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Virtuality Syllabus - literacy and media
stanford course syllabus on media, literacy, culture
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july 2016 by tswaterman
Silent Readers_Ch2 from History of Reading
chapter form a stanford syllabus of history
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july 2016 by tswaterman
Lingua franca - on silent reading
short commentary on Paul Saenger's book "space between words"
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july 2016 by tswaterman
Ancient Literacy
book on literacy in ancient world
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july 2016 by tswaterman
Dan Russell -- Friday, February 12, 2016 — Medium
Dan Russell goes through what he calls 'synoptic' reading -- touching on a bit of everything in order to get to the heart of a subject.
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february 2016 by tswaterman
what is wallabag? - wallabag
open source page archiver. Read-it-later for the do-it-yourself crowd
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january 2016 by tswaterman
LOL Nothing Matters: A defense of the internet’s absence of meaning | The New Republic
I particularly like databases of dead media: Places like archive.org, which has millions of books and films and radio programs; or otrrlibrary.org, which archives thousands of old radio shows; or fultonhistory.com, where one man in upstate New York has scanned in over 30 million pages of old newspaper materials. I don’t read for the articles but for the pages: I like the ads
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november 2015 by tswaterman
50 years ago today the word “hypertext” was introduced | Gigaom
interview with Ted Nelson by Gigaom.
On August 24, 1965 Ted Nelson used the word “hypertext” (which he coined) in a paper he presented at the Association for Computing Machinery. I was able to interview him earlier this month about the event and his early thoughts on the future of computing.
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october 2015 by tswaterman
Bookmark – Margins and making objects that live forever | Books On Books
For those who are irritated with the imposition of the print paradigm on the digital reading experience, there is a useful pointer to applying the page canons to website design that will cause a rethink of that irritation and equally make the imposers think harder as well.
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june 2015 by tswaterman
The Year of Reading Dangerously: How Fifty Great Books Saved My Life review | Books | The Guardian
The Year of Reading Dangerously: How Fifty Great Books Saved My Life review
Andy Miller's 12-month-long immersion in the classics renewed his zest for life – and produced an inimitable memoir
reading  books  literature 
february 2015 by tswaterman
Centireading force: why reading a book 100 times is a great idea | Books | The Guardian
I have read two books more than a 100 times, for different motives and with different consequences. Hamlet I read a 100 times for my dissertation, The Inimitable Jeeves by PG Wodehouse a 100 times for comfort. The experience is distinct from all other kinds of reading. I’m calling it centireading.
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february 2015 by tswaterman
10 Articles Every Programmer Must Read
Java-centric list of programming backgrounders
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may 2014 by tswaterman
Tolstoy reading
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november 2013 by tswaterman
The Millions
book reviews and literature, onlin
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october 2009 by tswaterman

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