How to Generate FiveThirtyEight Graphs in Python
Nice tutorial for creating better looking graphs.
analytics  data  python  tappit 
2 days ago
How Civilization Started | The New Yorker
Grain is taxable as it comes in solid harvests unlike many other crops. Ergo civilisation.
agriculture  history 
2 days ago
c# - How to convert a column number (eg. 127) into an excel column (eg. AA) - Stack Overflow
Getting Excel slightly odd column names through code to use in Google Query Language.
Excel  Google  Sheets  Query 
6 days ago

Printer for Dubai 7s
printing  tappit 
6 days ago
John Lanchester reviews ‘The Attention Merchants’ by Tim Wu, ‘Chaos Monkeys’ by Antonio García Martínez and ‘Move Fast and Break Things’ by Jonathan Taplin · LRB 17 August 2017
Facebook, in fact, is the biggest surveillance-based enterprise in the history of mankind. It knows far, far more about you than the most intrusive government has ever known about its citizens.
Facebook  advertising 
7 days ago
Our entire credit bureau system is broken - The Verge
SSNs are all public now so can't really be used for any authentication or identity management.
credit  bureau 
7 days ago
North Korea: Why the West freaks out but South Korea doesn’t
The United States is remarkably safe. Ensconced between two oceans and two weak neighbours and far from the tightly-packed Eurasian cauldron of competition, the US is one of the most secure great powers in history
korea  government  war  US 
13 days ago
To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now - The New York Times
This is why firms use outsourcing as much as possible.

Firms in the United States are legally required to offer the same health insurance options and 401(k) match to all employees — meaning if those programs are made extra generous to attract top engineers, a company that doesn’t outsource will have to pay them for everyone.
notnews  outsourcing  economics  business 
14 days ago
Locus Online Perspectives » Cory Doctorow: Demon-Haunted World
This is veery bad.

In the 21st century, we have come full circle. Non-human life forms – limited liability corpo­rations – are infecting the underpinnings of our ‘‘smart’’ homes and cities with devices that obey a different physics depending on who is using them and what they believe to be true about their surroundings.
cheating  business  law  notnews 
14 days ago
I hate MVPs. So do your customers. Make it SLC instead. – @ASmartBear - WP Engine
Simple, lovable, complete. That way customers can use it and be happy and you can evolve.
MVP  product  thinking 
14 days ago
SmartD Online Store
Useful looking HK gadget retailer
Hong  Kong  gadgets  shop 
14 days ago
Bitcoin's Academic Pedigree - ACM Queue
Great article on the history of bitcoin and what the leaps of genius were in putting it all together. Again, scientists should collaborate more.
blockchain  crypto  history  science 
16 days ago
Reviews considered useless - crowdturfing
(1) We demonstrate the feasibility of automated generation of
product reviews for online review sites, using a RNN-based
approach for review generation and customization. Our key
insight is that while automated generation of arbitrary length
content is challenging, generation of shorter text in fixed
application domains is practical today.
(2) We show that RNN-based synthetic reviews are robust against
state of the art statistical and ML-based detectors. In addition,
our user-study shows they are largely indistinguishable from
real reviews to human readers, and appear to provide similar
levels of “usefulness” utility as determined by readers.
(3) We propose a novel defense that leverages the information
loss inherent in an RNN training process to identify statistically
detectable variations in the character-level distribution
of machine-generated reviews. We show that our defense is
robust against countermeasures, and that avoiding detection
involves the attacker paying rapidly accelerating costs for
diminishing returns.
ai  online  review  journalism 
16 days ago
100 myths
Not too bad on these.
16 days ago
Full pricing list - Adyen
Cross border money transfer company.
tappit  PaySec  Intrapay 
16 days ago
The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial
Today, you’re either above the API or below the API. You either tell robots what to do, or are told by robots what to do.
culture  premium  mediocre  philosophy 
17 days ago
A Serf on Google’s Farm – Talking Points Memo
Why Google is dangerous the small publisher version.
google  algorithms  advertising 
18 days ago
Don’t Look Now
Silence is political. Climate breakdown.
18 days ago
A blockchain explanation your parents could understand | Jamie Skella | Pulse | LinkedIn
A good explanation of the shared record book with rules that is blockchain.
20 days ago
A Dozen Times Artificial Intelligence Startled The World
Amazing summary of generative adversarial networks. Using fake vs real deciders to make the fake generation as good as possible.
ai  GAN 
20 days ago
HK TNG wallet
Bog standard but popular
Hong  tappit  wallet  Kong 
20 days ago
Offline Only
JS React app which checks online status to decide what to show.
internet  offline  react  javascript 
27 days ago
Bharat QR Code: How to Generate QR, Recieve & Transfer Payments
Slightly complex process, but interesting nevertheless.
QR  code  tappit 
27 days ago
How not to fight inflation
Possibly interesting screed against standard government attempts to manage inflation and growth.
economics  government 
28 days ago
Hyperledger Projects – Hyperledger
Useful open source approach to providing blockchain technology
28 days ago
A CEO action plan for workplace automation | McKinsey & Company
Dealing with automation in the workplace. Moving people around as jobs require.
automation  business 
28 days ago
American Politics: Bad Boys vs. Mean Girls
Can we break out of the cycle? It's a new problem so who knows?
trumpxit  culture  war 
28 days ago
The Beginning of Uber – Garrett Camp – Medium
When Uber was just a cab service - hints of expansion to other logistics services there.
investment  uber  deck 
28 days ago
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