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Morph DOM elements from one state to another with smooth transitions
dom  elements  animation  transitions  morph 
july 2015 by trodrigues
this div scrolls slowly
heavy painting and heavy scroll effect example
performance  javascript  dom  css 
april 2013 by trodrigues
reMarked.js Demo
A project similar to Markdownify but executed on the client. The ultimate goal is integration with existing WYSIWYG html editors (eg: TinyMCE, CKeditor, Loki, CLeditor) to produce Markdown output. There are currently no WYSIWYG editors for markdown, only WYSIWYM, which still require knowledge of markdown syntax and its many quirky flavors.
markdown  javascript  dom 
march 2012 by trodrigues
tmpvar/jsdom - GitHub
CommonJS implementation of the DOM intended to be platform independent and as minimal/light as possible while completely adhering to the w3c DOM specifications.
dom  javascript 
january 2011 by trodrigues

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