The Hunting of the SNARK – QED-it
Zero knowledge proofs sound very interesting.
crypto  development  knowledge 
2 days ago
Forbidden City earthquake resistance
Clever use of roof couplings and free-standing bases. Survives a 10.1.
china  earthquake  architecture 
3 days ago
Sync all your editors across platforms, machines.
editor  development 
3 days ago
Google’s recruitment tool.
3 days ago
Will the death of US retail be the next big short?
US retail is in deep trouble. 24 sq ft per person vs 11 in Aus and 2 to 5 in Europe.
bubble  business  Online 
6 days ago
Why Brexit will reverse
Some hopeful thinking there.
9 days ago
Pocket Negotiator - Negotiation
Computer assisted negotiation. Use for Brexit?
ai  negotiation 
23 days ago
What It Actually Costs to Open a Restaurant in San Francisco - Eater SF
How stressful the restaurant business is. 700k before you’ve opened.
restaurant  business  food 
24 days ago
Hacking the Nazis: The secret story of the women who broke Hitler's codes - TechRepublic
Women in code breaking.

2.5 million messages by Enigma alone. Astonishing.
code  war  encryption  breaking 
24 days ago
The age of distributed truth — Remains of the Day
How to keep speaking the truth.

Also an HR service for individuals. HR is never working for you, always for the company and you need something to protect yourself.
24 days ago
Uber Can’t Be Fixed — It’s Time for Regulators to Shut It Down
Don't allow illegality otherwise it will corrupt everything.
business  uber 
25 days ago
Eli Pariser Predicted the Future. Now He Can’t Escape It. | WIRED
Don't be defensive: no doesn't work as a mind changer.

What about giving people agency and belief as part of communications.
media  communications  filter 
26 days ago
Man in the middle for password reset
Man-in-the-middle attack for password resets. Summary: send a link to click rather than a code.
Security  password 
4 weeks ago
The evolving role of product management - O'Reilly Media
What a product manager should be. Neat UX / Tech / Business overlap
product  management  business 
4 weeks ago
Should Uber’s next CEO be a robot? | ROUGH TYPE
Robot CEOs taking big data and doing resource allocation and gung ho statements for colleagues and the press.
ai  robots  management 
4 weeks ago
One Weird Trick to Lose Size – Halide
Some good suggestions on how to keep apps small, not the 300Mb megaliths currently available.
ios  app  development 
4 weeks ago
Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel - BBC News
Long read on what happened with Bo Xilai. Astonishing but also not so much information there.
politics  China 
4 weeks ago
Thermodynamic theory of evolution — Remains of the Day
Evolutionary adaptation is only visible in retrospect. The thermodynamic theory has a rationale for adaptation: storing and managing information about the past to make the best of a variable future.
evolution  entropy 
4 weeks ago
Welcome - Polymer Project
Google's new front end framework. Looks neat for web apps like YouTube.
development  javascript 
4 weeks ago
Scientist Who Helped Connect Litvinenko's Murder To The Kremlin "Assassinated" In Britain
More Russian murders in UK. Only teh tip of the iceberg, I would guess. And how many are we carrying out abroad?
murder  politics  government  Russia  UK 
4 weeks ago
Add items to crontab - QNAPedia
crontab /etc/config/crontab && /etc/init.d/crond.sh restart

Don't do crontab -e as it doesn't survive firmware update.
qnap  crontab 
4 weeks ago
The Addicts Next Door | The New Yorker
Horrific on what it can be like in small-town America
US  drugs  scourge 
4 weeks ago
Dribbble - Show and tell for designers
Lots of what people have been working on recently to give you suggestions.
4 weeks ago
Open Textbook Library
How to learn for free. Lots of good stuff there.
4 weeks ago
Go For Culture Add, Not Culture Fit
Interesting on one woman on a short list won't get employed and on culture add vs fit.
management  culture  add  fit  diversity  stephanie  johnson 
5 weeks ago
When startups need program management
Program management

Driver, Approver, Contributor, Inform model DACI
management  jade  development 
5 weeks ago
It’s no surprise that the Kansas tax cut experiment failed to create jobs | Equitable Growth
Trump tax cuts haven’t worked in practice. Seems unlikely they will on a national level.
trumpxit  finance  tax  government 
5 weeks ago
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