Touché - Touch bar for everyone
In case you missed it back when the Touch Bar was first introduced, Daniel Jalkut has a great tool for emulating it on your Mac. It works well with High Sierra and I've been using it to test out Touch Bar features on my (aging) rMBP.
mac  touchbar 
4 days ago
I don't generally go for distraction-removing apps, site blockers, single-taskers, etc., but this is really handy. It can enable and disable Do Not Disturb on your Mac, _and_ disables badges on dock icons. Undisturbed can be toggled on and off from the menubar. I think everyone knows how distracting badge icons can be, but also how handy they are. A way to toggle them on and off quickly without entirely disabling them is a welcome tool.
macos  productivity 
4 days ago
Jim’s Matrix Macro
A Keyboard Maestro macro for TaskPaper from Jim Krenz. It takes a task list using 2 key tags (@important and @due) and creates 4 separate views replicating the [Eisenhower Decision Matrix](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_management#The_Eisenhower_Method) espoused by Stephen Covey.
productivity  keyboardmaestro  taskpaper 
4 days ago
Paperlogix Document Scanner on the App Store
An intriguing new document scanner app for iOS. It features rules and workflows for automating the sorting, organization, and archiving (with folders, tags, and drag-and-drop) of the documents you scan.
app  scanner  ios  iphone 
4 days ago
One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
A great read from Mike Montiero. I remember the early days of twttr, and I know what Twitter is now, but I'd kind of forgotten how we got here...
4 days ago
EarthBox® | Home of the Original Container Gardening System
Effortlessly grow fruits, vegetables and herbs anywhere in our successful, award-winning container gardening systems.
garden  hydroponic 
17 days ago
A welcome tool. I do a fair number of introductions via email. You know, "John meet Melinda" rather than just giving Melinda John's email address and letting her make a cold intro. But it's a pain to ask John if he's willing to meet Melinda, so I often skip that step and just decide to feel bad about it. So let's automate that…
automation  email 
4 weeks ago
Sublime Text 3
So Sublime 3 is *finally* official. I've been using it in beta for long enough that this isn't a huge deal, but despite Atom having a larger developer community, I've stuck with Sublime primarily because it's stable, it has every package I need, and it's *not an Electron app*.
4 weeks ago
gerardroche/sublime-monokai-free: A beautiful, professional, high quality, polished, free, Monokai color scheme for Sublime Text
A really nice version of Monokai for Sublime Text 3. I found a link in the description to [ColorSchemeUnit](https://github.com/gerardroche/sublime_color_scheme_unit) which looks like a great unit testing tool for those publishing Sublime themes.
color  monokai  theme  SublimeText 
4 weeks ago
0k/shyaml: YAML for command line
Probably because of my Jekyll usage and Ruby in general, I've taken to creating most configuration files in YAML instead of JSON. Parsing it from a bash script has always been a pain, though...
yaml  bash  cli 
4 weeks ago
Markdown Cheatsheet · adam-p/markdown-here Wiki
markdown-here - Google Chrome, Firefox, and Thunderbird extension that lets you write email in Markdown and render it before sending.
markdown  cheatsheet  reference 
4 weeks ago
Using Modern CSS to Build a Responsive Image Grid — SitePoint
George takes a look at a few different techniques for building a mobile-first, responsive image grid using flexbox and calc().
flexbox  gallery  CSS 
4 weeks ago
This will only be of interest to VW and Audi owners who happen to enjoy saving a ton of money by getting their hands dirty. But seriously, with cheap replacement parts and detailed tutorial videos, I've already saved over $1000 over taking my aging TT to a mechanic. (And that's not even including the money that [Harold Kachelmyer](https://twitter.com/princessharold) helped me save on a clutch replacement…)
5 weeks ago
Announcing the 1Password command-line tool public beta
If you don't already know I'm a huge 1Password fan, let me tell you: I'm a huge 1Password fan. And it's not just because they consistently cater to my nerdy desires...
cli  1password 
6 weeks ago
What's New In DevTools
Ever go through the release notes for Chrome DevTools? If you write JavaScript at all, consider this a reminder to check it out. The features added this last year have been amazing (and often easily missed).
chrome  devtools 
7 weeks ago
AppFigures #AFtalks: Working for Yourself -- Balancing Freelance & Indie App Development with Brett Terpstra
I had a fun, Twitter-based chat with Chantelle from AppFigures about freelancing and indie development. Even though I've mostly left behind freelance work for the time being, I've learned enough to be a modicum of help to those entering the scary world of self-sufficiency.
interview  freelance 
7 weeks ago
FLAC to MP3 Mac - Convert FLAC to MP3 Format on Mac OS
A macOS app for speedy conversion of FLAC to MP3 and other audio formats.
flac  audio  mp3 
7 weeks ago
A Crash Course in Analyzing Memory Usage in Ruby
A walk through some options available to us for analyzing memory usage in MRI.
debugging  ruby  coding  memory 
8 weeks ago
Sketch for Designrs
Not a huge repository, yet, but another resource site to add to your Sketch bookmarks collection.
sketch  sketchapp 
8 weeks ago
pornel/slip: Slip.js — UI library for manipulating lists via swipe and drag gestures
slip - Slip.js — UI library for manipulating lists via swipe and drag gestures
webdesign  javascript  ios  ui  touch 
8 weeks ago
wayou/SlipHover: apply direction aware animation to images caption
SlipHover - apply direction aware animation to images caption
hover  caption  webdesign 
8 weeks ago
I love Sketch plugins to the extent that a plugin manager is a necessity. [Sketch Toolbox](http://sketchtoolbox.com/) hasn't been updated for a while, and this new one is pretty sweet.
sketchapp  design  pluginmanager  sketch 
8 weeks ago
Ok, so there's not been any shortage of email clients in recent years, nor am I interested in replacing MailMate or Spark. I do try everything out, though, and this one looks great. Currently just in advance signup mode, but if you're curious, get your name on the list.
8 weeks ago
I'm not switching away from Pinboard, but I am impressed with this as a bookmarking/read later tool. Imports from Pocket, Readability, and Instapaper so you can try it out easily.
8 weeks ago
Transmit 5
This update of Panic's FTP app, Transmit, adds new sync features (support for local-to-local and remote-to-remote), new speed improvements, but most interestingly, new cloud support for 10 services, including Backblaze B2, Box, Google Drive, DreamObjects, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Cloud Files.
app  ftp  mac  transmit 
12 weeks ago
ohoachuck/wwdc-downloader: WWDC 2017 video downloader script
A downloader script for grabbing all of the WWDC 2017 videos. Written in Swift with no external dependencies.
video  wwdc 
12 weeks ago
Cracking the code behind Apple's App Store promo card design
equinux figured out how to make scannable promo codes (like iTunes gift cards) for iTunes and Mac App Stores. I don't have an immediately useful application for this, but I see possibilities...
itunes  promotion  appstore 
12 weeks ago
Connected Earth
A fun app for visualization of travel and communication connectedness around the globe. From the developers of [Cosmic Watch](https://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/cosmic-watch/id971231853?mt=8&at=10l4tL&ct=blog).
map  ios  visualization 
july 2017
This one is indispensable for GitHub browsing. Gives you a full tree view of any repo on the left side of the page so you can quickly navigate between files and explore repos where you wouldn't even know what to search for in the GitHub quick switcher.
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
july 2017
Tab Extract
Allows you to extract tabs based on a title search to a new window from the url bar. It's handier than it might sound, especially for use with any of the tab-set-saving extensions.
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
july 2017
HTML5 Video Keyboard Shortcuts
Add keyboard navigation (play/pause, fast forward, rewind) to any HTML5 video you run across.
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
july 2017
Extensions Manager (aka Switcher)
And when you get to the point where you just have too many extensions, use Extension manager to quickly enable and disable them, and create sets of extensions for bulk enable/disable as circumstance requires.
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
july 2017
OneTab is the de facto solution for saving tab sets. Click the extension button and the whole window is saved to an organized list where you can drag between sets and remove tabs as needed. **Tip:** export OneTab lists as plain text for easy bulk editing and import it again to clean up long lists.
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
july 2017
Tab Manager
This one scratches an itch for me. I use Toby and Pinboard to organize tabs, which is way easier if I can just save a whole window, but I hate having my sessions include irrelevant pages, and sorting them all is a pain. With Tab Manager, you can see all of your tabs as a list and manipulate them in myriad ways (close, move, re-order). See also OneTab...
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
july 2017
Copy All Urls
A handy plugin (similar to my [TabLinks](http://brettterpstra.com/projects/tablinks/) extension for Safari) that copies all of your open tabs as a list of text links. Like TabLinks, it allows a template so you can, say, copy as a bullet list of Markdown URLs with page titles.
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
july 2017
Relevance - Smart Tab Organizer
An interesting extension that uses an algorithm based on the times tabs are active to sort them by "relevance."
chrome  extension  chrome-extension 
july 2017
Can iPad replace my laptop?
An in-depth look at the current state of the question "Can iPad really replace my laptop?"
ipad  mac  apple 
july 2017
The Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings
A beautifully laid-out collection of 50 font pairings from Google Fonts.
webdesign  typography  fonts 
july 2017
Down Etc
A few years ago I stayed at a (new at the time) hotel in San Francisco, and the pillows were so amazing I had to inquire at the front desk about where they were from. They emailed me an address for Down Etc., and I let it sit for a couple of years. Got one recently, and it's as awesome as I remember.
sleep  pillow 
july 2017
YouTube Converter 2 from Softorino
Softorino teased SYC2 a little while ago, and now it's officially released. Instantly download videos and music, create audio, video, or ringtone files, and quickly add it to libraries on your Mac or iOS device. It works with more than just YouTube, too, including Facebook, Vimeo, Vevo, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and more.
youtube  video 
july 2017
Best Headphones for Sleep
I'm still a dedicated user of [SleepPhones](http://amzn.to/2sjCQro), but Pzizz (my favorite "background music" sleep app) has published a review of a few other options, including some inexpensive solutions.
sleep  headphone 
july 2017
The Ringer - Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner
I got this tip from the [Systematic episode with Dean Pribetic](http://esn.fm/systematic/196). It's basically high quality chainmail, designed for cleaning a cast iron pan without detergent. Wet, scrub, wipe dry. I bought it immediately and I can vouch that it's a brilliant solution.
july 2017
Made With ARKit
A "hand-picked curation of the coolest stuff made with ARKit." [This one](http://www.madewitharkit.com/post/162437137008/arkit-inter-dimensional-portal-by-nedd-music) is one of my favorites.
arkit  ios  apple 
july 2017
Hyper Key in macOS Sierra with Karabiner Elements
**Top story:** Karabiner Elements can once again provide the [Hyper key](http://brettterpstra.com/2012/12/08/a-useful-caps-lock-key/) we all loved before Sierra.
keyboard  hyper  karabiner 
june 2017
Declawing: A new study shows we can’t look the other way
This isn't my normal kind of link, but the AVMA has hesitated to oppose the practice on domestic cats and I think Americans are at a particular disadvantage when it comes to being provided information on and understanding the effects of declawing cats. This post is enlightening, even for me, and I've always opposed declawing cats…
animals  cat 
june 2017
What we learned evolving an App through 20 Alphas and 10 Betas
Daniel Alm writes about the development of Timing 2, tracking progress over 13 months. A well-documented look at the process of UI and functionality changes from start to finish.
june 2017
Songstack - discover new music
I found 10 new bands this week. This may be my favorite music discovery service/Spotify integration yet. There's also [a web version](https://about.songstack.co/).
music  discovery 
june 2017
Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - US English - Apple
The Magic Numeric Keyboard features sleek new design and a rechargeable battery that powers it for a month between charges and pairs automatically with your Mac.
apple  keyboard 
june 2017
If you like TV, and you like music, this is awesome. It's a site with an index of music and songs appearing every episode of popular shows (and movies). You can find what song was playing in the end credits without having to rewind and Shazam it, or search by artist to see where they've been featured in the world of television and movies.
tv  movies  music 
may 2017
Board For GitHub
A native app overview for GitHub projects.
projectmanagement  github 
may 2017
Makers - IFTTT platform - IFTTT Platform
If you love IFTTT but have always wished for more advanced control over your applets, check out the Makers platform.
developer  ifttt 
may 2017
Screens 4
Screens has long been one of the best VNC clients for Mac. The newest version adds a few features that were notably missing versus Apple's default screen sharing app, including drag-and-drop file transfer support. It also got a speed boost, resulting in reduced screen lag and ultra-sharp image. If you have [Setapp](https://go.setapp.com/stp44), you already have it!
vnc  remote 
may 2017
HYPER Glass iPhone screen protector
This is fascinating. A couple of touch areas on the lower left and right allow you to tap areas in the upper left and right of a plus-size iPhone screen. I haven't tried it, and I've gotten quite used to the fact that my phone is not going to be a one-handed device anymore, but I'm very curious.
screenprotector  iphone 
may 2017
Idnan/bash-guide: A guide to learn bash
Simply a "guide to learn bash." If you want to get into more command line work and bash scripting, this is an excellent compendium of the basics. Also see Peter Stephenson's ["A User's Guide to the Z-Shell."](http://zsh.sourceforge.net/Guide/zshguide.html)
bash  unix 
may 2017
The 100% Correct Coding Style Guide
I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. If you've ever argued about spaces vs tabs, well, "It took me years to find the right answers but I’ve finally done it and it turns out the answer is..."
syntax  coding  developer 
may 2017
Mavo: A new, approachable way to create Web applications
This is cool. [Lea Verou](http://lea.verou.me/) heads up a team to present Mavo, an extension to the syntax of HTML that allows developers to describe Web applications that manage, store, and transform data without any backend programming.
html5  CSS  webdev  html  developer 
may 2017
Google Slides
Ok, maybe everyone knew creating slide-based presentations was part of the Gdocs suite already, but if I saw it before I'd never bothered to explore it. I'm impressed, this is a great alternative to PowerPoint, especially if you're collaborating cross-platform.
slides  presentation  htmlpresentation 
may 2017
SpaceLauncher - App Launcher and Switcher for Mac
Similar to hyper-key hacks, this app lets you launch or switch to an app by pressing any configured key while holding down spacebar. Via [Maarten den Braber via Paul Vantees](https://twitter.com/mdbraber/status/866390778666418177).
keyboard  shortcut  mac  hyper 
may 2017
Placeit (with video)
I've mentioned Placeit before. It lets you upload screenshots and frame them in high quality stock photos of any device. Since the last time I've mentioned it, they've added the ability to put screen recordings into devices and save as video, as well as a whole section of t-shirt and poster mockups with models and settings. (It appears to be what [Teespring](https://teespring.com/stores/lab) is using now for the marketing photos they generate for user campaigns.) It's not cheap ($8 for a one-off high-res mockup), but the quality is worth it for anyone serious about marketing.
mockup  marketing 
may 2017
learn anything
A mindmap created by [Nikita Voloboev](@nikitavoloboev) and hosted by MindNode with a network of topics, subtopics, and links for just about every area of knowledge you could want to dig into.
mindnode  learning  mindmap 
may 2017
50 Useful Command Line Tools Developers Will Love
A sizeable roundup of cool command line utilities ranging from web development to time tracking. There's even a cool Facebook CLI I hadn't seen before. (And one of my projects, Doing, made the list).
Terminal  productivity  cli 
may 2017
Keeping Apple History Alive at MacPaw
MacPaw has pulled together an impressive collection of almost 40 machines from across the history of Apple in a museum you can visit next time you're in Kyiv.
museum  mac  apple 
may 2017
Dear FCC, It's Our Internet and We'll Fight To Protect It
The EFF has created a site where you can quickly draft a letter to the FCC in response to their request for public comment on net nuetrality issues. Also see the clever link "This Week with John Oliver" created to take you directly to the buried policy comment page on the FCC site: [gofccyourself.com](http://gofccyourself.com).
privacy  fcc  netnuetrality 
may 2017
LivePhotosKit JS
Did you know that there's a javascript library for playing Apple's Live Photos on the web? It has a full API for customizing controls and playback options. I'm not certain I'll find anything useful to do with it, but smart move on Apple's part to start opening the format up to legitimate use outside of Photos.
livephoto  javascript  apple  photo 
may 2017
A nicely done app from Eltima that mounts your S3, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and FTP/WebDAV drives in Finder.
remote  cloud  mount 
may 2017
As an alternative to Unroll.me, this open source Google Script helps easily unsubscribe from newsletters and bulk emails in Gmail. Without giving anyone permission to scrape your inbox.
spam  privacy  gmail 
may 2017
Blurr for Chrome
A Chrome plugin for anonymizing your digital footprint using obfuscation.
browser  privacy  chrome  chrome-extension 
may 2017
Using Marked 2 for Academic Writing
A great video from Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody documenting the use of [Marked 2](http://marked2app.com) with Pandoc for Academic writing.
Marked  academic  pandoc 
may 2017
Rocket-fast, Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac
A free Mac app that makes typing emoji faster and easier using Slack-style shortcuts.
app  software  osx  mac  emoji 
april 2017
Found via a post from Jason Snell [about podcast transcription](https://sixcolors.com/post/2017/03/the-dream-of-converting-podcasts-into-text/), I've been trying out this automatic audio post production service. I set it up with transcription via the Google Cloud Speech platform and am actually very impressed with the results. Good enough for fuzy full-text search, anyway. And the audio processing is surprisingly good.
audio  podcasting  tools  webapp 
april 2017
This is a very interesting Sublime Text package that actually creates a split view Markdown editor with live preview right in Sublime. I hadn't even realized this was feasible previously.
preview  sublime  SublimeText  markdown 
april 2017
From Christopher Hannah: a little CLI written in Swift that uses my [TitleCase API](http://brettterpstra.com/titlecase/test) to convert input to a properly title-cased string from the command line or as part of a script pipeline.
titlecap  cli  writing  from twitter_favs
april 2017
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