glyphish/color-changer · GitHub
Helpful drag and drop change your Glyphish icon colour.
7 hours ago
I Shared What?!? Simulator
Shows quite how much you give away to other sites when you log in with Facebook.
Facebook  sharing 
3 days ago
Anchor - Free Invoicing & Payments
Useful free invoice / get paid through PayPal self-hosted php app.
6 days ago
DocumentCloud's VisualSearch.js
Great faceted search from NewsBlur.
6 days ago
jlund/streisand · GitHub
Ten minutes to set up a privacy server to avoid firewalls, etc.
6 days ago
Balsamiq HTML export
Balsamiq mockups to HTML export script. Need to export the images first.
7 days ago
Napkee - make your mockups come alive
Balsamiq mockups export to Twitter Bootstrap
7 days ago
IJCA - Applicability of Clustering and Classification Algorithms for Recruitment Data Mining
Very scientific, but looks at the C4.5 decision tree algorithm. Useful for the matching piece.
7 days ago
How Algorithms Have Revolutionised Traditional Recruitment Processes
Companies using e.g. parsing words in CVs to help with matching.
7 days ago
Who Should You Hire? LinkedIn Says: Try Our Algorithm - Forbes
How LinkedIn is going to try to improve recruitment.
7 days ago
Chosen: A jQuery Plugin by Harvest to Tame Unwieldy Select Boxes
Great multi-select etc code which we might be able to copy across to Titanium. How to do multi select right.
7 days ago
Free Paid Templates
Useful to really test paid WordPress templates, etc.
13 days ago
Interesting approach to query missing values in tables.
14 days ago
China gets tough
EIU on China v Hong Kong
Hong  Kong 
14 days ago
E-Dynamics wordpress / Events Made Easy
Great WP events plugin. Multi-event, free, with payments.
WordPress  events  plugin 
14 days ago
How To Set Up SSH Keys | DigitalOcean
Good guide to setting up SSH keys on remote servers.
15 days ago
Map based interactive stories
5 weeks ago
Crash reporter | TiDev
Nice cross platform crash reporting
Titanium  development 
5 weeks ago
WardCunningham/Smallest-Federated-Wiki · GitHub
Really interesting federated Wiki project. Lots of potential here (e.g. WeUseIt).
6 weeks ago
core/demo_app/examples/viewNavigation at master · rblalock/core · GitHub
Useful single window application example. Lots of good helpers in there.
Titanium  development 
6 weeks ago
mpociot/TokenCompleteTextView · GitHub
Useful autocomplete text field (like Gmail email address field).
Titanium  development 
6 weeks ago
The Llewellyn Choir
Farrar Prevent Us O Lord practice files
doomed  youth  music 
7 weeks ago
Which 5Ghz channel to pick / wall mounting - NETGEAR Forums
How to choose channels for WiFi.

1 and 11 with 6 an option for 2Ghz. 169 for 5Ghz (best range / high power)
7 weeks ago
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