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Web Audio tools in Mozilla
browser-based implementation of the Web Audio API (w3c proposal)
music  audio  javascript  html  html5  browser 
may 2019 by tswaterman
Freeing the Web from the Browser | reinterpretcast.com
constructing your own set of hyperlinks on a (set of) document(s)
this is a familiar idea....
design  browser  bq  linking  links  web 
august 2018 by tswaterman
Purescript Reactive Programming options
links to some options for reactive programming in purescript for the browser
purescript  reactive  gui  browser  web 
february 2018 by tswaterman
reactive library for purescript to build GUI's in the browser
purescript  browser  reactive  gui  javascript 
february 2018 by tswaterman
Technical analysis of client identification mechanisms - The Chromium Projects
Browser Fingerprinting -- a technical overview of known tracking and fingerprinting vectors available in the browser.
browser  tracking  security  web 
september 2016 by tswaterman
What Web Can Do Today
things you can do as a browser-based html5 application. maybe don't have to write that iOS swift app after all?
webdev  apps  mobile  browser  programming 
november 2015 by tswaterman
a haskell-like web programming language. Compiles to JS ?
functional  browser  programming  javascript  haskell 
october 2015 by tswaterman
uses python and phantomJS headless browser to track 3rd party requests (ads, trackers, pixels, etc)
python  browser  extraction  phantom 
september 2015 by tswaterman
The mobile web sucks | The Verge
ate of the mobile web is so bad that tech companies have convinced media companies to publish on alternative platforms designed for better performance on phones. Apple doesn't allow anyone else to build a new browser engine for the iPhone, so Facebook's In
publishing  mobile  iphone  browser  news  journalism 
july 2015 by tswaterman
GitHub's Atom project, packaged to allow you to build and deploy desktop apps using some web display tech along with native code.
desktop  javascript  browser  deployment 
june 2015 by tswaterman
How Browsers Work: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers - HTML5 Rocks
This comprehensive primer on the internal operations of WebKit and Gecko is the result of much research done by Israeli developer Tali Garsiel. Over a few years, she reviewed all the published data about browser internals (see Resources) and spent a lot of time reading web browser source code.
web  webdev  rendering  browser 
may 2015 by tswaterman
Matt DesLauriers
browser programming, javascript, graphics, and tooling
browser  node  javascript  design  programming 
may 2015 by tswaterman
Behind the Scenes of Fresh Web Explorer - Moz
crawling and feeding a huge set of blogs and article sources at mazilla
blogs  crawling  queues  searchengine  rss  browser 
december 2013 by tswaterman
Modern Web Development
The mobile landscape today is all but monopolized by WebKit, as a result, most of the tooling and infrastructure to support mobile web development on the frontend is taking place in the WebKit Inspector, so I’ll focus on it, and take a deep dive into its entire feature-set and how and when to use it.
javascript  web  programming  webkit  browser 
april 2012 by tswaterman
Introduction to Range
javascript Range object from quirksmode
javascript  browser  webdev  selection 
january 2010 by tswaterman
Web Development Bookmarklets
javascript bookmarklets for debugging, page analysis, etc.
javascript  webdev  debug  coding  tools  browser 
may 2006 by tswaterman
JavaScript - DHTML examples
quirksmode is an excellent site for browser features, esp. javascript compatibility
javascript  blogs  hacking  browser 
february 2006 by tswaterman
free web broser with social collaborative tools (blogging, sharing, photo publishing, etc) built in
browser  web  tools  mac  collaborative 
february 2006 by tswaterman

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