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Your stuff slots right into some workflows I'm developing for teachers. T…
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june 2018 by topgold
That's Rachel Ray at the controls.
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july 2017 by topgold
Learn how to schedule your Tweets using TweetDeck
Learn how to schedule your twitter chat questions using TweetDeck
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march 2015 by topgold
Bernard | Galway Mayo Institute of Tecnhology (GMIT)
seeking better at (@ Galway Mayo Institute of Tecnhology (GMIT) in Galway, Co Galway)
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february 2015 by topgold
GIF YouTube | Make Animated GIFs from Youtube
Helpful for Vine crew: make animated GIFs from YouTube with
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august 2014 by topgold
#edchatie 73 iPads in classrooms
#edchatie transcripts are good reading for @damienmulley's Social Media in Education. Last night's:
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november 2012 by topgold
Introducing Quesco
From PixelBit Apps for collaborative iPad ops.
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october 2012 by topgold
APPitic - 1,800+ EDUapps
1800 apps for ed shared at #ade2012: #edchatie
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august 2012 by topgold
Inside View from Ireland: Learning Alphabet with Handwrite
I don't like typing on glass but I like doodling on it. 
july 2012 by topgold
word world - YouTube
for pre-school parents: Word World.
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july 2012 by topgold
Hoping Adrian Weckler Isn't Right
I'm more optimistic about QR codes and Google Hangouts.
june 2012 by topgold
sharing history of events in real time. #edchatie
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august 2011 by topgold
customisable, standards-aligned and free 
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june 2011 by topgold
Interesting Ways to use an iPod Touch in a Classroom
bookmarked Interesting Ways to use an iPod Touch in a Classroom:
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april 2011 by topgold

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