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Run Me Down
Assassins AU where they are both hired to kill the other, but they just can't manage it.

[Eames dug Arthur's cellphone out of his pocket and erased his number from Ariadne's contact, before replacing the phone and staring down at the other man for a long moment.

“You'd be an absolute prat if I tried to kiss you,” Eames predicted, sitting back onto his heels and watching as Arthur's face began to twitch back into wakefulness. “I can imagine it already.”

Arthur's eyes began to move beneath their lids, signaling his impending return to consciousness, and Eames hauled himself up off the cement, disappearing out of the alleyway before he could think too closely about what he was doing.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  *au  author:anonymous  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
october 2011 by traicionera
foxxcub: Fic: Perfect Symmetry
[“Then let me return it to you.”

I’d rather you burned it. “I’ll—that’s not necessary. I’ll buy another one.”

Eames paused for several moments. “You’d give these up so easily?” he finally asked.

“Eames, it’s nothing, just a bunch of fucking doodles, all right? I’m sorry you had to see them, but just—please, just pitch the damn thing and don’t worry about it.”

Another long bout of silence stretched out over the line, until Eames sighed and replied, “All right,” and hung up.

Arthur rolled onto his side on the bed and set his phone on the nightstand. He told himself it was for the best; he’d never be able to destroy the drawings himself, anyway.

He didn’t sleep at all.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:foxxcub  rating:pg-13 
october 2011 by traicionera
foxxcub: simple math crap, idek
["We really should change these sheets tonight," Arthur mumbles into the pillows. He would seem oblivious to Eames' waxing poetic over his body, except he sighs softly and arches into Eames' touch.

"Or we could sleep in the den," Eames says. There's a giant leather couch downstairs, and Eames loves falling asleep with Arthur on his chest whilst they watch Tarantino movies. Arthur's yet to stay awake through all of Reservoir Dogs, much to Eames' dismay.

Arthur wiggles a little closer to Eames. "Or, we could live like civilized human beings," he groans, but Eames hears the grin in his voice. "This is fucking disgusting, Eames. Five times in twenty-four hours, there's enough jizz in these sheets to be a health hazard."]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:foxxcub  rating:r  *au 
october 2011 by traicionera
take arms against a sea of troubles - usingmyoxygen - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Pre-movie, Arthur is diagnosed with leukemia. This is lovely.

[There are twenty-three total, from Dom and Mal and your sister and your dad, but mostly, as you'd predicted, from Eames.

You only listen to one before you've made up your mind:
'Hey, uh. It's me. I know by now you don't check these, or.... or you don't answer. Uh. I know you're not looking for, um... emotional charity, or... sappy bullshit... but I just, uh. I just wanted to say I care about you. Regardless of... condition. I mean... I don't know what I mean, that sounds shitty, don't listen to this one. If you're listening to this one, stop it, I've left better. I left a better one on, I think... Tuesday? Tuesday. Listen to the one from Tuesday, it's far better worded.'

You conclude that it must be the chemo wearing you down. It's the only possible explanation for why you're smiling and your eyes are watering and you can't help but let Eames in whenever he so much as suggests any interest.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  h/c  author:usingmyoxygen  hurt!arthur  protective!eames 
august 2011 by traicionera
all the night-tide, I lie down by the side of my darling
Little Mermaid AU of ANGUISH. Gorgeous and heart-breaking, and then maybe a little less heart-breaking. Beautiful art.

Part 2:

[The boy was pale in his arms, unresponsive, and Arthur thought then, ‘if he dies, I will lay here on the sand and breathe the air until it suffocates me, until the sun bleaches me and dries my tail’ and he whispered, “Please…please…” to the boy, pushing wet hair from his face, pushing on his broad chest.

Finally, finally, the boy gasped and sputtered, water choking and bubbling up from his chest, rolling to his side and letting it pour out of him. When he breathed clean air again, he turned back, dazed, and peering blearily at Arthur, lifted a shaking hand to try and touch his face. Arthur wanted him to, wanted it so badly he was willing to linger longer in the air, his gills wheezing with the effort, but he heard voices calling from the distance, and he knew he had to leave.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  angst  rating:pg  pairing:eames/robert  art  author:black_betty_26  artist:shiroi_ten 
august 2011 by traicionera
Bed Rest
Cobb finds out that Arthur and Eames are involved when Arthur falls off their roof and breaks his leg. Funny and charming. So much bickering!

[Intellectually, Eames understood that Arthur and injury were destined by fate to meet. He knew Arthur trained for it and expected it. He knew that Arthur’s painstaking diligence was, at least in part, a reflection of his desire to keep those injuries to a dull roar. In the end, his mistake had been in assuming that Arthur would suffer those injuries while at work. He had not expected to return from food shopping to find the man a crumpled and bleeding heap by the back door.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:pheyne  rating:r  hurt!arthur 
august 2011 by traicionera
[Fic + Art] eames on food - 1/3
The one where Eames is the Food Network's newest star and Arthur is a fun. Fic and art are both SO ADORABLE.

[“What would you say if I asked you back to my hotel?”

Arthur smiled and pulled Eames even closer. “I'd say that my apartment is ten blocks closer, and doesn't have any paparazzi.”

Eames grinned. “I'd say that was the perfect answer.”

Inside the cab, Eames reached across the divide to run his fingers along the seam of Arthur's trousers, careful never to move too high. Arthur kept his eyes glued to the back of the cab driver's head, worried he'd lose his cool – or his nerve – if he looked over.

At his apartment, Arthur nodded a dazed hello to his doorman and nearly screamed when they were followed into the elevator by three of his neighbours, and that was even before two of them recognised Eames.]
fic  art  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  author:duckgirlie  artist:uncafe  rating:pg-13 
august 2011 by traicionera
Late to Settle
Awesome HDM crossover. Link is to the last part.

[She whines his name, dancing back and forth in front of him.

"Go to the end of the hall, Nimue," he says.

"Please don't make me," she begs him, her voice brittle, but she starts to back away from him anyway. He feels the sick tug somewhere deep in his chest, but it's only discomfort, not real pain. Just like it used to be. They can still do this.

She comes back to him for a moment, just long enough to get the key out of his jacket pocket, and then she starts to back away again, her ears pinned, her expression tragic.

"Go, Nimue," says Arthur. "Find Eames."]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  trope:crossover  author:yjudaes  rating:r 
august 2011 by traicionera
[Fic + Art] The Listeners.
Arthur and Eames think they're being discreet. Spoiler alert: they are really, really not.

[There was more fabric rustling, interspersed with even more wet kissing sounds, until...

And she must be imagining that. There is no way - even with the apparently exquistedly maintained air vents in this place - that Ariadne should be able to hear the snap of a lube bottle opening from another floor.

"Careful with that stuff, don't get too messy."

"Arthur, you cannot tell me I only have eighteen minutes to fuck you speechless, and then tell me I have to go easy on the lube."

Ariadne choked slightly and started paying very close attention to the corners of her model.]
fic  art  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:duckgirlie  artist:keelain  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
august 2011 by traicionera
Fic: Quito
An interlude between jobs. This is so lovely and atmospheric and sweet without being overly sentimental.

["Tell me you weren't up all bloody night on that thing."

"I was busy. I was looking for you -- oh, oh f--"

Eames adds another finger. "I told you I'd pop back up momentarily."

"You could have died somewhere I couldn't get to you," Arthur says, and a lightning-flash of panic goes through Eames, the way it always does when Arthur says something so naked.

Twisting his fingers inside Arthur, watching him rub his face against his own forearm before biting down, Eames says, "Never happen."]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:starbolin  rating:nc-17 
august 2011 by traicionera
"Arthur makes an offer, Eames makes an assumption, and things go wrong until they don't." Eames, Eames, Eames - don't you know what assuming does?

[Eames steels himself up for whatever Arthur’s about to say. Probably a lengthy critique of his technique, complete with suggested readings for improvement.

But then Arthur scrubs a hand over his face and sighs. “I don’t think I’m what you want.”

It’s so unexpected Eames is too confused to make any sense of it at all. “What?”

“Look, if you’re just looking for someone to bend over and get off on, you should find somebody else.” Arthur is staring at the bedspread, already drawing his trousers back up to cover himself. There isn’t any ire in his voice, just disappointment.

“What makes you think—?”

“And I’m not your whore,” Arthur interrupts mildly. His ears are stained red at the tips.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  author:recrudescence  bottom!arthur 
august 2011 by traicionera
[They meet for the second leg of the tour in the lounge at La Guardia airport. Which Eames suspects is the doing of Saito, their manager, since it minimises the time they have to scratch each other’s eyes out before they actually get on the plane.

Eames is sitting at the bar with Dom and Mal, nursing a bloody mary and his hangover. He feels Arthur before he sees him. Turns his head and finds Arthur standing beside him in a white shirt and an immaculate black suit, as quietly, painfully lovely as he always is, holding his guitar case in his right hand. And Eames thinks, not for the first time, that it’s a very particular type of hell to be despised by someone so beautiful.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  author:jeannedecarnin  au  bottom!arthur 
august 2011 by traicionera a series of one night stands
Last part, with the previous parts linked at the top. This is such a great little series.

[In the middle of the night, the bed dips and Eames flails awake. His fist connects with something hard before he registers lashing out.

There’s shocked silence, then Eames fumbles for the light. He’d like to see who exactly has come to kill him in the night. He has a sinking feeling he’ll recognize his assailant; he has a sneaking suspicion the actual killing part may be a late addition to the plan.

“You asshole,” Arthur says, gingerly touching his cheek with the back of his hand, “it’s my bed.”

"How long was I asleep?" Eames asks helpfully.

"How the fuck should I know?" Arthur answers, then dips in to kiss him, and oh, oh, it's so obvious that Eames has dreamed him up. This is why the mourning process is important, Eames thinks, otherwise the madness creeps in.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:cmonkatiekatie  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  angst 
august 2011 by traicionera
Home is Where the Heart Is (You’re in Mine)
Short sweet fic about their unconventional marriage.

["You got a new mattress," Eames rumbles behind him.

"You destroyed my last one."

"Oh yes, all by myself," Eames laughs. The mattress was sacrificed to a good cause. "Wasn't that last year? Have I not been here in a year?"

Arthur snuggles in closer and doesn't answer. This is Arthur's Osaka apartment. He also has places in Toronto, Paris, São Paulo, and Ankara. Eames prefers hotels. His only permanent places are their shared apartments in London and Chicago.

This is their marriage. There's an ongoing joke about how it's actually a ménage à trois, Eames, Arthur, and the job. The joke hasn't been funny in years, maybe not ever. But it's still true.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:venilia  rating:pg 
august 2011 by traicionera
Fic: The Physiological Response to Absurdity [PG-13]
Awesome sequel to that awesome story where Eames is actually Calvin all grown up.

[“Number twenty-nine: kidnapped by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, imprisoned in their mansion in Bali, and forced into indentured servitude as a pool boy,” Hobbes replies. He’s been trading off with Eames in imagining the demise of his and Arthur’s relationship.

“Number thirty: there could be a natural gas explosion under his hotel room in Chicago, incinerating the whole block.”

“Number thirty-one: he could be eaten by one of those giant jellyfish.”

“Number thirty-two: he could fall into Limbo and emerge as a vegetable, albeit an extremely attractive one.”

Hobbes gives him a look, and Eames knows they’re imagining the same thing: Arthur as a sleeping carrot, leafy green hair, encased in a glass coffin. They both burst out laughing at the same time.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:starlingthefool  trope:crossover  rating:pg-13  art  artist:red_rahl 
august 2011 by traicionera
Arthur and Eames get married, and Arthur has issues with wearing his ring in public. Hearts in my eyes!

[The cashier at the tiny shop is the same girl as always, and she chats away happily as she rings him up. When he hands over his card, she smiles and says “congratulations”.


She points at his hand. “You got married, right?”

Arthur looks down at his hand, blinking. “Oh. Yeah.”

There's a tiny curl of warmth in his stomach when he says it.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:pg  author:duckgirlie 
august 2011 by traicionera
The Feeling's Mutual
Gryffindors and Slytherins are meant to hate each other, aren't they?

[Instance 1:

"I hate you so fucking much," Arthur snarls, as he's slammed into the wall by Eames.

"The feeling's mutual, darling," Eames says, and kisses Arthur breathless.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  author:eyesofapanda  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  trope:crossover  fandom:hp 
august 2011 by traicionera
FIC & ART: Equal on opposite sides
Arthur is at Eames's school for a cultural exchange. Math(s) has never been so hot. The art is GORGEOUS, oh my God.

[Arthur’s leg hits his knee and Eames wonders if they’re really at the corporal punishment stage already. But the kick is at least outwardly involuntary and Eames smiles anyway. Apparently, Arthur’s learning how to betray his robotic nature and become a little more human.

“Get back to your homework, Eames. Just do it”.

In that moment something surprising snaps in Eames’ brain and, unexpectedly, he solves the equation that bears the name Arthur.]
fic  art  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  author:plumecake  artist:katy_romance 
august 2011 by traicionera
Depression-era train-hopping AU.

[Arthur’s heart races, his throat constricts. “I wasn’t... I just wanted to know...”

A low growl escapes Eames’s throat. “What the inside of my pockets feel like? Not a good way to start off a partnership.”

Arthur breathes hard, Eames’s fingers still tight on his skin. He doesn’t try to pull away, though. He’s suddenly, absurdly aware of the warmth radiating off Eames’s skin, of the mass of heat under that coat. “You expect me to partner with you, but you won’t tell me who you are.”

“You weren’t exactly forthcoming yourself,” Eames says, biting. And it’s true, Arthur realizes, his stomach lurching. “You want to know something about me?” Eames says, tone shifting to something challenging, almost cruel.

He tightens his grip further and moves Arthur’s hand under the coat, presses it to his clothed erection, and Arthur gasps.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  author:eternalsojourn  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
august 2011 by traicionera
The Dreamwalker's Man
Werewolf!Eames and (sort of) Little Red Riding Hood!Arthur. Oh my God, this hits like one thousand of my buttons.

[“I wish you were real.”

“Do you now, darling? And if I was?” The man spread his legs, pressing his erection into Arthur’s hip without placing any unnecessary pressure anywhere else.

“No. S’a dream.” A thought occurred to Arthur and he turned his head frantically to the side, wincing when the movement jarred his shoulder. The man cooed at him and forced him to turn his head back. “S'not real, because, where is my dog?”

The man quirked an eyebrow, and Arthur blinked and struggled to open his eyes again, but not before he’d seen the glint of amusement in the man’s blue eyes.

“Shh,” the man soothed him, pulling away from Arthur’s body. “Go to sleep, darling. Your dog will be here when you awaken.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  possessive!eames  hurt!arthur  protective!eames  author:lindenmae 
august 2011 by traicionera
[Art&Fic] Let Your Body Go (With the Music)
Booze and music and dancing is a magical equation.

[Arthur may be a nerd; he speaks four languages and knows how to code in three more, he wore Converse high-tops way before they were cool, and he has a few too many pressed wool slacks and khakis in the closet of his too-small dorm room.

Being a nerd, however, has never stopped Arthur from partying to beat any beer-pong playing frat-boy business majors. He loses a good portion of his social anxiety after a few Jell-O shots, and it's not like people are trying to get him to engage in any kind of scintillating conversation at most bars. Arthur's there to get his drink on, ogle cute guys, and dance. And once he starts dancing, it's hard to get him to stop.]
fic  art  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:r  author:starlingthefool  artist:pearljamz  artist:platina  au 
august 2011 by traicionera
Fic + Art: Mercy
It's convenient that this is titled "Mercy" because that's what I kept saying while reading it. Orgasm denial = OH YES.

[“Not until I say,” Eames reminds him, voice now right next to his ear. Arthur can feel the soft puff of wet heat from Eames’ mouth as he speaks. He shivers, wishing he could see. “You’re being so good for me, just a little while longer, yeah?”

Arthur shouldn’t feel so pleased at small compliment, but it’s been hours and he’s been so good. Eames has kept him on the edge of orgasm; his cock is aching, painfully so, and Arthur’s ability to hold out is faltering. He nearly sobs when Eames strokes a fingertip up his length, over-sensitive, but needing more.

“Please,” he gasps, and a wave of shame rolls over him. Arthur never begs — has never begged — for anything before.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  art  author:sparrow_hubris  artist:essouffle  rating:nc-17  pwp 
august 2011 by traicionera
Do Us Part
Arthur doesn't get invited to Eames's wedding.

[“Eames,” Arthur exhales, letting his shoulders relax. “What are you doing here?”

Eames slides into the passenger seat and pulls the door closed. “Dropping everything and running off with you?” Eames turns to him then, smiling like all his hope is made of porcelain.

If there were such a thing as a good punch in the gut, that’s how Arthur would describe this, the stunned joy, the shock so overwhelming it feels like the wind’s been knocked out of him. “Are you sure?”

Eames huffs a shaky laugh. “To be honest, love, it was never a question.” He slides his hand over Arthur’s where it’s got a death grip on the steering wheel. Eames’ touch thaws the rigidness in his muscles, and he flexes his fingers up to get more contact with Eames’ skin. “Now let’s get out of here before all hell breaks loose.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  angst  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  jealous!arthur  art  author:maybe77  artist:essouffle 
august 2011 by traicionera
In Which Arthur Plays The Part Of Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial
Arthur is pissed off at Eames. Fortunately for Eames, he knows a way around this.

[“This is cheating,” Arthur moans, rocking on the curve of his spine as Eames tongues his perineum. “You’re just - ah - trying to distract me from punching you again.”

“Is it working?” Eames asks. He hooks one of Arthur’s legs around his shoulders and bends the other towards Arthur’s chest, spreading him wider then ducking his head to lick at Arthur’s hole.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  author:unvarnishedtale  bottom!arthur  art  artist:uncafe 
august 2011 by traicionera
University AU PWP
I can't believe I never bookmarked this. The filthy hot university roommates AU.

["We're late," Eames tells him and Arthur frowns.

"I didn't know we had a schedule. Why'd you let me take so much time this morning!" he argues.

Eames slaps Arthur's irritated face softly, says "No, dearest. It's past one. They've definitely started drinking without us. We're at least a few behind."

Arthur ignores him, tries to grab his bag but Eames picks it up first. He pauses, takes the cigarette out of his mouth and drops a small peck to Arthur's cheek.

Standing in front of Eames's home, Arthur's face goes mottled.

"Just. Don't call me dearest in front of your mother," he grumbles.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  jealous!arthur 
august 2011 by traicionera
fic: Tell my love to wreck it all (1/2)
High school AU. Arthur has a great best friend and the best boyfriend in the history of the universe, but sometimes, it's just not enough.

[And Eames. Oh god, Eames. He’s the one thing keeping Arthur tethered here and part of the problem all at once. It’s because Eames is so perfect, so wonderful, so caring and warm and understanding in every which way, and it just hurts Arthur sometimes, knowing that he’ll never match up to Eames. It feels like he’s holding Eames back, because Eames could have so much more, he should have so much more, but for some reason, maybe it’s guilt or pity or just because he thinks it’s what he wants, Eames continues to stay. It’s like Arthur is just waiting for Eames to come to his senses and say well, it’s been fun, but you know what, I can do better, and Arthur isn’t sure what kills him more; that or the notion that he’s keeping Eames tied down from reaching his full potential.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:ohmydarlingdear  rating:r  bottom!arthur  angst  au  hurt!arthur  protective!eames 
august 2011 by traicionera
Eames invites Arthur to an Arcade Fire concert.

[There are crowds of people milling around the station entrance; girls in floral tea dresses and wellington boots, art students in skinny jeans, ticket touts, couples with picnic baskets, and a line of kids queuing alongside a red and white ice-cream van. Eames walks towards Arthur, suddenly, exquisitely aware that the most beautiful young man in the universe is waiting for him in jeans and scuffed trainers – leaning against the park railings and waiting for him, as if this was the kind of thing that happened every day.

‘Hello,’ he croaks, his mouth going dry. Then, impulsively, he leans forward and gives Arthur a light kiss on the cheek. His fingers flutter for a moment at Arthur’s waist, lingering on the subtle heat of his skin.

He draws back. Arthur’s eyelashes are lowered in thought. Then his lips tilt up at the corners and he smiles at Eames, squinting into the last, low rays of sunlight: ‘Hey.’]
fic  fandom:inception  author:jeannedecarnin  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  art  artist:forgerness 
august 2011 by traicionera
Caught in a Nap
Eames is grumpy about Arthur working all night instead of coming to bed, only to discover that Arthur has actually fallen asleep on the couch. Ninja cuddles are a GO.

[When the left side of Eames’ bed had first become Arthur’s side of the bed, Eames had given serious consideration to whether falling asleep and waking up to the feel of Arthur beside him (not to mention regular access to Arthur’s clever hands, his sharp mouth, his perfectly pert arse, et cetera and so on) was really worth the middle parts of the night, when Arthur’s clever hands thieved all of the bedclothes away and he was forced to risk Arthur’s sharp little fucking elbows if he wanted a bloody corner of the blanket to cling to.

Now, scant months later, the sheets are smothering him. It’s just so much more pleasant to simply wrap himself around Arthur instead.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:anonymous  rating:pg 
july 2011 by traicionera
All's Fair in Love & Werewolves
THIS VERSE IS KILLING ME. Arthur's first full heat cycle with Eames, plus the introduction of Eames's pack. Nrrrrgh.

[Arthur hates this. He hates not being in control of his own body. He hates being driven to Eames after every single mating, even though his body aches and cries for no more. He hates that the only way to satisfy this is to let himself be fucked like a whore, each orgasm wrung out of him brutally just when he thinks he can't possibly muster up the strength for one more. He hates how the scent of Eames drives him crazy, turns him slutty for his cock, spreading his knees and curving his tail out of the way. He hates the oscillating fan in the corner and how it does nothing to cool him off. He hates Kenya for being so hot. He hates everything.

Eames soothes him between matings, kisses and strokes him and tells him it'll be over soon. Then the fever returns, and he's even less capable of coherency than Arthur is.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:whiskyrunner  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  possessive!eames  protective!eames 
july 2011 by traicionera
Things Are Gonna Slide
One of the many fills in which Eames forges Lucifer and can't quite shake the forge afterward. Absolutely pitch-perfect D/s.

["I'm not handling this well," Eames says. Arthur is almost too relieved to see him to feel satisfied at the fact that he looks even worse than Arthur feels. Almost.

"Well, at least we're on the same page."

Eames steps back to let him into the room, running his hand through his hair, which looks damp. Arthur walks past him and hears Eames sigh as the door clicks shut.

"I'm sorry. But I'm... not, really," he says, and Arthur looks around at him, eyebrows raised. "I'm sorry this is frustrating for you, but I don't think there was another way for me to do this. I look at you and I can't think rationally about any of this."

Arthur closes his eyes. Twenty-four hours ago, hearing Eames say he wants Arthur so bad he can't think would have been grounds for Arthur to throw himself at him. Now, it's just frustrating.]
fic  fandom:spn  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  possessive!eames  author:five_ht 
july 2011 by traicionera
[AU] One For the Money
Eames is a retired porn star running a studio, and Arthur is his newest hire.

["There's just the trifling matter of you taking your clothes off for me," says Eames. "If you'd be so kind."

Again, he expects the boy to baulk; he just seems the type. But there's nothing hesitant about the way Arthur stands and starts stripping off, starting with his shirt. Eames watches as each article of clothing is carefully folded and set on the chair, and then Arthur is standing there, naked and not the least bit self-conscious, and Eames feels the sudden urge to grip the base of his own cock tightly. Arthur in all his glory is a thing of beauty, quite possibly God's gift to humanity. He's near hairless except for the soft thatch of hair above his cock, and even that is trimmed neatly. Eames wonders if he specifically prepared himself for the interview that way, or if that's just his personal preference. He somehow suspects it's the latter.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:whiskyrunner  rating:nc-17  au  bottom!arthur  jealous!eames 
july 2011 by traicionera
Test to Destruction
[Arthur falls asleep soon after, his mouth still wet. Eames shakes himself when he realizes he's been staring at it for minutes on end. It's nearly dawn, and Eames has been keyed up for days now, worrying about Arthur –

He blinks, catching that thought, then letting it go intentionally. He's tired and not thinking clearly. He ought to rest. Ought to go somewhere safe. He stands up, stretches, stumbles to the car while sending Ford an SMS. Arthur's her protégé, let her take care of him.

When he reaches the car he leans against it, suddenly winded. He scrubs at his face, pausing when he feels the tackiness of dried blood there.

The cabin looks so bare from where he's standing. There's not even a lock on the door. Anyone could waltz right in.

Eames goes back inside, composing another text to Ford as he goes. 'Bring some tea when you come. Your kitchen is a disgrace.']
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  author:the_ragnarok  bottom!eames  hurt!arthur 
july 2011 by traicionera
Just a Little Touch
Oh look, it's the soulbonding fic I've been waiting for my whole life.

["We've started to bond." Arthur said bluntly, and started searching the small hotel room for his shoes. He had the rest of his clothes on, thank goodness.

Eames stared at him for a blank second. "I thought someone had dosed our drinks, but... Arthur... Love," he said, voice lowering, almost soft. "Stop that hunting around and come to bed."

So Eames apparently realized what was going on last night either, and so had tried to gentle Arthur into submission by instinct alone. Arthur wasn't sure if he should be enraged or disgusted. He found one leather oxford by the dresser and quickly bent to look for the second. "If we immediately put distance between each other we should be able to break the bond before it solidifies." At least he hadn't slept with him, thank God. Then he would belong to Eames forever.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  protective!eames  possessive!eames 
july 2011 by traicionera
lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones
Arthur is terminally ill, and Eames takes care of him until the end. Then he wakes up. The writing in this is unbelievably beautiful.

[Once, in an outburst borne of frustration and sleep deprivation, Eames may have directly addressed Arthur’s abdomen, ordering it to man up and do its job, motherfucker. It wasn’t his proudest moment, but Arthur had reacted remarkably well. Or rather, far too well, judging by the peals of raucous laughter (giggling, even) and thigh-slapping.

Eames knows he will never live the moment down, but it is hard to deny Arthur much when his mouth keeps bowing up into a wide grin and his eyes crinkle at the corners and he buries his flaming face in his hands because he is actually, honestly, crying with mirth.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:r  author:anonymous  angst  hurt!arthur 
july 2011 by traicionera
And Now You Know
Someone finds and releases a sex tape of Arthur and Eames, revealing their D/s relationship to all their associates - including, to his dismay, Dom Cobb.

[Eames looks pleasantly surprised at Arthur's complete compliance. "Good thing we're taping this. I'll title it 'That One Time Arthur Submits Without a Struggle,' I think. I like it, don't you? Of course, you know I like it when you fight a bit. I love reminding you that you need to come to me for this. Need me to take you over, hold you down, strip away all that control you cling to the rest of the time." He shrugs, "But I like you like this, too: easy, compliant, ready for me."

He smooths a hand down Arthur's stomach.

Dom almost feels the ghost of those fingertips on his own skin and jumps in his seat.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  possessive!eames  bottom!arthur  trope:outside!pov  author:dialectical 
july 2011 by traicionera
Closer To
I love all "exploring each other's bodies" stories.

[“Just taking everything in,” Eames says blithely, tugging the blanket to the side so he’s completely exposed, sleepy and bare and stretching. Arthur’s nose wrinkles when Eames kisses along his calf. Gradually, he kneads upward with both hands, enjoying how ticklish Arthur is at the back of the knee. He gives a judicious kiss to each kneecap, since he’s very fond of Arthur’s knees and the things he’s capable of doing with them.

“It feels like you’re cataloging my parts before selling me by the pound.”

Eames taps his legs apart and brushes his lips along the inside of one thigh. “Have to inspect my stock, don’t I?”

“Mmph,” Arthur grunts, sleep-rough, but with a hint of humor. “Let me know if it’s not up to par.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:recrudescence  rating:r 
july 2011 by traicionera
Fic: A Long Road Home
In the midst of a mid-life crisis, Arthur finds his way home. And then finds his way home again.

[Because Eames had vanished from dream share a full two years before Arthur and nothing Arthur had tried managed to turn up any trace of the man. After dinner he excuses himself and spends hours on his laptop, digging for any evidence that Eames is still alive. There is nothing substantial, nothing out of the ordinary but Arthur has a gut feeling and his intuition has always been good. Carefully, he sets out a few feelers and tries not to feel hopeful. (It doesn’t make sense, because even though they worked together many times, they have never been terribly close. There was always too much catching on each other’s rough spots and petty drama and Arthur is startled by how desperately he wants this to be real. How much he wants a second chance.)]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:thursday_kat  rating:pg-13  angst 
july 2011 by traicionera
&the cake dispensary& - Pavlov's Bell II
More catboy!Arthur and werewolf!Eames, now with 100% more feelings!

[It isn't fair. Eames is the only person Arthur knows will never judge him. But ...

But Eames has other people who won't judge him. He has a family. He could be surrounded by werewolves if he wanted to and never feel judged at all. He can walk the streets in broad daylight wearing shorts and not feel like a freak. Not like Arthur. Arthur, who takes a deep breath and, for the first time, truly despises the tail tucked down his pant leg.

It's his own fault. He read too much into a single gesture, that was all. He read too much into it, and made an incorrect assumption, and let Eames in, and he knows what Eames is, after all: a con man. He feels used. Used for non-judgemental sex. And it's his fault, but it just doesn't seem fucking fair.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:whiskyrunner  rating:nc-17  au  trope:shapeshifter  bottom!arthur  possessive!eames 
july 2011 by traicionera
Can't seem to hold you like I want to
The one where Eames is Death. Oh God my heart whyyyyyy. :((((

[Without actually touching Arthur, he traces the legions of scars with a careful, steady fingertip, each trail of raised skin a twisted, brutal nightmare that Eames wishes he could erase. Maybe this is why, he realizes, and the strength of that possibility hits him, a leaden hammer in the gut. He lurches from the bed and rushes through the apartment wall, into the night before he can do something foolish, like try to hold Arthur and comfort him.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:pg-13  author:hungerpunch  angst  au 
july 2011 by traicionera
Night Revelations - "our little sexton sings" - Arthur/Eames - NC-17
Eames is the son of the lord of the manor, and Arthur is a stable boy. The writing in this is incredible.

["Do I terrify you so?"

For a moment Arthur reels, unsure of his lord's question. He blinks, realizes his face is wet. The gap between them goes humid with their hanging, shallow breaths.

"No -- the torches. Their smoke hurts my eyes."

A rakish smile erases Eames’ moment of hesitation; he replaces it with a tightening of his hand on Arthur's hip.

"Good. I thought you no fainting maiden."

"And I am not," says Arthur, flushing in ill-concealed anger.

Ignoring the disrespectful tone, Eames nips his neck, putting his mouth against Arthur's ear as if he were a child with a secret.

"Ahh, but you will warm my bed like one, will you not?"]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:night_reveals  rating:nc-17  au  bottom!arthur 
july 2011 by traicionera
ae_match: Born Famous
Prequel to chav!verse in which Eames and Arthur spot each other on the bus. It's fuckin' destiny, blud.

[Eames glances up in time to see every single one of these lads staring right at him. All of them are lean, willowy, swagged up in clinging trousers, with crisp shirts and shoes that gleam. They’re all staring, but only one of them meets Eames’s eyes – the fit one. He’s darker and a little shorter than the others, with a complexion what looks like it’s seen more than a Londoner’s fair share of sun lately. It’s obvious he is the American. When the boy sees Eames staring back at him, the corners of his mouth lift up, just a bit, and Eames is seized with an unexpected urge to stand up, walk right over, start chatting him up, as though they could talk to one another with nothing in between.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:delires  rating:pg  au 
july 2011 by traicionera
One in Ten
Rom-com AU in which Arthur goes on a bunch of shitty blind dates, but can't keep his mind off the bartender at the new place down the street. Cute and funny, and the last part is SMOKING hot.

[And then the first guy spat out, “Fuck you,” and lunged at Arthur.

After that, things happened really fast. The man swung at Arthur and missed as he dodged the blow easily. The other patrons at the bar were getting clear, shoving chairs out of the way, and a woman was screaming as the man drunkenly lunged forward again, fist cocked back. And then, so quickly that Arthur could barely see it, Eames dropped him.

There was a meaty thud, a crack, and then an unholy racket as the guy went to the ground, taking a drinks-laden table down with him, punctuated by the clatter and smash of glass.

A dead silence settled over the space.

Until the old geezer at the end of the bar twisted around on his stool, peered down at the mess and pronounced, “Damn, son.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:pageslave  au  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
That's Why I'm Easy
Sleepy Sunday morning D/s.

[Arthur wakes slowly on Sundays. Saturday nights are the only time he'll allow himself a sleeping pill (and therefore the only nights he sleeps anywhere near a healthy number of hours). The pills leave him sluggish through the morning, intolerably unproductive for any other day of the week. But on Sundays, he concedes to his body's need for rest and relaxation. He wakes in increments, nuzzling the pillows, sighing out sweet little sounds for long minutes before he so much as opens his eyes.

Eames has had the better part of a year to get used to this, but it's somehow never lost an ounce of its charm.]
fic  art  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:five_ht  artist:platina  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
Butterflythread and Platina MPREG
Okay, mpreg is so completely not my thing, but this is actually really sweet.

[Eames slides his hand from Arthur’s hip up to the middle of his stomach, curling over the firm roundness as he thrusts again. There’s something almost unbearably intimate about the knowledge that it’s his baby nestled inside, beneath such a thin barrier of Arthur’s muscle and skin. It’s a tangible thing binding them together, something Eames can see and touch and feel, something he can press his cheek to at night while Arthur gets comfortable for sleep and something he can cradle in gentle contrast to his thrusts when they fuck.

Eames groans at the thought and sinks his teeth into the taut tendon of Arthur’s neck.]
fic  art  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:butterflythread  artist:platina  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
Faeries and changelings and centuries of UST, oh my!

[“…Thank you,” Eames finishes, just before Arthur’s hand can muffle it. He smiles at the look of pure horror in Arthur’s eyes, and the hand covering his mouth doesn’t move.

“You idiot. Why would you… Who in their right mind… What the fuck did you just do? You should know better!”

Pulling Arthur’s hand from his mouth, Eames chuckles softly. “I can think of worse things to be than in your debt, Arthur. Dead, for one.”

“You know it’s not that simple. You’ve just—you’ve sworn fealty to me, Eames. If I call you… then no matter what, you have to come.”

“You say that like I wouldn’t do it out of my own free will anyway,” Eames glances at Arthur before lying back on the soft mattress. “Congrats, Arthur, you have the most well-trained cat in existence.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:kiyala  au  trope:shapeshifter  rating:pg  protective!eames 
june 2011 by traicionera
Pavlov's Bell
The amazing adventures of catboy!Arthur and werewolf!Eames. Arthur is pretty sure he and Eames hate each other. Then he goes into heat.

[Eames glances around, evidently to locate Ariadne, then lowers his voice and says in an unfamiliar tone, “You smell different, did you know?”

Oh, Christ. Arthur can feel heat rising in his face, no doubt making him even more flushed than he was to begin with. If this isn't the most embarrassing—

“It's not bad,” Eames says, still in the same low, soft voice, obviously only for Arthur's ears. “It's just ... different.”

“I don't know what you're talking about,” Arthur says stiffly. If Eames can't identify the pheromones Arthur knows he's putting out, Arthur sure as hell won't be the one to enlighten him. “Get to work, Mr. Eames.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:whiskyrunner  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  possessive!eames 
june 2011 by traicionera
Love, Anterior to Life (Or, Couched in Affection)
Arthur didn't have to rush back to Eames. He just wanted to.

[A hand smooths over his side, coming to rest at his hip before it shakes him gently, fingers twisting in his belt loops when that fails to wake him. Arthur groans, voice heavy with sleep and thirst. He pushes his head deeper into the soft pillow before him, wishing for just a little longer because it’s been so long since he’s slept, really slept.

“Arthur, you’re drooling on my pokerchip.”

Bleary-eyed and slightly cross, Arthur forces his head up and opens his eyes. Eames is hunched over at head-level with him, smiling slightly, eyes soft with some emotion Arthur is too tired to name.

“‘Go ‘way,” says Arthur, raspy. “‘M sleeping.”]
fic  art  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:night_reveals  artist:red_rahl  artist:keelain  rating:g 
june 2011 by traicionera
He Killed It With Kisses (by glycin)
Five times Eames stole a kiss. The last section is adorable.

[And Arthur. Arthur somehow manages, inhumanely, to not break a sweat. There are no waistcoats or neatly pressed slacks, just a button-up and khakis that look more or less like a pair Eames wore last week. He’s even in sandals.

“So he is human,” Yusuf muses, and Arthur’s lips quirk.

Ariadne takes to calling him “Iceman,” but Eames still likes “Darling,” best, and Arthur ignores them all, hair slicked back and cuffs undone.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:pg  author:glycin  hurt!eames 
june 2011 by traicionera
butterflythread: FANFICTION: Bend It 1/3
The one where Eames is a famous gymnast.

[“Put your ankle up here,” Eames says after they’ve run through most of the basic stuff Arthur does when he’s on his own.

Arthur obeys and leans into the stretch. He can’t quite reach his toes yet, but he’s working on it, really.

He’s thinking about this dilemma when he feels a sudden warm weight against his back, and then Eames is pushing him down gently, just far enough that Arthur can reach his foot.

“Hold it for ten,” Eames says, and that British voice is right next to his ear, all that muscle is pressed against him, bending him over.

As pathetic as it sounds, it’s probably the most erotic moment of Arthur’s life thus far.

By the time they’re done, Arthur is really fucking glad he wore his old baggy gym shorts.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  au  author:butterflythread  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
Fic: My Lungs Are Fresh and Yours to Keep (Part 1/3)
Punk rock band AU.

[Eames liked Arthur in many ways; ways that he didn’t want to think about because thinking about them, or worse, acting on them, hadn’t ended well in the past.

But looking at Arthur here, seeing Arthur in the white light of the stage, dripping with red stained sweat, he is something unbelievable. Undeniable. He commands attention and the audience gives it to him. And when he turns to Eames as the song gathers steam, as it heads to the climax, and presses one red handprint on his bare chest, right over his heart, his breath stutters and stops, and Eames is as enraptured as the audience. And he thinks, oh shit. ]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  author:black_betty_26  rating:pg-13  jealous!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
Early and Often
The one with Rahm Emanuel. Totally hilarious.

[“Fix this fucking gong show or I'll beat your damn kneecaps out with a mother fucking baseball bat,” says Rahm Emanuel through Arthur's cell phone at two in the morning an ocean away.

Eames makes a soft snort in his sleep from where his head is pressed tight to Arthur's lower back, his hands around Arthur's waist twitch a little. Even in sleep, Eames seems allergic to Chicago.

“Can't,” Arthur lies, because he hasn't seen the U.S. news today, but Rahm has been bitching about this crap since October and Arthur's swore off messing around with elections after that thing in Iran. “JFK will be closed in this blizzard. Besides, I need to shovel my mom's walk tomorrow.”

“Fuck,” Arthur adds for good measure. It's always good to speak to psychotic individuals in words they can understand. For Dom it had been: Mal, kids, job, and will you fucking take cover already. ]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:daisy_chan  humor  rating:pg-13 
june 2011 by traicionera

[Arthur is wearing a goddamn tea length dress and a string of delicate pearls around her neck like she's dinning in the Hamptons, instead of at a party, getting drunk off crappy beer with high schoolers.

They're a couple of rounds in when Arthur takes what Eames can only charitably call a very poorly concealed dive, losing the round and puts her cards down, seemingly ready to doely take her punishment.

Shifting away, Arthur pulls her hair up in a twist above her head, and looks, over her shoulder, at Eames, from under lowered lids, and asks if Eames'd please help with her dress; Eames' hands near tremble on the zip, her mouth dry, her panties wet.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  trope:genderswap  girl!arthur  girl!eames  rating:nc-17  author:daisy_chan 
june 2011 by traicionera
maybe77: My Religion Is You
Eames convinces priest!Arthur to break his vows. Hrrrrrrrrrngh.

[“Pray for strength,” Arthur croaks, even as he squeezes his eyes shut and begs God for some kind of salvation.

“I have. I promise you I have, Father. And yet I can’t stop thinking about how badly I want to touch him. I think about stripping him bare so I can see what no one else gets to see. I think about dropping to my knees in front of him,” Eames’ voice is all gravel and filth, and Arthur realizes that he’s nearly pressing his ear to the screen. He jerks back, and the gasp that escapes his lips is tiny but in this wooden box it echoes and Eames must hear because his voice gets darker, deeper. “I think about sucking his cock and tasting his come. I want to push him down on the cold marble floor in front of the altar and fuck him until he takes the Lord’s name in vain.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  author:maybe77  rating:nc-17  pwp  arthur/eames  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
Faith in Aberrations
Eames gives Arthur an enema. I was highly skeptical about this premise, but somehow the author took this prompt and turned it into something sweet and caring and trusting. EDIT: OF COURSE IT'S RECRUDESCENCE. OF COURSE IT IS.

And hot. Very, very hot.

[“So does that mean…?” Eames draws out his fingers, white-coated, and moves down the bed to lap along the soft flesh of Arthur’s inner thigh.

“Fine.” The word rushes out of Arthur like a gust of wind, so unexpected it makes Eames’s skin tingle. Then he gives a little tug at Eames’s hair to bring him back up to eye level. “But not now. Not until I’m clean.”
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  pwp  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  author:recrudescence 
june 2011 by traicionera
A Cabinet of Curiosities - fic: (i’m falling all over myself to) lick your heart, taste your hell
Arthur has thirty-nine scars.

[“You’re not gonna do that thing you do, are you?” Arthur’s voice crackles low and raspy.

“Yeah, yeah I am.”

“Okay.” Arthur shrugs, keeping his eyes closed, and tumbles onto his back, away from Eames.

Eames just grins, because, from Arthur, okay paired with a shrug is like a golden seal of approval. He pushes himself up so he’s perched over Arthur’s body, staring at it like the map, the story that it is. A flush of need, of possessiveness washes over him as he takes in the sight of Arthur, open, readable. After three years of fucking Arthur—well three years and five months with some unhappy desperate breaks in between he’d prefer to forget—you’d think Eames would have already uncovered every patch of his skin, catalogued its uniqueness. But clearly, as the white star on the inside of Arthur’s knuckle shows, there are still hidden corners left for him to stumble upon.

Tonight, he’ll take them in the order that he discovered them. ]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:fitz_y  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
_wristcutshow_: Some say ya troubled boy Eames/Arthur
Arthur is not a good prison bitch.

[Arthur had a black eye, and Eames’ jaw was bruising even as they kissed. The guards might intervene this time (but that was later, unimportant), they had left the others in a pretty bad state, but no one touched Arthur. Not if they wanted to keep breathing. He would destroy them all if he needed to, and it looked like Eames would help.

“You know darling, if you let me brand you,” Eames mumbled against his mouth, and Arthur bit him, feeling the soft give of his bottom lip between his teeth, running the tips of his fingers along the blooming bruise on Eames’ jaw. “This wouldn’t be a problem.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  au  bottom!arthur  author:_wristcutshow_ 
june 2011 by traicionera
eternalsojourn: Alpha
Werewolves battling for dominance.

[This wolf was not easy, was strong, and vicious. We shall be Pack, thinks Eames. When he hears the whine, he is pleased, and he rumbles in response. He eases the pressure from his jaws; he has proven his dominance, had it acknowledged. The lean one is panting, exhausted and limp.

The scent of anger no longer overpowering his senses, Eames can smell what’s underneath, the essence of this other wolf. He fits, the contours of the scent align with Eames’s own. He smells like a mate.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  au  author:eternalsojourn  pwp  bottom!arthur  possessive!eames 
june 2011 by traicionera
Whatever Waits Behind That Door
[Eames is dimly aware that he is babbling, but he can't stop himself. The blood on his hands is bright red and hot, and there's too much of it, too fast.

Arthur's face is white, a picture of shock and pain. His mouth is open, red and wet, no sound save thick, rattling gasps and the choke of spit and blood.

"Don't die, don't die, don't die," Eames has Arthur half in his lap, is doing his best to keep pressure on the wound.

"It hurts," Arthur manages.

"I know. I know it does, pet. Please, don't... don't die. Hold on, we'll get help for you. I swear, we'll get you to a hospital as soon as someone gets here with a car."

And damn the one they had for breaking down, or he'd have Arthur there now. There would be too many questions, ones he couldn't answer, but it didn't even matter, he'd come up with a lie, and Arthur would live.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:anonymous  h/c  hurt!arthur  protective!eames  rating:pg-13 
june 2011 by traicionera
Caviar and Cigarettes
The one where Arthur is jailbait and Eames is his landlord. Phwoaar, smoking hot.

[When Eames spoke again, his voice was rushed, breathless and the weakest Arthur had ever heard it, "I want that, Arthur, I want that, and I want more—"

"Then do it," Arthur whispered in return, his nerves wired and crying out for more contact. He hated the way Eames shook his head and gave a humorless laugh.

"No," he whispered and then was gone, further away from Arthur. His cheeks were flushed a beautiful color, his lips seemed fuller than usual. "No, you don't understand, I can't. I'm twenty-seven and I shouldn't even have done that—"

"It's okay—"

"No," Eames said again, this time a bit more desperately as if trying to convince himself. "No, it's not, Arthur, you don't understand."]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  au  bottom!arthur  author:my_0wn_madness 
june 2011 by traicionera
Night Revelations - "The One Instrument Symphony" - Arthur/Eames - nc-17
Sometimes Arthur can't fall asleep without Eames's dick inside him. Ohhhh golly.

[Eames' hand knows where it should go next and Arthur bites his lip in anticipation, this moment always a treasured one – and he feels it then, the swirl of Eames' finger along his puffy, leaking hole spreading come around in something like a declaration, a warning to others: stay away.

Not that they could play Arthur, anyway.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:night_reveals  rating:nc-17  pwp  bottom!arthur  possessive!eames 
june 2011 by traicionera
That's So Arthur
Prompt: "Eames is an award winning/nominated actor pushing forty who finds most of the Hollywood crowd boring. Arthur (~19) is a Disney Channel actor who is nothing like his character and looking forward to the end of his contract."

This is so hot, dear God.
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  au  author:anonymous  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
Prompt: "Eames being completely in love with Arthur and terribly gentle and affectionate with him while sexing him up. Arthur's not comfortable with that - he's crap at handling affection - and fights back by becoming snappy and rough. Eames pins him down and just holds him, kissing him quiet until Arthur has no choice but to melt into him and take it." This is lovely, lovely, lovely.

[Arthur's fingers itched to take the cigarette back, but it wasn't his. "You're going to do something stupid, aren't you?"

"Never." Eames stubbed out the cigarette and smiled. It made his eyes crinkle. "Now kiss me good-bye, all right, love? I'm never going to see you again."

Arthur grabbed his stupid round dog tags and kissed him, hard and once and with too much teeth. When he woke up, everyone was looking for Eames. It turns out he'd stolen a PASIV and Arthur's virginity in the same day.

Arthur doesn't count it. It was in a dream, and anyway, the first time never counts.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:anonymous  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
Slip and Slide
Arthur seduces Eames. Very, very well.

[His eyes linger and Eames is absolutely sure now what game's being played. He just doesn't know what his next move is. "Stop ogling me," he teases gently, but that probably wasn't the right thing to say. Arthur just smiles at the floor.

That night Eames strokes himself off desperately in the shower but it doesn't really ease the hunger that's buried deep in his solar plexus. Later he tries again. And again. And then he stops not because he is satisfied but because he is sore and exhausted and he can't clench his fist anymore. He thinks about Arthur's lithe body naked beneath him, ragged and sticky with sweat, panting out his pleasure. He thinks about this as he lies in bed, trying to sleep, his cock still painfully hard beneath the sheet.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:tortillafactory  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
Ne Me Quitte Pas
Not every soldier that came home from the war had a lady waiting to kiss him.

[Arthur had wondered about himself from time to time, wondered why he never felt the need for a girlfriend, why he had his pick of any girl in Waterloo Iowa, and still had remained alone, unwavering in his independence. When his mother had asked, he had said he was too busy for the distractions of romantic entanglements, but privately, he wondered if it was something else, and if he would always feel so lonely. He had resigned himself to being one of those people who were lifetime bachelors, creating friendships, gathering knowledge of the world, but sentenced to a life of solitude.

Now, as watched Algernon on stage, blue eyes and cheekbones, lose brown hair, full lips pulled in the easy smile of the disaffected, idle rich, he knew.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:black_betty_26  au  rating:r  bottom!arthur 
june 2011 by traicionera
The Ballad of Artureus
Greek mythology crack. Arthur is a nymph and Eames is a demigod.

[But for Eames, one hastily uttered greeting was not to be enough. Upon seeing Artureus’s face, Eames had fallen immediately and irreversibly in love, because personality had nothing to do with anything in those days.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  author:lindenmae  humor  rating:r 
may 2011 by traicionera
Inception FIC: In Any Guise
Zerophilia AU.

[Eames himself vastly prefers watching Arthur to the silicon-enhanced extravaganza on display. Arthur’s body is so lithe and graceful. The fluid movement of his hips as he makes his way through the crowd could keep Eames happily entertained for the rest of the night, but he does have a job to do. He opens another button on his blouse and starts toward Wampler and then stops abruptly as he catches sight of a familiar face in the crowd.

It’s her. The woman from three nights ago. All Eames can think is: When did I turn into Dom Cobb? But then he sees Arthur, frozen and two shades too pale, staring right at Eames’s woman with the kind of horror that might be seen on a person’s face as they’re being electrocuted. It takes Eames’s brain a second—or, fine, possibly two—to piece together what he should have figured out a very long time ago.

“Oh, sweetheart,” he can’t help saying out loud.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:scribblinlenore  rating:nc-17  trope:genderswap  bottom!arthur 
may 2011 by traicionera
Fic: Within You Without You
Eames sneaks into Arthur's dream, only to discover himself pounding Arthur into a wall, then being an asshole. Hotttt.

[Eames blinked in the relative brightness of the lounge and scanned the room. Arthur sat on a stool at the bar, hunched over a drink, looking pathetic and rumpled. Dream-Eames was nowhere to be seen. “Where did he go?”

“Who?” Thomas asked, and saw he was looking at Arthur. “Oh, his fuck-buddy? He takes off after they’re done, every time. I try to mind my own business, but I think your friend there likes to torture himself.”

Leave it to a projection in Arthur’s dream to hit the nail on the head. Arthur liked to torture himself. And it seemed that a dream version of Eames was a favorite form of punishment. Eames turned briefly to Thomas. “Look, it was nice to meet you, but I have to go.”

He hurried out of the bar before Thomas could even protest.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  author:maybe77  bottom!arthur 
may 2011 by traicionera
Let it Run
Rowing AU.

[At their fourth practice together, Arthur stops Eames from getting into the stern seat in the double. “Let’s switch it up this time and put you in the bow. I want you to watch me.”

Arthur is glad for the bit of sunburn he’s acquired over the last few weeks of practice in the warm September afternoons. It hides the blush that crawls up his neck at the idea of Eames watching him.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  au  author:maybe77  rating:nc-17 
may 2011 by traicionera
All Manner of Wolves
"In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, Fucking on the subway, fucking on the subway, fucking on the subway on a job. How Arthur and Eames meet; hint, it is by fucking on the subway."

["But you couldn't have misplaced it, that can't be right," says Cobb. "Did something happen on the subway, Arthur?"

"No," says Arthur, and flushes to the tips of his ears.


This is what happens on the subway:]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:weatherfront  rating:nc-17  pwp  bottom!arthur 
may 2011 by traicionera
Arthur and Eames are porn stars
The one where Eames keeps forgetting he's supposed to be getting a money shot.

[“I’m gonna--” Arthur says, clutching at his dick with a shaky hand. It’s too late to set up the shot; someone swears loudly and then a handheld is being shoving in between them. Eames makes a noise of outrage and shoves the guy away.

“Eames, fuck,” the guy whines. “Stop it.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  bottom!arthur  pwp  au  author:hermette 
may 2011 by traicionera
The Better To See You With
AU based on Little Red Riding Hood.

[“Your eyes -- they’ve changed,” Arthur says, surprised and peering at the now-golden irises.

“The better to see you with,” Eames says, lips curling into the barest hint of a smile.

Arthur follows the line of Eames’s neck, drags his eyes down the length of the corded forearms, visibly bulked up from earlier and thick with dark hair. Arthur murmurs under his breath, “Your arms too.”

“All the better to hold you with, my dear,” Eames grins, predatory.

Arthur gasps. “Your teeth,” he says wonderingly, eyes widening. Eames just laughs, a low, slow rumble, and touches his tongue gently to the tip of one sharp incisor.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  author:eternalsojourn  au  bottom!arthur 
may 2011 by traicionera
A Lesson in Environmental Responsibility
[“It’s hazardous, and you’re ruining the environment.”

“I’m not hazardous,” Eames says, offended. “You have seen my blood work. And this is not an environment.” He waves his hand around in a gesture of distaste towards their surroundings.

“Birds could swallow that. Or kids could find it.”

“A) Who gives a fuck about birds? B) Where are there kids? We’re in the middle of an industrial zone.”

“You should care more about the environment, you know. And it’s just rude. Nobody wants to see that.” Arthur gives him an exacerbated scowl. Eames loves Arthur’s scowly face. He finds it endearing and adorable only because he’s never been on the dangerous side of it.

“This wouldn’t be a problem if you’d let me fuck you bare, you know.”

“I’m not walking around with come dripping out of me all day. You like spontaneous sex. I like not sitting in wet shorts during client meetings.”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  pwp  bottom!arthur  author:sparrow_hubris 
may 2011 by traicionera
Arthur has sex hair.

[“Who was it that kept you up last night?”

“No one, Eames.” Arthur sighed, going back to his notes.

“No one special?” Eames looked down at him, “No one I know?”

“Why do you think someone kept me up?” Arthur let his pencil drop, he wasn’t going to get anything done during this conversation.

“Oh please, you’re never late, you’re wearing the same suit, your hair.”

“What about my hair?” Arthur leaned back in his chair.

“It’s sex hair.”

“It’s not sex hair. This is what my hair looks like. Why do you care what my hair looks like?”]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:pg-13  author:mothcloth 
may 2011 by traicionera
Darling buds of May
Arthur is a florist, and Eames is the customer trying to wrangle his name out of him.

["I cannot believe you, Eames!" Arthur yelled the next time Eames came into the shop, though they could both tell Arthur was not so much angry as amused. "You made your mother call to try and bamboozle my name out of me?"

"Desperate measures," Eames demurred, but he was grinning widely. "At least give me a clue, love, for god's sake, I'm dying here."

"Why don't you look it up in the trading registers, if you're so desperate?" Arthur asked, half mocking and half genuinely curious.

Eames gave him a hurt look. "That would be cheating," he said, sounding scandalised.]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:sirona_gs  au  rating:pg-13 
may 2011 by traicionera
Untitled Inception Coming Out fic
Arthur comes out.

["Go on," she urged him. She was smiling because she'd made him laugh. "You're next to get married."

Sure enough, his next spin had him stopping at the marriage square. STOP! the square said, but with a picture of a beaming bride and groom to make the demand more cheerful. GET MARRIED.

"I'll name her Arthurene, shall I?" He smiled and sifted through the pink figures in the pile in the box lid. He picked one randomly and was about to put her into his car when Phillipa said, very abruptly, "Uncle Arthur." He looked up and stopped at the expression on her face.

She was frowning ever so slightly, pink lips in a delicate pout. She was staring at him with the biggest, brownest eyes he had ever seen, hugging Samantha to her chest. "Uncle Arthur," she said again.

"What is it, princess?" he asked, suddenly and ridiculously fearful.

"You can have a husband if you want."]
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:pg-13  author:myxomycota 
may 2011 by traicionera
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