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Goodbye, Cameras - The New Yorker
This past October, just before the leaves changed, I went on a six-day hike through the mountains of Wakayama, in central Japan, tracing the path of an ancient…
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february 2016 by travellersam
The Voigtlander VC Meter II light meter - 35mmc
I’ve decided I should review some of the collection of compact camera and rangefinder accessories I seem to have been collecting recently. I was trying to…
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january 2016 by travellersam
Leica M6 - Luminous Landscape
This article is more a reminiscence than a review. Though the equipment discussed are the latest models, my photographs on this page span from the beginning of…
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january 2016 by travellersam
Sony Alpha A7 II review: E-mount evolution (hands-on) - Pocket-lint
This time last year the first-generation Sony A7 took the Pocket-lint Awards gong for best interchangeable lens camera. As a small-scale full-frame model with…
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june 2015 by travellersam
Nikon Cheapskate Lenses
Affordable and superb old Nikon lenses
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june 2015 by travellersam
Icarus Camera Control
allows users of PTP cameras to remote control the camera, i.e. for tethered capture
camera  remote  PTP  capture  osx  software  freeware  free 
september 2009 by travellersam
CHDK Scripts
for the alternative Canon Ixus firmware
canon  camera  photography  script  hack 
april 2008 by travellersam
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