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Remixer for Android
Remixer is a framework to iterate quickly on UI changes by allowing you to adjust UI variables without needing to rebuild (or even restart) your app. You can adjust Numbers, Colors, Booleans, and Strings.
android  color  runtime  live  android-design 
september 2017 by tp78
A colorful and highly configurable alternative to the standard "adb logcat" command from the Android SDK
logcat  android  color  python  pip  pidcat  adb 
january 2015 by tp78
A pure-ruby code highlighter that is compatible with pygments
ruby  syntaxhighlighting  color  pygments 
february 2014 by tp78
Fast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages.
gem  ruby  color  syntaxhighlighting 
april 2012 by tp78
Colored Diffs
Color diffs sent by SVN/CVS/GIT/Mercurial...
thunderbird  addon  color  vcs  svn  git  mercurial  diff  hook 
february 2012 by tp78
A free desktop application for drawing maps based on OpenStreetMap and GPS data. You can define what gets on the map and how it is painted. You can also export these maps into bitmaps and SVG files and print them.
openstreetmap  gps  color  theme  customization 
january 2012 by tp78
A git log alias with colors, date and owner.
A git log alias with colors, date and owner.
git  log  alias  color 
january 2011 by tp78
A Javascript module and CSS file that allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page.
blog  color  programming  sourcecode  wordpress  google 
august 2010 by tp78
FireRainbow :: Add-ons for Firefox
Javascript syntax highlighting for Firebug 1.3+
firefox  addon  javascript  color  firebug  debugging 
september 2009 by tp78
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