Flecks of Extraterrestrial Dust, All Over the Roof - The New York Times
Another thing to give one hope of doing something cool for the first time as an old man.
geology  astronomy 
6 weeks ago
How to Securely Erase a Mac SSD
Apparently there is no option to securely erase an SSD in macOS. This is news to me.
osx  ssd  security 
9 weeks ago
Why you should share your photographs with others - Daniel J. Schneider
> "Doing work for hire that doesn’t interest you is a recipe for burnout. You’ll never do your best work, and might even find yourself doing distasteful work, when you’re working only with someone else in mind."

via https://twitter.com/schneidan/status/833003924487495680 (‪mat4226 / Mat Marrash‬)
career  photography  art 
9 weeks ago
If Share options or Markup is missing after upgrading to OS X Yosemite or El Capitan - Apple Support
/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -seed

If the Calendar widget won't show up in the sidebar.

via https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7253481?tstart=0
10 weeks ago
Camille A. Brown: A visual history of social dance in 25 moves | TED Talk | TED.com
Saw this on a plane ride recently but couldn't hear the audio. Made a note of the person's name and found it when I landed. This is really good. It makes me want to learn all these moves.
dance  history  race 
10 weeks ago
Parking (11.2008) & how to scan with borders using Canon C… | Flickr
Information on how to scan film borders. Basically cut a hole in a sheet of paper that's exactly the size you want of the frame and the paper prevents newton rings. Put something on top of the film (he uses a part of a CD case) to keep it flat.
film  photography 
january 2017
03 - Fixing npm permissions | npm Documentation
sudo chown -R $(whoami) $(npm config get prefix)/{lib/node_modules,bin,share}
js  osx  node.js 
january 2017
48 - New Year's Rituals — Ania & Tyler Stalman
This idea of tracking rolls of film in a spreadsheet changed my world.
camera  film  database 
january 2017
TMNT Secrets of the Ooze by mooncalfe on DeviantArt
> My TMNT fan comic! Secrets of the Ooze is a very loose adaptation of the movie TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze directed by Michael Pressman. In addition to the regular four Turtles, there's a fifth, Artemisia, and Alopex, the Turtles' adopted mutant fox sister who has lived with them since a young age and whose origins are a mystery. Artemisia has no special origin, in this story there were simply five turtles from the beginning.

I absolutely love the idea of a 5th, female turtle.
january 2017
Nikon FM2 focusing screens: How to replace? - Photo.net Nikon Forum
I got a B3 screen (for FM3A) that seems to be working just fine. Now I wonder if I shouldn't have gotten an E3 screen (matte + grid lines). It's also available new on B&H. I don't know why I didn't think to look for that before other than the B3 is what Jakob has on his FM3A and it seemed awesome.
photography  nikon  camera 
december 2016
Glamour Exclusive: President Obama On Feminism and the World He Wants to Leave His Daughters
> ... it’s important that their dad is a feminist, because now that’s what they expect of all men.
feminism  obama  from instapaper
december 2016
Adactio: Journal—Less JavaScript
> A single page app can end up being a lot of work and slower. There’s a lot of cargo-culting around single page apps.
js  via:philbarbato 
november 2016
Unleashed – foolography
A cool way to control a DSLR and automatically geotag photos.
photography  gps  travel 
november 2016
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