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More & more feels like a town of tourists, with the people driving up housing prices & rents & tossing up ugly…
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4 weeks ago by tswicegood
Feminist Hack Committee: Nomination Form
RT : Nominations to join the committee close Friday. Sign up or recommend a friend!
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january 2017 by tswicegood
Professional Headshot Brunch - ChickTech Austin (Austin, TX) - Meetup
RT : Want a professional headshot? Want to help high school girls in the process? Check out our upcoming meetup:
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march 2016 by tswicegood
Civic Hack Saturday - Open Austin (Austin, TX) - Meetup
RT : Saturday, join us to hack civic tech! Stop by anytime from 9am-2pm.

RSVP. It's free and open to everyone.

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february 2016 by tswicegood
This was the first name badge I made, personalized for --
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february 2016 by tswicegood
Women Who Code Austin (Austin, TX) - Meetup
Want to sponsor Women Who Code Austin? Reach out to us here:
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january 2016 by tswicegood
The Austin Python Meetup Monthly Meetup - The Austin Python Meetup (Austin, TX) - Meetup
Can’t get enough and want to check out the community while at ? Hit Austin Python on Wednesday
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september 2015 by tswicegood
[unknown title]
Stoked to announce that I'm headed back to later this month to take over as the Campus Director at !
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june 2015 by tswicegood
11.6" MacBook Air (Mid-2012), i7 2.0Ghz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SDD
RT : I'm selling my 11.6" Macbook Air (Mid-2012), i7 2.0Ghz (Ivy Bridge), 8GB RAM, 256GB SDD, USB 3.0 for $1200 –
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june 2013 by tswicegood

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