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How To Be Successful - Sam Altman
I’ve observed thousands of founders and thought a lot about what it takes to make a huge amount of money or to create something important. Usually, people start off wanting the former and end up...
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24 days ago by traggett
‘Power curves’: What natural and economic disasters have in common | McKinsey
Parallels between the failures of man-made systems, such as the economy, and of similarly complex natural ones offer fascinating food for thought.

Something interesting in there. What could be a bankruptcy double the size of Lehmans.
economics  business  future  forecast 
28 days ago by traggett
Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping's China by John Garnaut
Fascinating take on what Xi is up to.
The key point about Communist Party ideology - the unbroken thread that runs from Lenin through Stalin, Mao and Xi - is that the party is and always has defined itself as being in perpetual struggle with the “hostile” forces of Western liberalism.

Xi is talking seriously and acting decisively to progress a project of total ideological control wherever it is possible for him to do so. His vision “requires all the Chinese people to be unified wi...
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4 weeks ago by traggett
Gradually, Then Suddenly | LinkedIn
Lots of interesting thinking on trends in 2019 and beyond.

Learning in the flow of work is a really important one for life-long learning.
life  future  long  Learning  trends 
5 weeks ago by traggett
So what can Apple do next?
More on what the future of TV will be. We’ll all be watching together but in VR. How would that play out. Like chat between seats on Air New Zealand?
future  tv 
5 weeks ago by traggett
When the Internet Archive Forgets
Yup. The internet will be seen as being very transient until we can all store and sync all of it locally.
future  internet  history 
11 weeks ago by traggett
2038 Episode Five: Bruno Macaes on China’s Global Future
Some interesting comments on China. Belt and road is equivalent to “the West”. Different world order but not necessarily terrible.
belt  road  China  future 
november 2018 by traggett
The end of the beginning — Benedict Evans
Close to three quarters of all the adults on earth now have a smartphone, and most of the rest will get one in the next few years. However, the use of this connectivity is still only just beginning. via Pocket
Pocket  future  internet  technology 
november 2018 by traggett
Chinese Growth Spurt
Some really good news coming out of China. What's the equivalent for the US, Europe?
China  AI  future  environment  energy  investment 
september 2018 by traggett
Populism is the true legacy of the global financial crisis | Financial Times
Historians will look back on the crisis of 2008 as the moment the world’s most powerful nations surrendered international leadership, and globalisation went into reverse. The rest of the world has understandably concluded it has little to learn from the west. Many thought at the time that the collapse of communism would presage the permanent hegemony of open, liberal democracies. Instead, what really will puzzle the historians is why the ancien régime was so lazily complacent — complicit, rather — in its own demise.
future  trumpxit  brexit  politics 
august 2018 by traggett
How Democracy Ends: Thinking the Unthinkable | CSAR
We are looking for the wrong thing if we look for markers of failure and historical precedent. More likely is the hollowing out of the institution until it is no longer functional. Maybe tech, maybe Trump-a-likes, maybe other things. Unlikely to be war, coups, revolution.
government  future  democracy  trumpxit 
march 2018 by traggett
Blockchain-based Machine Learning Marketplaces – Fred Ehrsam – Medium
Allow people to share their data in a secure way (like differential privacy and locally-trained models) and then have providers to compete for recommendation engines for you and your personal preferences.

A well thought out potential to dislodge Google.

Question: does it really need blockchain to work?
blockchain  future 
march 2018 by traggett
Three thirds and decarbonisation
We're not far of three thirds: one third of global electricity from wind and solar, one third of vehicles will be electric and we will produce one third more GDP from every unit of energy (in 2040). Fascinating.
energy  future 
march 2018 by traggett
Why the 'Worst' Crypto Networks Will Be The Biggest - CoinDesk
Why Popular cities work from the ground up. Same with crypto.
crypto  future 
march 2018 by traggett
Futures Tools conversation
Useful guides to having deep conversations around major industries.
future  consulting  thinking 
march 2018 by traggett
Why the Web 3.0 Matters and you should know about it with minimal sharing of identity items.
blockchain  web  future 
february 2018 by traggett
Is plastic good or bad? The surprising benefits of the world's most wasteful material — Quartz
Plastic is the symptom. Our centralized food system is the disease. To get rid of plastic would quite literally be to change the world—and that is what we should be fighting for. A world in which we phase out plastic, yes. But first, a push to change how we source food (like buying more at local gardens and farmers markets), and a push to make retailers change their food sourcing practices, including supporting permaculture organizations and training.
future  science  plastic  food 
january 2018 by traggett
Future for several industries
Useful data-driven approach to forecasting.
tappit  payments  forecast  future 
january 2018 by traggett
The Three-Body Problem - Epsilon Theory
Very important article about chaos and investing. Minimise maximum regret is a good plan.
investment  business  future 
january 2018 by traggett
From Territorial to Functional Sovereignty: The Case of Amazon « Law and Political Economy
Amazon etc will outpace any government except the Chinese, maybe as they have a data advantage.
tech  business  future  government 
january 2018 by traggett
The World Is Running Out of Sand - The New Yorker
Sand, the second most used resource after water.
future  resources  sand  green 
may 2017 by traggett
The Myth of a Superhuman AI – Backchannel
AI is different to human and not one dimensional. So how can you be "smarter"?
ai  future  intelligence 
may 2017 by traggett
Circle of Life – George Monbiot
Doughnut economics. Nice way of looking at impact rather than focusing on growth. What are the levers we can pull?
economics  future  green  sustainability 
may 2017 by traggett
Cars and second order consequences
Lots to think about as cars become automated.
cars  automation  future 
march 2017 by traggett
Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse | Vanity Fair
Interesting sides of the debate. I suspect the "it'll be cleverer than us and will win" argument is probably the right one.
AI  future 
march 2017 by traggett
The Future Called: We’re Disgusting And Barbaric – Backchannel
Things we will find barbaric in the future. Some good ones here: eating animal meat, giving birth ourselves, using non-solar / non-renewable energy sources.
future  ethics 
march 2017 by traggett
The ambition in entrepreneurship
Will digital entrepreneur be a default career path for the ambitious.
work  future 
january 2017 by traggett
Who Will Command The Robot Armies?
No one wants to command the robot armies. But everyone does, really.
future  politics  surveillance  technology 
november 2016 by traggett
Virtual Art Sessions
Very cool drawing in space experiments.
interface  UI  future 
august 2016 by traggett
With LinkedIn, Microsoft will know us all too well - without bullshit
Facebook for affinity
Google for intention
Amazon for purchases
Microsoft for work
future  ai  business 
june 2016 by traggett
Is old tech putting banks under threat of extinction? - BBC News
Upgrading decades-old IT systems is expensive, difficult and risky, but the longer they leave it the more banks risk losing out to nimbler competitors.
jade  banking  future 
march 2016 by traggett
What might happen in China in 2016? | McKinsey & Company
Millions of people being relocated from cities, fewer jobs, greater centralization, and more movie blockbusters are just some of the author’s predictions for the year.
China  business  future  prediction 
february 2016 by traggett
The Burgeoning Invisible App Market | TechCrunch
Apps that are services e.g. via email forward so much quicker than doing manually.
future  Apps 
august 2015 by traggett
Above Avalon
Interesting questions for Apple in 2015
future  prediction 
january 2015 by traggett

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