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Facebook and Privacy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
@EirenMc FWIW, my most-viewed item on Flickr that day was #privacy
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april 2012 by topgold
Teens Prefer Twitter to FB
"Facebook is like shouting into a crowd. Twitter is like speaking into a room."
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february 2012 by topgold
TALL blog » Blog Archive » The cost of Residency?
bookmarked The cost of residing on Facebook: measured in time and opportunity.
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august 2011 by topgold
Facebook fails at customer satisfaction
but is more popular than airlines, cable companies or the IRS.
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july 2011 by topgold
Social Networking Sites and Our Lives - Pew Research Center
bookmarked Social Networking Sites and Our Lives: another Pew Report you shouldn't ignore
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june 2011 by topgold
Teachers and Facebook - List | Diigo
bookmarked Teachers and Facebook: essential reading list on Diigo. Props .
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march 2011 by topgold
RSS Graffiti | reads your feeds; writes your walls
bookmarked RSS Graffiti: reads your feeds; writes your walls
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march 2011 by topgold
bookmarked JAMES FACE: lifting Facebook photos and changing them just a little.
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march 2011 by topgold
January 2011: Online Video Usage Up 45% | Nielsen Wire
bookmarked Jan 2011: Online Video Usage Up 45%: but views on YouTube are down .8% and FB is up 2%
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february 2011 by topgold
Facebook hype will fade -
bookmarked Facebook hype will fade: social media is itself as temporary as any social gathering,
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january 2011 by topgold
How to Lose a Job on Facebook | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
bookmarked Lose your Job on Facebook: a well-worn privacy warning
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december 2010 by topgold

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