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modeling relations and their mentions without labeled text
named entity resolution and linking.
Riedel and MacCallum
ner  names  nlp  resolution  linking  knowledge  graph 
july 2018 by tswaterman
complex embeddings for link prediction
a paper by Riedel on named-entity resolution and knowledge bases
names  ner  resolution  linking  nlp  knowledge  graph 
july 2018 by tswaterman
Sequence Tagging with Tensorflow
entity labelling with LSTM in tensorflow.
lstm  ner  tensorflow  nlp  text 
april 2018 by tswaterman
BBC News Labs - Who's talking about what
interesting co-occurrence display for news subjects, from the Juicer project at BBC
bbc  news  entities  ner  extraction  nlp  bq 
october 2016 by tswaterman
Juicer - BBC
BBC's Juicer project - entity extraction and topic labeling for web news sources.
Look familiar?
bbc  news  ner  extraction  nlp  bq 
october 2016 by tswaterman
Linked data and structured journalism at the BBC | Online Journalism Blog
projects at the BBC around entity extraction, triples extraction, and archival search
bbc  ner  nlp  news  extraction  bq 
october 2016 by tswaterman
Getting Started - Medialab
Italian university English tagger and parser. named entity extraction
parser  tagger  nlp  ner  names 
february 2016 by tswaterman
kawu (Jakub Waszczuk)
various haskell projects for NLP - NER, parsing, CRF's, ...
nlp  haskell  hpsg  ner 
june 2015 by tswaterman
Hierarchical models for fast coref
cross-document coref as used in umass/mccallum Factorie
factirie  umass  nlp  ner  coref  textporc 
march 2015 by tswaterman
dynamic alignment for coreference resolution
coreference used in McCallum;s Factorie system
nlp  coref  ner  textproc  ai  news 
march 2015 by tswaterman
Andrew MacCallum et al. project
FACTORIE supplies out-of-the-box tools for natural language processing and information integration such as segmentation, tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition, dependency parsing, mention finding, coreference, lexicon-matching, and latent Dirichlet allocation. The package provides state-of-the-art pre-trained models for many of these tasks.
statistics  nlp  extraction  scala  jvm  ner 
february 2015 by tswaterman
Analysis of named entity recognition and linking for tweets
good named entity recognition for short sentence contexts, such as twitter
ner  names  extraction  lexicon 
january 2015 by tswaterman
Divine Guidance | Futility Closet
the incomparable inconsistency of proper names.
ner  nlp  names 
december 2012 by tswaterman

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