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Freeing the Web from the Browser | reinterpretcast.com
constructing your own set of hyperlinks on a (set of) document(s)
this is a familiar idea....
design  browser  bq  linking  links  web 
august 2018 by tswaterman
modeling relations and their mentions without labeled text
named entity resolution and linking.
Riedel and MacCallum
ner  names  nlp  resolution  linking  knowledge  graph 
july 2018 by tswaterman
complex embeddings for link prediction
a paper by Riedel on named-entity resolution and knowledge bases
names  ner  resolution  linking  nlp  knowledge  graph 
july 2018 by tswaterman
Greg Durrett
NLP student at Berkeley -- Dan Klein.
coreference, entity resolution & linking
NLP  parsing  linking  resolution 
july 2016 by tswaterman

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