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RecyclerView animations – add & remove items
Leverage notifyItemInserted() and notifyItemRemoved() instead of notifyDataSetChanged()
android  animation  recyclerview  delete  insert 
february 2018 by tp78
Recyclerview Adapter library to create composable view holders
android  android-library  adapter  recyclerview  viewholder 
june 2017 by tp78
Android Timeline View Library (Using RecyclerView) is simple implementation used to display view like Tracking of shipment/order, steppers etc.
compile "com.github.vipulasri:timelineview:1.0.3"
android  android-library  recyclerview  timeline  wizard 
january 2017 by tp78
Set of plugable extenstions for Android RecyclerView
recyclerview  android  android-library 
january 2015 by tp78
A layout manager for the RecyclerView that allows for multiple layouts of groups of views, and a variety of header options including sticky headers, margin offset headers, and overlays.
android  android-library  recyclerview  gridview  sticky 
january 2015 by tp78
An Android RecyclerView List with items that can scroll to reveal more content
android  android-library  recyclerview  listview 
december 2014 by tp78
Android library that integrate sticky section headers in your RecyclerView
android-library  recyclerview  header  sticky  android 
october 2014 by tp78

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