Up in the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free
Last year, Ben Schlappig walked into the Seattle airport and took the next flight to anywhere — and he hasn't come down since
15 hours ago
Too Many Authentication Failures SSH Error
If you get an immediate disconnect from an SSH server (e.g. Qnap, hosted) you might have too many public keys in your /.ssh directory.

Add this to the connect string and you'll only be asked for a password.

-o PubkeyAuthentication=no
For dating apps in Asia, love by numbers or chaperone
Move over Tinder – a crop of dating apps in smartphone-addicted Asia is offering to recruit friends for group dates or send along a chaperone to stee
2 days ago
This Portable Salt-Powered Lamp Stays Illuminated for 8 Hours on a Glass of Seawater
First the sea gave birth to life. Now, thanks to a trio of Philippine-based inventors, it is giving birth to light as well. Led by engineer Lipa Aisa Mijena, the team has developed a lamp that’s capable emitting light for 8 hours on just 1 cup of saltwater. Not only are the Phili
4 days ago
The 18 best TV shows airing right now - Vox
Need something new to watch? These are the 18 best shows airing new episodes on television right now.
This list is updated once a week, holidays and vacations permitting, and is organized...
4 days ago
Stumbling and Mumbling: "Demography is destiny"
Talking about the "glass floor" which limits social mobility, Alan Milburn says: It’s a social scandal that all too often demography is still destiny. This is true in a far bigger way than Mr Milburn means. There's a policy which...
5 days ago
AI tool turns complicated legal contracts into simple visual charts
Beagle is an AI-powered tool which translates contracts from elusive legal language into comprehensive visual summaries.
5 days ago
China's Baidu, With Uber in Tow, Takes Search to the Offline World (Q&A)
CEO Robin Li talks to Re/code about the partnership with Uber, e-commerce and self-driving cars.
5 days ago
HolidayIQ raises $15M from MakeMyTrip for 28% stake
Travel forum HolidayIQ has raised $15 million in funding from MakeMyTrip, with the latter picking up a minority stake (28%) in HolidayIQ. The transaction will
5 days ago
Indicators, Validations, and Notifications: Pick the Correct Communication Option
Status feedback is crucial to the success of any system. Knowing when to use 3 common communication methods is key to supporting users.
5 days ago
Mobile Faceted Search with a Tray : New and Improved Design Pattern
Displaying faceted-search controls on mobile devices in a ‘tray’ overlay is a new effective solution to the challenge of showing both results and filters on small screens.
5 days ago
廣東話的粗口 - Cantonese profanities, puns and slang
Even thought there's no chance we can live in Hong Kong in the nearest future, I'm still excited for our annual trip back home at the end of September.Not to mention it's a chance for me to practice my (broken) Cantonese. I love to share anything cool I find about Cantonese, hoping that maybe it…
7 days ago
An article from South China Morning Post
2015-07-25 15:42
Emily Ting's debut feature film, a romantic drama into which she's sunk her life savings, offers Western audiences 'a refreshing take' on the city, she says. Reviewers say the Tourism Board should sponsor the movie
http://www.scmp.com/node/1843342  from iphone
7 days ago
The Verge's web sucks
TL;DR: Did you know that The Verge delivers you to around 20 companies for advertising & tracking purposes? I didn't. That might foul up your web experience a little bit. Maybe we should try something different.
7 days ago
Scott Adams Blog
Need non-app-centric OS to aid what we are doing
8 days ago
iOS Design Rules to Break
Reconsider using iOS recommended design patterns: Page control (dots), Submit at top, the Plus (+) and Move icons. These cause usability problems in testing.
9 days ago
The Sandy Beach Architecture of Calvin Seibert
Artist Calvin Seibert (previously) recently completed a new series of his geometrically precise sand castles on the beaches of Hawaii. A professional sculptor, Seibert seems to borrow angular ideas from Bauhaus architecture or the flair of Frank Gehry. How he's able to control the sand so p
9 days ago
LukeW | Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort
LukeW Ideation + Design provides resources for mobile and Web product design and strategy including presentations, workshops, articles, books and more on usability, interaction design and visual design.
9 days ago
16-ft-long whale shark spotted in Hong Kong waters, trawling ban credited
A magnificent whale shark has graced Hong Kong with its presence, offering what environmentalists say is an encouraging sign showing the improved
9 days ago
Tinder for jobseekers uses swipe action to personalize search results
Adswipe is an intelligent mobile search technology, which provides personalized results powered by an intuitive swipe action.
9 days ago
mostly-adequate-guide - Mostly adequate guide to FP (in javascript)
javascript  programming  book  functional 
10 days ago
Chatting in Secret While We're All Being Watched
How to have encrypted chats across four computing platforms — without compromising your identity or partner.
tor  chat  privacy 
12 days ago
The anatomy of a credit card form
Paying for something online with a credit card is simple, right? Yes and no. Yes, because we’ve been doing it since the …
CreditCard  forms  design  UX 
12 days ago
The tao of Paul Polman - The Washington Post
"There's no reason you are special because you happen to have this job."
12 days ago
titanium_with_atom - Getting started with Appcelerator Titanium (OSS Version) and Atom
13 days ago
Office, messaging and verbs
This is a still from the classic film 1960 'The Apartment'. Jack Lemmon
plays CC Baxter, a clerk in a large insurance company in New York, and so
here you see his office - drones laid out at desks almost as far at the eye
can see. Each desk has a telephone, rolodex, typewriter and a large
electro-mechanical calculating machine. 

In some of the other shots you can see the manufacturer - 'Friden'. 

In effect, every person on that floor is a cell in a spreadsheet. The floor
is a worksheet and the building is an Excel file, with thousands of cells
each containing a single person. CC Baxter is on the 19th floor, section W,
desk 861. The links between cells are made up of a typewriter, carbon
copies ('CC') and an internal mail system, and it takes days to refresh
whenever someone on the top floor presses F9. (Shirley MacLaine plays an
elevator attendant, so this is actually a romance between a button and a
spreadsheet cell.)

When people talk about productivity - about PowerPoint and E
14 days ago
Myanmar must remove laws that punish the few
Protecting the minorities against the whims of the majority are live issues in Myanmar, France and Britain, writes Sholto Byrnes.
14 days ago
Travels with My Censor
Peter Hessler went on book tour with Zhang Jiren, his Chinese censor.
14 days ago
Paying People to Be Healthy Usually Works, if the Public Can Stomach It
The idea seems to reward people for adopting poor health habits in the first place, but society stands to benefit.
19 days ago
The 3 unlikely lessons from the Microsoft/Nokia Adventure - VisionMobile
Good reading on how business models work out what is going on in the world.
22 days ago
Chinese braised red cabbage
Add a zing to your red cabbage with this great accompaniment to cold meats at Christmas. From BBC Good Food.
22 days ago
I, Racist
Why I don’t talk about race with White people
22 days ago
OpenSSH Config File Examples
Great way to make ssh a joy. Configure all your regularly used hosts in ~/.ssh/config to allow e.g. ssh server to log you in using a specific public key.
22 days ago
ssh - Too many authentication failures for *username* - Super User
ssh -o PubkeyAuthentication=no username@hostname.com

If SSH fails with too many authentication failures before you've had a chance to copy the key across.
22 days ago
Origami is a free tool for designing modern user interfaces.
22 days ago
How to Enable Click-to-Play Plugins in Every Web Browser
Most web browsers load Flash and other plug-in content as soon as you open a web page. Enable “click-to-play” plug-ins and your browser will load a placeholder image instead — click it to actually download and view the content.
23 days ago
ServerPilot | How to Use SSH Public Key Authentication
How to allow password free login for serverpilot user

Generate a key: ssh-keygen
ssh-copy-id /file/path/name serverpilot@x.x.x.x
23 days ago
TRANSCRIPT: An Interview with Max Blumenthal on the One Year Anniversary of Israel's Attack on Gaza - The Intercept
This is the full transcript of our interview with Max Blumenthal. To listen to the audio, click here. This transcript has been edited for clarity. GREENWALD: This is Glenn Greenwald with The Intercept, and my guest today is Max Blumenthal, who, among other things, is the author of a brand new book entitled The 51 Day>>
23 days ago
Encryption's holy grail is getting closer, one way or another | ZDNet
Working with encrypted data without decrypting it first sounds too good to be true, but it's becoming possible.
24 days ago
Tony Blair and the Self-Exalting Mindset of the West: in Two Paragraphs - The Intercept
The former British Prime Minister today vehemently denounced exactly the rationale that he repeatedly invoked, and still invokes, to justify his own violence
25 days ago
Reducing the load on a small VPS by 80% in 5 minutes | TurnKey GNU/Linux Blog
decreasing the number of preforked worker processes for apache (20-25MBs per process), spamassassin (30MBs per process), and saslauthd

Reduce preforked workers to improve memory usage.
25 days ago
Apache Memory Usage Restrictions in WHM | Server Buddies
Apache Memory Usage Restrictions in WHM

A way of reducing Apache memory usage. It seems to be OK.
25 days ago
MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 7.6.3 How to Repair MyISAM Tables
Fixing crashed tables when mysqld won't start.

Run myisamchk *.MYI or myisamchk -e *.MYI if you have more time. Use the -s (silent) option to suppress unnecessary information.

If the mysqld server is stopped, you should use the --update-state option to tell myisamchk to mark the table as “checked.”

You have to repair only those tables for which myisamchk announces an error. For such tables, proceed to Stage 2.

If you get unexpected errors when checking (such as out of memory errors), or if myisamchk crashes, go to Stage 3.
25 days ago
How to Restart Services - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation
/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv service

Command line to restart a specific service in CPanel if you can't in WHM.
25 days ago
Cannot start MySQL - Server Fault
service mysql stop
mkdir /home/tmp
cd /var/lib/mysql
myisamchk --tmpdir=/home/tmp -r */*.MYI
service mysql start

NB need to add --update-status and -r to ensure that the tables are repaired and that the database is marked as repaired.

Fixing crashed tables preventing mysql from starting.
25 days ago
WordPress › Support » Recover super admin access after username change?
look in the wp_sitemeta table for the site admins field. you'll see a value like this:


The 6 means my usenrame has 6 characters. andrea is my username. :) Change whatever you have to your new changed username and that integer.

Fix site admin when you've changed username in the database.
25 days ago
Mac mini (Late 2012): Memory specifications and upgrades - Apple Support
Learn which kinds of memory to use with your Mac mini (Late 2012) and Mac mini server (Late 2012).
25 days ago
Hooray for Obamacare
The reality of Obamacare is that it’s a tremendous success, which was conservatives’ big fear.
26 days ago
The Village and the Girl - China Digital Times (CDT)
In a multimedia web production, Carrie Gracie of the BBC has compiled ten years of reporting from White Horse Village, which over the past decade has been transformed from a rural farming village to a city—a microcosm of China in the throes of urbanization. Gracie tells the stories of three generations of women in one …
4 weeks ago
Step-by-Step Instructions - Ukrainian Lacing
Footwear lacing that fixes major conventional problems. No add-ons nor tools needed.
5 weeks ago
The OPM Infobomb Explodes
A couple of years ago I wrote a short post InfoBomb. When a government or corporation collects so much information on a citizenry that the unintentional release, theft, or misuse of it is a catastrophic event. The most immediate danger...
5 weeks ago
Why It's Often Easier To Innovate In China Than In The United States
About a year and a half ago, I discovered this $12 “Gongkai” cell phone (pictured above) in the markets of Shenzhen, China. My most striking impression was that Chinese entrepreneurs had relatively unfettered access to cutting-edge technology, enabling start-ups to innovate while bootstrapping. Meanwhile, Western entrepreneurs often find themselves trapped in a spiderweb of IP frameworks, spending more money on lawyers than on tooling.
5 weeks ago
CoachTube on Product Hunt
CoachTube - Marketplace for Sports Education. Posted by Dana Severson, on Product Hunt.
5 weeks ago
Manufacturing’s next act | McKinsey & Company
Industry 4.0 is more than just a flashy catchphrase. A confluence of trends and technologies promises to reshape the way things are made. A McKinsey & Company article.
5 weeks ago
Android Tracker | Fiksu
Fiksu - Data-fueled mobile marketing
5 weeks ago
Building Nuclide, a unified developer experience
Nuclide is a project designed to provide a unified developer experience for engineers whether they work on native iOS apps, on React and React Native code, or on Hack for our HHVM web server runtime.
5 weeks ago
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