Great quick tips for Unix, Vim

cd -

Toggle between the previous and current directory. Remember that time you entered cd [insert long directory path here], and then shouted [insert expletive here] because you needed to immediately return to the previous directory.


See a list of all previous commands in your buffer.


Search for a previously typed command in your buffer.

sudo !!

Re-run the previous command as root.

grep -r "some text" *

Search for "some text" in all files in the directory and subdirectories.
When you highlight just about any text in Unix, it is automatically stored in a buffer; you can "paste" this text anywhere by simply middle-clicking, which is often faster than copying and pasting when you're forced to use the mouse.


You should not have to tap the space bar multiple times just to do indentation. Expand your tabs to spaces by placing something like this in your ~/.vimrc

:set tabstop=2
:set shiftwidth=2
:set expandtab

Just avoid hard tabs! Gah!

Want to indent or de-indent a large block of code without doing it one line at a time? Open visual mode, highlight the block, and then do > or < to indent or de-indent the entire block.

0 and $
Jump to the beginning or end of a line.

/some text
Search for all instances of "some text". Tap n to cycle through matches.

:%s/some text/other text/gc
Find all instances of "some text" and replace with "other text" with y/n confirmation for each.

:tabe filename
Open a file in a new tab.
Go to next tab.
Go to previous tab.


lol jk.

Host current directory on an HTTP server

Want to quickly start an HTTP server hosting files in the current directory? Have no fear! Python is here:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer
programming  unix 
14 hours ago
Brexit spells upheaval for EU and UK drug regulation | Reuters
EMA may have to move. Might also reduce UK access to medicines.
18 hours ago
IDS goes off-message on Brexit plan while Labour tears itself apart | Politics | The Guardian
“We never made any commitments. We just made a series of promises that were possibilities.
Alicia Keys is done playing nice. Your phone is getting locked up at her shows now. - The Washington Post
Phone case called yondr to allow people to keep their phones with them but unusable at an event.
jade  phone 
5 days ago
The Elements of Stickers – Andreessen Horowitz
Why stickers are important and why people don't understand them (seem frivolous, aren't)
stickers  social  line 
8 days ago
Meucci local phone calling
Cunning use of GSM to make calls for just local costs.
phone  international  group  business 
11 days ago
With LinkedIn, Microsoft will know us all too well - without bullshit
Facebook for affinity
Google for intention
Amazon for purchases
Microsoft for work
future  ai  business 
14 days ago
2016 CNBC's Disruptor 50
Companies that are disrupting.
business  tech 
15 days ago
“K I Get Uber” — 500ish Words
Chat bots parsing the words you type to trigger actions.
15 days ago
The GRIM test — a method for evaluating published research. — Medium
How to check some basic stats: look at the number of people in the study and check the mean given. e.g. sum of ages can only change by whole numbers so the mean can only change in increments of 1 / the number of people. Important
statistics  stats  publications 
22 days ago
Book one month in advance at 0800 to be in with a chance.
Hong  Kong 
22 days ago
rafat.org • The End of Scale
By creating unique residents, not unique visitors. By creating something people want to come to, deliberately, again and again, and stay.

Good summary
media  business 
22 days ago
Uncovering Big Bias with Big Data
Useful run through some open data and how to analyse it. Lots of issues to begin with that got picked up thank to open sourcing the method.
analytics  data  law 
22 days ago
Why SEO should be an afterthought - without bullshit
Don't worry about SEO. Optimize for readers not traffic.
seo  business  writing 
23 days ago
Redefining capitalism | McKinsey & Company
Businesses create solutions to problems with capitalism as the driver. Democracy to assign resources.
capitalism  economics  government 
27 days ago
Precise control over responsive typography · MadebyMike
Using vw / vh to get scaling font sizes. Neat.
css  font  size 
27 days ago
The New 10-Year Vesting Schedule
How to not piss off your employees with vesting schedules
6 weeks ago
Stumbling and Mumbling: Economics vs bankers
How to use economics to fight banker rent seeking
6 weeks ago
Top Airlines to Fly International Economy Class
Good selection of airlines to fly economy on.
7 weeks ago
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