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Swift/iOS port of Android's Palette
ios  swift  android  palette  library  colors  bitmaps 
6 days ago by tp78
Luminous intensity calculator to check if a color is bright or dark.
android-library  colors  luminance  generator  calculator  brightness  darkness  android 
7 days ago by tp78
Vitamin Saber provides resource injection for Android (@InjectResource(resId)). It is annotation processor based and will provide all the speed you need on Android by avoiding reflection.
android  android-library  annotations  resources  dependencyinjection  strings  colors 
june 2015 by tp78
Capture, in real time, the colors around you using the camera of your device
android  camera  colors  picker  extract 
june 2015 by tp78
colorable - Color combination contrast tester
Takes a set color palette and shows contrast values for every possible combination. This is useful for finding safe color combinations with predefined colors and includes pass/fail scores for the WCAG accessibility guidelines.
colors  contrast  accessbility 
february 2015 by tp78

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