Six Colors: Podcasts swirling, whirling, and moving
Jason Snell on podcasts changing networks or heading out on their own. Sparked by Systematic and Overtired leaving 5by5, but with insight into the whole bubble of tech podcasts we live in.
podcast  systematic  overtired 
15 days ago
Like [HistoryHound](http://www.stclairsw.com/HistoryHound/index.html), but shinier. It indexes the full text of every page you visit and makes it easy to locate pages you've seen but didn't bother bookmarking at the time.
bookmarking  history  productivity 
15 days ago
Dr Nic's New magical version of Symbol.to_proc
Before the magic, let’s go through a Beginner’s Guide to Mapping, then Advanced Guide to Symbol.to_proc, and THEN, the magical version. Its worth it. Its sexy, nifty AND magical all at once.
ruby  symbols  tricks  procs 
17 days ago
How to Generate Good Ideas: Methods to Try, Questions to Ask and Apps to Use
A piece by [Belle Cooper](https://twitter.com/BelleBCooper/) on coming up with and following through with new ideas. I'm never at a loss for ideas (there are times I wish I were), but filtering them and executing the right ones is a challenge for everybody.
brainstorming  creativity 
23 days ago
Astral - Organize Your GitHub Stars Easily
This is a great idea: tagging, sorting, and viewing all of your starred GitHub repos. I currently use a set of Pinboard tags to accomplish this, which is nice because I don't have to deal with the repurcussions (notifications) of starring everything. I'd love to see this integrated with a bookmarking tool of some kind… via [OneThingWell](http://onethingwell.org/post/103457644140/astral).
github  bookmarking  tagging 
23 days ago
Generate table of contents for a markdown document.
markdown  tableofcontents  node  cli 
24 days ago
A markdown preprocessor for GitHub that helps out with common and repetitive tasks such as table of contents generation, anchor references, variable transclusion, file includes, inserting file sizes, badges, dates, and more. You can even write custom helpers for it (Node).
github  markdown  tools 
25 days ago
Viewport Sized Typography
Yes, Chris wrote this in 2012, but I'm just now finding time to play with it. The `vw` and `vh` sizing meaurements in CSS allow elements to size based on viewport dimensions. Played with it a bit and it's really cool in Chrome and Safari. I should probably start testing stuff in Firefox again...
css  webdesign  typography 
26 days ago
Naminum, the ultimate company name, startup name and website name on the web
This actually offers some really good company name/domain ideas, and can check availability with a click of a suggestion. Gives Hover's name tool a run for its money.
domainregistrar  domains  naming  search  webapp 
26 days ago
WordPress › Any Ipsum « WordPress Plugins
Custom Lorem Ipsum generator and JSON API for WordPress
loremipsum  wordpress  plugin  api 
28 days ago
Famo.us is a free, open source JavaScript framework that helps you create smooth, complex UIs for any screen.
javascript  ui  webdesign  framework 
28 days ago
Hooks - Get desktop notifications with Javascript, PHP & Swift.
Hooks. Get desktop notifications with Javascript
PHP & Swift.
javascript  notification  php  swift  mac  osx 
4 weeks ago
Dropzone API: Bundling Ruby gems with your action
If your action needs gems that are not included with the system Ruby or with Dropzone then you can download and run this bundle-gems.sh script to download the gems listed in a Gemfile into your action bundle.
dropzone  api  ruby  gem 
4 weeks ago
Putting Google Analytics Custom Alerts to work
With these custom alerts, you can do things like:

- Email you when traffic is significantly down or up over the previous day.
- Send you a text message when your site errors spike.
- Notify the entire company when you’re on a sales roll.
- Email you when that guest post went live and started driving traffic to your site.
- Send you a text message when your advertising campaign went live.
google  analytics  alerts 
4 weeks ago
Startup Threads is the all-in-one solution for companies to create their custom tshirts and hoodies, from creating a concept to printing & shipping them to your customers door.
tshirts  marketing 
4 weeks ago
Why and how I ditched icon fonts in favor of inline SVG
Icon fonts have a few nasty problems that icon font makers rarely make you aware of. Here’s a few of these problems...
webdesign  font-face  svg  css 
4 weeks ago
7 Lessons Learned From Interviewing 100+ App Developers — Medium
"Here are the top 7 lessons I’ve learned from interviewing over 100 amazing app developers about how to build a successful app."
appstore  developer  interview 
4 weeks ago
> Crumbles are kinda like reaction GIFs with a way bigger vocabulary... and all you have to do to make one is type.
video  entertainment 
4 weeks ago
Happy Cyborg
A bot that learns your personality and auto-responds to tweets. Could be useful for tech support accounts, at least…
twitter  bot 
4 weeks ago
Flashlight — Spotlight's missing plugin system
Holy cow. A plugin system for Yosemite Spotlight that adds all kinds of Alfred-esque capabilities.
spotlight  plugin 
5 weeks ago
Choose to Start Doing, aka, Tracking Your Work Time
Well, that's pretty cool. It uses [choose](http://tinyrobotsoftware.com/choose/) with [doing](http://brettterpstra.com/projects/doing) to provide a graphical interface of sorts...
Doing  yosemite  scripting 
5 weeks ago
SFTP, FTP and S3 in the Sublime Text sidebar (with ExpanDrive)
I love ExpanDrive for working with just about every kind of remote filesystem I ever run into (I especially like mounting Dropbox as a network drive on systems where I don't need my whole Dropbox installed). This tip for using mounted directories in Sublime Text works well (as well as any remote editing solution can). The background update lets you edit without waiting for the transfer on every save.
blogit  sftp  network  filesystem  expandrive  sublime 
6 weeks ago
A 9-step script that uses HTML tidy, Pandoc, and a few Node modules to do the best job I've seen of converting DOCX files to Markdown. It requires that you have Microsoft Word installed, but images are exported, tables preserved, and other nice details come through.
blogit  microsoft  markdown  conversion  docx  markdownify  word 
6 weeks ago
Creating custom themes for text editors doesn't get much easier than this. Use Sass, SCSS, Stylus, or CSS to define your scopes and attributes, then turn it into a Theme for Sublime or TextMate (or any tmtheme-compatible editor).
CSS  blogit  sublime  plugin  SublimeText  theme 
6 weeks ago
10.5: Use Automator variables anywhere in a workflow - Mac OS X Hints
I've been finding Automator infinitely frustrating lately, but I found this little gem while looking for something else. Tested on Mavericks, still works there. I'm not sure about Yosemite.
automator  blogit 
7 weeks ago
"An nvALT Preview Theme on Steroids." Really cool usage of nvALT's custom template capabilities, enabling GFM Markdown, GitHub checkboxes, Font Awesome icons, code highlighting, and "User Story" detection and formatting for agile folks.
blogit  nvalt  theme  github  markdown 
7 weeks ago
Ostensibly it's a Chrome plugin that translates between various "humane" markup formats (Markdown, Textile, MediaWiki, etc.). It's [Pandoc](http://www.johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/) on steroids. The cool part, though, is that it has an [API](http://marksy.arc90.com/learn) that you can incorporate into all kinds of tools (e.g. the [Sublime Text package](https://github.com/thomscode/Marksy-Convert)).
blogit  markdown  api  plaintext  converter 
7 weeks ago
Tiny Robot Software
Cool little utility for Yosemite that pipes input from the command line to a visual selection and returns output to STDOUT.
blogit  yosemite  cli 
8 weeks ago
A command-line tool for displaying the CPU temperature, fan speeds and battery information on your Mac, all at once or separately (great for GeekTool, Übersicht, etc.).
blogit  osx  ruby  status 
8 weeks ago
A bookmarklet and Chrome extension to create a front-end performance heatmap of resources loaded in the browser using the Resource Timing API. A browser with support for the Resource Timing API is required.
javascript  chrome  webdesign  performance 
8 weeks ago
Load data while still loading other scripts and display data faster in jQuery, Backbone, Angular, ...
javascript  webdesign  optimization 
8 weeks ago
Axiomatic CSS and Lobotomized Owls · An A List Apart Article
I’m happy to concede that when some of you saw the two asterisks in * + * at the beginning of this article, you started shaking your head with vigorous disapproval. There is a precedent for that. The universal selector is indeed a powerful tool. But it can be good powerful, not just bad powerful. Before we get into that, though, I want to address the perceived performance issue.
selectors  css  webdesign 
8 weeks ago
I like this idea. Have your Apple laptop set off an alarm and alert you via SMS or Yo when disconnected from a power source while locked.
blogit  security  laptop 
8 weeks ago
Faster Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Upgrades for Developers – Jim Lindley
Your Yosemite upgrade may take many hours if you’ve got anything non-Apple in your /usr folder (Homebrew, Texlive, or Mactex for example). If you got here by googling for “Yosemite install stuck” or “one minute remaining” it’s too late to speed it up… but don’t turn off your computer, let it finish.
yosemite  tips  osx 
8 weeks ago
HastyScribe - H3RALD
A simple, self-contained, command-line program able to convert markdown files into self-contained HTML pages, automatically embedding all the needed fonts, stylesheets and images.
markdown  webdesign 
8 weeks ago
sudo gem install geektool_kit — robKitson.net
A great toolkit for GeekTool users who want to script in Ruby.
blogit  geektool  ruby  scripting 
8 weeks ago
Evernote - Packages - Package Control
An awesome Sublime Text package for Evernote users.
blogit  sublime  sublimetext  evernote 
8 weeks ago
Drafts 4 Keyboard Scripts
A great overview of the new Drafts 4 keyboard extension capabilities.
drafts  javascript  extension  blogit 
9 weeks ago
csstyle Clean, Simple Styling for the Web
csstyle is a modern approach for crafting beautifully maintainable stylesheets. The csstyle method is implemented using a set of SASS mixins that make your CSS readable and semantic, generate your selectors for you, and automatically handle things like specificity and nesting.
csstyle makes your project's styling refreshingly consistent
css  sass  webdesign 
9 weeks ago
You can think of the word Scut as an acronym for Sass-CSS Utitilies.

Or think of it this way: Scut will help you, the frontend laborer, do your scut work.
sass  webdesign  css 
9 weeks ago
While I want an Ergodox, I don't think I have the energy (or steady hands) to make it worthwhile. This looks like something I might be able to sink my teeth into. Or at least tap on contentedly.
keyboard  blogit 
9 weeks ago
Pinswift Update for iOS 8
Great review from Gabe Weatherhead of my current favorite iOS Pinboard app.
blogit  pinboard  ios 
10 weeks ago
jQuery Adaptive Backgrounds
A jQuery plugin for extracting dominant colors from images and applying it to its parent. Pretty cool effect.
jquery  blogit  photo  color 
10 weeks ago
colourcode - find your colour scheme
A cool tool for rapid color scheme creation. It can export PNG, CSS, Sass, and LESS files.
blogit  webdesign  color 
10 weeks ago
If you're a front end web developer, alert boxes and confirmation dialogs are an important tool. This is a fast, good-looking way to ditch `alert()` without much effort.
javascript  webdesign  ui  blogit  alerts 
10 weeks ago
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