Notes for the iPad.
sketch  iPad 
ROTR walkthrough plus strategy
Rise of the Tomb Raider detailed guide.
ROTR walkthrough
Rise of the Tomb Raider walkthrough.
Birds see magnetic fields
Or do they? Fascinating research.
2 days ago
(10) Simon Winchester on The Man Who Loved China - YouTube
Some very interesting background on Needham. Some fluff too.
China  Needham 
3 days ago
The death of the newsfeed
All news feeds end up needing an algorithm to filter and then you quit to somewhere quieter.
news  reading 
7 days ago
Earthenware | David Stanley Hewett
Kobe Daimaru artist us navy painting gold
19 days ago
Good sentences http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/marginalrevolution/feed/~3/B51pqz0BrvU/good-sentences-8.html
This is true. So easy to lose or leak information given the number of players involved. So we’d ask companies to manage this for us.
23 days ago
Chinese inequality
Some numerical illustration of the incredible change in China in a decade.
China  US  inequality 
24 days ago
12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech – Humane Tech – Medium
Why tech needs to understand its history to forge its future.
26 days ago
Progressive web apps with react
This is a very good series indeed.
28 days ago
We missed that Syria nearly had a nuclear reactor
Thankfully Israel bombed it to smithereens.
28 days ago
Random content on blockchain
People hosting the blockchain might be responsible for illegal content held in the chain.
4 weeks ago
How Democracy Ends: Thinking the Unthinkable | CSAR
We are looking for the wrong thing if we look for markers of failure and historical precedent. More likely is the hollowing out of the institution until it is no longer functional. Maybe tech, maybe Trump-a-likes, maybe other things. Unlikely to be war, coups, revolution.
government  future  democracy  trumpxit 
4 weeks ago
Facebook’s Surveillance Machine - The New York Times
Facebook is so baked into the culture, e.g. in Philippines. How do we work through this?

"Should we all just leave Facebook? That may sound attractive but it is not a viable solution. In many countries, Facebook and its products simply are the internet. Some employers and landlords demand to see Facebook profiles, and there are increasingly vast swaths of public and civic life — from volunteer groups to political campaigns to marches and protests — that are accessible or organized only via Facebook."
Facebook  data  surveillance 
4 weeks ago
Blockchain-based Machine Learning Marketplaces – Fred Ehrsam – Medium
Allow people to share their data in a secure way (like differential privacy and locally-trained models) and then have providers to compete for recommendation engines for you and your personal preferences.

A well thought out potential to dislodge Google.

Question: does it really need blockchain to work?
blockchain  future 
4 weeks ago
Kardia Band | Alivecor
Interesting idea, but maybe not USD250 worth.
EKG  heart  health  technology 
4 weeks ago
Three thirds and decarbonisation
We're not far of three thirds: one third of global electricity from wind and solar, one third of vehicles will be electric and we will produce one third more GDP from every unit of energy (in 2040). Fascinating.
energy  future 
4 weeks ago
Why the 'Worst' Crypto Networks Will Be The Biggest - CoinDesk
Why Popular cities work from the ground up. Same with crypto.
crypto  future 
4 weeks ago
Longevity FAQ — Laura Deming
All things that seem to be contributing to long life.
science  ageing 
4 weeks ago
NFC reader source code
Useful app for Android to read NFC tags and does lots in a row them copies tag IDs.
5 weeks ago
Futures Tools conversation
Useful guides to having deep conversations around major industries.
future  consulting  thinking 
5 weeks ago
War not declining, just not so obvious
War isn't as good as we think it is.
history  war 
5 weeks ago
Digital Security Low Hanging Fruit | John Scott-Railton
Quick and dirty things we can do to be more secure.
digital  privacy 
5 weeks ago
Open location code
Seems reasonable for why a new easy location system was needed.
maps  location 
5 weeks ago
PayPal data sharing
Wow that's a list. Maybe useful for AML / anti-fraud stuff.
gdpr  payments  tappit 
5 weeks ago
YouTube, the Great Radicalizer - The New York Times
Recommendation engines deemed dangerous. What about radicalisation for example. Domestic terror, etc
ads  ai  radicalisation 
5 weeks ago
Chinese project offers a brighter farming future
10% productivity increase, 15% less fertiliser. Neat.
agriculture  farming  science 
5 weeks ago
Centaurs and intelligence augmentation
Interesting case that AI and humans could be an interesting joint problem solver, and rather better than AI alone for some things.
AI  IA  symbiosis 
6 weeks ago
Interesting multi-mobile payments enabler. We should be thinking of something similar.
payments  tappit  Intrapay 
6 weeks ago
Failure of Pixel 2 exposed a larger problem: Google's ads don't work
Interesting: if Google can't sell its own products then does its own advertising work?
google  business 
6 weeks ago
How to Rands
Great managerial info / welcome doc.
management  business 
6 weeks ago
Predicate companies
Nice term (maybe) for the companies that make other companies' able to come into a market. Here SoulCycle and Peloton. Same for tappit and Playpass?
tappit  business  strategy 
6 weeks ago
The Chaos After Trump - The New York Times
Lessons from Berlusconi and Italy. Really concerning.
government  democracy  trumpxit 
6 weeks ago
Downloads | SonarQube
Code quality inspector. Worth evaluating.
tappit  development 
7 weeks ago
Indiez: Build software like a Silicon Valley company
New version of elance, etc.

Interesting model and structure.
business  development  code  freelancer 
7 weeks ago
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