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Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis - Recode
I'm in Mary Meeker's Trends Report (I didn't buy a new smartphone this year or last). But there's more:
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may 2018 by topgold
Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter
Need Surface to projector and Surface to HDMI connectivity
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september 2015 by topgold
How to Unpublish
Keep your cred when unpublishing.
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august 2014 by topgold
Twitter Cards
Quick web forms to set up Twitter Cards.
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july 2014 by topgold
Audioboo / Syria Revisited
Field journalists should listen to reasons for going analogue in war zones.
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october 2013 by topgold
Death etiquette
one of the most divisive topics I've skimmed on Twitter.
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april 2013 by topgold
Zoom R16
Zoom R16 - SD-card recorder, USB audio interface and DAW controller. 16-track playback, 8-track simultaneous recording (24bit/48kHz PCM WAV), internal stereo condenser microphone, powered via battery or USB power, 8x mic inputs (2x with 48V phantom power), 2x outputs, 8x balanced combo connectors (XLR/1/4" TRS), 24bit/96kHz recording with compatible DAW software, internal effects, Mackie Control emulation via USB, can be used as USB storage. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS. Includes Steinberg Cubase LE Software and 1GB SD card (supports up to 32GB SDHC cards) - ZOOM AD-14e power supply included!
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february 2013 by topgold
Info if you don't use YouTube Capture
.MOV and .MP4 should be 30 fps and set to stream.
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december 2012 by topgold
Dangers of Social Networking Sites
with clever uses of social engineering
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october 2012 by topgold
Brave New Digital: Give me a purpose for learning new media!
"Give me a purpose for learning new media," the professor asked the digital culture class. #adn
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september 2012 by topgold
Why I Only Carry One Business Card - Forbes
I gave my last business card to +Pat Carroll 
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august 2012 by topgold
Book your holliers
then tell your peeps you're gonna go offline.
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july 2012 by topgold
Investigative journalism from the Watergate experts
Woodward and Bernstein discuss investigative journalism.
april 2012 by topgold
It's Time to Connect Mom
She needs wifi to connect to her sons and family.
december 2011 by topgold
Plus Weekly
Filled with facts and tips you probably need to know:
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july 2011 by topgold
Innovation Ecosystem Symposium
Chris Horn on how unis should leverage social media and online video.
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july 2011 by topgold
Google +1 Button
probably the most social thing Google has done.
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june 2011 by topgold
Amazon's new Cloud Drive rains on everyone's parade | Technology | The Observer
bookmarked David Bowie predicted this in 2002: and now it's the Amazon's Cloud Drive 
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april 2011 by topgold
Inside View from Ireland: Phonautogram Recording
bookmarked Phonoautogram Recording: the first squiggles on paper to be heard.
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march 2011 by topgold
bookmarked Snarky tweeple should close their laptops:
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march 2011 by topgold
The internet is over
the boundary between 'real life' and 'online' has disappeared
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march 2011 by topgold
bookmarked Audioboo: easy personal audio sharing
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march 2011 by topgold
Online backup, file sync, and sharing made easy.
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march 2011 by topgold
Does the Internet make for more engaged citizens?-MacArthur Foundation
bookmarked Challenging Slackivism: the Internet actually fosters more engaged citizens
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march 2011 by topgold
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