The Children You Thought You Had Lost by amorremanet [WiP]
Multi-part series // Supernatural // Dean/Cas // Someone, at some point, really should've written a book about navigating this kind of situation. So You Got Your Boyfriend Pregnant: Now What? or, Coping With An Unplanned Male Pregnancy For Trans* Dummies And Their Partners, or something like that. But since no one has, Dean and Cas just have to figure this out on their own.
supernatural  amorremanet  noncanon  ftm  mtf  series  wip 
august 2012
Barren by cheywolfe
1000 words // Kuroshitsuji // Grell // Grell has a room he goes to when things get tough. This room, however, will never be used for its intended purpose.
kuroshitsuji  cheywolfe  canon  mtf  short_short 
august 2012
But Men Are Not Always Men, and the Best Sometimes Forget by jasonderulo
600 words // Homestuck // Gamzee/Tavros // For an English assignment in your junior year, you had to read Othello. You didn't understand any of it and you didn't want to. It wasn't worth your time, and when you read, "But men are men; the best sometimes forget," you thought, why? and never bothered searching for an answer.
homestuck  jasonderulo  noncanon  mtf  short_short 
august 2012
One of the Lucky Ones by anamatics
5700 words // Glee // Santana/Brittany, Santana/Puck // Santana Lopez knows that she's one of the luckiest girls alive. She's known this for all her life, since she was too young to really know what she was saying. A story about what might have been.
glee  anamatics  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
august 2012
Ambiguity of Life by sa_kun
200 words // Supernatural // Sam/Jessica // Sam wasn't lying he said he'd dated Jess for a year and a half.
supernatural  sa_kun  noncanon  mtf  short_short 
august 2012
mtf!Blaine Drabbles by skyeloves [WiP]
Multi-part series // Glee // Kurt/Blaine // When Blayne comes out to Kurt he turns out to be the perfect boyfriend.
glee  skyeloves  noncanon  mtf  series  wip 
august 2012
Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords by ca3sar [WiP]
4100 words // Homestuck // John/Dave // This can't be happening. There's no way you can be falling for him, you just met him. You can't fall for him. He'd never love a freak like you...
homestuck  ca3sar  noncanon  mtf  short_story  wip 
august 2012
When the Sun Shines, It Glitters by painted_pain
1600 words // Supernatural // Sam, Dean // The light came in through the only window in the motel room and Sam held the glitter nail polish up to it reverently.
supernatural  painted_pain  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
august 2012
I'm the Queen of Nothing; I'm the King of the World by sa_kun
6100 words // Supernatural // Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel // "Isn't there anything you want, Dean? Something just for yourself?"
supernatural  sa_kun  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
august 2012
Seinen Kakumei Utena by gorgeousshutin [WiP]
45,200 words // Shoujo Kakumei Utena // Anthy/Utena // "The revolution succeeded; it crumbled afterwards only because those whose lives got revolutionized did not follow up on the revolutionary success," said the Bride, her words setting their closed hearts aflame. "This time, will you help us help you?"
shoujo_kakumei_utena  gorgeousshutin  noncanon  ftm  novella  wip 
august 2012
Between Lines by schwertlilie [WiP]
Multi-part series // Hetalia // England/Canada // Until he meets Mathilda ("Please call me Matt"), Arthur's third year at university looks to be the same as his second; Matt just wants to make a fresh start for herself. This is their fall semester.
hetalia  schwertlilie  noncanon  mtf  series  wip 
august 2012
A Fault in Our Stars by interrobam
1500 words // Gravity Falls // Dipper & Mabel // They were born Dipper and Polaris, two bodies of starlight adrift in the summer sky, twins. They slept beside one another on that first night, fitful in their incubators, wrapped in blue blankets. Their bodies were identical: the same birthmark on their foreheads, the same blood type in their tiny veins. But Polaris' eyes were so bright and steady, and Dipper's so shifty and curious, that it wasn't difficult to tell them from each other. Dipper grew up knowing he was different from Polaris, but not as different as Polaris suspected she was from Dipper.
gravity_falls  interrobam  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
august 2012
You Don't Wear Pigtails, and We Don't Use Inkwells by sissy_bloke
24,100 words // Glee // Rachel/Quinn // Quinn reveals that she is in fact a he - FTM. And he has a crush on Rachel. How will Glee club react? How will the school react? How will *Rachel* react?
glee  sissy_bloke  noncanon  ftm  novelette 
august 2012
Grown-Up Girl by rsadelle
1800 words // Gym Class Heroes, Panic at the Disco // Brendon/Travis // "I think everyone already knows about it." Brenna keeps her smile on her face. "I was born Josh, but just so we're clear, I'm Brenna now. I have the legal documents to prove it."
gym_class_heroes  panic_at_the_disco  rsadelle  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
july 2012
Non Sum Qualis Eram by sashataakheru
9100 words // Electric Light Orchestra // Jeff/Bev, Bev/OFC // It doesn't feel like enough time has passed since the pregnancy. It's hard enough to talk about it with people who know all his secrets. He's not sure he's ready to tell the one who got him pregnant in the first place. Why does he expect Jeff will even understand anyway? Set early April 1982.
electric_light_orchestra  sashataakheru  noncanon  ftm  novelette 
july 2012
When The Body Speaks/A Pain That I'm Used To by sashataakheru
1800 words // Electric Light Orchestra // Jeff/Bev // There's nothing Bev likes more than his fortnightly check-up with his Dom.
electric_light_orchestra  sashataakheru  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
july 2012
A World Where Everyone Is Happy by dogtier [WiP]
Multi-part series // Homestuck // Jake/Jane/Dirk/Roxy
homestuck  dogtier  noncanon  ftm  mtf  series  wip 
july 2012
Clearing Customs by mycroftrh
200 words // Sherlock // Sherlock, Mycroft // Sometimes strangers can see you more clearly than family.
sherlock  mycroftrh  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
july 2012
Secrets by striderbeats [WiP]
4700 words // Homestuck // Dirk/Roxy // When Dirk confesses his feelings for Roxy, the girl throws herself into denial and runs away. Dirk later finds out why.
homestuck  striderbeats  noncanon  mtf  short_story  wip 
july 2012
Mark by andthebluestblue & shayvaalski [WiP]
Multi-part series // Sherlock // Molly/Jim // Last week, Molly Hooper changed her name. Eventually, Sherlock will work out why.
sherlock  andthebluestblue  shayvaalski  noncanon  ftm  series  wip 
july 2012
Glass Coffins by interrobam
300 words // Snow White // Snow White/Prince Ferdinand // His parents had been understanding, had cut and hennaed his hair, had called him Ferdinand, not Flora. They had disguised and presented him as a foreign Prince, a nephew of theirs, orphaned. They had hugged him tight and told him that they loved him just the same. But Snow White was innocent, thoroughly unworldly to his eyes, and he feared her reaction, her fury or fear.
snow_white  interrobam  noncanon  ftm  mtf  short_short 
july 2012
Dare to be Aware by aeval & thelastpen
173,500 words // Glee // Quinn/Santana, Blaine/Sam, Quinn/OFC // What does it take to find your own identity? How much pain can you endure in the process?
glee  aeval  thelastpen  noncanon  ftm  novel 
july 2012
Grace by tilly
1300 words // Fist of the North Star // Rei, Airi, Mamiya // An account of Rei's childhood, and what else his memories remind him was once important.
fist_of_the_north_star  tilly  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
july 2012
Breadth by aphrodite_mine
900 words // Homestuck, New Girl, Our Idiot Brother // Jane, Julia, Cindy // Three young women find their joy.
homestuck  new_girl  our_idiot_brother  aphrodite_mine  noncanon  non-binary  short_short 
july 2012
If I Was Your Dean (Oh, the Things I'd Do to You) by kyuuketsukirui
500 words // Community // Craig/Jeff // Five times Craig fantasized about Jeff.
community  kyuuketsukirui  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
june 2012
The Princess and The Wolf (A Love Story Without I Love You) by evilday
25,000 words // Supernatural // Sam/Dean // The story of two brothers alone. One Hunter and one Psychic, leaving the past unsaid. Saying goodbye to the open road for just a short time, the illusion of gender, and the difference between a Princess and a Wolf (if there is any).
supernatural  evilday  noncanon  ftm  novella 
june 2012
And Some Years We Count by Failures by thought
4700 words // The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship // Mike, Bill/Gabe, Bill/Christine // In which Myka Carden hates Billie Beckett and her feelings a lot.
cobra_starship  the_academy_is  thought  noncanon  non-binary  short_story 
june 2012
Virtuality by lonetread
200 words // The Matrix // OC // "What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself."
matrix  lonetread  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
june 2012
Hapless Queer Avengers by bluestalking & feverbeats [WiP]
Multi-part series // Avengers // In which Bruce and Thor have an unlikely relationship, Steve is from the past, Tony takes hormones, Natasha is long-suffering, and Loki just wants people to hurt.
avengers  bluestalking  feverbeats  noncanon  non-binary  ftm  series  wip 
june 2012
Transmutation by catraverse [WiP]
11,800 words // X-Men: First Class // Erik/Charles , Raven // For as long as they have known, the Xavier twins – Charlie and Matty – have only really had each other. Their world has always been a world of two and only two. That is, until an incident in their 16th year sends them to different sides of the globe with no means of contact.

Since then, Matt has come out to Charles as Raven, Charles has matriculated at art school, and Raven has found work as a professional brassiere fitter. From calls that are far and few between, Charles gathers that Raven is quite happy with her job in the other side of the country. Charles has found, and lives with, a dreamy German exchange student called Erik Lehnsherr.

Things aren't perfect, but they're not too bad, considering what Charles has been through. One day, however, all of that comes crashing down when Raven decides to turn up at their apartment out of nowhere, asking Charles to let her stay for three months.

A story told in flashbacks, fights, and hugs.
x-men_first_class  catraverse  noncanon  mtf  novelette  wip 
may 2012
Under My Skin by littleartemis
500 words // Supernatural // Dean/Castiel // He's seen every inch of Dean. His body, his mind, his soul...and it terrifies Dean.
supernatural  littleartemis  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
may 2012
Steal My Heart by littleartemis
700 words // Supernatural, Ten Inch Hero // Priestly/Dean // He did not expect to fall so hard for the other boy, but he would have it no other way.
supernatural  ten_inch_hero  littleartemis  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
may 2012
Making Out: Not Just for Stoners Anymore! by gala_apples
7100 words // Panic at the Disco // Ryan/Spencer/Brendon // All of Ryan's dreams require making a scene to come true. He has to make a scene to get Pete Wentz's attention. He has to make a scene to get his father to give him a loan for university. He has to make a scene to get an audience to love them. He's not sure why it's a surprise that he has to make a scene to get Spencer to understand who he really is, and why he can't kiss him back.
panic_at_the_disco  gala_apples  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
may 2012
I'm Only Me When I'm With You by xkailajayx [WiP]
1500 words // X-Men // Rictor/Shatterstar // Ric wasn't born this way. Well, she was. Everyone knew it, because it wasn't something she was ashamed of. And why should she be? The only thing she was ashamed of... Well, it wasn't shame, exactly. It was fear.
x-men  xkailajayx  noncanon  mtf  short_story  wip 
may 2012
Metamorphosis by altruisticperformer [WiP]
3200 words // Homestuck // John/Dave // John Egbert, Birth name Jessica Egbert, Decides to make a change in his life, to become the man he has always been.
homestuck  altruisticperformer  noncanon  ftm  short_story  wip 
may 2012
Hello Summer: A Satire by crowleyshouseplant
1500 words // Farewell Summer // Grandma, Harley // Two individuals say hello to their sexuality.
farewell_summer  crowleyshouseplant  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
may 2012
Not a Public Service Announcement by brainofck
3700 words // Stargate SG-1 // Jack/Daniel // Daniel is out. Jack is not. And yet Daniel still has a secret.
stargate_sg-1  brainofck  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
may 2012
Don't Throw Stones at Me by sashataakheru
1500 words // Summer Heights High // Ja'ime/Tamsin // Ja'ime has tried to come out in the past, but when she moves to Summer Heights High for the term, she decides not to tell the girls she befriends. In courting Tamsin for the ball, she discovers Tamsin is the only one who cares enough to listen.
summer_heights_high  sashataakheru  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
may 2012
You're The One I Need by sashataakheru
2200 words // The Move // Bev/Ace // Abandoned by Trevor, Ace seeks out Bev for comfort and discovers more than he bargained for.
the_move  sashataakheru  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
may 2012
The Girl Outside by sashataakheru [WiP]
Multi-part series // The Move, Electric Light Orchestra // Bev/Ace // The Girl Outside was originally written for queer_fest 2011. It's a trans AU, where Bev and Ace are transguys, and the prompt I wrote for specified class differences in their transition stories. This ended up with Ace finding himself adopted by a Countess and her husband, and being raised as their son, while Bev remains pretty much as he is and falls in love with him.
electric_light_orchestra  the_move  sashataakheru  noncanon  ftm  series  wip 
may 2012
Cherry Blossom Clinic by sashataakheru
800 words // The Move // Ace // There's nothing like therapy to do more harm than good when no one understands how to help you.
the_move  sashataakheru  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
may 2012
A Lifetime and a Half by thinlizzy2
4200 words // Harry Potter // George/OMC, Fred // How do you tell the person who's most like you in all the world that you want to be a member of the opposite sex?
harry_potter  thinlizzy2  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
may 2012
Wish It Would Rain Down (The Night Before the Morning After Remix) by kyuuketsukirui
1200 words // LotRiPS // Dom/Elijah // You end up staying in because it's supposed to rain, which Dom of course won't let you hear the end of, but whatever. You'd rather have Dom rag on you all night about how wussy everyone here is about rain than go out to some stupid club where you'll just feel nervous and awkward and probably jealous, too.
lotrips  kyuuketsukirui  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
april 2012
Being a Tale of Tavros Nitram, Agender Fairychild Extraordinaire by edoro
12,000 words // Homestuck // Gamzee & Tavross, Aradia & Tavros, Gamzee/Karkat // In Which Many Canon Events Are Told In Summary Form For Reasons of Already Ridiculous Length, Issues of Gender and Sexuality Are Discussed Quite Often, Tavros Does Not Want To Grow Up, And Everything Ends Happily, Featuring Several Instances of Vriska, One Explicit Moiraillegiance Scene and Implications Of Another Off-Screen, Numerous Chatlogs, One Memo, Troubling Language From Several Sources Including Karkat Vantas, Three Piles, A Scene of Nonconsensual Amputation, Many Conflicted Feelings, A Resolution of Questionable Red Feelings, and One Non-Explicit Educational Flashing Over Webcam.
homestuck  edoro  noncanon  non-binary  novelette 
april 2012
The Case of Erik Lehnsherr by riwanon [WiP]
1000 words // X-Men: First Class // Erik/Charles // Erik has a secret that had carefully kept to himself half his life.
x-men_first_class  riwanon  noncanon  ftm  short_short  wip 
april 2012
Not What You Think 'Verse by artemisblythe [WiP]
Multi-part series // Glee RPF // Chris/OMC // Chris is working on his first big Hollywood movie. He wasn't expecting to have so much fun. He wasn't expecting to meet Trip or to fall so hard or to be so anguished and then so in love. He really wasn't expecting the object of his affections to have such a big secret...
misc_rpf  artemisblythe  noncanon  ftm  series  wip 
april 2012
Trans!Bones by ellipsisthegreat [WiP]
Multi-part series // Star Trek Reboot // Kirk/Bones // When Jim smiles that crooked smile and says "Hey, baby, you ever wonder if two heads really are better than one?" he feels...kind of awesome, even though he knows Jim would never say that to him if he wasn't too drunk to tell the difference between a woman and a transsexual.
star_trek_reboot  ellipsisthegreat  noncanon  mtf  series  wip 
april 2012
Big Brother: Some Sick Dream by rimbaum
600 words // Homestuck // Bro/Dave/John // Optional-to-read side story for Big Brother. Dave has a disturbing wet dream.
homestuck  rimbaum  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
april 2012
This Must Be the Place by busaikko
2300 words // Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 // Vala/Cam/John // John's home from Pegasus after being captured. Cam and Vala offer care.
stargate_atlantis  stargate_sg-1  busaikko  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
Miles to Go Before I Sleep by moonlight
1500 words // Harry Potter // Millicent Bulstrode // The second of April, 1998, is in no way special for the Slytherin seventh years.
harry_potter  moonlight  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
april 2012
Veronica Kirk by kittyburgermn [WiP]
Multi-part series // Star Trek Reboot // Kirk/OFC, Spock/Uhura // In the prelude to galactic war, the woman who once called herself James T. Kirk looks for healing from the trauma of her past, while trying to build a better future for the Federation.
star_trek_reboot  kittyburgermn  noncanon  mtf  series  wip 
april 2012
Edit the Sad Parts by cruentum
93,900 words // Merlin // Merlin/Arthur // It takes more than a dick to make a guy. Merlin learns this as he goes from eating pussy as a sixteen-year old girl, to fucking other guys with his own cock as a twenty-seven-year old landscaper. The journey's riddled with tears, cocks, and enough self-hate to fill the Channel; but with a little help from his friends, and some mostly-stable relationships, Merlin gets his happily-ever-after in the end.
merlin  cruentum  noncanon  ftm  novel 
april 2012
Sleep Wake Hope by allesodernichts
1400 words // Inception // Eames/Robert // It takes Robert three weeks to realize that the woman bears a strong resemblance to him.
inception  allesodernichts  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
All That I Am by perryvic & zaganthi [WiP]
Multi-part series // CSI // Gil/Paul, Gil/Greg // It felt good to close the door behind himself, to close out the stress and unbelievable twists of the past few hours. A case aborted by finding the key suspect dead was always a stressful thing. A case aborted because the key suspect had been murdered was stressful enough to make Gil leave a trail that marked his path from the living room to the bedroom.
csi  perryvic  zaganthi  noncanon  ftm  series  wip 
april 2012
The Translock Series by bittergrapes
Multi-part series // Sherlock // Sherlock/John
sherlock  bittergrapes  noncanon  ftm  series 
april 2012
On the Use of Studying by vamoosi
13,500 words // Ace Attorney // Franziska, Miles // Josef von Karma is a very bright little boy. Except he is not that last bit whatsoever. He is, he is finding, rather a bright little girl.
ace_attorney  vamoosi  noncanon  mtf  novelette 
april 2012
Forty Six and 2 by cacoethes79
Multi-part series // Teen Wolf // Derek/Stiles // Stiles has come to the realization that he's going to need to tell the pack that he's transgender before they find out on their own. He's only ever told one person before, and he's still thankful Scott was a true best friend. He only hopes the others take his news as well.
teen_wolf  cacoethes79  noncanon  ftm  series 
april 2012
The Shape That's in the Mirror by andhopeto [WiP]
2000 words // Glee // Kurt/Blaine // "You don't recognize behavior / Or the spelling of your name / And the shape that's in the mirror / You swear it's not the same."
glee  andhopeto  noncanon  ftm  short_story  wip 
april 2012
Rainbow Light by lenina20
3200 words // Glee // Kurt/Dave, Azimio, Santana, OFC // Azimio's little brother is calling himself a girl, and Azimio is worried. Kurt is jealous, Santana is a bitch, and Dave kind of has a plan.
glee  lenina20  canon  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
The Little Merman by joaniedark [WiP]
3700 words // Persona 4 // Kanji/Naoto // A retelling of the classic fairytale featuring everyone’s favorite Persona-summoning investigation team.
persona_4  joaniedark  noncanon  ftm  short_story  wip 
april 2012
The War Within Me by peachykeen
1900 words // Degrassi // Adam/Katie // The body versus the heart.
degrassi  peachykeen  canon  ftm  short_story 
april 2012
Conditional by unbosomedadoxography
6600 words // Homestuck // Dave/Karkat // Karkat knows Dave is lying to him about something. But when you don't even know enough about your matesprit's species to tell his stashes of food from his ironically collected toy dough, how are you supposed to figure out when he's telling the truth and when he's pushing the irony a little too far?
homestuck  unbosomedadoxography  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
april 2012
Can't I Just Take a Shot? by notaverse
1700 words // KAT-TUN // Kane, Jin // Jin has second thoughts about medication.
kat-tun  notaverse  noncanon  non-binary  short_story 
april 2012
The Time of the Knight by drashian
700 words // Homestuck // Dave, Rose // They arose from the green sun with new bodies. Trans man Dave, trans woman Rose.
homestuck  drashian  noncanon  ftm  mtf  short_short 
april 2012
Naming the Stars by whatagoodboy
2700 words // Glee // Kurt/Blaine // A cellophane bag of glow-in-the-dark, stick to the ceiling stars shapes Kurt Hummel's life in unexpected ways. This 'verse starts when Kurt is known as Kathryn. He's a small boy, labeled a girl--who loves stories and words and the safety of his bedroom.
glee  whatagoodboy  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
april 2012
The Beauty of Who You Are by crynintherain
7600 words // Supernatural RPF // Jared/Jensen // Jensen knows she's already head over heels for Jared which is why she's decided she can’t keep her secret from him anymore.
supernatural_rpf  cryinintherain  noncanon  mtf  novelette 
april 2012
Body by daichu
1200 words // Yume Nikki // Madotsuki // First there was only darkness for her to admire. Then came the light.
yume_nikki  daichu  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
Building Up My Life by theauthor2010
2300 words // Glee // Nick/Jeff // Nick was born Nicole Erin Duval. From the moment he realized his name was Nick and he was a boy, he started building up the life he needed. It didn't take him long to get it.
glee  theauthor2010  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
Beautiful Christmas by pilgrimkitty
3100 words // Glee // Kurt/Blaine // The first Christmas after Blayne's started to come out to a few people, things are tense at the Anderson house.
glee  pilgrimkitty  noncanon  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
Fragment of a Story by delilahdraken
600 words // Buffy // Spike, Xander // Spike tells Xander a bit about his past.
buffy  delilahdraken  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
april 2012
The Motions I've Been Going Through by gemmi999
700 words // Fallout Boy // Pete, Patrick // "You're stealth." Pete whispers. "You totally bind, and I wish that shit didn't hurt as much as I know it must."
fall_out_boy  gemmi999  noncanon  ftm  short_short 
april 2012
Nylons, Lipstick, and Invitations by crowleyshouseplant
700 words // Chronicles of Narnia // Susan // The only things Susan is interested in.
chronicles_of_narnia  crowleyshouseplant  noncanon  mtf  short_short 
april 2012
Looks Like by elfwreck
700 words // Ode to Billie Joe // I knew it was big, California-and-Hollywood big, and I knew it was going to hurt him.
ode_to_billie_joe  elfwreck  noncanon  mtf  short_short 
april 2012
Pop Culture High by hgiel [WiP]
Multi-part series // Lady, H.O.T., Shinhwa // Tony enters an all boys school and ghosts, porn, and love keep him from his studies.
h.o.t.  lady  shinhwa  hgiel  canon  mtf  series  wip 
april 2012
Gayby by hgiel
2300 words // Lady, H.O.T. // Kangta/Hee Jun, Chae Yeon/Binu // Kang Ta welcomes Hee Jun home from the army with a baby...
h.o.t.  lady  hgiel  canon  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
Lipstick by hgiel
1000 words // Lady, Wiretap in My Ear // Lee Hyuk/Binu // Binu goes on her first date since transitioning from man to woman.
lady  wiretap_in_my_ear  hgiel  canon  mtf  short_short 
april 2012
Perpetual Motion by anshin
1600 words // Iron Man // Tony // He has always known who he is; it just took him a while to figure it out. (An AU take on how Tony Stark became Tony Stark.)
iron_man  anshin  noncanon  ftm  short_story 
april 2012
1. When I Was Little, I Always Wondered About These Kinds of Things... by pushingcrazies
1600 words // Sherlock // Lestrade/Sherlock, Lestrade/OFC // A study of Lestrade's sexuality in ficlet form.
sherlock  pushingcrazies  canon  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
What Do They Know by blueskynoise
3400 words // Homestuck // Dave, Rose // Rose was leaning against the frame of his window now, mirroring his gesture of having his arms crossed and keeping her eyes set right on his beneath his shades. Dave knew she was the only one who would know if he was looking away. "I know."
homestuck  blueskynoise  noncanon  ftm  mtf  short_story 
april 2012
Second Chances by redconverse
15,200 words // X-Men: First Class // Charles/Erik // In a modern AU where mutants are still treated as second-class citizens, Erik once found himself an unlikely friend at a state-run boarding school. When Frances went off to college early, he felt abandoned and figured he'd never meet her again. Fifteen years (and almost three thousand miles) later, Erik runs into an oddly familiar man.
x-men_first_class  redconverse  noncanon  ftm  novelette 
april 2012
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