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yesterday by tp78
voctoweb – the frontend and backend software behind
ccc  voc  media  stream  api  recordings 
december 2016 by tp78
How to design great APIs (Kevin Lacker)
In one of the most popular talks at Parse Developer Day, Parse CTO Kevin Lacker discusses API design and outlines the keys to building a great API.
video  youtube  api  designpattern  bestpractice  2013 
november 2015 by tp78
Yaks takes your data and transforms it into hypermedia formats such as HAL, JSON-API, or HTML. It allows you to build APIs that are discoverable and browsable. It is built from the ground up around linked resources, a concept central to the architecture of the web.
rubyonrails  ruby  api  hypermedia 
august 2015 by tp78
JSON Schema tools and doc generation for HTTP APIs
json  schema  api  bestpractice  documentation  generator  http 
march 2015 by tp78
Magnet rest2mobile Plugin for Android Studio & IntelliJ IDEA
android  intellij  rest  api  androidstudio  plugins 
february 2015 by tp78
Dat is an open source project that provides a streaming interface between every file format and data storage backend.
versioning  api  bigdata 
august 2014 by tp78
Odo is a proxy server that can serve as a mock server or allow for manipulation of live data. Odo features dynamic configuration and plugin support for http request/response override behaviors.
server  proxy  testing  api  groupon 
june 2014 by tp78
REST Hooks
REST Hooks are a lightweight subscription layer on top of your existing REST API.
rest  api  hook  subscription  notification 
may 2014 by tp78
istSOS project
Free and Open Source Sensor Observation Service Data Management System
sos  istsos  ogc  api  geospatial  webserver  server  sensoric 
may 2014 by tp78
APIfy converts data in existing HTML sites and wikipedia pages to JSON APIs.
api  json  rest  heroku  scraping  opendata  html  parser 
february 2014 by tp78
The One With a JSON API Login Using Devise - J.Wo
The One With a JSON API Login Using Devise Jan 19th, 2012 The situation: You need to add an iOS app to your Rails application. Users can login to …
rubyonrails  token  devise  authentication  api 
august 2013 by tp78
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