Cities with the most skyscrapers | Statistics | EMPORIS
HK 1,700 vs NYC 700 vs Dubai 280
1,000 sqm / 700 / 4,000
The Non-Expert Problem and Climate Change Science
We have to take a look at the success of experts. Reframing is really hard.
trump  climate  science 
2 days ago
Solved: Yoga 710 - How to install Linux? - Lenovo Community
Enable legacy boot to get Linux installed on a Lenovo Yoga Pro 3
9 days ago
How we structure our work and teams at Basecamp
Working in six week batches.

Very good. No sprints.
work  team  development 
13 days ago
The Economist | Who is Chinese?: The upper Han
Very odd heart of Chinese nationality. More separatism.
14 days ago
Sell Tickets Online - Attendize.com
Good looking alpha events system that could work well in various places.
ticketing  events 
16 days ago
Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House
Very interesting on the person who ran the Trump campaign
16 days ago
Who Will Command The Robot Armies?
No one wants to command the robot armies. But everyone does, really.
future  politics  surveillance  technology 
18 days ago
Election maps
Amazing maps especially the cartograms.
election  maps  US 
21 days ago
interviewing.io - free anonymous technical interview practice
Adding tech to mask your voice to sound androgynous so you don't succumb to implicit bias.
interview  jobs  tech  lobahn 
21 days ago
Carnegie Mellon made a special pair of glasses that lets you steal a digital identity — Quartz
Perturbing facial recognition algorithms to make them think you are someone else.
Security  face  recognition 
22 days ago
Touché - Touch bar for everyone
Great idea to see how it will work.
touch  bar  mac 
24 days ago
Harris + Hoole — ribot
Smooth payment interface for a coffee shop.
interface  jade  payments 
25 days ago
Home - Abra
Remittance using blockchain
29 days ago
Getting beyond MVP | the morning paper
Code towers, levels, fat controllers and how to move beyond a prototype.
programming  architecture  design  development 
4 weeks ago
Grab as SE Asia BAT group
Grab is trying to be a new BAT. GrabPay, etc.
payments  asia 
4 weeks ago
Universal perturbations
How to blow up image recognisers with one specific universal addition to images.
5 weeks ago
steps to create new SFTP user/account · GitHub
Add new SFTP user / account for Serverpilot.

Helpful to create a new system account to allow a contractor to log in.
5 weeks ago
Bedrock by Expensify
Distributed database on sqllite
development  SQL 
5 weeks ago
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