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november 2017
Use your OS X terminal shell to do awesome things.
february 2017
GRC | Linkfarm
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august 2016
Podcasting from inside a browser with Cast
Recording a podcast with other people over the Internet can be complicated. Everyone needs microphones, sure, but they also need to connect to you so you can hear one another, and for the best audio
december 2015
CIO playbook
The @USDS and @18F collaborated on a set of U.S. Web Design Standards: Why they matter:
webdev  NOAA 
october 2015
The Davy Knot - YouTube
Detailed instructions on how to tie the Davy Knot and the Double Davy Knot. via Pocket
september 2015
Cool Tools – Golden Mean Calipers
I absolutely love these things and have used them for a couple of years. via Pocket
october 2014
HOCK TOOLS -- Sharpening Notes
Honing guides are useful things. If you have one, now is a good time to use it. Most block and bench plane blades are ground to 25° but some smart folks argue that there need only be clearance under the heel of the bevel. In other words, since the average bench plane blade is bedded at 45°, any bevel angle 10° or so less than that will provide the needed clearance. And a thicker bevel is stronger so the edge should last longer. Bench plane and block plane blades have traditionally been beveled to 25°. Our blades for the handmade wooden planes were specified by James Krenov to have a 30° bevel. Chisels get different bevel angles for different tasks: 25° or lower for paring, 30° or more for chopping. Experiment a bit with different angles to see which one works best for the wood and your style of work. A honing guide helps with all this by establishing an angle and sticking to it. It can also shorten the whole process by letting you raise the blade a degree or two so that you’re only honing the very edge. The angle of the bevel is determined by how far the blade sticks out of the honing guide.
october 2014
How I Use Shapton Ceramic Stones and the Veritas MKII to Sharpen Chisels and Plane Blades | The Wood Whisperer
Note – This video was captured from a live session back in 2011. It was posted on the site (you may have already seen it) but because Ustream only allowed me to download a Flash version, I wasn’t able to put the video into the official feeds and folks with Apple devices couldn’t see it at all. via Pocket
november 2013
Highly Recommended: Blue Spruce Joiner’s Mallet - Popular Woodworking Magazine
Since leaving Popular Woodworking in June 2011, I have avoided writing tool reviews. In fact, I have been thrilled to focus my attention on other things. via Pocket
november 2013
Tenkara USA
japanese style fly fishing
march 2013
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