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The Shadowed Edge by radialarch (Adult, 11,112 words)
“The Winter Soldier?” Steve says, straightening up. “I keep hearing about him.”

“I saw an op he did last year,” Clint says. “He was--” and now Clint’s voice is filled with the admiration of the professional-- “very clean. Almost a pleasure to watch, it was.”

“Oh, yeah?” Steve says, interest piqued. Clint’s not someone whose respect is easy to earn. “I’ll have to see for myself, then.”
fic  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  Natasha-Romanoff  Clint-Barton  Nick-Fury  alternate-history  hurt/comfort  amnesia  angst  schmoop  Mid-Length  via:tenillypo 
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I'm Gonna Be A Part Of It (Whether I Want To Or Not) - Chapter 1 - fringedweller - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Relocated against her will to New York, Darcy Lewis has to juggle working as an admin monkey for SHIELD, covertly finishing her degree and falling in love. Only one of these things is easy, and it's not the one that she thinks it will be.
fic  avengers  darcy-lewis  bruce-banner  tony-stark  pepper-potts  natasha-romanov  jane-foster  clint-barton  thor-odinson  steve-rogers  nick-fury 
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