Grow fast or die slow | McKinsey & Company
Software and online-services companies can quickly become billion-dollar giants, but the recipe for sustained growth remains elusive. A McKinsey & Company article.
lobahn  hctv 
9 minutes ago
Very interesting take that there is fascism everywhere you look.
2 hours ago
KFIT - Fitness for Everyone
KFit provides you access into the best fitness studios, classes and gyms in your city. Get access to unlimited group fitness classes and activities with just one monthly membership. Transform your workouts.

Fitness classes
HCTV  healthclubTV 
3 hours ago
Classpass Is In Session With $40 Million In Series B | TechCrunch
I work out a little math in my head. If the average class is $24 (to keep things even), and we give Classpass a generous 50 percent discount from the gyms, then she’s paying $12 for the class. If a user spends $99 on the Classpass and goes to all ten of their classes every month, Classpass is losing money.

Let’s assume an even higher discount, as the $24 comes from the price of a single class, which is significantly decreased when classes are purchased in a package. At a 75 percent discount, Classpass is paying $6/class. The power user goes to all 10 classes for the month, costing Classpass $60. That’s a nice margin.

And according to Payal, the average person (not the average Classpass user — she was careful not to talk about those metrics either) works out between four and six times a month, so once a week. You apply the same hypothesized discounts to the average human behavior of four to six workouts per month and you’ve got an excellent business.

Fitness classes
healthclubTV  HCTV 
3 hours ago
Vint Launches A Monthly Subscription Service Offering Unlimited On-Demand Fitness Training | TechCrunch
eliminate the friction involved in fitness — committing to a contract at the gym, making time to go, and sticking with a routine. While I certainly believe that workout schedules and gym membership are daunting and a turn off to many that would like to get in better shape, I’d say the biggest “friction” when it comes to fitness is shear human laziness

Fitness subscription service for any type of fitness you like.
healthclubTV  HCTV 
3 hours ago
Talkpush - StartbaseHK - The up-to-date tech database covering Hong Kong-based startups
Talkpush aims to offer a revolutionary communication platform for businesses that want to engage in thousands of conversations. With Talkpush, voice and audio may reclaim a more central role in business communications, offering intuitive solutions for organisations interested in engaging in one-on-one conversations.

Could be the chat solution for Lobahn
3 hours ago
Hiring Screen
In-house recruitment platform to streamline candidates and interviews.
3 hours ago
Jobdoh - StartbaseHK - The up-to-date tech database covering Hong Kong-based startups
Jobdoh’s vision is to be the “go-to” location based mobile platform for temporary job matching, globally to provide a disruptive solution for the temporary staffing market place. Designed to help employers find temporary workers within 120 hours, we aim to optimize the temporary staffing industry, reduce inefficiency in current system, facilitate more quick and easy job matches for the market.
3 hours ago
Why investors don't fund dating
I’ve been listening to the excellent Season 2 of the podcast Startup, which gives an inside look at YCombinator startup The Dating Ring (NYT coverage here). The episodes are all great. They talk about many important topics, but I had some specific comments on fundraising for dating products. Here’s a simple fact: It’s super hard to get a dating product funded …
5 hours ago
The Grid
Clever if it works.
ai  design 
2 days ago
Why are Eight Bits Enough for Deep Neural Networks?
Picture by Retronator Deep learning is a very weird technology. It evolved over decades on a very different track than the mainstream of AI, kept alive by the efforts of a handful of believers. When I started using it a few years ago, it reminded me of the first time I played with an iPhone -…
2 days ago
Ad Blocks’ Doomsday Scenarios | Monday Note
by Frederic Filloux On the ad blocking front, the situation keeps getting worse. Until now, the media industry pretended to ignore the problem, perhaps waiting
2 days ago
Back.io - Easiest Possible Backend-as-a-Service
Back.io is a scalable backend database accessible directly from front-end JavaScript.
6 days ago
Rethinking the water cycle | McKinsey & Company
Thinking of water as a circular resource.
8 days ago
Tools for people who make websites
9 days ago
Framework - Themosis framework
Nice WordPress framework based on Laravel, I think.
WordPress  framework 
9 days ago
Selling startup stock
How to make startup stock liquid
9 days ago
The Apple Watch: User-Experience Appraisal
NN Group on what to do with the watch.
9 days ago
Mutual Release and Covenant Not to Sue
Useful HR thing to avoid conflict around firing.
9 days ago
Why I’m Still Wearing My Apple Watch
As TechCrunch's resident watch nerd, I have been asked many times if I'm swapping my Omegas and Seikos and JLCs for the Apple Watch. And I have. I honestly..
10 days ago
The future is now, and it's using AWS Lambda
It’s a bit of a sensationalistic title, but hear me out. And sorry for the boring-ish example in this article. This is designed to only excite people who rea...
development  hosting 
11 days ago
16% of Hong Kong job seekers embellish resumes: survey
» 16% of Hong Kong job seekers embellish resumes: survey On the pulse
11 days ago
How to do the perfect hackathon for hiring tech talent
Subhendu Panigrahi started with a tech job board, pivoted to training, then settled on a hackathon mode of hiring.
11 days ago
Troovel - Sharing destinations
Troovel is a social network with a lot of travel information and pictures of thousands of cities. Participate to share your experiences with other troovelers.
12 days ago
the view from fanling: more door gods #2
Hong Kong door guardians who are the first Tang emperor’s most loyal generals, Qin Shubao and Yuchi Jingde
Hong  Kong  temple 
13 days ago
Three Moments With WeChat | 八八吧 · 88 Bar
1. On the morning of his wedding day, my cousin’s fiancé waited impatiently for Likes so that he could retrieve his bride. Inside the apartment building,
14 days ago
A Doctor's View of CrossFit | T Nation
Don't exercise to exhaustion and bad form. You'll get slightly less fit but be more resilient and at lower injury risk.
15 days ago
Trello board summary
16 days ago
How not to structure deals
Fable about preferences and seniority of debt.
16 days ago
Hong Kong Free Press: A new, non-profit, independent English language news source for Hong Kong
Do you believe Hong Kong needs a new English language news source? Launching in June, Hong Kong Free Press is an independent news outlet seeking to unite critical voices at a vital time in the city's constitutional development.
17 days ago
The polls (and all but one of) the forecasts WERE wrong. Ed Miliband was nowhere near becoming Prime Minister
What happened in the UK's election by someone whose prediction was more right than wrong
17 days ago
LG G Watch R review
LG G Watch R review | The G Watch R is the most watch-like Android Wear device so far, but it's still just as limited as the others. Reviews | TechRadar
17 days ago
Schneier on Security: Online Dating Scams
Date paid by restaurant to take target to restaurant. Might never know this is a scam.
20 days ago
A Gigantic List of Psychological Pricing Strategies
Welcome to a massive list of psychological pricing strategies. You'll learn tips & techniques to choose prices that will maximize your profit.
20 days ago
#stoplaborleak - Pinch
Employee sharing between like-minded startups. Outsource your team and keep the dream alive.
20 days ago
Phone verification - RingCaptcha brings SMS verification to your web and mobile apps in just seconds. Plugins & REST API Available.
lobahn  HCTV 
20 days ago
Britain: For the Love of God, Please Stop David Cameron
On May 7 (this Thursday), Britain has a general election. I care deeply about British politics--I did my BA over there and will return to do my PhD there this fall. But more importantly, David Cameron's government has managed the country's economy with stunning fecklessness, and I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do…
22 days ago
Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab | Main » MicroTugs
Super cool small robots that can carry massive relative amounts of weight.
27 days ago
Vault - HashiCorp
Secret storage done right, e.g. a brand new SQL user each time.
27 days ago
Transactional HTML Email Templates
Transactional HTML emails often get neglected. Styling HTML email is painful. Tables, inline CSS, unsupported CSS, desktop clients, web clients, mobile clients, various devices, various providers. All these things have to be thought about and tested. It’s no surprise...
HCTV  lobahn  email 
28 days ago
AirDroid | Delight Your Multi-Screen Life
View Android device screen on your computer. Cross platform.

Also does notifications, etc.
28 days ago
Large Format Photographs Capture Ornate Opera Houses From Around the World
David Leventi photographs the interiors of world famous opera houses, capturing the ornate design of the architecture found inside. Using 4x5" and 8x10" Arca-Swiss cameras, Leventi captures each opera house from the vantage of an operatic singer, photographing the space from the ver
29 days ago
Stumbling and Mumbling: Economics for politicians
It's become a cliche to bemoan the fact that politicians are disproportionately Oxford PPEists. This is odd, as there's not much evidence that they read much E. Here are seven basic principles of economics that don't seem to be wholly...
29 days ago
Tweet by Jeffrey Broer on Twitter
28/04/2015 21:27
Should you go Vertical or Horizontal? A good "Uber for X" viability
explanation bit.ly/1A3fLpH <http://t.co/7JeeSZXseS>
#startups <https://twitter.com/search?q=%23startups&src=hash>
pic.twitter.com/QlQq2vLHGE <http://t.co/QlQq2vLHGE>
Download <https://twitter.com/download?ref_src=MailTweet-iOS> the Twitter
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