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Why Small Companies Will Win in This Economy - Peter Bregman - HarvardBusiness.org
Small companies with low overhead, reliable owners, a small number of committed employees, personal client relationships, and sustainable business models that drive a reasonable profit are the great opportunity of our time.

Small is the new big. Sustainable is the new growth. Trust is the new competitive advantage.
business  economics  career  management  startup 
april 2009 by tsyd
YouTube Is Doomed (GOOG)
YouTube on track to lose $470 million in 2009.
economics  video  business  google  2009  youtube 
april 2009 by tsyd
TheMoneyIllusion » Common sense and the economistic worldview
Economists in academia tend to vote about 3 to 1 Democratic, whereas other academics vote about 7 to 1 Democratic.
economics  politics  economists  worldview 
march 2009 by tsyd
Baseline Scenario, 2/9/09 « The Baseline Scenario
Effects the global recession will have on particular countries and possible outcomes for the next several years.
2009  recession  economics  finance  economy 
february 2009 by tsyd
Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling new science | Video on TED.com
Even as mega-banks topple, Juan Enriquez says the big reboot is yet to come. But don't look for it on your ballot -- or in the stock exchange. It'll come from science labs, and it promises keener bodies and minds. Our kids are going to be ... different.
genetics  future  video  ted  economics  evolution  evolutis 
february 2009 by tsyd
NIC 2025 Project
Global Trends 2025: The National Intelligence Council's 2025 Project: "The need for effective global governance will increase faster than existing mechanisms can respond."
nic  2025  economics  trends  prediction  geopolitics  politics  future  demographics  foreignpolicy  energy  pdf 
december 2008 by tsyd
FORA.tv - | Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The Future Has Always Been Crazier Than We Thought
statistics  economics  education  video  future  finance  taleb 
december 2008 by tsyd
YouTube - Peter Schiff gets Cut Off
Peter Schiff talks talks about the bailouts on CNN International on 24 Dec 2008.
economics  video  schiff  capitalism 
december 2008 by tsyd
The Unemployment Tsunami Has Arrived « Applied Philosophy
Update of "The Coming Unemployment Tsunami" showing that the key support line of the employment-population ratio, 62%, has been broken and will likely fall below the pre-seventies maximum of 58%.
statistics  economics  unemployment  recession  technicalanalysis  chart 
december 2008 by tsyd
Deflation: Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here [USA]
Remarks by Governor Ben S. Bernanke Before the National Economists Club, Washington, D.C. November 21, 2002
economics  inflation  essay  deflation  federalreserve  bernanke 
december 2008 by tsyd
The Coming Unemployment Tsunami « Applied Philosophy
Technical analysis of the employment-population ratio for US: The formation of a head-and-shoulders pattern suggests a downward trend in employment for the next several years.
statistics  economics  unemployment  recession  technicalanalysis  chart 
december 2008 by tsyd
letter to the editor - ARISE Technologies Corporation - APV
Bart Tichelman's (President/CEO of ARISE Tech) response to Peter Foster's commentary on the renewable energy sector.
arise  investing  solar  economics 
december 2008 by tsyd
It's jobless being green
Peter Foster's take on the current situation in the renewable energy sector. Mentions ARISE Technologies.
investing  arise  renewable  energy  solar  economics 
december 2008 by tsyd
Larry Smith: Recommended Books
A list of books recommended by Larry Smith.
economics  book  larrysmith 
november 2008 by tsyd

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