AppsFlyer Pricing Plan
Useful and simply priced app analytics tracker.
app  analytics 
12 days ago
Fergus Henderson's Red Salad
Beetroot and red cabbage salad
14 days ago
The Economist | Drug policy: Hoffman’s habit
Hoffman’s habit
How to make heroin less deadly
THE death of Philip Seymour Hoffman from a heroin overdose on February 2nd left the extraordinary actor’s fans distraught. Artists have always been prone to self-destruction, and no one knows how to change that. Drug-abuse experts do, however, have a good idea of how to stop more people from destroying themselves by injecting heroin.
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10 weeks ago
The Technium | Edge.org
Interview with Kevin Kelly
10 weeks ago
Useful key/value search graph database service to hide implementation details from developers.
development  database 
10 weeks ago
Windows Live Admin Center
Microsoft domain admin to use a custom domain on the Outlook.com backend. Neat.
hosting  Microsoft 
11 weeks ago
Ulmon | Apps for Smart Travelers
Offline travel maps for major cities.
offline  app  travel 
11 weeks ago
How to Delete Provisioning Profiles From Your iOS Device | iSmashPhone
Removing provisioning profiles from your device to help fix TestFlight install errors
iOS  testflight  error 
11 weeks ago
Freezes on splash screen. This is horrible. » Community Questions & Answers » Appcelerator Developer Center
Fix for app working in debugger, hangs on splash screen when run normally. Remove deploy.json to fix.
Titanium  development 
11 weeks ago
Chrome Is The New C Runtime | MobileSpan
Cross platform development and well tested.
january 2014
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