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This library provides an easy way for configure retrofit for use a 2 layer cache (RAM and Disk)
retrofit  caching  memory 
september 2017 by tp78
Gif RecyclerView Example in MVP using Dagger 2 + Retrofit 2 + Moshi + RxJava 2 + Glide 4 with JUnit and Espresso tests written in Kotlin + Kotlin DSL!
android  kotlin  gradle-script  mvp  dagger  retrofit  moshi  rxjava  glide  junit  espresso  testing 
september 2017 by tp78
Kotlin RSS reader using Google Android architecture components libraries
kotlin  mvvm  viewmodel  livedata  room  dagger  retrofit  constraintlayout  stetho  mockwebserver  espresso  junit  testing  architecture  rss 
june 2017 by tp78
This project aims to work as a demo project and reference using the common frameworks and tools used in production enviroments
android  testing  dagger  rxjava  retrofit 
august 2016 by tp78
Repository that showcases 3 Android app architectures: "Standard Android", MVP and MVVM. The exact same app is built 3 times following the different patterns.
android  architecture  mvp  mvvm  tutorial  designpattern  databinding  rxjava  retrofit  picasso  mockito  robolectric  presenter 
october 2015 by tp78
Android base project that already setup Gradle, Dagger, Otto, Retrofit, Support Libraries, Junit support for AndroidStudio, Mockito and Robolectric
android  gradle  dagger  otto  retrofit  android-support-library  junit  androidstudio  mockito  robolectric 
february 2015 by tp78
Effective Android HTTP - Jesse Wilson (30.05.3013)
Jesse Wilson's talk will cover the interesting features of HTTP, tools for testing & debugging, and high-level libraries for REST and images.
android  networking  http  retrofit  mockwebserver  testing  okhttp  video  vimeo  rest  201305 
january 2015 by tp78
Retrofit extension for oauth-signpost
retrofit  oauth  android  java  signpost 
december 2014 by tp78
RexWeather - A sample Android project demonstrating the use of Retrofit and RxJava to interact with web services
rxjava  frp  android  retrofit 
october 2014 by tp78
Sample code for HTTP on Android. See also: OkHttp, Charles Web Debugging Proxy, MockWebServer
retrofit  okhttp  android  http  picasso  square  volley 
september 2013 by tp78

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