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Gradually, Then Suddenly | LinkedIn
Lots of interesting thinking on trends in 2019 and beyond.

Learning in the flow of work is a really important one for life-long learning.
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4 weeks ago by traggett
A Whirlwind Tour Through Trends in China – Andreessen Horowitz
Lots of good stuff here.

Mobile wallet plus QR codes with a free POS system for merchants?
China  trends  payments  Sappaya  QR 
february 2017 by traggett
Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead | McKinsey & Company
Ten IT trends. Some good stuff in there about instant problem resolution and multiple uses of data.
IT  trends  forecast  business 
july 2016 by traggett
10 Key Design Trends For 2016 (And How To Make The Most Of Them)
The global design firm Fjord part of Accenture Interactive delves into the major ideas shaping markets next year.
design  development  trends 
january 2016 by traggett

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