Future for several industries
Useful data-driven approach to forecasting.
tappit  payments  forecast  future 
18 hours ago
Cheap sex a problem?
Some interesting thoughts but not enough data.
maturity  marriage  gender 
2 days ago
OAuth2 proxy
Interesting multiple provider OAuth2 proxy.
development  web  Security 
2 days ago
Nintendo Labo
Amazing stuff. Love the retro cardboard plus switch.
computing  Learning  games 
3 days ago
jitsi.org | Jitsi
Interesting open source video conferencing. Any good?

Atlassian too.
video  conference  open  source 
3 days ago
Want to fix gun violence in America? Go local. | US news | The Guardian
US gun crime is predominantly local poor uneducated and black. That's how to fix it.
crime  maps 
5 days ago
The Economist | The digital proletariat
Data labourers. Really interesting positive approach to the decline in jobs that automation will bring.
business  policy  work 
7 days ago
The Economist | Beyond bitcoin
Top level what are the important coins.
crypto  cryptocurrency 
7 days ago
ORCHID: Access The World!
Surveillance-free internet from chained individual bandwidth providers. Ethereum.
7 days ago
The Three-Body Problem - Epsilon Theory
Very important article about chaos and investing. Minimise maximum regret is a good plan.
investment  business  future 
9 days ago
Legends of the Ancient Web
Radio considered as the internet is now.
history  internet  politics  technology  radio 
9 days ago
The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed - The Atlantic
Hypermodern retail. Shopify + Oberlo + retargeting gets you direct from FB views to purchases with Upwork teams doing the actual sale => shipping piece.
capitalism  ecommerce  marketing 
9 days ago
I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.
It's still far too easy to be insecure. Especially node. Thinking about build your own vs using plugins.
hacking  web  javascript  node 
9 days ago
Historic GIFs wot I did – ART + marketing
Most excellent animations of ancient manuscripts.
art  design  medieval  manuscripts 
9 days ago
Deep learning sharpens views of cells and genes
Age, blood pressure, smoking status from a single picture.
machine  Learning  image  health  science 
9 days ago
Text Fingerprinting Update
Fingerprinting documents with non-breaking spaces, etc. The canary trap for the modern world.
communications  privacy 
10 days ago
App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer
Helpful public guide to app store submissions.
apple  app  guide 
10 days ago
From Territorial to Functional Sovereignty: The Case of Amazon « Law and Political Economy
Amazon etc will outpace any government except the Chinese, maybe as they have a data advantage.
tech  business  future  government 
11 days ago
Sonic Tonic - Motherboard
So maybe nature sounds do help. The fuzzy sound and tell people what it is experiment is intriguing.
nature  science  sleep  sounds  mood 
11 days ago
The State of the Web – Karolina Szczur – Medium
All you need to know about optimising web pages at current state of the art.
javascript  web  development  tappit 
11 days ago
The cryptocurrency bubble is strangling innovation | TechCrunch
You can't do blockchain projects right now because the transaction costs are so high.
cryptocurrency  blockchain  development 
12 days ago
Melt-up bubble
More thinking on bubbles from Jeremy Grantham. Very clear thinking.
markets  investment 
14 days ago
The Hidden Risks Behind the Withdrawal of QE | T. Rowe Price
Good thinking on QE removal and the longer term effect on markets.
markets  investment 
14 days ago
Running Remote Design Sprints | AUTOMATTIC DESIGN
Working remotely and using Slack alongside video chat
design  development 
17 days ago
Snorkel by HazyResearch
Very clever training system using poor examples from humans to train high quality networks.
machine  Learning  ai 
18 days ago
The Gambler’s Ruin of Small Cities (Wonkish) - The New York Times
Small cities can’t run their luck forever. Helps to have a college there to provide education in new technologies to provide alternatives.
government  education  business 
20 days ago
Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain
Why blockchain isn't there yet.

Does it improve on cash?
blockchain  tappit  business 
28 days ago
Help desk software for Gmail - Keeping™
Great simple support add in for G Suite. Nice.
helpdesk  tappit 
29 days ago
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