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Deep Android Integrations
A few code samples about ContentProvider, SyncAdapter and how to avoid DDOS on your server in the last third of the talk.
android  syncadapter  intents  contentprovider  ddos  video  recognition  2017  360andev 
august 2017 by tp78
sqlite-provider implements a ContentProvider for you that allows database access using Uris The library is meant to augment the ContentProvider interface to fit SQLite in a more pronounced way. The aim is to set convention on queries via Uris.
android  android-library  contentprovider  sqlite  database  persistance  novoda  migration  uri 
may 2017 by tp78
Generates Java/Android database access code by analyzing SQLite migration files or SQLite databases, keeping full control of what code is generated.
android  contentprovider  sqlite  database  persistance  novoda  android-library  generator  migration  java 
may 2017 by tp78
Tray is this mentioned explicit cross-process data management approach powered by a ContentProvider. Tray also provides an advanced API which makes it super easy to access and maintain your data with upgrade and migrate mechanisms.
android  android-library  sharedpreferences  multithreading  contentprovider 
october 2015 by tp78
mediarain/RoboCoP · GitHub
Pure Java code generation tool for generating a fully functional ContentProvider for Android.
android  contentprovider  generator  gradle 
march 2014 by tp78
How to Use Loaders in Android | Grokking Android
If you want to do some tasks, that have to run until completion, do not use Loaders.
android  loaders  contentprovider  blog 
february 2014 by tp78
Multiple ContentProviders and foreign key support in SQLite
Useful information on how to build a one-to-many relationship in SQLite.
relationship  sqlite  contentprovider  android 
august 2012 by tp78
Android Fundamentals: Working With Content Providers
Working With Content Providers
Properly Loading Data
Downloading Data With Services
Scheduling Recurring Tasks
Status Bar Notifications
Database Dates and Sorting
IntentService Basics
Picking App Components
database  fragments  contentprovider  tutorial  android 
july 2012 by tp78
ContentProvider and REST API (Benjamin Brombach)
Extending patterns of Virgil Dobjanschi presented in "Developing Android REST client applications"
usergroup  201205  berlin  patterns  rest  contentprovider  android 
july 2012 by tp78

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