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Crimes were committed against Harry Potter, yet no one would help him. He decided it was time to leave, for a while. When he returns he finally gets revenge on those that hurt him. Warning: slash. Bashing of almost everyone. One shot.;;; SPOILERS: Straight up revenge story. Harry was raped and isn't allowed to see his children. He and Severus leave England, become more, and use this when the MoM comes begging. Good story.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  one-shot  Rated:PG-13  post-hogwarts  post-war  weasley!bashing  5K-10K  phoenixgirl26  Powerful!harry 
january 2018 by trd9091
Time is a funny thing
No matter what Harry did or saw, he could not shake the strange feelings he kept having, something was going to happen, he just had no idea what.;;; SPOILERS: Before 5th year, Harry is drawn to his old house. The OotP go visit the place and find a potion that Lily made that takes them ahead in time to see how it all comes out. They arrive on the wedding day of Harry/Severus and Ron/Hermione's eldest. After learning who were lost, Harry vows to change things and does. Good story.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  Timetravel  one-shot  10K-25K  phoenixgirl26 
august 2017 by trd9091
The castle
No Summary;;; SPOILERS: Immediately after the war, Harry learns Severus lived, and he's nice now. Severus tells Harry more about his mother and they become friends. Eventually, they learn they both have feelings for the other and act on them. Molly & George have problems with Harry and blame him for Fred's death. Harry understands it is their grief talking and urges Ron to give them time. With Hogwarts destroyed and needing years to rebuild, Harry donates his family castle for school use. Great story.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  multi_chapter  post-war  Rated:R  marriage  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K 
august 2017 by trd9091
The truth revealed
When Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for his fourth year, the truth about his treatment by the muggles is revealed.;;; SPOILERS: Just before 4th year, Harry is badly abused and everyone joins in to help him. He tells of his dreams and Tom, Barty Jr, and Peter are rounded up and captured. War ends before it begins - good story.
fandom:HP  harry/fred  phoenixgirl26  Rated:PG-13  Abused!Harry  one-shot  war_era  10K-25K 
august 2017 by trd9091
Snape's real agenda
When Harry hears something about his mother and Snape he decides to confront the man that he believed had been helping all these years because of his love for Lily Potter.;;; SPOILERS: Post-war Harry learns that Severus lived. He also learns that he had saved his mother years ago, brainwashed her, and was now married to her. Harry saves his mother and puts Severus in jail. Okay story!
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  post-hogwarts  post-war  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K 
august 2017 by trd9091
Star Hawk
Harry and Charlie get caught in bed by Ginny which caused Harry to leave the Burrow and Charlie to leave the country. Harry feels hurt that Charlie deserted him, so from then on, Harry decides to leave the magical world. One thing brings him back, his friends are getting married.;;; After Fred's funeral, Charlie becomes Harry's first as he just realized he's gay. They find comfort together and fall for each other. This changes when Ginny walks in, and being Ginny, throws a fit. Even though they haven't dated since Albus' funeral, she says Charlie 'stole' Harry from her. Harry is asked to leave, and Charlie goes back to Romania. Both are angry that the other 'left' and they move on for 3 years until Ron and Hermione's wedding when they rediscover their love with help of a star hawk. Good story.
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  post-hogwarts  post-war  phoenixgirl26  10K-25K 
august 2017 by trd9091
Life Changing Moments
No description given;;; SPOILERS: Harry and Ginny marry and have their 3 kids. Then, Harry comes home from work one day to find Ginny in bed with Oliver. A fast divorce and a lot of honesty bring truths that Ginny only loved Harry for his money and the kids side with him. Ironically, Oliver's ex-wife gets a job as Auror Potter's secretary and it's a match! Oliver's kids come with the ex-wife to make a great addition to the Potter brood. Excellent story!
fandom:HP  harry/ginny  harry/OFC  multi_chapter  post-hogwarts  post-war  weasley!bashing  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K  infidelity 
august 2017 by trd9091
He Said Maybe
Harry Potter was disappointed with the magical world, he wasn't sure he wanted to remain, which meant he had a lot of thinking to do. No pairings.;;;SPOILERS: Harry can see some magic, including seeing through Polyjuice. So he knows Moody's off from the start and tells Flitwick. Crouch Jr is caught along with Peter and Tom, Sirius is freed, hiding DEs are rounded up and tried, and the Wizarding World makes great strides forward in progress. Goodstory.
fandom:HP  no_paring  pre-war  multi_chapter  Rated:PG  phoenixgirl26  World_building  10K-25K 
august 2017 by trd9091
The Rumour
Harry Potter starts a rumour, but no one knows who started it, only that it's about Harry and everyone's least favourite teacher, Severus Snape. One shot, Gay mentioned, but no pairing. This is a short one shot, something that just popped into my head.;;; SPOILERS: Harry's rumour is the best prank ever - it gets him out of detention and out from under Severus' scrutiny.
fandom:HP  no_paring  one-shot  phoenixgirl26  Rated:PG  <5K 
august 2017 by trd9091
The accidental father
Right after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter finds out that he is a father.;;; SPOILERS: Werewolves cannot father children. Tonks was distraught, Harry comforted her, and Teddy was the result. Brief reunion of Harry/Ginny ends when they learn he's father not godfather. Later, it is learned that Severus survived. Harry visits and one thing leads to another. Great story!
fandom:HP  harry/severus  harry/tonks  harry/ginny  25K-50K  multi_chapter  phoenixgirl26 
august 2017 by trd9091
Harry Potter realises not long after he proposes to Ginny Weasley, that he does not love her. Now it's time to tell her, but he wonders how her family will take this news. Harry also wondered if this could be the thing that ends his friendship with Ron.;;; SPOILERS: Harry is the cheater as he realizes he isn't 'in love' with Ginny. After their split he eventually falls for a muggle lady. A bit of drama, but a good story.
fandom:HP  harry/ginny  harry/OFC  multi_chapter  post-hogwarts  post-war  infidelity  25K-50K  phoenixgirl26 
july 2017 by trd9091
What Can Forgiveness Get You
After a lot of thinking and talking, Harry Potter decides to forgive Voldemort;;; SPOILERS: Harry forgives Tom, Tom laughs and dies peacefully in front of his DEs. Harry asks Luna out (much to Ginny and co's chagrin), Sirius comes back through the veil, and they all live happily ever after.
fandom:HP  harry/luna  one-shot  war_era  Rated:PG  <5K  phoenixgirl26 
july 2017 by trd9091
Scared and Scarred
From the moment of Voldemort's death, Harry Potter thought he would finally have a normal life, but it was far from normal. Attacks happened every time he was seen until Harry said enough is enough and decided he wasn't leaving his home again. Until he received help from someone unexpected.;;;SPOILERS: Harry is attacked and injured every time he steps outside. His scarring turns Ginny away and he is left alone. Severus turns up to help, love develops, and together with help they devise a plan to round up the rogue DEs who are attacking. Good story.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  multi_chapter  Rated:R  phoenixgirl26  Powerful!harry 
july 2017 by trd9091
Walking Away
With the life Harry Potter had in the magical world, he decided it was time to think of himself. As he leaves Private drive for the last time, he begins to work on plans to leaves the magical world behind.;;; SPOILERS: Harry ends up sending letters to the Queen and PM. MI5 gets involved (and recruits him) and ends up dropping a bomb on Malfoy manner ending Tom and his DEs. While friendly with the Order, Harry is ready to leave the Magical world behind and now he's got a date with the PM's daughter! Good story.
fandom:HP  harry/OFC  multi_chapter  war_era  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K  Rated:PG 
july 2017 by trd9091
Death Sentence
After the war Harry Potter is offered a job, one that he can't talk about, one that would shock or upset his friends. So even though he is again dating Ginny, he can't reveal anything about his job. But the relationship ends quickly when they realize just how different they are. Warning: slash, don't like, don't read.;;; SPOILERS: Story title refers to Harry's job. The story is about Harry finding himself and his true love in Draco. Their world does not accept gays, so Harry and Draco have to keep their marriage and kids a secret. Really good story with another abrupt ending that needs an epilogue.
fandom:HP  Harry/Draco  multi_chapter  post-hogwarts  post-war  Rated:R  25K-50K  mpreg  phoenixgirl26 
july 2017 by trd9091
The Irish Academy of Magic
Harry finds out that Dumbledore, along with others have plans for him. He approaches Severus Snape and shows him a letter from his mother, Lily Potter. Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing, Granger bashing, Black and Lupin bashing. A mentor Snape/father and son story. Slash, no pairing.;;; SPOILERS: Harry finds a letter from Lily on his first trip to his vault. She described her distrust for Albus, James & co. and said to go to Severus. Harry shows Severus the letter and together they foil Albus' plots. Rushed ending but Great story!
fandom:HP  no_paring  mentor_snape  Rated:PG-13  multi_chapter  phoenixgirl26  manipulative!Dumbledore  weasley!bashing  25K-50K 
july 2017 by trd9091
The Prisoner
After Harry saw the rebirth of Voldemort, he was once again a prisoner at Privet drive. This time he wasn't going to put up with it. This is a Dumbledore bashing story, there is no Weasley bashing in this story. There is a small bit of romance, but it's not what the story is about. It doesn't happen until the end.;;; SPOILERS: Harry tries to reach out to friends and the Order, but when they do not respond, he sends a letter to Amelia. She comes in, gets Harry help, frees Sirius, ends the war, and puts Dumbledore on trial. Ending could tie up a few loose ends, but otherwise good story.
fandom:HP  multi_chapter  war_era  Rated:PG  manipulative!Dumbledore  phoenixgirl26  harry/susan  25K-50K 
july 2017 by trd9091
Causing Havoc
After Harry's name came out of the goblet of fire, he decided that getting angry wouldn't help. He decided it was time to show he was the son of a Marauder.;;; SPOILERS: Harry uses house elves to prank everyone. He gets the tournament cancelled, Sirius freed, Dumbledore fired, Severus in prison, and Draco and Ron are hating life. Cute story.
fandom:HP  harry/daphne  multi_chapter  war_era  Rated:PG  phoenixgirl26  manipulative!Dumbledore  weasley!bashing  10K-25K 
may 2017 by trd9091
Forced Life
Harry is finally happy with his newly established relationship with Severus, then he hears something that could destroy that happiness. Warning: slash, strong language, bondage mentioned, male preg. Harry/Severus pairing.;;; SPOILERS: Dumbledore and the Weasleys force married Harry without his knowledge. To get away from Ginny, he and Severus 'fake' a BDSM lifestyle. Ginny grants a divorce and they leave. But Ginny and Ron retaliate when Harry and Severus are teaching them their 7th year. They are sent away for life. Meanwhile, Harry falls pregnant with twins! Side paring Hermione/Draco. Good story.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  Rated:R  multi_chapter  post-war  weasley!bashing  manipulative!Dumbledore  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K  mpreg  bond 
april 2017 by trd9091
Revealing The Truth
Harry finds Snape is still alive in the shrieking shack. The two men help each other recover from their numerous injuries only to develop feelings for each other. Then the time comes to explain what had taken place over the last eighteen years, the whole truth will be revealed. Warning: sexual content, gay content.;;; SPOILERS: As they heal, they talk and fall for each other. Story centers around revealing all the plans already known from canon. Severus a little OOC allowing himself to behave like a teen in love (and a virgin). Okay story.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  multi_chapter  post-war  10K-25K  Rated:PG-13  phoenixgirl26 
january 2017 by trd9091
It is a time of peace in the wizarding world, and Hermione has overheard something that concerns Harry Potter himself. So the pair have put together some plans to stop this conspiracy with the help from an unexpected source... This story describes a gay relationship.;;; SPOILERS: Harry must marry to become Lord Potter before his19th birthday. Ginny and Molly have plans about that. Harry doesn't want a relationship so he, Hermione, and Severus agree to a 'fake' marriage so Harry can access the Potter vaults and get letters from Lily to Severus. Long story short, they fall in love for real, marry, and expose Ginny and Molly for what they are. Okay story!
fandom:HP  harry/severus  post-war  mpreg  multi_chapter  weasley!bashing  10K-25K  phoenixgirl26  Rated:PG-13 
january 2017 by trd9091
What Does It Take To Make You Walk Away
Not long after Ron left, Hermione and Harry decided it was time for them to leave as well. But Harry and Hermione weren't just going to leave their hiding place in the tent, they were going to leave the country.;;; SPOILERS: Realizing they had been given potions, the duo reaches Australia to escape Ron, Ginny, and Molly's meddling. Later, they learn Sirius and Dumbledore are not really dead and that the latter wants to take over in place of Tom. Harry and Hermione tell the Aussie Aurors all and get help they need. Good ending.
fandom:HP  Harry/Hermione  multi_chapter  war_era  phoenixgirl26  Rated:PG-13  weasley!bashing  evil!dumbledore  25K-50K  marriage 
january 2017 by trd9091
The Art Of Deception
When Harry returns to Hogwarts with his friends so they can finish their last year, from the very first night things are not what they seemed.;;; SPOILERS: Harry realizes he's gay and gets with Charlie. After returning to Hogwarts and thwarting yet another plot (Umbridge), everyone realizes Harry needs time away. So the duo travels and return expecting twins. Sweet story.
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  post-war  25K-50K  phoenixgirl26  mpreg  marriage 
january 2017 by trd9091
Messages In The Ice
When the students return to Hogwarts, an ice sculpture appears one morning, depicting a naked Harry Potter, but that is soon joined by another ice sculpture, this time of a naked Severus Snape. Are these ice sculptures trying to send a message and if they are, to who?;;; SPOILERS: Harry and Severus are married, first as a plot to keep Harry safe from Ginny and Hermione's schemes, then because they fell in love. The sculptures are by Harry as he sleepwalks as a means to stop hiding their relationship. Bad Ginny, Bad Hermione - good all else. Okay story!
fandom:HP  harry/severus  multi_chapter  post-war  25K-50K  phoenixgirl26  weasley!bashing 
december 2016 by trd9091
Consequences of Manipulation
Ginny Weasley tries to manipulate Harry Potter.;;; SPOILERS: Ginny listens to her mother - not good advice. She tries to tie Harry into a Courting contract, but it only says he can't see other women... good story.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  weasley!bashing  one-shot  post-war  marriage  phoenixgirl26  Rated:PG-13  5K-10K 
july 2016 by trd9091
Asking For Advice
Harry needs advice, then he blackmails Albus Dumbledore. Warning: some strong language, friendly Weasley. Hermione bashing, Dumbledore bashing.;;; SPOILERS: Following 3rd year, Harry goes to Sirius, gets emancipated, confides in Flitwick and has the goblins remove his horcrux. Severus is pranked, Hermione is ousted, and Harry gets Luna in the end. Okay story.
fandom:HP  harry/luna  Rated:PG  evil!dumbledore  multi_chapter  war_era  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K 
july 2016 by trd9091
Harry Potter feels like he's at a crossroad ever since the death of his godfather, Sirius Black. He just needs to decide which path to choose. Harry/Luna, some Dumbledore bashing, some Hermione bashing.;;; SPOILERS: Ex-unspeakable Xeno is helpful, good Weasleys, bad Severus. Harry drains power through the link from Tom, kills his death eaters using the mark, and anonymously kills Tom. Dumbledore will be ousted also due to putting students at risk. The newlyweds begin their new life.
fandom:HP  harry/luna  multi_chapter  war_era  Third_Option  powerful!harry  marriage  Rated:PG  manipulative!Dumbledore  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K 
june 2016 by trd9091
Lies and Betrayal
After the death of Voldemort, Harry and his friends start to enjoy their lives, then things change when Harry feels like he has been betrayed and abandoned.;;; SPOILERS: Harry is taking time for himself after the war. While visiting Teddy, he meets Tonks' sister Nora and they click. Ginny is angry and lies to everyone about their relationship. Harry leaves Auror training to avoid conflict with Ron. Kingsley and company come back to get Harry and he captures remaining death eaters alone. In the end, Ginny is exposed, Harry gets his friends back and he and wife Nora with their twins live happily ever after. Great story!!
fandom:HP  harry/OFC  phoenixgirl26  Rated:PG  weasley!bashing  post-war  multi_chapter  powerful!harry  25K-50K 
june 2016 by trd9091
Three Men And A Little Lady
It time for Harry Potter to reveal his true self, but for some, they don't like what they find out. Warning: slash, Weasley bashing, Hermione bashing, Character death.;;; SPOILERS: At the end of the battle, Harry learns Severus survived and protects and heals him. Everyone learns that both Harry and Severus had been acting, Harry is older and was only pretending to be the small orphan. The two have been married for 6 years and have a daughter. The Weasleys cannot accept this and Hermione is with Ron.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  multi_chapter  post-war  weasley!bashing  mpreg  10K-25K  phoenixgirl26  Rated:PG-13  powerful!harry 
june 2016 by trd9091
How far will family go
Harry realises that his relationship with Ginny isn't as he hoped it would be, Hermione realises the same with her relationship with Ron. They both find out exactly how close the Weasley family are and how far they are willing to go to protect one of their own.;;; SPOILERS: Major Bashing (George and Percy okay) - mentions of rape, past rape, past incest, Harry has a weak heart. Good ending.
fandom:HP  Harry/Hermione  multi_chapter  post-war  post-hogwarts  Rated:PG-13  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K  weasley!bashing 
june 2016 by trd9091
The Draught Of Living Death
Not long after the fall of Voldemort, someone slipped Harry Potter the draught of living death. Warning: slash, RW bashing, GW bashing, MW bashing.;;; SPOILERS: To get his money Ron, Ginny, and Molly drug Harry. Unfortunately for them, he had a will and Albus transferred guardianship to Minerva and Severus. Severus works to bring Harry back and fall in love. Great story.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  25K-50K  phoenixgirl26  Rated:PG-13  multi_chapter  post-war  weasley!bashing 
june 2016 by trd9091
A New Life Down Under
After hearing some plans that other people wanted for him, Harry Potter decides it's time to begin a new life, a new life away from Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore. No slash, teenage boy/girl relationship. Non canon characters. Some strong language.;;; SPOILERS: After having his name pulled from the tri-wizard tournament cup, Harry hides under his cloak to overhear Ginny and Hermione scheming. Realizing he is in trouble, Harry turns to Sirius, who along with Amelia Bones come to his rescue. Harry and Susan have a marriage contract from when they were babies, and they get along well now that Harry knows. Saving them both will mean a relocation. Evil Dumbledore, Bad Ginny and Hermione. This time Ron along with the rest of the Weasleys are okay.
fandom:HP  harry/susan  phoenixgirl26  multi_chapter  war_era  Rated:PG  weasley!bashing  evil!dumbledore  25K-50K 
may 2016 by trd9091
A Harry for her
Right after the battle of Hogwarts Harry Potter decides to leave. Five years later he hears something that makes him return, and his returns causes shock and surprise to the people that had been closest to Harry.;;; SPOILERS: bad Ginny and Molly went along cloned Harry with dark magic. Harry established a new life and had little Holly. Severus found them by accident and made amends.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  Rated:PG-13  one-shot  post-war  post-hogwarts  mpreg  weasley!bashing  phoenixgirl26  10K-25K 
may 2016 by trd9091
Finding parchment
Harry Potter wanted revenge, so a piece of parchment that he "accidentally" lost is his first act of revenge. Soon his so called ex-friends will feel the full force of what Harry Potter's revenge will do.;;; SPOILERS: Molly had Hermione nudge Sirius into Bella's spell meaning his end. They all faked their friendship with Harry for his fame and money. They wanted him to marry Ginny. Even Arthur was in on it. After letting them read parchment between he and his husband Severus, he systematically got his revenge. Ended with loss of magic.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  weasley!bashing  multi_chapter  post-war  10K-25K  phoenixgirl26  Rated:R 
may 2016 by trd9091
Seventh child - third story
The third of three stories about what happens when the seventh child of a pureblood family asks for and will be granted anything they want. Read what Harry Potter does when that seventh child forces him into marriage. Warning: slash.;;; SPOILERS: The best of the trio- bad weasleys and Hermione try to trap Harry who is already married to Severus. He pays them back by calling in life debts.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  post-war  multi_chapter  Rated:PG-13  10K-25K  marriage  weasley!bashing  phoenixgirl26 
may 2016 by trd9091
Seventh child - second story
The second of three stories about what happens when the seventh child of a pureblood family asks for and will be granted anything they want. Read what Harry Potter does when that seventh child forces him into marriage. Warning: slash.;;; SPOILERS: a bit more graphic than the first, still almost R rating. Bad Weasleys (all of them and Hermione) trap Harry to marry Ginny. Instead, he marries Draco.
fandom:HP  harry/draco  post-war  multi_chapter  10K-25K  marriage  weasley!bashing  phoenixgirl26 
may 2016 by trd9091
Seventh child - first story
The first of three stories about what happens when the seventh child of a pureblood family asks for and will be granted anything they want. Read what Harry Potter does when that seventh child forces him into marriage. Warning: slash, Harry/Charlie.;;; SPOILERS: Harry is with Charlie and Ginny evokes the '7th Child Law' where what she asks for on her 17th birthday she will get. Harry doesn't want to marry her so they find a loophole and he marries Charlie first and she is still his wife but gets nothing. Severus is helpful. Rating for language - implied slash only. Bashing Hermione and Weasleys but Charlie
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  Rated:R  multi_chapter  post-war  marriage  weasley!bashing  10K-25K  phoenixgirl26 
may 2016 by trd9091
The truth behind the friendship
Harry Potter overhears something disturbing, so he goes to the one man that has proven to be loyal to Harry, Severus Snape. He helps Harry put together some plans to stop his so called friends.;;; Bad Weasleys - all of them. Good Dumbledore; Harry becomes head auror, Severus carries Lily Eileen, Weasleys lose.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  multi_chapter  post-hogwarts  post-war  25K-50K  Rated:R  mpreg  weasley!bashing  phoenixgirl26 
april 2016 by trd9091
Not What I Expected In A Marriage, Part Two
Harry, Severus and their friends are all curious about Ginny and what she might do now she has lost her chance at Harry, but she also lost her chance at his money.;;; SPOILERS: Severus deals with Ginny and Harry has twins
fandom:HP  harry/severus  multi_chapter  post-war  Rated:PG-13  phoenixgirl26  weasley!bashing  10K-25K  mpreg 
april 2016 by trd9091
First Year Back
Not long after the death of Sirius Black, Harry overhears a conversation, one that shocks him, but hurts him badly. Harry feels betrayed, but decides not to act on what he heard at least not straight away, he decides on some plans. So whether he lives or dies, Harry makes sure everyone will hear the truth.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  post-war  multi_chapter  weasley!bashing  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K 
april 2016 by trd9091
The Perfect Bond
When Harry found out he was bonded to Severus Snape by his mother, at first he thought he would never have a loving relationship, he was proven wrong. Molly, Ginny and Ron Weasley however did everything they could to break up the pair, even going as far as trying to have Harry arrested.;;; SPOILERS: Bashing mostly Ron & Ginny with support from Molly & Hermione. Lots of innuendo references to abuse by Dursleys.
fandom:HP  harry/severus  post-war  multi_chapter  weasley!bashing  bond  Rated:R  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K 
april 2016 by trd9091

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