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The Irish Digital Outlook 2015 - Shane O Leary
Reading Irish Digital Outlook 2015 (50 mb) for useful insights h/t
litSM  from twitter
january 2015 by topgold
Iconosquare Promotion
Easy ways of adding followers organically.
fitnessmedia  measureit  litsm 
october 2014 by topgold
Dashboard for C-Suite
Calculations for better decision-making
measureit  litsm  litwa 
october 2014 by topgold
Top 10 Places to Write
Top places to do your writing:
litmw  litsm 
october 2014 by topgold
IIBN with the Bizzaboo app
Spotted the Bizzaboo Networking App set up for @iibn 6-7 Nov in #nyc
networking  litsm  nyc 
october 2014 by topgold
Derval O'Rourke in the blocks
Where the cameraman gets a medal. This video is getting 500,000 views a year.
viral  socialmedia  litsm 
october 2014 by topgold
How to Unpublish
Keep your cred when unpublishing.
litmw  litsm  litpr  essential 
august 2014 by topgold
Twitter Cards
Quick web forms to set up Twitter Cards.
twitter  essential  litsm 
july 2014 by topgold
Twitter Ads
Looking under the bonnet of for #LSADsm
twitter  litsm  LSADsm 
november 2013 by topgold
Calculate Your Net Promoter Score
Promoters (9-10), Passives (7-8) and Detractors (0-6)
NPS  litsm 
september 2013 by topgold
Google Trusted Photographers
For Photographers – Business Photos – Google Maps
litwa  litsm  litdp 
june 2013 by topgold
Bernie Goldbach on Listly
Lists made easy + social + fun!
june 2013 by topgold
Death etiquette
one of the most divisive topics I've skimmed on Twitter.
netetiquette  essential  litsm  from delicious
april 2013 by topgold
View Ranger
Free use of Open Data.
poi  socialhiking  litsm 
march 2013 by topgold
Bernie Goldbach starts social hiking
A brilliant way to share your adventure.
march 2013 by topgold
Rich Media Point of Interest
How a Dublin start-up is working this challenge.
litsm  revision13 
march 2013 by topgold
Photos of Children From Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions | Feature Shoot
bookmarked Photos of Children From Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions | Feature Shoot:
photos  litsm  from delicious
march 2013 by topgold
Expect it when part of an active hashtag
march 2013 by topgold
Help Center
Tumblr does more than you think.
999  blogging  litsm 
march 2013 by topgold
Social Media ROI
14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits
seo  litwa  litsm 
march 2013 by topgold
Map Tales
Chronicle news events, scrapbook holidays, describe walks, recount journeys.
litsm  maps  storytelling 
march 2013 by topgold
Because I'm counting 10000 steps
fitness  litsm 
february 2013 by topgold
Tipperary Institute - Google+
Using crowd-sourced techniques to rename the institution.
litsm  tippinst  litclonmel 
february 2013 by topgold
bookmarked Stop Hyping Big Data and Start Paying Attention to 'Long Data':
litsm  from twitter
february 2013 by topgold
Think before you tweet
tagged from:damienmulley on Delicious. #litsm
twitter  litsm  from delicious
january 2013 by topgold
Bernard @ LIT Clonmel
Starting an social audio session. (@ LIT Clonmel) [pic]:
litsm  from twitter
january 2013 by topgold
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