindings, integration with environment variables, and file management capabilities.
navigation  Terminal  unix  cli 
6 days ago
Using Swift To Make Command Line Scripts - Part 1
A great rundown on using Swift to create CLIs with argument handling and full functionality.
programming  cli  swift 
6 days ago
Let's Encrypt
A __free__, automated, and open certificate authority from the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). SSL encryption for everyone, with a CLI that can automatically configure a web server.
encryption  ssl 
18 days ago
For Cocoa developers, NibDesignable offers an elegant way of enabling [IBDesignable](http://nshipster.com/ibinspectable-ibdesignable/) on nib-based views. Via [Caylan Larson](https://twitter.com/Caylan).
cocoa  xcode  ios  osx  developer 
18 days ago
Orzly USB 2.0 Type C (USB-C) to Type A (USB-A)
If you're looking for a USB-C cable to connect your Apple TV to your Mac for development, this one is inexpensive ($8.99 right now) and Michael Redig (author of [Doku](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doku/id761861100?mt=8) for iOS and Apple TV) has confirmed it works.
usb  appletv  hardware 
18 days ago
Company Logo API
Clearbit has announced an API for grabbing company logos from URLs. In combination with [iTunesIcon](http://brettterpstra.com/2014/02/16/itunesicon-2-dot-1-with-easy-icon-sizing/), it offers a great tool for bloggers who need a quick image for a company without digging through a web inspector to lift a logo from a company website.
api  icon  logo 
18 days ago
VOX 1.1.1 imports YouTube tracks
One of my favorite music apps (on Mac _and_ iOS) just updated its iPhone app with the ability to stream YouTube tracks to the VOX music library.
music  iphone 
18 days ago
Exporter for Notes.app - Export or Backup Notes from Apple's OSX Notes app to Plain Text .txt
There's been a lot of interest in the latest version of the Notes app from Apple. While it offers an excellent, ubiquitous tool for note taking, there are concerns about portability (at least within my little circle where that's long been a topic of discussion). This little app bridges Notes with plain text, offering a little peace of mind for forward-thinking plain text lovers.
notes  plaintext  apple  text 
19 days ago
Productive Writer's Bundle
Just in case you missed the announcement (and because I know we're a little late in getting the word out in time for NaNoWriMo), be sure to check out _The Productive Writer's Bundle_, including Marked 2, Texts, WordCounter, iThoughtsX, and more at 50% off.
app  nanowrimo  mac  software 
19 days ago
SketchParty TV for the new Apple TV: The Story so Far
SketchParty TV is my favorite party app. My friends love it, my parents love it, it's basically awesome for any gathering that includes a TV. It's now available natively for the new Apple TV. This post from the developer (Matt Braun) offers intriguing details about the development and marketing process that will be of interest to both developers and users.
ipad  games  appletv  ios 
19 days ago
Urthecast - See the planet. Open the world.
Images of Earth captured from the International Space Station, with a very intriguing API. I've requested access to the developer tools, and am looking forward to something potentially awesome here.
api  photography  photo  satellite 
5 weeks ago
sift - a fast and powerful open source alternative to grep
"A fast and powerful open source alternative to grep." I'm currently (still) a Silver Surfer (ag) fan, but this offers some enticing flexibility.
grep  search  cli  unix  text 
6 weeks ago
I mentioned [Sheetsu](https://sheetsu.com/) recently (which is still a great solution for this. For a more ground-up approach, Tabletop.js makes JSON access to Google Spreadsheets via JavaScript simple. Integrates with Backbone.js, Handlebars, and other frameworks/tools.
backbone  spreadsheet  javascript  googledocs 
6 weeks ago
Computing CSS matrix3d transforms
Some advanced tricks with CSS transforms. Between this and Franklin's followup article on [diffing images with CSS](http://franklinta.com/2014/11/30/image-diffing-using-css/), I have a new rabbit hole.
3d  transforms  css3 
6 weeks ago
Image diffing using CSS | Franklin Ta
we want to find the difference between these two images. You can do this by simply inverting the colors and then stacking them together at 50% opacity. This can be achieved with a single CSS filter: -webkit-filter: invert(100%) opacity(50%);
filter  webkit  css3  image 
6 weeks ago
Generate a frontend markup template from Sass variables.
CSS  webdesign  sass  grid 
6 weeks ago
LaunchBar 6 Developer Action Info.plist
Like most kinds of bundles on OS X, LaunchBar Action Bundles contain an Info.plist file containing metadata about the bundle. LaunchBar Action Bundles must contain certain keys and values in their Info.plist to work.
launchbar  programming  javascript 
6 weeks ago
Designer Mill | Collection of Best Free Design Resources
Collection of free PSDs, Sketch files, free Fonts and other resources for designers, updated every day on DesignerMill.
webdesign  design  font  template  resource 
6 weeks ago
Jets.js - Native CSS search engine
CSS  filtering  search  webdesign 
6 weeks ago
Rucksack | CSS Superpowers
A little bag of CSS superpowers, built on PostCSS
CSS  webdesign  postprocessor  framework  processor 
6 weeks ago
PrestaShop - Free ecommerce software
Create your online store with PrestaShop's free shopping cart software. Build an ecommerce website for free and start selling online with hundreds of powerful features.
marketing  webdesign  ecommerce 
6 weeks ago
Zuli SmartPlug
Control your lights, appliances, and home temperature from your phone with Zuli Smartplugs. Buy now from the Zuli Shop.
6 weeks ago
Sheetsu adds an API layer to Google Spreadsheet. I've been doing this the hard way for a long time, as Google Docs is what drives [iTextEditors](http://brettterpstra.com/ios-text-editors/). Looking forward to exploring the possibilities here.
api  google  googledocs 
7 weeks ago
DevTools Tips For Sublime Text Users
Google Developers offers a rundown of cool tricks in Chrome DevTools that will already be familiar to Sublime Text users. Port your muscle memory!
tips  sublime  chrome 
7 weeks ago
Quiver: The Programmer's Notebook
I'm playing with this right now. It allows you to save snippets with cells set to various types (text, markdown, code w/language), and stores them as JSON objects in text files. Thus, you can mix Markdown and code snippets, copy them out, tag them, and even has a presentation mode. It has a few missing features, but shows promise.
snippet  osx  macappstore  programming 
7 weeks ago
PodCon 2015
On Thursday, October 8, 2015 I'll be joining a distinguished bunch of podcasters for Pod Con 2015. 4 hours of live broadcasting via [blab.im](https://blab.im/) about how and why we do what we do. Head over and RSVP!
podcast  podcasting  events 
7 weeks ago
Sketch Repo
This is an excellent collection of [Sketch.app](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sketch/id852320343?mt=12&at=10l4tL&ct=webexc) templates, icons, and UI elements. Also, when you're on this site, just start typing any search term (no input box needed). It's cool.
sketchapp  template  resource 
7 weeks ago
Updated NASA APIs. I don't know what I'd do with these, but I can't stop thinking there's fun to be had.
data  api  nasa 
8 weeks ago
A "cURL-like tool for humans." If you've ever written out long curl commands with a bunch of headers and `-d data` arguments when testing an API, this is a much more humane option. Via [OneThingWell](http://onethingwell.org/post/129412391471) (as seems to be the case at least once a week, so you should probably watch posts there as well).
curl  unix  cli  bash 
8 weeks ago
My typewriter decal on my rMBP is wearing out, and I've been hunting for a good decal to replace it. This site has some of the most intriguing, though I'm still looking for one that really sums up my personality, interests, passions, and goals in one sticker that everyone can use at the coffeehouse to summarize me in a glance.
decal  stickers 
8 weeks ago
UIPalette combines all of the best tools for finding trends and generating color palettes in one interface. Hailpixel, Color Hunt, Adobe Color CC and more.
color  design 
8 weeks ago
USB-C 12" Macbook 5 in 1 Adapter v2 (Pre-Order)
This seems like a good idea. I haven't sprung for a new MacBook yet, but I imagine this would be a very handy accessory. Currently pre-order.
usb  macbook  hardware 
8 weeks ago
Find a Remote Job
A Product Hunt collection of tools for finding remote jobs, including Nomad List 2.0, Remote OK, Remotive Jobs, Gigster 2.0, and We Work Remotely.
job  remote 
9 weeks ago
Telluride Review: Danny Boyle's 'Steve Jobs'
Wait, someone's making a _good_ Jobs movie? I love Sorkin.
stevejobs  apple  movie 
9 weeks ago
5 Things I Learned from Working in Animal Welfare | Dog & His Boy
A great post for anyone who cares about dogs and the "system" that protects them.
10 weeks ago
Use Markdown in Evernote
An update (with fix) to an [older Evernote-watching script](http://www.yar2050.com/2012/11/everwatch-evernote-marked.html) from Dan Rosenstark for integration with Marked.
evernote  Marked  markdown 
august 2015
Pinboard Pro - Google Chrome extension for Pinboard.in
An to the official Pinboard Chrome extension. It's essentially the same features, but the one thing I wanted very badly for Chrome was a shortcut for Tab Sets, and this offers it.
pinboard  tabs  chrome  extension 
august 2015
MacBook Rack • Nordic Appeal
The MacBook Rack will hold you MacBook while you work on the Apple Display saving space on the table and speed up you MacBook.
august 2015
How the Apple Watch Has Changed My Behavior for the Better
> I now snapshot my work, look away, drink some water, walk to the kitchen to refill my cup, glance around to see if anybody needs me, and then get back to work.

This post encapsulates my own experience well.
health  applewatch 
august 2015
jekyll-json - Turn config into JSON
plugin  json  Jekyll 
august 2015
An iOS app that lets you create single site browsers (a la [Fluid](http://fluidapp.com/)) to maintain separate cookies and local storage for various sites. Hat tip to [@goldenhillsw](https://twitter.com/goldenhillsw).
browser  fluid  ios 
august 2015
A Jekyll Plugin To Buffer Your Posts
I'd say one of my least favorite parts of writing articles is the tedious and necessary task of sharing those articles on social media sites. I...
socialmedia  Jekyll  plugin 
august 2015
Tufte CSS
I love Tufte. This CSS, along with some basic classes and markup formatting, provides Tufte-compliant formatting for your text.
webdesign  CSS  design 
august 2015
Browser Fairy
I've been a Choosy user for a long time, but it's a dead project and I've been watching for a replacement. This is working well for handling multiple web browsers based on user rules. Hat tip to [TJ Luoma at MacStories](http://www.macstories.net/mac/browser-fairy-overcomes-browser-commitment-phobia/).
browser  utility  osx  macappstore 
august 2015
Better BibTeX Cite As You Write
Integration for Zotero++, Scrivener, and Marked 2.
zotero  Marked  bibtex  scrivener  latex 
august 2015
Shell Integration - iTerm2
The latest beta of iTerm2 (version 3) has some awesome new features. Nightly builds available.
Terminal  iterm 
august 2015
Unsplash It
A service from [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/) to generate placeholder images automatically with a simple url structure. Great photos. I think [Placekitten](http://placekitten.com/) might have broken, so this is my new go-to...
webdesign  placeholder  image 
august 2015
Color Hunt
Curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily.
tools  color  design  Inspiration  palette 
august 2015
Automatic Generation of Text Extraction Patterns from Examples
A pretty cool tool which lets you provide a list of strings you'd like to find patterns in, and then returns a regular expression that will pass each example case.
generator  regex  regularexpression 
august 2015
Swift Sandbox
A newsletter on all things Swift programming from the developer behind [MacDevWeekly](http://macdevweekly.com/). I've greatly enjoyed getting his Objective-C oriented list of curated highlights from the developer world, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Subscribers are automatically eligible to win one of 14 Swift Books. Details on the landing page.
newsletter  swift  developer 
august 2015
Python tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide to Python
If you're new to scripting (or programming in general), I've come to believe that Python is the best starting point. This tutorial from Udemy is a good intro, and pairs well with the [Learning Python Bundle](https://mijingo.com/products/bundles/learning-python-bundle/) from Mijingo.
python  tutorial  programming 
august 2015
white tabtags
this is white space taken to a whole new level ;)  
customization  decal  sticker 
august 2015
Sell One Thing, okay?
A tool to create a simple checkout page to sell a single product. Sell One Thing integrates with Stripe with a single click.
creditcards  stripe  ecommerce  shopping 
august 2015
Based on [teamocil](https://github.com/remiprev/teamocil), itermocil lets you define groups of windows, panes, and executed commands for iTerm2 using YAML files.
iterm  Terminal 
august 2015
Black Metal — Monowear
* Color: Black
* Band Material: Stainless steel 
* Adapter Material: Stainless steel 
* Length: Based on Apple Watch of your choice (size chart)
* *Compatible: 38mm or 42mm of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple
Watch Edition
* *Adaptor finish: Matte Silver, Polish Silver, Matte Dark Gray

* Options will be selected during check out
august 2015
The Second Coming of Nozbe for Apple Watch
Nozbe remains a top-notch project management and collaborative todo list solution, and their [focus on the Apple Watch](http://nozbe.watch/) is paying off.
productivity  applewatch  nozbe 
july 2015
Loose Leaves
Instantly create hosted, shareable pages from selected Markdown with a keyboard shortcut on OS X. It's handy for use with Twitter and other social platforms, as well as with Slack and general collaboration tools.
macappstore  osx  mac  service  markdown 
july 2015
The Shuttle -- Never lose your Apple Remote again
The Shuttle (in Natural, Golden Oak, and Walnut) is now permanently priced at $39.99. That seems to be the best price point to cover labor cost and still offer a reasonable price. Pick one up!
appletv  accessories  hardware 
july 2015
Night Stand for Apple Watch from ElevationLab
This elegant piece stands out because horizontal orientation is going to be important after the next WatchOS update. I've been planning a wood version of something similar to go along with [the Shuttle](https://www.etsy.com/listing/232601529/the-shuttle-never-lose-your-apple-remote)...
stand  accessories  applewatch 
july 2015
Balloon is a drop box for your Dropbox. Share your Balloon to receive files, collect photos from an event, and so much more straight to your Dropbox. There's no signup for senders, and no need for you to manually download files anymore.
dropbox  filesharing 
july 2015
Palette Gear: Hands-on Control of your Favourite Software
Snap-together sliders, dials and buttons for intuitive, precise and custom control of your favourite software.
hardware  automation 
july 2015
A tiny JavaScript helper to load and pre-load web fonts that are specified via @font-face. It uses best practices from other solutions, but it's still a unique combination:

It's tiny (793 bytes minimized and gzipped), so it can be easily included in every page.
It can preload a font before it's used.
It can solve the “invisible text” issue (WebKit-based browsers on slow network) by applying a class during font loading.
It can also solve the Flash Of Unformatted Text, aka FOUT (still happens in Internet Explorer).
Supports practically all browsers. Tested under the latest browser on Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, as well as under IE6+, Firefox 3.6+.
webdesign  webfonts  javascript  preload 
july 2015
Explore the WordPress REST API with the New Interactive Console Plugin
WordPress REST API project lead Ryan McCue, in cooperation with Automattic’s Engineering team, released a REST API Console plugin on WordPress.org today. It’s a basic console that fits right into the WordPress admin and allows you to explore the API, make small changes, and find out what your site is exposing.
api  rest  wordpress  plugin 
july 2015
selecta - A fuzzy text selector for files and anything else you need to select. Use it from vim, from the command line, or anywhere you can run a shell command.
fuzzy  picker  unix  cli 
july 2015
pick - fuzzy select anything. The pick(1) utility allows users to choose one option from a set of choices using an interface with fuzzy search functionality.
fuzzy  picker  unix  cli 
july 2015
STAMP app - import Spotify playlit to Apple Music easily
This app takes a long time to process a large library, but being able to dump my Spotify playlists into Apple Music is making doing a real comparison much easier.
spotify  music  applemusic  tools  mac 
july 2015
This is a pretty amazing idea. Contextual notes for any file, folder, or website. Every time you open it, it shows the notes for the current context.
notetaking  notes  mac  osx 
july 2015
Getting my Daily To Do List Out of OmniFocus
Jason Verly created a nifty way to get things done using OmniFocus, a bit of scripting, and [Marked 2](http://marked2app.com).
Marked  productivity  omnifocus 
july 2015
This looks like a nice Word/Pages replacement for people who still want rich text editing. Inexpensive at $1.99.
appstore  wordprocess  osx  richtext  mac 
july 2015
Zuli Smartplug Presence Pack
I haven't had a chance to try these out yet (they start shipping in 6-8 weeks), but it might be a leap forward in my decade-long quest for accurate proximity detection for home automation.
proximity  automation  homeautomation 
july 2015
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