I Tried to Block Amazon From My Life. It Was Impossible.
We speak in links, even for the most devastating of news, and tech giants have made themselves indispensable for link translation.
web  security  tech  privacy 
50 minutes ago
GitHub - schollz/raspberry-pi-turnkey: How to make a Raspberry Pi image that can be deployed anywhere and assigned to a WiFi network without SSH
How to make a Raspberry Pi image that can be deployed anywhere and assigned to a WiFi network without SSH :ok_hand: - schollz/raspberry-pi-turnkey
raspberrypi  wifi  tools  setup  howto  guide  linux 
6 days ago
GitHub - schollz/snaptext: A simple webapp to send and receive self-destructing messages in real-time.
A simple webapp to send and receive self-destructing messages in real-time. :envelope: :zap: - schollz/snaptext
notifications  golang  tools  chat  messaging  webdev 
6 days ago
NoteRiot is the easy to use note taking app. Notes are accessible everywhere, easily searchable so you always find what you need. Always private, always secure.
decentralized  Blockstack  notes  mobile  privacy 
6 days ago
The magical world of Pleroma, setting up your instance. - i2p.rocks -- blog about i2p and other stuff
This little blog post will guide a user through installing pleroma on a "$3 instance" as suggested by lain. First, what is pleroma? Pleroma is an OStatus and ActivityPub compatable server, a component of the fediverse of which GNU Social and Mastodon belong to as well. Think if twitter was structued how email is. With Email you have many different servers, yahoo mail, gmail, aol, (etc) that all can send mail to each other but are owned by different entities, the thing they have in co...
Pleroma  federated  fediverse  server  social  howto  self-hosted  guide 
6 days ago
What Is Pleroma? | Lainblog
An introduction to the Pleroma microblogging server

Basically a better/faster version of Mastodon
CoolStuff  activitypub  microblogging  mastodon  alternative  blogging  Twitter  opensource  federated  fediverse  microblog 
6 days ago
SSB Roadmap - HackMD
Cool example of data viz with markdown using mermaid notation
CoolStuff  SSB  scuttlebutt  roadmap  data  visualisation  markdown  mermaid 
7 days ago
Tap Forms - Organizer Database App for Mac, iPhone, and iPad
Kind of like Bento or Hypercard, but more modern. Includes syncing and sharing options
coolstuff  productivity  collaboration  tools  database  software 
9 days ago
Easy personal IPFS pinning service with Textile – Textile – Medium
The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and network designed to create a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system. That’s…
IPFS  photography  photo  sharing  pinning  howto  tutorial  Docker 
12 days ago
twinme is a secure and encrypted end-to-end texts, voice and video calls messaging app, with no sign-up, no phone number and no social network ID required.
decentralized  chat  recommended  P2P  mobile 
12 days ago
Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android | Privacy International
Privacy International(PI) has been investigating the proliferation of data tracking, brokerage and exchange between many tech companies, both as their primary business as well as value added services. 

PI's analysis consisted of capturing and decrypting data in transit between our own device and Facebooks servers (so called "man-in-the-middle"), we did this using the free and open source 'mitmproxy', an interactive HTTPS proxy. Having captured communications we then analysed the con...
privacy  security  apps  mobile  Facebook  tracking  omgwtf 
12 days ago
Arizona woman accused of sending man 65,000 texts after 1 date actually sent twice as many | 6abc.com
A Phoenix woman accused of stalking a man met on a dating site and sending him more than 65,000 text messages apparently sent more than twice that many.
relationships  stalking  examples  story  omgwtf  beenthere 
13 days ago
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