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Grunt Email Boilerplate
A grunt-ready HTML email template based on HTML Email Boilerplate.

SCSS stylesheets with Compass
image optimization with jpegtran and OptiPNG
inlining CSS styles with grunt-premailer and Premailer
HTML templating with EJS and more
Environment specific code blocks in HTML with grunt-preprocess
test email delivery with grunt-nodemailer and NodeMailer
email  template  responsive  rwd 
may 2014 by travellersam GTD Perfection
Some good tips for managing your emails.
email  GTD  howto 
december 2006 by travellersam
Email Servers and Mac OS X
Setting an e-mail server under OSX. For future reference.
email  mail  server  osx  imap  postfix  macmini  reference  howto 
august 2006 by travellersam
Installing Spam Assassin
Installing Spam Assassin on Mac OS X
osx  spam  install  howto  tutorial  email  perl  terminal 
july 2006 by travellersam

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