One Camera, One Lens, One Preset – Raymond Larose – Medium
The photographers he mentions as inspiration are worth looking into.

Eugene Atget, Fred Herzog, and Saul Leiter.
photography  from instapaper
10 weeks ago
Holly Andres, Photographer — The Observers
I like that there are some non-male photographers represented here.
10 weeks ago
Getting Started with SQLite3 - Basic Commands — SitePoint
Command | Description

.show | Displays current settings for various parameters
.databases | Provides database names and files
.quit | Quit sqlite3 program
.tables | Show current tables
.schema | Display schema of table
.header | Display or hide the output table header
.mode | Select mode for the output table
.dump | Dump database in SQL text format
sql  database  sqlite 
10 weeks ago
Ricoh tips
Set the ISO higher in aperture priority mode to force higher shutter speeds.
photography  hardware 
11 weeks ago
Tags for OmniFocus 3 - Learn OmniFocus
I can't wait until v3 for Mac comes out. All this seems moot without it working on the desktop.
july 2018
Janette Beckman – Photographer
She's apparently going to be at a music and art festival in NB this summer.

via Jeremiah
photography  rap 
june 2018
Photo Utopia: Rolleinar Close up Lenses
> The wider of the two lenses goes on the top (viewing) lens and it is important that the red spot faces upright for parallax correction:

I had no idea the position of the red spot was important!
photography  yashicamat124g 
june 2018
Batch-changing Due times in OmniFocus with AppleScript - Support - The Omni Group
This is apparently the only way to shift dates in OmniFocus for different time zones when you travel.
may 2018
The Anger of the White Male Lie – Ijeoma Oluo – Medium
> "Somebody needs to stop telling these white boys that they can be anything they put their mind to."

via https://twitter.com/jensimmons/status/977216625660301313
race  from instapaper
may 2018
View, change, or cancel your subscriptions - Apple Support
How to manage your Apple/iTunes subscriptions.

iTunes > Account > Settings > Subscriptions: Manage
april 2018
Peter Funch Sees the Patterns in the People on the Street
> "Photography can remember for us what we didn’t think or were not able to remember for ourselves."

> "The court dismissed the suit, deciding that street photographs count as a form of artistic expression that may not be infringed."
photography  from instapaper
april 2018
Django Logging, The Right Way | Lincoln Loop
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
logger.warning("Your log message is here")

Just now, it seemed that using `warning` made things show up but `info` didn't. So just use `warning` and move on?
april 2018
Louis Draper, Plucked From Obscurity - The New York Times
Leaned about him from _Through The African American Lens_.
photography  race  history 
april 2018
UI Animations with React — The Right Way – Joe Davis – Medium
This is thorough and well written, but didn't get me all the way to my solution.
reactjs  css  animation 
april 2018
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