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The definitive description.
tippmw  mashup 
february 2011 by topgold
Playing out 2010
And listening to Fever Ray.
tippmw  journal 
january 2011 by topgold
Thankful for free apps
Essential free resources for laptops and iphones.
tippmw  resources 
december 2010 by topgold
AirSync DoubleTwist
Wifi sync from iTunes to PC or handset
tippmw  resources  android  music 
december 2010 by topgold
Christmas in Ireland
Memories of Christmas in Ireland.
journal  christmas  tippmw 
december 2010 by topgold
James Corbett does microbusiness in Ireland
Deep thinker and practical social entrepreneur.
tippmw  ireland  aa_0  blogging 
december 2010 by topgold
Schedule a task in Gmail
Chrome extension that lets you resend gmail at a scheduled arrival time.
tippmw  resources  apps  email 
december 2010 by topgold
Bayden Freeware
Webcreds, including script that allows you to pass basic credentials and a POST body to a website from the command line. Useful for logging onto mail systems.
tippmw  resources  apps 
december 2010 by topgold

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