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It's Never Too Late for a Happy Childhood
Harry goes back in time to give his five-year-old self a happy Christmas. Break out the milk and cookies for this one! Complete!;;; SPOILERS: Harry goes back in time and kidnaps himself at age 5, brings him to Hogwarts and spoils him for Christmas. Cute.
fandom:HP  no_paring  fluff  war_era  Rated:PG  Timetravel  Antigone_Q  multi_chapter  10K-25K 
october 2017 by trd9091
No Other Way
The war rages on and a possible solution for the Light shows itself. And yes it is one of those forced bonding fics. *grin* ;;; SPOILERS: Harry's magic is blocked and he must bond to kill Tom. Great lead-up, good first time, well done story.
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  war_era  bond  10K-25K  Minxie  fluff 
october 2017 by trd9091
Tired of Hiding
Harry loves a certain redhead...But how long can he live with hiding their love from his friends and family?;;; Very sweet
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  one-shot  post-hogwarts  post-war  <5K  antoinettedarling  fluff 
september 2017 by trd9091
Letting Sleeping Dragons Lie
The decision to come back to the now completely restored Hogwarts, had not been an easy one to make. She had thought long and hard before concluding that even without Harry and Ron, returning to her former school to finish her exams was indeed the right thing to do.......wans't it. Encountering Lucius Malfoy and striking a deal with Draco might change that. Lucius & Hermione fic, in which Snape didn't die.;;; SPOILERS: Loads of smut, little/no angst, Hermione and Lucius have secret trysts during fall and she spends Christmas with the Malfoys. Small plot hole regarding Brio. Great story!
fandom:HP  hermione/lucius  post-war  multi_chapter  >100K  marriage  MissSuzeH  fluff  8th_year 
november 2016 by trd9091
Lucius awakens to a very interesting surprise. Will Hermione and Severus give him what he’s always wanted?;;; SPOILERS: More fluff than heat, but still good!
fandom:HP  Severus/Hermione/Lucius  one-shot  PWP  fluff  <5K  literaryspell 
january 2016 by trd9091
Kitty Paradise
Third part of the Kitty Series. Sequel to Kitty Trouble. The war is finally over and Harry and Tom are finally free to do what they want. First thing on the agenda: get married. Join Harry and Tom in the planning of their wedding and the raising of the twins.
fandom:HP  harry/tom  phoenixmaiden  multi_chapter  post-war  mpreg  fluff  creature  bond 
september 2015 by trd9091
Kitty Trouble
oin Tom and Harry as they go through the pains of pregnancy. Tantrums, weird food, and mysteries ensue. Sequel to Kitty Love. ;; Spoilers: Tom quits the war, the twins are born and accidentally turn into kittens.
fandom:HP  harry/tom  mpreg  multi_chapter  phoenixmaiden  fluff  creature 
september 2015 by trd9091
Kitty Love
Harry has an accident and gets turned into a cat! If that wasn't bad, he finds himself in the hands of his enemy. Follow Harry as he tries to find a way to freedom, or will he want to?
fandom:HP  phoenixmaiden  harry/tom  multi_chapter  war_era  mpreg  fluff  creature 
september 2015 by trd9091

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