Pricing - OpsDash
Elegant, easy-to-use server monitoring and service monitoring with custom dashboards and alerting.
server  monitoring 
17 hours ago
WeChat and the rise of social commerce
China’s WeChat app has become a testing ground for a new type of ecommerce - one that will soon go global.
Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Get People To Do Whatever You Want
Have you ever left a shop, a chat with a friend or a meeting at work and felt like you’ve somehow been duped? It's possible you might have been swayed or swindled by some subtle psychological impressions you weren’t consciously aware of.   This infographic, created by Business Insider, shows you some simple psychological tricks to help you avoid these pitfalls and even mold minds youself.
3 days ago
New Animated Portraits by Romain Laurent Explore Quirky Isolated Movements | Colossal
French photographer and director Romain Laurent (previously here and here) started making portrait-based GIFs as a way to produce work outside his commercial jobs, a spontaneous project that would encourage him to produce consistently for himself rather than clients. Each GIF is simple in its co
4 days ago
Do Fewer Things, Better
A quick look at how I think about prioritization with my "4-word strategic plan".
4 days ago
Encryption is not the enemy — Backchannel — Medium
In the wake of the cowardly terrorist attacks in Paris, many politicians, intelligence officials and pundits are predict…
encryption  us 
4 days ago
The EU is fractured ... it should learn from Asia | The National
The Paris attacks have put several matters into sharp focus, not the least of which is how the EU needs to remake itself, writes Sholto Byrnes
4 days ago
Office 365 Exchange Online - How to access a Shared Mailbox using Thunderbird or other IMAP client


Exchange Configuration:

  USER EMAIL: user@maindomain.com
  PASSWORD: password

  SHARED MAILBOX: shared@anotherdomain.com      (could also be @domain.com, of course)
  SHARED MAILBOX ALIAS: shared-mailbox

  Note: Please make sure to create the UNIQUE alias always with the mailbox, because it creates the user [alias]@maindomain.com. In this case shared-mailbox@maindomain.com

Settings for IMAP Configuration:

  EMAIL ADDRESS: shared@anotherdomain.com (shared mailbox)

  IMAP SERVER: outlook.office365.com
  SMTP SERVER: smtp.office365.com

  USERNAME: user@maindomain.com\shared-mailbox  (user\shared mailbox alias)
  PASSWORD: password (user's password)


  USERNAME: user@maindomain.com  (users email)
  PASSWORD: password (user's password)
4 days ago
The Web We Have to Save — Matter — Medium
The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying. Why is nobody stopping it?
4 days ago
WordPress.com Gets a New Face and Joins the JavaScript Age | WIRED
WordPress has unveiled a new, totally rewritten admin interface today. And below the surface, you'll see something remarkable: JavaScript instead of PHP.
react  WordPress  javascript 
4 days ago
War relic hunters recover WWII grenade
» War relic hunters recover WWII grenade On the pulse
5 days ago
About Us | Zicasso | Luxury Private Tours, African Safaris & Vacations
Zicasso: Top travel agents compete to customize your trip. Awarded “Best Travel Websites” by TRAVEL+LEISURE. Luxury travel with expert advice & best value.
5 days ago
iphone - How to find out if a UIViewController is the root view controller? - Stack Overflow
Check if you are the root controller.

if ( self != [self.navigationController.viewControllers objectAtIndex:0] )
// Put Back button in navigation bar
6 days ago
multisite - Troubleshooting a "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page" error - WordPress Development Stack Exchange
Fix for you do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

Found the fix in the wp_options table where we still had wp_1_roles entries after conversion from multisite.
WordPress  multisite  revert 
6 days ago
How to Uninstall WordPress Multisite - WPMU DEV
Revert multisite to standard WP install.

Also need to rename wp_1_ tables to wp_ (or whatever) and move wp-uploads/1/ to wp-uploads/
WordPress  multisite  revert 
6 days ago
YUM Remove Repo (Repository) – YUM Disable Repo (Repository) | If Not True Then False
rpm -qa |grep -i some-repository-rpm-package
rpm -e some-repository-rpm-package
Remove failing updates in e.g. CPanel yum update. mod_evasive and mytop caused the issues for me.
centos  yum  update 
6 days ago
ios - Easy way to see saved NSUserDefaults? - Stack Overflow
Find NSUserDefaults from simulator.

In XCode 7: /Users/[User]/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/[GUID]/data/Containers/Data/Application/[GUID]/Library/Preferences/com.awesome.app.plist

po [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] dictionaryRepresentation] for debugging
iOS  development  debug 
9 days ago
How to get real data out of unstructured text
machine  learning 
9 days ago
JRebel for Android | zeroturnaround.com
Develop your Android applications in real time. The changes you make are automatically applied to your running application. Works with real devices and
Android  development 
9 days ago
Where is all the innovation in insurance? — Medium
Aggregation theory will have something to say here.
9 days ago
The Space Doctor’s Big Idea - The New Yorker
Randall Munroe, the creator of the Web comic “xkcd,” explains Einstein’s general theory of relativity using only the thousand most common words in English.
xkcd  simple  words 
10 days ago
Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Accounts – 24 Hours After ISIS Called them “Idiots” | The Mind Unleashed
Paris, France – The Anonymous hacking collective has reportedly taken down over 5,500 Twitter accounts purported to belong to Islamic State members…
daesh  hacking 
11 days ago
GDB and LLDB Command Examples
lldb commands that could well be useful
debugging  iOS 
12 days ago
Facebook Instant Articles and the fight over how many ads per words you should see | Finer Things in Tech

Think about that: large publishers want to show up to three to four ads per 500 words. And they wonder why ad blockers are a thing. 
adblock  ads  publishers 
12 days ago
Decoding Daesh: Why is the new name for ISIS so hard to understand? | Free Word Centre
Arabic translator Alice Guthrie explains how Daesh, the new name for ISIS, undermines the terrorist group, and asks why anglophone media can't understand it.
daesh  arabic 
14 days ago
Twenty-four hours after an attack by Da'esh (the organization formerly known ...
Twenty-four hours after an attack by Da'esh (the organization formerly known as ISIS [1]) on Paris left 129 dead and 352 wounded, the Internet and the a... - Yonatan Zunger - Google+
syria  paris 
14 days ago
Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy
The NSA whistleblower sat down with The Intercept’s Micah Lee in Moscow.
16 days ago
Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC
Privacy advocates warn feds about surreptitious cross-device tracking.
adblock  advertising 
16 days ago
How To Cook Steak Sous Vide | Sansaire
Sauce to season steak sous vide (55 degrees for medium rare)

3 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tsp. MSG (freaked out? Don’t be)
3 tbsp. fish sauce
1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp. roasted garlic, minced
1 tbsp. blue cheese
½ tsp. anchovy paste
16 days ago
How to Create Simple TableView with Custom Cells | ZeroHeroBlog
Our goal today is to create a simple iOS iPhone application with a table view consisting of custom cells. But before we start, there is a general notice: you should be aware of related to Xcode ver...
iOS  development 
16 days ago
Shortcuts in Objective-C to concatenate NSStrings - Stack Overflow
Good shortcut for appending strings.

[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@/%@/%@", three, two, one];
iOS  development 
16 days ago
Handling Default Values With NSUserDefaults – Ole Begemann
Add register defaults to AppDelegate.m

NSURL *defaultPrefsFile = [[NSBundle mainBundle]
URLForResource:@"DefaultPreferences" withExtension:@"plist"];
NSDictionary *defaultPrefs =
[NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfURL:defaultPrefsFile];
[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] registerDefaults:defaultPrefs]
17 days ago
WooCommerce: display coupons used in an order in the confirmation email and on the edit page | Remi Corson
Show coupons used on order admin page
add_action( 'woocommerce_admin_order_data_after_billing_address', 'custom_checkout_field_display_admin_order_meta', 10, 1 );

* Add used coupons to the order edit page
function custom_checkout_field_display_admin_order_meta($order){

if( $order->get_used_coupons() ) {

$coupons_count = count( $order->get_used_coupons() );

echo '<h4>' . __('Coupons used') . ' (' . $coupons_count . ')</h4>';

echo '<p><strong>' . __('Coupons used') . ':</strong> ';

$i = 1;

foreach( $order->get_used_coupons() as $coupon) {
echo $coupon;
if( $i < $coupons_count )
echo ', ';

echo '</p>';

WooCommerce  coupons 
17 days ago
Using the debugger console lldb in Xcode - My iOS development monologue
po for print object
print for standard array.count, etc print.
iOS  debugging 
18 days ago
Wise - API's for your Human Micro Tasks
RESTful APIs to automate content moderation, transcription, and data research. MTurk-like power with Stripe-like simplicity.
19 days ago
First steps after ServerPilot has been installed | Tutorial Depot
Useful tips on some things to do on SP installation.
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
nano /etc/hostname then hostname -F /etc/hostname
ServerPilot  install 
20 days ago
CSS Sprite Sheet Animations with steps() - Treehouse Blog
With steps() we're able to control the amount of keyframes rendered in a CSS animation's duration.
css  sprites  animation 
20 days ago
Damn Right Amazon Runs a Fucking Deficit and So Should America — Medium
You’ve heard of Amazon, right? Twitter? Google? Basically every major tech-powered industry in America that politicians …
Amazon  economics  budget  government 
20 days ago
The digital revolution in higher education has already happened. No one noticed. — Medium
The digital revolution in higher education has happened. In the fall of 2012, the most recent semester with complete dat…
20 days ago
Lemon Tart
Tarte au Citron

There are different ways to make a lemon tart. At Bouchon, the French Laundry, and Per Se, we use a sabayon method, in which the eggs are first cooked with the lemon juice and sugar over hot water, then the butter is gradually incorporated — an easy method that results in a consistently good lemon custard or curd. The crust is made with sweet and nutty pine nuts, which I think are the perfect balance for the rich, tart custard.
22 days ago
How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress
upload_max_filesize = 64M
post_max_size = 64M
max_execution_time = 300

Useful for ServerPilot .user.ini changes
ServerPilot  WordPress  ini 
24 days ago
Why it’s still a world of ‘grow or go’ | McKinsey & Company
In a challenging environment, growth matters more than ever. A McKinsey Quarterly article.
24 days ago
Taiga.Io | Agile, Open Source, Free Project Management System
An Agile, Open Source, Free Project Management System
24 days ago
'Copy as Pathname' Finder feature in OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) - Amsys
Right click on file then click alt/option to reveal copy as pathname.
osx  finder  tips 
25 days ago
Fluid-for-Sketch - Sketch-flavored Auto Layout-like Constraints
Sketch  responsive  layout 
25 days ago
Great return on UK small caps
25 days ago
Object Debugger - Facebook for Developers
Facebook debugger allows you to see what open graph tags are being grabbed from your page.
25 days ago
cURL - How To Use
Lots of helpful things (especially for Vimeo API)
--request (to switch e.g. to PATCH)
--url to pass URL separately
--data-urlencode (to pass raw data in and have curl urlencode it
you can use multiple datas to build up a full query string
unix  curl  Vimeo  API 
25 days ago
studio24/wordpress-multi-env-config · GitHub
How to do dev/staging/production in WordPress
26 days ago
Product Hunt - Featured Collections
Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. Discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone's talking about.
26 days ago
bedrock - WordPress boilerplate with modern development tools, easier configuration, and an improved folder structure.
WordPress  framework 
26 days ago
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