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Friction-free Identification and Authentication | Callsign
Friction free authentication with the idea of inherence.

health  matcher  identity  Security 
21 days ago by traggett
Leaking Wi-Fi credentials using packet length
Zero config Wi-Fi configuration. Packet sniffing with regular traffic and patterns to grab packet lengths. No need to decrypt.
Wi-Fi  Security 
11 weeks ago by traggett
java - How to print the public key of a certificate using keytool? - Stack Overflow

keytool -printcert -file /path/to/file to print the certificate for a file.
security  RSA  print  certificate 
february 2018 by traggett
OAuth2 proxy
Interesting multiple provider OAuth2 proxy.
development  web  Security 
january 2018 by traggett
Man in the middle for password reset
Man-in-the-middle attack for password resets. Summary: send a link to click rather than a code.
Security  password 
june 2017 by traggett
Security Strategies
MS on Data Security Strategies.
Sappaya  Jade  data  Security 
june 2017 by traggett
Privacy - Security
Useful list of things we should be considering.
Security  Sappaya 
march 2017 by traggett
Two Factor Auth List
Useful list of sites and services that support 2fa.
2fa  Security 
july 2016 by traggett
Mr. Fart’s Favorite Colors
Why your phone’s security is unlike any other
Security  Apple 
march 2016 by traggett
Do We Want An FBiOS? - Feld Thoughts
Super Cooper (our new dog – now one year old) woke me up at 4:45 this morning so I got up, let him out, got a cup of coffee, sat down in front of my computer, and spent the next hour going down the rabbit hole of the FBI / Apple phone unlock backdoor encryption security... Read more
privacy  security  law 
february 2016 by traggett
Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy
The NSA whistleblower sat down with The Intercept’s Micah Lee in Moscow.
november 2015 by traggett

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