CakePHP: the rapid development php framework. Pages
Possible for API development along with CodeIgniter.
development  framework  php  HCTV 
14 hours ago
The Believers - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Neural networks making a come back thanks to GPUs suddenly allowing them to get 30 times faster.
18 hours ago
FacetWP - WooThemes
Useful search engine for faceted data like Amazon
HCTV  WordPress 
2 days ago
Installing WordPress in the Amazon Cloud - Tuts+ Code Tutorial
Useful guide to getting a reserved instance up in the cloud
HCTV  WordPress 
3 days ago
The Mask You Live In - Jennifer Siebel Newsom Documentary
The 'Miss Representation' filmmaker returns with an explosive new documentary about what it means to be a a man.
3 days ago
Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer
I am now face to face with dying. But I am not finished with living.
3 days ago
Intriguing but unavailable build manager
3 days ago
12 lucky phrases to say in the Year of the Goat
» 12 lucky phrases to say in the Year of the Goat On the pulse
5 days ago
Handling five billion sessions a day – in real time | Twitter Blogs
An inside look at the Answers architecture that provides app developers with reliable, real-time and actionable insights into their mobile apps.
6 days ago
Preparing Video for HTTP Live Streaming | Kevin Leetham's Techno Babble
How to create fileSequence.ts files for live streaming to iPhones and iPads.
HCTV  video  development 
10 days ago
Scraping data with the browser
Harder than it should be to get data out of e.g. the h3 tags on a page.

Google console then

var nl = $$('h3');
var str = '';
for (var i = 0;i<nl.length;i++){
str += nl[i].innerHTML;
javascript  Chrome  development 
10 days ago
Robert Reich: Why Work Is Turning Into a Nightmare | Alternet
Sharing economy isn't good for anyone bar the company owners. Doesn't address the removing monopoly / rigged markets issue.
11 days ago
The Internet's Original Sin - Atlantic Mobile
Ad supported services isn't the way forward.
11 days ago
Debugging Titanium WebViews with Chrome Developer Tools
Learn how to develop high quality Appcelerator Titanium/Mobile Web hybrid apps quickly using Chrome Developer Tools
Titanium  development 
11 days ago
Samsung Galaxy S5 plus G901F - PIT files | Samsung Galaxy S 5 | XDA Forums
Get the pit file from a Galaxy S5. Helpful.

adb shell
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/out.pit bs=8 count=580 skip=2176

copy the file over.
sgs5  pit 
13 days ago
Introducing Spot
Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that hel...
15 days ago
Install PECL Upload Progress for Drupal | Will Jackson
Helpful quick guide to installing the upload progress meter for Drupal.
17 days ago
How Ancient Chinese Thought Applies Today | Kevin Rudd
Interesting on how US / China coopetition could actually work.
17 days ago
[GUIDE]Fix!!! Brickloop/Audio FX FC/EFS Corr… | OnePlus One | XDA Forums
Another possible persist fix for boot loop one plus one with no adb.
one  plus  boot  loop 
18 days ago
[38r] Boot Loop resolved [NO USB-debugging/adb] [Multiple downloads required] - OnePlus Forums
Maybe a better fix for boot loop with One Plus One. Suggestion is that the persist partition is corrupted.
one  plus  boot  loop 
18 days ago
[GUIDE] Return your OPO to 100% Stock (Curre… | OnePlus One | XDA Forums
Restoring an OPO one plus one to stock. Needed after bootloop for example.
one  plus 
18 days ago
Generating Screenshots / Frame Extraction with FFmpeg | Nabe!!
This was the most help of the sites.

Final command line:
ffmpeg -i ./Videos/JxhnZ_800.mp4 -q:v 1 -ss 00:00:02 -r 1 -t 00:00:01 -s 120x100 ./Images/New\ thumbnails/245_leg_lowering_isometrics.jpg
ffmpeg  video  creation 
21 days ago
web development - How can I make Chrome stop caching redirects? - Super User
When Chrome only goes to a redirected page you can fix it by putting ? at the end of the URL.

I was able to prevent Chrome from using the cached redirect by passing a bogus query string, or adding a bogus parameter to the existing query string. For example, adding a simple ? to the end of a URL that didn't have q query string worked for me on Chrome 30 on Max OS X.
21 days ago
Rsync with a non-standard ssh port - Mike Hostetler
The final line to sync videos etc from local to server.

rsync -aP --delete --exclude '.DS_Store' -e "ssh -p 22888" ./m3u8 root@dev.trcuk.com:/home/hctvtrcuk/public_html/mirror/uploads
21 days ago
osx - How to use Homebrew to install local archive - Ask Different
How to install a local file using brew (e.g. if the standard archive / mirror is unavailable).

Put the file in.
brew  install 
21 days ago
LinkTexting - Create Text-To-Download Forms in Seconds
Useful and cheap-ish text a download link to me.
HCTV  lobahn 
22 days ago
How-to make your iPhone Dimmer than Dim — Medium
Useful darker iPad settings for bedrooms, for example.
23 days ago
The Ultimate Wget Download Guide With 15 Awesome Examples
Useful hints for getting multiple files using wget and a text file. Seemed to work better than curl -K.
download  wget 
23 days ago
Making Wrong Code Look Wrong - Joel on Software
What Apps Hungarian is really about. Very interesting.
23 days ago
k0sukey/ti-stats-hook · GitHub
Useful cli stats reporting hook for Titanium
23 days ago
Backup and Restoration | Virtualmin
Useful long guide to backup and restore virtualmin
27 days ago
How to disable SSL on Webmin | CryBit

Open /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf and set ssl=0.
/etc/webmin stop
/etc/webmin start
28 days ago
You are surprisingly unique of browser
4 weeks ago
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