Lola - Personal Travel Service for Hotels, Flights and More
Travel app with humans involved. Focusing on business, it seems.
WGW  travel 
8 hours ago
Probably Overthinking It
Two things: one is whether modern programming languages are changing the way we think and two is his nice way of summarising email / twitter / skype etc in one slide.
programming  thinking  addresses 
The business logic in debiasing | McKinsey & Company
How to try to avoid your standard biases in decision making.
debiasing  business  management 
HTTPS is hard
Single sites are simple. Networks not so much.
web  development 
2 days ago
Global renewables are growing, but are only managing to offset the decline in nuclear production - Our World In Data
Sad that the rise in renewable energy is essentially substitution for nuclear not a reduction in fossil fuels.
energy  nuclear  renewable  green 
3 days ago
RSS auto-downloading with Transmission without Flexget (tested on v4) - Cloud Storage / My Cloud - WD Community
Simple script to download RSS feed and add to Transmission. Then use FileBot to process files.
RSS  Transmission  download 
3 days ago
Add items to crontab - QNAPedia
Slight difference to the way QNAP handles cron jobs.
QNAP  crontab 
3 days ago
FileBot Command-line Interface
How to get Qnap to automatically rename and file downloads.

/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/FileBot/filebot.sh -script fn:amc --output "/share/MD0_DATA/Multimedia/Videos/" --action move -non-strict "/share/MD0_DATA/Multimedia/Videos/ToFile" --log-file amc.log --def excludeList=amc.txt --def kodi= --def clean=y

Also helpful
Qnap  TV  download 
6 days ago
My server reports a "suspicious process" that has been running longer than expected. What is this? - Wordfence Documentation
To fix the suspicious process issue, change the Wordfence execution time to 60 seconds (vs 90 standard on MultiPHP.
WordPress  Wordfence  false  positive 
7 days ago
Circle of Life – George Monbiot
Doughnut economics. Nice way of looking at impact rather than focusing on growth. What are the levers we can pull?
economics  future  green  sustainability 
8 days ago
The Threat | Edge.org
Interesting interview with a security researcher but ultimately nothing super new in there.
hacking  privacy 
8 days ago
Management is not about asking people to do stuff – Learning By Shipping
Don't let management be a separation point: ensure you work with the team not get it to work for you.
management  strategy  organisation 
10 days ago
Blockchain for personal identity.
blockchain  identity  management 
10 days ago
[sriramk.com] - Building something no one else can measure
Try finding a metric that competitors can't measure (analogous to Google sending you away from Google).
economics  product  business 
14 days ago
Is Every Speed Limit Too Low?
Speed limits don't work the way you think. Most are probably too low.
driving  speed  regulation  law 
14 days ago
How to write a paper
Has a good piece on essentially SCIR in the introduction.
writing  science  management 
15 days ago
Front Matter · The Practice of Reproducible Research
How to do computational research in a reproducible manner.
research  science  management 
16 days ago
Fighting Back Against Putin’s Hackers
Fighting back against election hacking

To keep the entire Macron campaign aware of such dangers, Mahjoubi said, “Every week we send to the team screen captures of all the phishing addresses we have found during the week.” But that’s just the first phase of the response. Then the Macron team starts filling in the forms on the fake sites: “You can flood these addresses with multiple passwords and log-ins, true ones, false ones, so the people behind them use up a lot of time trying to figure them out.”
election  manipulation 
17 days ago
INVEST in Good Stories, and SMART Tasks - XP123
Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small-Sacalable
Scrum  agile  product  backlog 
20 days ago
28 Product Backlog and Refinement Anti-Patterns – Agile Transition
Good guides to doing product backlogs. Refine and don't over detail.
scrum  agile  product  backlog 
20 days ago
Using 2G / SMS networks to transmit network packets (I guess). Smart for rural areas.
mobile  technology  compression 
21 days ago
A.I. Versus M.D. - The New Yorker
What AI might look like in radiographic diagnosis. An enabler and augmentor but not a replacer of clinically trained staff.
ai  health 
28 days ago
Angst in America, Part 2: Men Without Work | Thoughts from the Frontline Investment Newsletter | Mauldin Economics
Middle aged men aren't working in the US and they are killing themselves far more than anywhere else.
culture  economics  work  US  men 
28 days ago
Airlines Make More Money Selling Miles Than Seats - Bloomberg
Who knew miles cost so much for the banks. Or that the business worked that way round.
finance  economics  planes  business 
28 days ago
Go-Jek introduces peer-to-peer credit transfers
Good design directions here for our wallet and for our apps
Sappaya  wallet 
28 days ago
InSpec - Audit and Test Framework
Infrastructure testing as code. Nice idea.
automation  Sappaya 
28 days ago
Alan Kay's answer to What made Xerox PARC special? Who else today is like them? - Quora
Some Xerox Parc principles

Visions not goals
Fund people not projects — the scientists find the problems not the funders. So, for many reasons, you have to have the best researchers.
Problem Finding — not just Problem Solving
Milestones not deadlines
management  business 
29 days ago
Heka — Heka 0.10.0 documentation
Stream processing: here for monitoring, mostly.
Sappaya  log  monitoring 
29 days ago
The New Virtual Accelerator – Insufficiently Edited | Ty Danco
Some intriguing thoughts on how to manage a virtual accelerator
VC  accelerator 
4 weeks ago
Research Blog: Federated Learning: Collaborative Machine Learning without Centralized Training Data
A clever way of doing on device training (and keeping it private) and still being able to improve models globally. We'll all go this route in the end.
machine  learning  privacy 
4 weeks ago
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