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How to plan for catastrophe.
jade  development  real  time  failure  systems 
18 hours ago
5G Leaps Forward, What You Need to Know About 5G Standards, Spectrum and Ecosystems – Medium
3GPP’s Accelerated Plan calls for their standard to be complete by 4Q2017 with trials and early deployments by 1Q2018.
jade  standards 
18 hours ago
The Origin of Populist Surges Everywhere — Medium
Lots going on here, but cities and rural are important, it's the suburban that is overlooked and critical.
13 days ago
Why We’re Post-Fact | Peter Pomerantsev | Granta Magazine

This is a (dark) joy. All the madness you feel, you can now let it out and it’s okay. The very point of Trump is to validate the pleasure of spouting shit, the joy of pure emotion, often anger, without any sense. And an audience which has already spent a decade living without facts can now indulge in a full, anarchic liberation from coherence.
13 days ago
How Google Analytics ruined marketing | TechCrunch
Lots of interesting stuff in here on why web analytics are tricky.
analytics  marketing  google 
18 days ago
Probabilistic Models of Cognition
Very interesting approach to thinking and how to model sickness.
probability  thinking  cognition 
18 days ago
AI’s Language Problem
Good current overview of where we are on AI.
18 days ago
New studies explore why ordinary people turn terrorist | Science News
young people adrift in a globalized world find their own way to ISIS, looking  to don a social identity that gives their lives significance. Groups of dissatisfied young adult friends around the world — often with little knowledge of Islam but yearning for lives of profound meaning and glory — typically choose to become volunteers in the Islamic State army in Syria and Iraq, Atran contends. Many of these individuals connect via the internet and social media to form a global community of alienated youth seeking heroic sacrifice, he proposes.
terrorism  daesh 
18 days ago
How It Works | About Elevated Careers
Matching based on CVs. Known not to work.
20 days ago
Nordic ID Sampo
Possible reader, but expensive.
21 days ago
Design Thinking 101
Good summary of how to work through design
design  ux 
21 days ago
Virtual Art Sessions
Very cool drawing in space experiments.
interface  UI  future 
21 days ago
A Guide to Employee Equity · The Macro
Option expiry to 10 years after three years in the company.
22 days ago
Welcome to AirSpace | The Verge
Global nomads are creating far too similar spaces.
25 days ago
javascript - Plugin throwing TypeError after Wordpress 4.5 update - Stack Overflow
Fix for template.get is not a function after WordPress update.

html2element: function(html) {
var $template, attributes = {},
template = html;

$template = $(template(this.model.toJSON()).trim());
_.each($template.get(0).attributes, function(attr) {
attributes[attr.name] = attr.value

WordPress  visual  composer  bug  fix 
4 weeks ago
The English Revolt
Back to where we were in the sixties.
4 weeks ago
Serverless Architectures
Detailed introduction to Lambda-style computing.
jade  computing  architecture 
5 weeks ago
What is the payment system value chain? Between the issuer, network (Visa/MC), acquirer and processor, who makes how much money? - Quora
Some good summaries on how pricing works in the card system.

TL;DR: In a nutshell: fees generally get paid out in accordance with how much risk each party bears. Since issuers take the bulk of the risk, they also get most of the interchange fee. The acquirer gets a discount rate which is usually less than what goes to the issuer, and the card network gets the smallest slice. There are also allowances made for transaction volume and rewards/incentives (e.g. mileage programs)
jade  credit  cards 
5 weeks ago
The Business Implications of Machine Learning — Medium
Interesting idea of a reciprocal data application (RDA).
machine  Learning  data  consumers 
5 weeks ago
All About OKRs: How to Set Them, Achieve Them, and Track Them in Trello - Trello Blog
Objectives and Key results. What you want and how you'll know it's working.
5 weeks ago
Why Startup Technical Diligence is a Waste of Time · Coding VC
Don't do tech due diligence: it's not normally enough of a risk to spend time on. Focus elsewhere.
business  startup  technology 
5 weeks ago
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