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Pink Floyd - The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon (2003) - YouTube
The most phenomenal recording in rock & roll history is thoroughly examined in Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon. The Floyd's 1973 masterpiece remained on bestseller charts for nearly 14 years, and its enduring importance is honored here by all four members of Pink Floyd and key personnel (engineer Alan Parsons, mixing supervisor Chris Thomas, sleeve designer Storm Thorgerson, and others) who played essential roles in the landmark album's creation. Produced for the Classic Albums series that originally aired on VH-1, this thorough and thought-provoking study highlights a track-by-track dissection of the LP's master tapes (including the spoken-word passages that bookend the album), superbly interlaced with archival footage, early demo tapes, concert animations, and latter-day acoustic performances by David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright to demonstrate each track's contribution to the final mix--a sonic exploration that extends to the illuminating bonus features
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S1E10 Charlie and Lola - I Am Hurrying I'm Almost Nearly Ready - YouTube
Charlie is trying to get Lola to hurry up or else they'll be late for school. But Lola finds it so hard to hurry when there is colouring, dancing clouds, playing hopscotch on musical pavements, and laughing with hysterical hedgehogs to distract her. Also starring Colin Fox and Adrian Truss as the laughing hedgehogs on the Canadian dub.
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Plane crash video from inside cockpit - YouTube
Crash at 2:44 This is unprecedented footage of a small airplane crash from inside the cockpit from two different views. Miraculously, everyone survived. The pilot will make a full recovery and the rest of us escaped with superficial injuries and feel very lucky to be alive . This trip was much anticipated and due to our excitement we had our Gopro cameras filming at various times. After flying up into the mountains for a morning hike in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness we were planning on flying to a small mountain town for dinner. Due to warming temperatures there was an increase in density altitude and we had a hard time getting adequate lift. After taking off we hit an air pocket that made us rapidly loose altitude, pushing us down into the trees. The cameras were left on for a couple of hours during the aftermath. Thank you to all the many individuals who eventually came to our aid and took the time and effort to help in any way they could. We appreciate you more than you know. -Thanks to my brother Aaron who helped by editing and posting this video experience. Please visit his project helping others in need at
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ben and holly - YouTube
a trip to the seaside subscribe to this channel if u want me to put up more kid programs,pappa pig,humf
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Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, and Singular Number - YouTube
What other amazing properties of Wau can you think of? Leave them in the comments.
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Gotye- Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You- official animation - YouTube
Animated clip for the song Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You from the album Making Mirrors Buy/pre-order Making Mirrors here Directed and animated by Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon at Rubber House ( Additional animation: Jake Winkler Music credits: Produced by Wally De Backer Mixed by Francois Tetaz, assisted by Wally at Moose Mastering, Richmond, VIC Drums, percussion, bass, guitar, organ, music box, synth samples, dubs, vocals: Wally ***************** Hey What's your name? Don't worry... And don't be afraid We won't hurt you Hey Lost your way? Well don't worry... Just do as we say And we won't hurt you It's hard The world can lead you so astray It gets harder It's hard just to keep the faith Do you need a reminder? Of the love that we gave you? Don't worry You're walking away... But we'll always be watching you We'll always be watching you
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Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover) - YouTube
Mp3 Download World Wide: iTunes Download: Please help us get back to the top of iTunes by downloading this single...Thanks!! Walk off the Earth perform a cover of Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know" using five people on one guitar. We would like to thank Gotye and Kimbra for writing such a beautiful song if you have not heard their Music please go and check them out. Please help us share this by posting it on your FaceBook and Twitter. We will love you for eva and eva!! If you enjoyed this video then.... Hit the "Like" button" Add it to your Favorites and of corse Sub to our channel if you haven't already Check out WOTE on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Check out Sarah Blackwood on Facebook: and youTube : Subscribe to Gianni and Sarah's Blog/music Channel: Special thanks to Guilly for helping us with this video. Performers from left to right: Joel Cassady Sarah Blackwood Gianni Luminati Marshall Taylor Extra Tages: Walk off the earth wote 2 guys 1 guitar 3 guys 1 guitar 4 guys 1 guitar 5 guys 1 guitar gianni luminati gianni nicassio sarah blackwood gianni and sarah marshall walk off the earth
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YouTube Demographics
the average viewer has gotten younger in past five yrs
youtube  demographics  survey  from delicious
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