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Block Posters
Create large wall posters from any image for free. Just like rasterbator, but pixelated.
photography  design  tool  diy  print  poster  converter  generator  image  pdf 
may 2009 by travellersam | Das Hi-Tech Fotolabor in Wien: Digitalfotos
Fotoausarbeitung von Filmen und Daten, Online Foto-Service, Scans, Bildbearbeitung, LAMBDA-Belichtungen, Fine Art Prints, Kaschierservice, Displays und Werbemittel.
photography  Wien  service  print  fotolabor 
february 2009 by travellersam
Virtual Water
A double-sided poster visualizing the water footprint of products and nations
design  information  infographics  typography  poster  print  science  visualization  water 
october 2007 by travellersam
What Is a Print?
Flash demo on printing shows the process for woodcut, etching, lithography, and screenprinting.
print  flash  demo 
june 2006 by travellersam
A small imposition - Ampersand Duck
A quick lesson in how to work out your page layout and type imposition.
print  layout  howto 
june 2006 by travellersam

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