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LRB · Adam Shatz · Desire Was Everywhere
I've never really cared much for D&G but this is kind of great: "Staff members were put under further strain when Guattari organised ‘erotic kamikazes’ to break up couples who grew too close..."
deleuze  guattari  theory  psychoanalysis  communism  history  capitalism  france  from delicious
december 2010 by travis
Critical Code Studies and the <i>electronic book review</i>: An Introduction - Mark C. Marino
"In any given work of new media criticism, code critiques are likely to be just one facet, but for now CCS needs to attend to the work of formalizing some procedures for analyzing code."
ccs  ccswg  critcode  theory  analysis  programming  code  markmarino  ebr 
october 2010 by travis
Language Log » Comparative reconstruction and… bisexuality??
"I have a long-standing interest in how academic myths become established and misinformation spreads... It sounds like John has found some work that is out-of-the-envelope eccentric even by the standards of psychoanalytic literary theory."
languagelog  pullum  linguistics  theory  bullshit  language  academics  saussure  books  events  edinburgh 
september 2010 by travis
Abstracts | Critical Code Studies
These abstracts don't do much to sell me on the idea.
critcode  ccs  academics  newmedia  litcrit  theory  code 
july 2010 by travis
The 21st Floor » Blog Archive » Code Breakers?
"Alas, it was not to be: the newest variety of nonsense is called Critical Code Studies . Rather than abusing physics or mathematics, this time round the critical theorists have turned their beady eyes on computer programming."
critcode  ccs  21stfloor  science  badscience  theory  code  plt  semiotics 
june 2010 by travis
Transgressing the Boundaries - New York Times
"In another unconsciously funny entry... Brown appears to praise his subject for a postcolonial essay entitled 'On the Abolition of the English Department.'... The prospect of such an abolition... becomes more appetizing by the minute."
hitchens  litcrit  theory  writing  badwriting  style  jargon  judithbutler  books  reviews  academia  academics  universities  nytimes 
may 2010 by travis
GHC/Type families - HaskellWiki
"Indexed type families, or type families for short, are a Haskell extension supporting ad-hoc overloading of data types."
haskell  types  fundeps  cs  theory  toread  ghc  extensions  reference 
april 2010 by travis
Why Functional Programming Matters
"Conventional languages place conceptual limits on the way problems can be modularised. Functional languages push those limits back."
history  fp  functional  haskell  lisp  programming  cs  code  theory  design  software  development  dev  toread 
january 2010 by travis
Critical Code Studies
"Welcome to the new online resource for 'Critical Code Studies.' This blog will serve as site for discussions and links to further develop the practices of 'Critical Code Studies.'"
code  text  theory  humanities  culture  programming  software  critcode  academia  criticism  collaboration  scholarship  dh  blogs 
january 2010 by travis
What's the Matter With Cultural Studies? - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"...I'm even sorrier to say that McChesney's claim that cultural studies 'signifies half-assed research, self-congratulation, farcical pretension' has been gleefully seconded by much of the mass media and underwritten by some work in cultural studies itself."
bérubé  culturalstudies  theory  academia  media  culture  politics  stuarthall  universities  us  usa  theleft 
september 2009 by travis
Powell's Books - Review-a-Day - Beyond the Hoax: Science, Philosophy and Culture by Alan Sokal, reviewed by The New Republic Online
"I greatly enjoyed Sokal's hoax. There is little in academic life more irritating than people pretending to understand things that they do not understand."
sokal  toread  academics  academia  via:mefi  tnr  theory  culture  science  philosophy  reviews  books 
august 2008 by travis
LRB · Stefan Collini: Upwards and Onwards
"Perhaps Williams’s greatest achievement by 1961 was to have fashioned a form and idiom in which to combat the dominant cultural pessimism without ceding the moral high ground."
williams  lrb  biographies  books  reviews  marxism  literature  litcrit  theory  c20 
august 2008 by travis
Darwin to the Rescue -
"Most of the big ideas in literary theory have been tried out and rejected in other disciplines. So psychoanalysis has no life in psychology anymore — it only exists in the humanities."
theory  literature  criticism  litcrit  academics  academia  scholarship  evolution  science  gottschall  future  counting  moretti  books  history  che 
august 2008 by travis
Language Log » Literary evolution
"So if you're a young and ambitious literary scholar, you could do worse than to learn something about modern psychology and linguistics, especially those concepts and techniques that can easily be applied to texts."
linguistics  literature  scholarship  litcrit  culture  language  counting  empiricism  academics  academia  iarichards  praccrit  theory  criticism  science  moretti  cogsci  languagelog 
august 2008 by travis
Measure for Measure - The Boston Globe
"Literature professors should apply science's research methods, its theories, its statistical tools, and its insistence on hypothesis and proof."
literature  academics  academia  litcrit  science  dighum  criticism  scholarship  culture  theory 
may 2008 by travis
French Theory in America - Stanley Fish - Think Again - Opinion - New York Times Blog
"A bunch of people threatening all kinds of subversion by means that couldn’t possibly produce it, and a bunch on the other side taking them at their word and waging cultural war."
theory  fish  derrida  france  us  usa  politics  pomo  culture  postmodernism  toread  history  c20  pop  education  academia 
april 2008 by travis
The American Scholar - Getting It All Wrong - By Brian Boyd
"...English and related disciplines will continue to be the laughingstock of the academic world that they have been for years because of their obscurantist dogmatism and their coddled and preening pseudo-radicalism."
academia  litcrit  literature  biology  criticism  academics  theory  science  toread  via:mefi  universities 
april 2008 by travis
Professing Literature in 2008
"...the lion's share of positions is in rhetoric and composition. That is, not in a field of literature at all but in the teaching of expository writing, the 'service' component of an English department's role within the university."
academia  academics  us  usa  culture  history  rhetoric  universities  english  literature  specialization  theory  art  historicism  writing  books  litcrit 
march 2008 by travis
Language Log: Labov's Test
"Labov's claim about Derrida and similar writers is that all of his readers will fail the test... all the time. If this were true, then we could conclude that everyone who claims to have understood Derrida (for example) is a bullshiter."
labovstest  languagelog  bullshit  theory  derrida  litcrit 
january 2008 by travis
Abstracts - Romanticism and the New Deleuze - Praxis Series - Romantic Circles
"This volume summarizes and utilizes the arc of Gilles Deleuze's work while turning it toward Blake, Kant, Shelley, and Wordsworth."
literature  deleuze  umd  romantics  theory  criticism  culture  art  poetry  c19 
january 2008 by travis
Professor Sokal's Bad Joke
"Sokal takes 'socially constructed' to mean 'not real,' whereas for workers in the field 'socially constructed' is a compliment paid to a fact or a procedure that has emerged from the welter of disciplinary competition into a real and productive life..."
sokal  hoaxes  parody  theory  fish  philosophy  nytimes 
december 2007 by travis
Alan Sokal Interviewed
"...Lyotard agreed to be on a television programme with Bricmont and me... Unfortunately it wasn’t a very serious programme. Also, unfortunately the fifteen minute debate consisted of a ten-minute monologue by Lyotard in very flowery French."
theory  bullshit  "science"  writing  language  parody  books  philosophy  lyotard  sokal  interviews 
december 2007 by travis
Lingua Franca | Is Bad Writing Necessary?
"This situation not only excites the envy of some left academics; it also fuels their suspicion that plain talk is politically perfidious--reinforcing, rather than radically challenging, the cultural status quo."
writing  academics  academia  bullshit  language  politics  toread  sokal  orwell  adorno  theory  left  linguafranca 
december 2007 by travis
Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity
"This foreshadowing of postmodernist epistemology is by no means coincidental. The profound connections between complementarity and deconstruction have recently been elucidated by Froula and Honner, and, in great depth, by Plotnitsky."
parody  pranks  wonderful  pomo  bullshit  jargon  sokal  theory  socialtext  academics  academia  science 
december 2007 by travis
Geeks, Social Imaginaries, and Recursive Publics
"...I argue that geeks imagine their social existence and relations as much through technical practices (hacking, networking, and code writing) as through discursive argument (rights, identities, and relations)."
geeks  oss  software  code  opensource  habermas  theory  culture  history  technology  anthropology  tech  rhe309k  pdf 
december 2007 by travis
Books at Duke University Press: Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software
"Two Bits also makes an important contribution to discussions of public spheres and social imaginaries by demonstrating how Free Software is a 'recursive public'.”
oss  software  ethnography  theory  books  habermas  culture  opensource  cc  ip  copyright  creativity  collaboration  code 
december 2007 by travis There is No Software
"What remains a problem is only the realization of these layers which, just as modern media technologies in general, have been explicitly contrived in order to evade all perception. We simply do not know what our writing does."
kittler  tech  technology  theory  media  newmedia  writing  wtf  programming  software  hardware  code 
october 2007 by travis
n+1: Death is Not the End
"But who will insult these people now, expose their life as self-deception, their media as obstacles to truth, their conventional wisdom as ideology? It will be unbearable to live with such people if they aren’t regularly insulted."
theory  n+1  culture  history  literature  litcrit  fiction  novels  us  usa  art  philosophy  academia 
august 2007 by travis
Marcel O'Gorman
"Gestell, (enframing) according to Heidegger, is the key to understanding technology. Gestell also means "skeleton." This is our first clue in the link between technology and death."
o'gorman  technology  necromedia  media  mediastudies  literature  theory  web  hypertext  death 
april 2007 by travis
"If only one accustoms oneself to the idea of telepathy," Freud wrote in 1932, "one can accomplish a great deal with it."
technology  telepathy  theory  computers  reviews  books  machines 
april 2007 by travis
Main Page - AcademicBlogs
"Welcome to the main portal page for the academic blogs wiki. Brad DeLong has described the academic blogosphere as a kind of Invisible College - this site is supposed to help make the College a little more visible to itself and its readers."
academia  academics  blogs  wikis  universities  scholarship  humanities  reference  theory 
february 2007 by travis Accessible Writing
"The EServer is an e-publishing co-op based at Iowa State University where hundreds of writers, editors and scholars gather to publish over 35,000 works free of charge."
eserver  isu  academia  academics  literature  marxism  theory  reference  culture  art  resources  philosophy 
february 2007 by travis
Eurozine - Articles: Blogging, the nihilist impulse
"There is no need for a 'new-media' clone of Terry Eagleton. We live long after the Fall of Theory. Criticism has become a conservative and affirmative activity, in which the critic alternates between losses of value while celebrating the spectacle of the
blogging  blogs  postmodernism  criticism  culture  art  society  information  web2.0  eagleton  media  theory 
january 2007 by travis
The Guardian Profile: Terry Eagleton | Special Reports |
"...but what does Oxford do? Make him Warton professor of English literature in succession to John Bayley. And what does Terry do? In his inaugural lecture, slag off John Bayley."
eagleton  marxism  uk  academia  class  theory  culture  wonderful  biography  memoirs  guardian  literature  oxford  education 
january 2007 by travis
Big People on Campus - New York Times
"Proponents of fat studies see it as the sister subject — and it is most often women promoting the study, many of whom are lesbian activists — to women’s studies, queer studies, disability studies and ethnic studies."
wtf  academia  academics  obesity  health  fat  absurd  nytimes  scholarship  theory  culture 
november 2006 by travis
The Valve - A Literary Organ
"'The safety valve alone knows the worst truth about the engine.' -- W. Empson."
academia  journals  reviews  academics  literature  philosophy  poetry  books  novels  fiction  culture  theory  art 
november 2006 by travis
New Left Review
"Sharp, scholarly analysis, interviews and book reviews— in print and online."
academia  academics  newleft  moretti  newleftreview  books  literature  poetry  novels  scholarship  marxism  leftism  leftists  culture  art  reviews  poliltics  theory 
november 2006 by travis
Online Readings in Psychology and Culture, Unit 4, Chapter 4
"Acculturation refers to the processes by which individuals, families, communities, and societies react to inter-cultural contact. Advances in communication and transportation technologies, and increasing migration pressures due to demographic, economic,
acculturation  imperialism  culture  culturalstudies  academics  academia  socialsciences  science  theory  humanrights  travel  empire  psychology  history  population  demographics 
november 2006 by travis
What is Actor-Network Theory?
"Actor-network theory (ANT) evolved from the work of Michel Callon (1991) and Bruno Latour (1992) at the Ecole des Mines in Paris. Their analysis of a set of negotiations describes the progressive constitution of a network in which both human and non-huma
ant  latour  networks  theory  imperialism  empire  e392m-lme  geography  science  history  leask 
november 2006 by travis
Oxford English Dictionary outness, n.
"1821 S. T. COLERIDGE in Blackwood's Mag. 10 249 Outness is but the feeling of otherness (alterity), rendered intuitive, or alterity visually represented."
outness  alterity  coleridge  wacky  wtf  blackwoods  oed  sympathy  intuition  theother  levinas  english  language  theory  romantics  imagination  poetry  definitions  dictionaries  poets  romanticism 
october 2006 by travis
UTNetCAT: Search Results
Recent books with mixed keywords "britain" and "imperialism."
e392m-lme  literature  library  imperialism  britain  history  theory  research 
september 2006 by travis
A Brief History of the State of Exception by Giorgio Agamben
"If, as we have seen, the assumption of this title entails a direct reference to the state of exception, then Bush is attempting to produce a situation in which the emergency becomes the rule, and the very distinction between peace and war (and between fo
agamben  bush  politics  homosacer  theory  e392m-lme  humanrights 
september 2006 by travis
theoria: blog » 2005 » August » 20
"While the general comparison is correct — postmodern terrorists as the current incarnation of Golden Age pirates — Burgess’ solution is, nonetheless, disquieting, if not dangerous."
e392m-lme  homosacer  agamben  pirates  piracy  terrorism  terrorists  bush  guantanamo  theory  wonderful 
september 2006 by travis

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