Business proxy network
Proxy via residential vpn users.
network  vpn  proxy 
4 days ago
Echo, interfaces and friction
Dumb might be better than narrow niche smarts.
IOT  interfaces 
11 days ago
How Vector Space Mathematics Reveals the Hidden Sexism in Language
Bias in historical word sets can have real world impact
culture  ai  gender 
16 days ago
Ahead of the curve: The future of performance management | McKinsey & Company
New HR practices. Crowdsource feedback, coach and decouple pay and performance.
HR  business  managment 
23 days ago
The End of Globalization? The International Security Implications
De-globalisation. Interesting idea that there is a cycle in globalisation too.
economics  employment 
24 days ago
Where machines could replace humans--and where they can’t (yet) | McKinsey & Company
McK on which industries can be automated. I wonder if they are still caught in the past themselves: teaching should be largely automatable with some human management interaction.
automation  business 
24 days ago
The Twilight of Shenzhen’s Great Urban Village | Foreign Policy
The urban villages and how they disappear.

Shenzhen was 300k people in 1979 with US$100 per capita.
Now 18m at 25k.
China  Shenzhen 
27 days ago
I Only Fly First Class
First world flight problems. No miles, though.
27 days ago
When your boss is an algorithm — FT.com
Gig economy and algorithms. 7-eleven scheduling is new.
business  economy  gig  algorithms 
29 days ago
The great question of the 21st century: Whose black box do you trust? - O'Reilly Media
Business algorithm: is it sensible to only reward and focus on shareholders?
business  algorithms 
29 days ago
Threat Modeling for Applications - Adam Caudill
Useful summary of how to represent the threat model for an application.
application  threat  model 
5 weeks ago
The Impact of Tone of Voice on Users' Brand Perception (Nielsen Norman Group UX research)
Tone of voice in websites

Axes are:
Funny vs. serious
Formal vs. casual
Respectful vs. irreverent
Enthusiastic vs. matter-of-fact
content  tone  of  voice 
6 weeks ago
The Terrorism Tax hits Europe - Global Guerrillas
Reduction in GDP and possibly permanent transition to a lower value state.
7 weeks ago
MsgViewer download | SourceForge.net
View MSG files saved from Outlook on Mac.
email  msg 
7 weeks ago
How nimble resource allocation can double your company’s value | McKinsey
One of my favorite and relatively simple return-on-investment (ROI) metrics is calculating cumulative expected economic profit and dividing it by the cumulative (financial) resources it will require to produce (for instance, invested capital, additional R
roi  business 
7 weeks ago
[no title]
How to plan for catastrophe.
jade  development  real  time  failure  systems 
8 weeks ago
5G Leaps Forward, What You Need to Know About 5G Standards, Spectrum and Ecosystems – Medium
3GPP’s Accelerated Plan calls for their standard to be complete by 4Q2017 with trials and early deployments by 1Q2018.
jade  standards 
8 weeks ago
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